Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Morning World News Report of the 3rd of May 2012

PostWorldNews: Researchers say Puerto Rico spends nearly $40 million each year to fight mosquito-borne dengue

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: The Bahraini king says the country will seek to strengthen supervision over of the government #Bahrain

AlArabiya_Eng: Body piercing trend rises among Saudi women #AlArabiya #Saudi

PostWorldNews: Bombs targeting anti-Taliban elders, security forces kill 5 in northwest Pakistan

AFP: #AungSanSuuKyi, long known for her steely resolve, now embraces the art of political compromise #AFP Analysis

CBS News: WATCH: U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke discusses possibility of asylum for Chen Guangcheng

PressTV: Bahrainis call for downfall of regime

Reuters: Pro-Assad gun, knife attack kills 4 -protesters

guardianworld: Blind activist Chen Guangcheng wants to leave China on Hillary Clinton's plane

BBCWorld: No retirement in sight: meet the UK farmers in their 80s who work 12-hour days

PressTV: Gunmen kill reporter in central#Somalia

PressTV: #Iran to hold parliamentary runoff vote

AJEnglish: Security tight as ECB meets in Barcelona

Reuters: ECB to hold fire on growth steps in crisis-hit Spain

AlArabiya: Russia says its dispute w/US over missile defense is near dead end & warns it may deploy rockets to take out elements of shield

AJEnglish: Opinion: The ideas and vision behind Occupy activism

TheEconomist: America has now raised the possibility2 sell Taiwan F-16 C/D fighter jets. The move would infuriate China

PressTV: US students protest tuition fee hikes

PressTV: Egyptians continue anti-junta protests

BreakingNews: State Department spokeswoman confirms that blind activist Chen Guangcheng wants to leave China with his family - AP

AlArabiya: Jordan Islamists slam new government as 'setback' for reform plans

BBC: TV station owner fined for showing "blasphemous" film; seen as free-speech test for post-revolutionary Tunisia

nytimesworld: India Ink: Koovagam's Non-Stop Party Comes With Chaos

PostWorldNews: Sudan agrees to African Union roadmap for peace with South Sudan; 2 sides must meet soon

MarketWatch: U.S. stocks turn lower after ISM services-sector report

Breaking News: Police believe man who led immigration patrols killed 4, himself in Wednesday Arizona shootings - @AP

MarketWatch: ISM gauge of U.S. services sector hits six-month low

AJEnglish: Is #Mali's political crisis really over? What's next for the #African country?

BBCWorld: Peruvian man finds body of police-officer son after nine-hour search in jungle

BBCWorld: The "mental wounds" which still pain UK servicemen who fought in the Falklands War 30 years ago

MarketWatch: U.S. benchmark 30-year mortgage rate hits record-low 3.84%

guardiannews: Chen Guangcheng was ready 'to spend many years' in US embassy

PostWorldNews: Police arrest former officer in phone hacking scandal amid allegations of bribery

MarketWatch: General Motors posts lower profit, higher revenue for quarter; automotive cash flow rises

TelegraphWorld: Save the Children Pakistan chief hostage to Pakistan CIA row

MarketWatch: Dollar remains higher and Treasurys slip after jobless data

BBCBreaking: Documents found in Osama #BinLaden's Pakistan compound released in US. Details soon #OBL

AlArabiya: Kuwaiti endorses a law that imposes the death sentence on any person insulting Almighty God, Prophet Mohammed or any of his wives

PressTV: German Lufthansa to cut 3,500 jobs

PressTV: Iraq oil exports hit 2-decade record

Injuries reported in San Francisco Bay Area raid by Homeland Security Department

AP: Sudden death in NYC leads to bags of cash, inquiry of Boston men with 'colorful' criminal past: - VW

PressTV: Health workers and medicine students burn effigies of Bolivian President Evo #Morales as they stage a #protest

Wall Street Journal: Blind Chinese activist Chen now wants to leave China, further complicating U.S.-China talks

PressTV: A Palestinian protester throws stones towards Israeli troops during a #demonstration against the expropriat...

PressTV: Pakistani school children carry placards as they shout slogans during a #protest against US #drone attacks

Reuters: Battles loom as Putin returns as Russian president

BBCWorld: The refugees fleeing #Sudan's Nuba mountains to escape conflict - #Africa correspondent Andrew Harding

MarketWatch: U.S. stock indexes mixed early Thursday as Europe fears counter upbeat U.S. jobs data

AJELive: Egypt military gives press conference following Wednesday's attacks that left 11 people dead. Watch live now

PressTV: 12 killed in#Mexico drug violence

BreakingNews: More: US Army CTC report, 'Letters from Abbottabad: Bin Laden Sidelined?' can be downloaded here - CTCWP

PressTV: NYPD agents arrest May Day activists

BreakingNews: More: Nigerian hospital has received 56 bodies from attack on market in northeast, nurse says - Reuters

cnnbrk: Four minors accused in South Africa gang rape freed on bail, lawyer says.

PressTV: UK govt. cuts increase child poverty

PressTV: UK protesters condemn Shia genocide

BBCWorld: At least 4 students reported killed and 200 arrested during #Syria raid on anti-government protest in Aleppo

AJEnglish: Video: Sudan grapples with rebellion in Nuba

davidmwessel: Sign of the times: Homebuilder Beazer says more than 1 in 5 deals to buy new house falls through.

AlArabiya_Eng: Egypt's military council: there is no crisis between the parliament and the cabinet.

WSJ: Breaking: European Central Bank leaves its key interest rates unchanged.

WSJ: Breaking: First-time jobless claims dropped by 27,000 to 365,000 in the latest week.

PostWorldNews: Britons head to the polls for local votes

cnni: Coalition calls for Egypt demonstrations

AP: Trial for Iraq's fugitive Sunni VP on terrorism charges postponed in Baghdad: - VW

AJEnglish: Dozens killed by attackers in Nigeria

AlArabiya_Eng: Egypt's ruling military council says it is committed to hand on power before June 30

BBCBreaking: The website of the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency is taken offline due to a cyber attack

HuffPostWorld: Activists say Aleppo University raided, 4 killed in #Syria

The Associated Press: US official says seeking to find out what Chinese activist wants, if his demands have changed: - VW

Al Jazeera English: Chinese dissident Chen seeks US exile deal

nytimesworld: World Briefing | The Americas: Honduras: Neglect Cited in Prison Fire

Post World News: 10 gunmen, 2 soldiers die during gunbattle in western Mexico state plagued by drug violence

Al Arabiya English: Violence continues in Syrian cities as top U.S. senator visits refugees in Lebanon

The Associated Press: US ambassador denies blind Chinese activist's claim he was pressured to leave US Embassy: - VW

WSJ World News: Euro-Zone Economic Woes Deepen

Post World News: Nepal PM to form new government to include opposition members, avert crisis

Dan Whitcomb: L.A. prosecutors seek to resume California executions after 6-year ban via @reuters #LosAngeles

PostWorldNews: Poverty out of sight: Philippines erects wall to hide slums from anti-poverty conference

nytimesworld: Baghdad Journal: Iraqi TV Show Dares to Talk About Sex

The Associated Press: California college student files $20 million claim against agency that left him in cell for 4 days: - VW

Post World News: Greece arrests 17 HIV-positive women in brothel crackdown

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