Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Morning World News Report of the 10th of May 2012

Guardian news: Met police suspend sergeant over racism allegations

TheIndyWorld: Greeks attempt third coalition deal amid bankruptcy fears

The Economist: In news and publishing, 9,000 American jobs have been lost since 2002, an 11% drop

Al Arabiya English: 22 people have been killed by Syrian forces across the country: Syrian Reviolution Commission #AlArabiya #Syria #Assad

Reuters Top News: Thousands of British police join anti-austerity protest

Al Arabiya English: #Kuwait MP barred from parliament for spitting

Agence France-Presse: Spanish students protest rising fees and growing class sizes. #AFP

The Moscow Times: Putin Orders Sechin Back to Rosneftegaz Board #news

Want China Times: 7 #Taiwanese #lawmakers visit disputed #Pratas Islands

New York Times World: China-Philippines Dispute Over Island Gets More Heated

Press TV: Majlis backs Palestinian hunger strikers

Egypt Independent: Egypt gets $1 bn from Saudis, clearing IMF hurdle #Egypt #KSA #IMF

The Globe and Mail: Smoke bombs cripple Montreal subway system during morning rush hour

Al Arabiya English: 19 people have been killed by the Syrian security forces across the country: Syrian Revolution Commission #AlArabiya #Syria #Assad

The Moscow Times: Central Bank Leaves Rates Alone #news

Wall Street Journal: Greece's economy shrank 14% in the past three years and is expected to contract 6.5% more this year

The Moscow Times: Sberbank Profit Up 14% in 4 Months #news

HuffPostWorld: Suicide attackers kill 5 at Afghan checkpoint #AFG

Wall Street Journal: Breaking: The U.S. trade gap ballooned 14.1% to $51.83 billion in March.

The Daily Star: Russia says it foiled terrorist attacks in Sochi

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Number of people applying for US unemployment aid dips to 367,000, hopeful sign for hiring. -EF

Post World News: Round 3 in Greek power-sharing talks as parties struggle to hammer out coalition deal

The Straits Times: Thailand buys hundreds of thousands of China-made tablet computers for schools, in $41 million deal

Breaking News: Update: Damascus blasts caused by 2 suicide car bombers; more than 55 killed, 372 wounded, Syrian interior ministry says - @Reuters

Asahi Japan Watch: China moves long-missing Mongolian dissident to 'luxury resort'

The Star: Four more rally participants detained

The Daily Star: Man kidnapped in east Lebanon, abductors demand $2 mln ransom

The Daily Star: China issues warnings on Philippines

Breaking News: Update: 50 killed in deadliest assault on Damascus since uprising began, Syria's health minister says - @AP

Egypt Independent: Women who accuse military of sexual assault seek limelight, general says #Egypt #SCAF #MoD #VirginityTests

Post World News: Court orders all major Dutch Internet service providers to block Pirate Bay website

Yahoo! News: Columbia janitor is an Ivy League graduate after 20 years:

BBC Breaking News: UK interest rate will be held at 0.5%, Bank of England says

The Straits Times: Blind activist Chen Guangchen says Chinese authorities are targeting his relatives as payback for his escape

Guardian World: Iranian cartoonist sentenced to 25 lashes for drawing MP

The Daily Star: Massive fire at south #Lebanon dump

Press TV: US to sue sheriff for racial profiling

CBS News: #Yemen says air strike kills 5 #alQaeda militants from group behind recent #bomb #plot: #AQAP

Dawn Media Group: All killed in Russian plane crash in Indonesia | http://DAWN.COM via @dawn_com

The Star: Woman from Punjab sets fire to herself and dies

BBC News (World): Jermaine Grant, a British man accused of links with al-Shabab Islamic militants, to face trial over a Kenya bomb plot

Want China Times: Classes suspended in New Taipei for #foot and #mouth #quarantine

Post World News: Chinese woman fighting government over loss of home blows up herself, kills 2 others

Al Arabiya English: #Obama’s support energizes #gay activists worldwide

BBC Breaking News: Thousands of UK public sector workers in 24-hour strike over planned pension changes. For latest see our live page #m10

Press TV: Turkey detains 11 generals for 1997 coup

Want China Times: #Taiwan alerts citizens to anti-China #protest in the #Philippines

Want China Times: China's #Fire #Energy to build 50MW solar plant in #France

Want China Times: US passes China, retakes top spot in #IPO #fundraising

Want China Times: More Chinese companies face #downgraded #credit ratings

TOI World News: 6th graders made porn video at Mexico school

Al Jazeera English: Video: Bolivian strikers clash with police

The Daily Star: Chinese woman suicide bomber kills two in protest: Xinhua

The Economist: China's most famous artist, Ai Weiwei, talks about his work and how it confounded his jailers

Breaking News: Casualty figures from Damascus blasts rise to more than 40 dead and 170 wounded, Syrian state TV reports - @Reuters

The Moscow Times: 500 Brawl in Mass Fight in Dagestan #news

Al Arabiya English: Opposition SNC says regime behind #Damascus blasts. State TV blames "terrorists"

AJELive: #Syria's health ministry says 29 people have been killed 103 others injured in today's blasts in Damascus.

Dawn Media Group: Blast in Quetta kills one policeman | http://DAWN.COM

Peoples Daily Online: Nigeria has huge black market for crude, claims Shell

Peoples Daily Online: Child prisoner on death row free after 17 years

Press TV: Anti-regime protest hits Mauritania
The Daily Star: Olympus posts $620 million annual loss

The Straits Times: Sony posts massive full-year loss of $7.1 billion, vows return to black this year

RT: Putin takes a pass on Camp David G8 summit, sends Medvedev

The Daily Star: Syrian falls to death in northeast of Beirut

Guardian World: Gay rights in the US, state by state: super-duper interactive

CBS News: Many killed in explosions near #Syria intelligence office in #Damascus:

Al Arabiya English: UN mission chief visits site of Damascus blasts: Syrian TV

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