Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Morning #WorldNews Report of the 29th of May 2012

Press TV: Bahrain's Zainab al-Khawaja released http://dlvr.it/1dl2jD

EpochTimesChina: Sister of Falun Gong Practitioner Arrested in Chinese Village http://ept.ms/M2jrnw

Press TV: #Iran, Venezuela to ink oil deal http://dlvr.it/1dl2hR

Dawn Media Group: Rupee drops to record low against dollar | Business | http://DAWN.COM http://dawn.com/2012/05/29/rupee-drops-to-record-low-against-dollar/

The Jakarta Globe: Immigrants Bound for Australia Arrested in Bali http://bit.ly/LBvrGX

MarketWatch: Dow up 90 points as U.S. stocks post gains in return from Memorial Day weekend http://on.mktw.net/JS97rg

Guardian World: Aung San Suu Kyi has left Burma for the first time since 1989 (first stop Bangkok) http://bit.ly/Kpn7xk

Dawn Media Group: Fire erupts in Islamabad's Margalla hills http://dlvr.it/1dk4P6

The Associated Press: Romney ready to clinch the GOP nomination tonight with Texas' largely uncontested primary: http://apne.ws/M25ar8 -AB

Al Arabiya English: #Yemen army outflanks rebel-held Jaar: official http://goo.gl/tdes7

MarketWatch: U.S. consumer-confidence gauge falls in May http://on.mktw.net/JSbWIO

UPI_top: Mitt Romney set to wrap up nomination in today's Texas primary | http://bit.ly/JS9ZMz

The Globe and Mail: Video: Nigerian army cracks down on oil thieves http://bit.ly/M271vY

The Star: Daughter of Bahraini activist freed from jail http://dlvr.it/1dkFYs

BBC News (World): South African growth rate slows http://bbc.in/M28D94

Reuters Top News: Somali rebels ambush presidential convoy, no casualties http://reut.rs/K8mppj

MarketWatch: Nasdaq up 1.4% as U.S. stocks extend Monday gains http://on.mktw.net/JSe9UF

Press TV: Fate of kidnapped Lebanese unknown http://dlvr.it/1dkPLm

Post World News: Lesotho prime minister's party wins parliamentary vote http://wapo.st/JLN4EE

Wall Street Journal: U.S. home prices are down 35% from their peak in the second quarter of 2006. Prices by metro area: http://on.wsj.com/LBMn3z

VOA Africa: Somali President Survives Ambush http://bit.ly/M2cFhz

EpochTimesChina: Tangshan, China Hit by 4.7 Magnitude Earthquake http://ept.ms/M2fM9o

Post World News: Somali farmers rejoice after government troops take town; end of 50 percent militant tax http://wapo.st/LPy6zv

Reuters Top News: IMF urges emergency steps to stabilize Sudan economy http://reut.rs/K8tbeG

Reuters Top News: Sprint arranges $1 billion credit to buy Ericsson gear http://reut.rs/K8tIgU

Post World News: Nigeria President renames university after politician who died in jail over a decade ago http://wapo.st/JL6Joa

The Star: Quiet Guatemalan prosecutor takes on dictator, drug gangs http://dlvr.it/1dktnK

Dawn Media Group: Pakistani stocks rise despite investors opting for profits | Business | http://DAWN.COM http://dawn.com/2012/05/29/pakistani-stocks-rise-despite-investors-opting-for-profits/

CNNMoney.com: U.S. stocks open slightly higher as concerns about Greece and China ease. Dow rises 35 points. http://cnnmon.ie/bkgnews 

RT: Egypt erupts at vote results, Shafik residence attacked (PHOTOS) http://on.rt.com/ircqmn

AJELive: #Belgium expels Syrian diplomats in protest against Houla killings http://aje.me/LaUEIS | #Syria Live Blog

Zee News: Justice Hegde disassociates from Team Anna http://mgc.li/gbh

Breaking News: Authorities say death toll in northern Italian quake has risen to 15 - @AP

Reuters UK Online: Supreme Court to rule on Assange sex case extradition http://reut.rs/JLH12U

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews; Spain expels Syrian ambassador in protest over regime 'repression'. #Syria

Dawn Media Group: Yemen: 11 militants and five soldiers killed in south http://dlvr.it/1djGM0

BBC News (World): "Jaguar profits up 35%, helped by Evoque and growth in emerging markets. Sales in China up 76%" - @JohnMoylanBiz http://bbc.in/M1T80W 

BBC News (World): Profits jump at Jaguar Land Rover http://bbc.in/M1RkoL

Sky News Newsdesk: AFP: Syrian National Council says opposition welcomes expulsion of Syrian diplomats

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Italy foreign ministry says Syrian ambassador not welcome following massacre of civilian.

Al Arabiya English: First female village chief in #Afghanistan defies gender roles http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/05/29/217253.html

CBC News Alerts: U.S., U.K., France, Germany also booting Syrian envoys . Australia, Italy also expelling envoys. http://bit.ly/LPcraH

David Wessel: Census: 49.1% of US population lives in a household where someone is drawing government benefits. http://on.wsj.com/KUpXas via @wsjecon

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Canada's foreign ministry says it is expelling all Syrian diplomats.

The Straits Times: CORRECTION: Flight steward jailed for molesting undercover cop, then offering bribe to get out of trouble http://bit.ly/K98FeL

Al Jazeera English: DR Congo rebels consider closing ranks http://aje.me/JLsNiv

Breaking News: Canada says it will expel all remaining Syrian diplomats immediately - @Reuters

Al Arabiya English: Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mursi: I am against violence and the burning of public and private properties #AlArabiya #Egypt

The Straits Times: Egypt cabinet to meet as election turns violent http://bit.ly/KDnv9Z

RT: BREAKING: New 5.6 quake hits northern Italy around 50km north-west of Bologna - details to follow http://on.rt.com/uy986n #news

BBC News (World): UK unit to tackle war zone rape http://bbc.in/KAeAG7

Sky News Newsdesk: Sky sources: Britain has expelled the Syrian Charge D'Affaires and two other diplomats.

Sky News Newsdesk: Woman who admits using racist abuse on tube sentenced to 21 weeks in prison

BBC News (World): Israel frees Palestinian activist http://bbc.in/M1yHRR

Al Arabiya English: Italy hit by new quake above 5.3 magnitude: institute 

Haaretz.com: #Jerusalem protesters stopped in their tracks by light rail as Zion Square declared off limits by police http://htz.li/KDgc2h

The Associated Press: #France expelling Syrian ambassador amid continued violence, President Hollande says. http://apne.ws/JLgMJM -MM #Syria

CNN Breaking News: 160 Afghan schoolgirls poisoned, official says. http://on.cnn.com/L0gv67

RT: BREAKING: Death toll rapidly rising, now stands at 10 - local reports http://on.rt.com/uy986n

RT: BREAKING: At least 9 dead as second powerful earthquake strikes Italy http://on.rt.com/uy986n #news

Dawn Media Group: Fewer than 20 Houla victims died from shelling: UN http://dlvr.it/1dfvl9

BBC News (World): Zimbabwe 'frees' BBC presenter http://bbc.in/M1do2F

Al Arabiya English: 21 people have been killed by the fire of Syrian forces: Syrian Revolution Commission #AlArabiya #Syria #Assad

New York Times World: U.S. Says Qaeda Militants Killed in Afghanistan http://nyti.ms/KCYUSK

Guardian World: Radio presenter Sergei Aslanyan in hospital after being stabbed 20 times by attackers who lured him out of his home http://bit.ly/Ko7Htp

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: Eight dead in #Italy quake: police

The Associated Press: Philippine Senate finds top judge guilty of not declaring $2.4 million, orders him fired: http://apne.ws/JL4n8F - VW

Breaking News: Update: Agencies report strong earthquake that shook northern Italy has killed 'at least 6 people' - @Reuters

The Jakarta Globe: German Tourist Shot in Allegedly Random Attack in Papua http://bit.ly/L055zn

Press TV: Hundreds of students and prosecutors march against Bill 78 passed by the Quebec Governament, May 28, 2012 in #Mont http://twitpic.com/9qjuby

Al Arabiya English: 'Most' Houla massacre victims were executed: UN #AlArabiya #Syria

CNN International: Anti-terror police arrest 2 in Denmark http://dlvr.it/1dfXDk

Press TV: Pakistan tests nuclear-capable missile http://dlvr.it/1dfPVl

AJELive: Syrian troops kill Lebanese man, wound three others, in border area: AFP http://aje.me/kSZ2wl

The Daily Star: Lebanese hostages alive in Syria: Free Syrian Army official http://bit.ly/KBfOkv

Reuters Top News: Iran says sanctions threat jeopardizes nuclear talks http://reut.rs/K8HCjD

The Jakarta Globe: Judgement Day For Philippines' Chief Justice http://bit.ly/K8PhOM

TheIndyWorld: Nato forces kill al-Qa'ida's second-highest ranking leader in Afghanistan http://ind.pn/KCNbne

Guardian World: One bust bank could bring Spain to its knees, warns prime minister http://bit.ly/KnNS5l

Want China Times: Dead man squatting: Taiwan to deport Italian using dead American's passport http://www.wantchinatimes.com/news-subclass-cnt.aspx?id=20120529000063&cid=1103&MainCatID=0 #crime #Taiwan

Want China Times: Indicators show Taiwan's economy slumping for 6th consecutive month http://www.wantchinatimes.com/news-subclass-cnt.aspx?id=20120529000058&cid=1102&MainCatID=0 

Press TV: South Korea raises oil imports from Iran: Figures show that South Korea's crude oil imports from Iran increased ... http://bit.ly/KN2bzD

Breaking News: Afghan and ISAF coalition forces confirm that senior al-Qaeda commander Sakhr al-Taifi was killed in an operation on 27 May - NBC News

The Jakarta Globe: Taiwan's Finance Minister Resigns Over Controversial Tax http://bit.ly/KZR04P

Zee News: Lost bumblebee returns to UK: A species of bee known as the ‘bumblebee’, which had disappeared from the Engl... http://bit.ly/KCGPUV

The Jordan Times: Turkey approves indictment of Israeli commanders — report http://ow.ly/bcGPW

Breaking News: Update: USGS down-grade northern Italy earthquake to 5.8 magnitude - @Reuters

Peoples Daily Online: Nyako bans motorcycles as unknown gunmen kill 4 in Adamawa http://fb.me/zImn51Md

MarketWatch: Spanish retail sales tumble close to 10% http://on.mktw.net/K8J2KZ

Dawn Media Group: Assad meets UN envoy Annan on heels of massacre http://dlvr.it/1ddNMP

Press TV: Quebec police arrest 84 protesters http://dlvr.it/1ddN1V

Al Arabiya English: A quake shook north #Italy, after a tremor struck the region earlier this month killing 7 people & destroying 100s of buildings #AlArabiya

Al Jazeera English: Thai woman awaits ruling in royal-insult case http://aje.me/M0NAUs

Guardian World: North Korea reporting a serious drought that could worsen already critical food shortages http://bit.ly/KnAnCO

The Jakarta Globe: Jakarta Election Commission to Issue Final Voter List on June 2 http://bit.ly/KoTMTA

Guardian World: Peru declares state of emergency after two killed in mining protests http://bit.ly/KnAj62

FRANCE 24 English: Mali: Unity plans between Tuaregs and Islamists in North Mali collapse http://f24.my/JKMGX1

AJELive: #Australia has expelled two #Syrian diplomats over the #Houla massacre: AFP http://aje.me/kSZ2wl

The Star: Analysis - Nigeria oil bill waters down its reforms http://dlvr.it/1ddDf8

RT: Italy hit by earthquake magnitude 6.0, 32 miles north-east of Parma #news

Post World News: In Pakistan, failed power schemes show government ineptitude _ and leave a US governor fuming http://wapo.st/KCzPHF

Press TV: Sudan to pull out forces from Abyei http://dlvr.it/1ddB4X

Reuters Top News: China moves to tame microbloggers amid censorship claims http://reut.rs/K8qASO

Zee News: Indian kills wife in Italy for being `westernized`: An Indian migrant killed his pregnant wife because she loved... http://bit.ly/N1Wgq8

Breaking News: The Obama administration plans to arm Italy's fleet of Reaper drone aircraft - @WSJworld http://on.wsj.com/N1SGMN

Zee News: Man held for spying near Ahmadinejad`s helicopter: Iran has arrested more than 40 US and Israeli spies over the ... http://bit.ly/M05Tcr

Zee News: Kazakh cops jailed for attacking protesters: At least 15 people died as police put down a protest by oil workers... http://bit.ly/M05Tcn

Dawn Media Group: Wave of violence calims nine lives in Karachi http://dlvr.it/1dbRX7

Post World News: Peru declares emergency in highland province after 2 killed in anti-mining protest http://wapo.st/M03T3M

Want China Times: China approves two major steel production base projects http://www.wantchinatimes.com/news-subclass-cnt.aspx?id=20120529000012&cid=1102&MainCatID=0 #steel #China

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