Sunday, April 1, 2012

The World News Report of the 1st of April 2012

Breaking News: Palestinian journalist @Majed_Abusalama has also been denied entry into Egypt and is now being deported - @AJELive

Press TV: Thousands of Pakistanis have gathered on the Afghan border, calling for an end to their country’s alliance with...

Breaking News: AFP reporting Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy says it has won 43 of 44 byelections it contested - @markmackinnon

Al Arabiya English: Jailed Palestinian leader sanctioned for ‘peaceful resistance’ appeal #

Al Arabiya English: Egyptian Copts abandon constitution talks, say ‘pointless’ to take part

BreakingNews: Report: Plane crashes in Siberia, all 41 onboard dead #worldnews

CNN Breaking News: Coast Guard #rescues 2 seriously injured sailors from racing #yacht off coast of California.

MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks rise, with banks, exporters higher; Hang Seng Index up 0.4%

PressTV: 11 killed in Nigeria clashes

The Economist: Somalia's shilling is still in use, despite being issued in the name of a central bank that no longer exists

Post World News: Tunisia extends state of emergency for fifth time, citing risks to public order

MarketWatch: Japanese stocks jump in early trading; Nikkei Average up 0.8%

BBCWorld: Raid hits Nigeria 'bomb factory'

BreakingNews: Seven-alarm fire raging in East Boston; firefighters prepare for building collapse -

HuffPostWorld: Mali coup leader reinstates constitution, says free elections coming

Press TV: Three children burnt to death in Gaza

Post #WorldNews: Arab states agree to provide millions to pay Syrian opposition fighters

BBCWorld: Search underway for woman missing - assumed fallen overboard - from Condor Rapide ferry fr Guernsey to Poole.

HuffPostWorld: Shelling kills dozens in Homs, #Syria

PressTV: Jordan charges 13 with insulting King

Press TV: Somali troops capture al-Shabab base

The Economist: The euro zone's illness is returning. A cure requires more integration, but Germany isn't keen

AlArabiya_Eng: #Mali junta says it is talking to northern rebels about ceasefire

Al Arabiya English: Video: Dubai’s tallest tower powers off for Earth Hour #EarthHour2012 #AlArabiyaEnglish

Guardian World: Mohamed Nasheed: 'Dictatorship is coming back to the Maldives and democracy is slipping away'

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Mount Etna volcano erupts again

HuffPostWorld: Boy sets himself on fire because family can't afford school uniform

Post World News: Nigerian military: Security forces raid sect’s suspected bomb factory south of capital

Breaking News: Israel exiles former Palestinian detainee Hana Shalabi to Gaza in deal that ended her 44-day hunger strike - @Reuters

nytimesworld: Myanmar Elections

AP: Clinton doubts that Syria's Assad is interested in peace; announces $12 million more in aid: -JM

AJELive: Clashes in eastern Syria killed at least 10people, including 5rebel fighters & 4soldiers from the regular army

Reuters: After grad job slump, big hiring is back at U.S. colleges

BBCWorld: Venezuela shoppers fear shortages

TelegraphWorld: Stricken cruise liner limps to Malaysian port

AlArabiya_Eng: At least 50 people have been killed in #Syria today: Coordination Committee

AP: Moscow police detain 30 anti-Putin protesters after taking unusual step of closing Red Square: -EF

PressTV: Israel to release Hana Shalabi: Report

AJEnglish: Fugitive Iraq vice president arrives in Qatar

BBCWorld: Six die in Serbia nightclub fire

AlArabiya_Eng: #Saudi arrests 681 alleged drug smugglers in 4 months

AJEnglish: Malian rebels 'capture Timbuktu'

AP: Surprise pre-dawn militant attack on southern base kills 7 Yemeni soldiers: -CJ

AP: Afghan police: Bombs kill 2 local council members, 2 policeman, 1 security guard in the south: -CJ]

AJELive: [Photo]: Turkish police used tear gas & batons to disperse protesters outside a conference hall in Istanbul

Post #WorldNews: Philippines: Militant leader killed in attack by bandits in feud over land

AlArabiya_Eng: 'Friends of #Syria' recognise #SNC as 'legitimate representative'-AFP

PressTV: Portuguese protest austerity measures

guardian #worldnews: Full story: Aung San Suu Kyi supporters claim victory in Burma byelection

Post World News: Myanmar begins historic polling likely to see Aung San Suu Kyi elected to parliament

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