Monday, May 7, 2012

The Morning World News Report of the 7th of May 2012

RT_com: Assange Episode 4: Guest arrested days before show airs #Assange

staronline: Gunmen shoot CEO of Italian nuclear firm on Genoa street

Post World News: Iraqi officials: Bomb planted on minibus kills 2 civilians, wounds 9 in northern Baghdad

Press TV: Unemployment keeps rising across UK

BBC News (World): Chinese contaminated cabbage fear

globeandmail: Video: Feisty Octogenarian confronts robbers

Press TV: 400K to stage strike in UK on Thursday

BBC News (World): The teenage boy who escaped #Mexico's murders by joining an orchestra

The Associated Press: Big East Commissioner John Marinatto resigns after less than 3 years amid defection of high-profile teams: -EF

BBC Breaking News: Greek leftists Syriza reject coalition with centre-right New Democracy party #Greece

The Straits Times: South Korea to propose new law to punish motorists who watch TV while driving

Telegraph World News: Michael Somare, Papua New Guinea's 'father of independence' to retire

Reuters Top News: Chirpy Angry Birds maker Rovio eyes IPO golden egg

World News Blogger: I am getting odd reports of thousands of capsules smuggling dead baby flesh into South Korea. I feel odd retweeting them.

Reuters Top News: U.S. hostage urges Obama to meet al Qaeda demands

NYT Global Edition: The Caucus: Education Secretary Embraces Gay Marriage

BBCWorld: Malawi devalues currency by 50%

Breaking News: Big East Conference Commissioner John Marinatto resigns - @AP

SmartMoney: College tuition/fees rose184%in20years after accounting for inflation. But wages for grads increased just9%

BBCDanielS: "So far today #Putin promises to create 25m new highly-skilled jobs, cut mortgage rate to 2.2% and reduce house prices by 20%"

Reuters Top News: Job disability a headache for U.S. recovery

staronline: EPF: 422 company directors prevented from leaving country

The Straits Times: Thousands left without power after tornado tears through Japanese town

staronline: Tenaganita: No laws protecting foreign workers in Malaysia

staronline: NGOs almost "clash" in Bukit Aman

BBCNews: Voting opens in Syria, regime calls 'first multiparty elections in 50 years'; Opposition voices fear 'farce'

AJWasahi: In nuclear-free Japan, companies scramble to conserve energy

AJWasahi: UPDATE: Two people killed in rare tornado, lightning strike #Japan

cnni: Nepal floods: Hopes fade for missing

The Globe and Mail: Ontario government unilaterally cuts doctors' fees

BBCWorld: In Sari Pul, Afghanistan, a flood has hit a wedding in Sang Charak killing 106 people, including women and children - via bsarwary

BBCWorld: Congo 'regains towns from rebels'

MarketWatch: U.S. stocks post modest declines after weekend elections in Europe

staronline: Former Mongolia president detained for polls ploy - lawyer

dawn_com: Rupee ends flat; o/n rates up | Business | http://DAWN.COM

PostWorldNews: Uganda set to pass law that limits freedom of assembly; critics condemn bill

BBCWorld: Flash flood hits Afghan wedding

DailyStarLeb: Iraq court rules to release Hezbollah prisoner

AP: Iraqi officials: Bomb planted on minibus kills 2 civilians, wounds 9 in northern Baghdad: -CJ

DailyStarLeb: Iran hangs nine 'glass' drug traffickers

AP: Officials: Al-Qaida militants kill 20 soldiers, capture 25 in surprise attack in south Yemen

PressTV: Afghan police kill 4 Taliban militants

dawn_com: Pakistani stocks end on four-year high | Business | http://DAWN.COM

staronline: Romania parliament set to back new leftist government

CBS News: Army investigators say they found no bullet wound in soldier who died during Skype chat

PressTV: US airstrikes kill 5 Afghan civilians

dawn_com: Indian rupee slides, central bank intervention suspected | Business | http://DAWN.COM

AP: Iraq court rules Hezbollah prisoner accused of killing US solders in Iraq in 2007 not guilty for lack of evidence

dawn_com: US Treasury to sell $5 bn of AIG stock: statement

DailyStarLeb: Army soldiers wounded in Baalbek attack

dawn_com: Pakistan not taken action against Hafiz Saeed: Clinton | http://DAWN.COM

PressTV: 'Iran oil production up by 16,000 bpd': Iran's oil output has climbed by 16,000 barrels per day following t...

SkyNewsBreak: AFP: French stock market opens 1.57% down following Hollande's victory

AlArabiya: Al-Qaeda kills 20 Yemeni troops after leader eliminated in air raid

dawn_com: Taliban militants behead two Pakistani soldiers | http://DAWN.COM

RT_com: Over 200 activists gathered in Moscow downtown to protest Putin's inauguration. Police started detaining protesters - reports #news

RT_com: Spanish PM Rajoy to announce 'important financial measures' on May 10, prepared to use public cash to rescue banks

DailyStarLeb: Africa's last rhinos threatened by poaching

WantChinaTimes: Vice economics minister to take over #Taiwan state-run #energy firm

WantChinaTimes: #Taiwan reports first #dengue #fever case this year

ChinaRealTime: In China, 85% of university students suffer from myopia. Nature? Or nurture? by tepingchen
BBCBreaking: #Euro declines after French and Greek election results

BBC_Joe_Lynam: The Athens stock market is down 8% this morning after the election which mostly rejected mainstream pro-bailout parties

AFP: French stock market opens down 1.57% after Socialist win: #AFP

dawn_com: Afghan police kill gunmen firing from building

AP: Vladimir Putin has been sworn in as Russia's president for a third term after four years as prime minister: -CJ

Al Arabiya English: Egypt’s protesters call for release of Abbassiya detainees amid 3rd overnight curfew

cnni: Mystery pelican, dolphin deaths in Peru

EpochTimesChina: Hundreds Guard Chen Guangcheng During Hospital Stay

AJELive: Afghan forces ready to take over if French troops pull out early, Afghan defence ministry says: AFP

PressTV: Pakistanis hold anti-government rallies

PressTV: Militants kill nine#Pakistani soldiers

RT_com: #Putin's presidential inauguration ceremony - WATCH LIVE on our YouTube channel in two hours (7:30 AM GMT)

STcom: Alleged Bali bombmaker Umar Patek regrets attack

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