Monday, April 9, 2012

The Nightly World News Report of the 9th of April 2012

nytimesworld: IHT Rendezvous: Burmese Are Wary of Tourism's Dark Side

nytimesworld: Malaysian Government Proposes Ending Indefinite Detentions

nytimesworld: Sudans' Dispute Leaves Southerners Stranded at Airport

PressTV: Saudi hunger striker's health at risk

cnni: U.S. sees warmest March on record

Reuters: China records $5.35 billion trade surplus in March

AJEnglish: Video: Tuaregs fail to assuage terrorism fears

Magnitude 5.8 quake hits off west coast of Africa: USGS

HuffPostWorld: Seoul says North Korea is prepping for third nuclear test

CBSNews: Dozens of bomb threats rattle the University of Pittsburgh.

AP: U.S. human rights group: More than 150,000 North Koreans are incarcerated in Soviet-style prison camps: -CJ

AJELive: At least six Shia Muslims killed in an apparent sectarian attack in Quetta, #Pakistan |

BBCWorld: Biker boss in Sydney brawl jailed

HuffPostWorld: Clashes in Tunis as demonstrators defy protest ban

Al Jazeera English: Pakistanis die in apparent sectarian attack

ajenglish: A suicide attack in Herat, Afghanistan, has left 9 people killed and 12 wounded, according to local police

PressTV: Many forced to flee homes in NW#Pakistan

MarketWatch: Bank of Japan keeps key rate on hold, adds no more monetary stimulus

MarketWatch: China back to trade surplus in March; first-quarter surplus at $670 million: report

Post World News: Morocco: Authorities arrest 3 alleged militants with plans to strike government buildings

Reuters: China rights lawyer jailed for 2 years, 8 months #worldnews

The Economist: China endorses private-sector investors as part of the solution to the country's shortage of affordable health care

WSJ World News: Local Vote in South Korea Shapes Presidential Race

Breaking News: NY equities boss pleads guilty to conspiracy in a $66 million mortgage fraud scheme - @Reuters

wsjworld: Pirate Party's Marauders Shake Up German Politics

MarketWatch: Hong Kong shares decline as trading resumes after 4-day weekend; Hang Seng Index down 1%

MarketWatch: Japanese shares edge higher in early trading; Nikkei Average up 0.4%

PostWorldNews: Israel's president requests release of ill convicted spy Jonathan Pollard from US jail

PostWorldNews: Israel's president requests release of ill convicted spy Jonathan Pollard from US jail #worldnews

nytimesworld: World Briefing | The Americas: Peru: Rebels Abduct Workers at Gas Pipeline #worldnews

AJEnglish: Policemen injured in Bahrain blast

AJEnglish: Opinion: #Internet regulators in #Pakistan want to #censor up to 50 million websites

PostWorldNews: Palestinians accuse Israel of destroying prospects for two-state solution with new settlements

Reuters Top News: Exclusive: Aid taps expected to open for new Malawi president: minister

New York Times World: Spying Scandal Is Called South Korea’s Watergate

AJEnglish: Video: Libya's fuel sector returns to pre-war levels

Al Jazeera English: Video: India fishermen call for water policies

wsjworld: Peru Rebels Release Most Hostages

Post World News: Son of founder of Italy’s Northern League resigns over party finance scandal

CNN Breaking News: U.S. team reaches Pakistan #avalanche site.

Post World News: Yemen: Al-Qaida-linked militants assault army post in country’s south; 64 killed in fighting

BBC News (World): Dead British soldier named by MoD

Wall Street Journal: Starving in India: 35.6% of Indian women 34.2% of Indian men have a BMI less than 18.5, the threshold for "normal."

CNN International: Team reaches Pakistan avalanche site

Post World News: Gunmen kill member of anti-insurgent group and his bodyguard in northern Iraq

The Associated Press: Exiled son of Iran's shah calls for Israel's help, says military strike would play into the hand of the regime:

TelegraphWorld: Trayvon Martin case: prosecutor rules out grand jury

Post World News: Kyrgyzstan reopens case of murdered journalist critical of Uzbekistan’s government

PressTV: Violence kills 14 in southwest#Pakistan

Al Arabiya English: No sign yet #Syrian leader #Assad is sticking to commitments: US #AlArabiya

Reuters Top News: Wall Street stumbles on weak jobs data

Al Arabiya English: At least 101 Syrians have been killed so far today in violence across #Syria, a monitoring group says #AlArabiya

PressTV: Bahrain jails 10 more protesters

MarketWatch: Gold ends 0.9% higher at $1,643.90 an ounce; most other metals settled lower

Al Jazeera English: Was #Zardari's visit to #India largely symbolic or could it signal improving ties between the two nations? |

BBCWorld: Peru 'rebels' kidnap gas workers

PressTV: Asian stocks slump over#US jobs data

PressTV: Gazans stage sit-in outside ICRC offices

Press TV: US after permanent bases in#Afghanistan

Breaking News: UN: Bahrain should consider transferring hunger striker to Denmark for medical treatment - @AP

Reuters Top News: Facebook announces acquisition of Instagram -

New York Times World: Police Clash With Anti-Govt Protesters in Central Tunis

BBC News (World): French election campaign starts

Al Jazeera English: "Hunger is getting worse and worse in the Nuba" Watch an exclusive Al Jazeera report from Southern Kordofan in #Sudan |

Telegraph World News: Bad weather hampering attempts to rescue 135 Pakistani avalanche victims

Al Arabiya English: Death toll in #Syria today reached 90: Revolution Council

Post World News: Clashes between Yemeni military and al-Qaida-linked militants kill 44 in country’s south

BBC News (World): "Up to 100,000 in central #Pyongyang for unveiling of giant Kim Jong-il mosaic. Minders said we couldn't interview a single one" via @dngbbc

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