Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Nightly World News Report of the 9th of May 2012

The Daily Star: Pakistan tests nuclear-capable missile

Reuters Top News: U.S. successfully destroys target missile using new Raytheon co interceptor missile in test near Hawaii, witness says

Times of India: US congressional panel cuts $800 million in aid to Pakistan

Dawn Media Group: Panel cuts foreign aid, military aid to Pakistan | http://DAWN.COM via @dawn_com

Dawn Media Group: Blast in Quetta kills one policeman | http://DAWN.COM via @dawn_com

Al Arabiya English: Syrian TV: dozens killed or wounded in #Damascus bombings, burnt bodies seen in wrecks of cars

Press TV: Turkey raises crude imports from #Iran

The Economist: #Chen Guangcheng's flight to the American embassy is likely to bolster public admiration for him, in China and abroad

Sky News Newsdesk: AFP: Source says suspected U.S. drone strike kills 5 al-Qaeda militants in Yemen

Al Arabiya English: #Kremlin confirms #Putin to miss G8 summit in United States

Daily Telegraph News: Newly-elected Vladimir Putin cancels meeting Barack Obama in US

BBC Breaking News: Two explosions heard in #Syria capital Damascus

The Star: Mexican meth production goes on speed

Breaking News: No sign of survivors at crash site of Russian jet in Indonesia - @ap

Al Arabiya English: #China records trade surplus of $18.4 billion for April

BBC News (World): China's exports and imports slow

BBC News (World): Tepco shares up on state control

The Straits Times: Peru says 5,000 birds, nearly 900 dolphins dead off northern coast, possibly due to rising temp in Pacific waters

CNN International: BREAKING NEWS: Mayor of Bogor in #Indonesia's says wreckage of the missing #Russian plane has been found. No word on survivors. #cnn

The Associated Press: Parents of U.S. soldier captured in Afghanistan reveal secret attempts at prisoner swap with Taliban: -ldh

Asahi Japan Watch: U.S. plans 10-month warship deployment to Singapore

BBC News (World): Overnight shelling in Syria city

Press TV: One million#Yemeni kids starving: UN

Reuters Top News: Search resumes in Indonesia for missing Russian plane

NYT Global Edition: Romney Reaffirms Opposition to Marriage, or Similar, for Gay Couples

BBC News (World): 2012 flame to be lit in Greece

Post World News: 2 teens arrested in Norway for alleged cyber attacks against government, corporate sites

The Associated Press: Argentina makes sex-change surgery a legal right, transgender law approved 55-0: -CC

BBC News (World): Journalist kidnapped in Honduras

Breaking News: Missile strikes kills 8 militants outside a town in southern Yemen, an al-Qaida stronghold - @reuters

The Associated Press: Oregon: Norovirus outbreak traced to reusable grocery bag that soccer team passed around to share cookies: -EF

Yahoo! News: "Butt dialing" may be to blame for 38% of NYC's false 911 calls: Obama becomes first U.S. president to support gay marriage

Post World News: Argentine Senate approves “dignified death” law enabling families to disconnect life-support

Reuters Top News: Spain takes over Bankia to fight crisis

Reuters Top News: World disease fund gets added $1.6 billion shot in arm

BBC News (World): Mutilated bodies found in Mexico

HuffPostWorld: 15 dismembered bodies found near tourist lake

Post World News: Egypt: Low court orders suspension of presidential elections, ruling likely to be overturned

EpochTimesChina: Chinese Regime Tightens Grip on Great Firewall

FRANCE 24 English: ALGERIA: Algeria heads to polls for first post-Arab Spring vote

BBC News (World): VIDEO: 'Warm sea' killed pelicans in Peru

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Judge orders 2 Southern California police officers to stand trial in homeless man's death.-EF

MarketWatch: News Corp.'s fiscal third-quarter profit rose 47%; stock up more than 3% in after-hours trading

Breaking News: Mitt Romney: 'I believe marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman' - from broadcast

DailyStarLeb: Twin Pakistan explosions injure nine: police

nytimesglobal: New Elections Appear Likely in Greece

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: An Egyptian lower administrative court orders the presidential election due later this month be suspended.

DailyStarLeb: Sudan says regained control of rebel-held Darfur town

AJELive: US President Barack #Obama has said he believes same-sex couples should be allowed to get married |

Egypt Independent: Army renews #Abbasseya #curfew, says state TV #Egypt

Egypt Independent: Breaking: Administrative #Court halts presidential election

ZeeNews: Teenager abducted, gangraped in Gurgaon: A teenaged girl was abducted from her house and allegedly gang raped.

nytimesglobal: Civil Unions Bill Dies in Colorado

WSJ Video: The Dow is headed for 6th session of declines but Mark Hulbert explains why fears of major correction are overblown

Dawn Media Group: Pakistan, UK partners in fight against terrorism: Gilani | http://DAWN.COM

AJEnglish: Algeria prepares for parliamentary elections

AFP: US Federal Reserve announces that three major Chinese banks have won approval to enter US market

PostWorldNews: 2 killed in northeast Nigeria market attack blamed on radical Islamist sect

DailyStarLeb: Russian opposition leaders sentenced to jail

Reuters Top News: Indian diplomat's daughter sues New York, claims false arrest

MarketWatch: Four arrested at Bank of America protest

MarketWatch: U.S. stocks stage afternoon comeback, erasing bulk of Wednesday's losses

BBC Breaking News: Leader of far-left Greek Syriza bloc abandons attempts to form a government. More details soon

Reuters: Fannie Mae posts profit, doesn't need Treasury aid

DailyStarLeb: New Egypt budget would boost spending by 15 pct

DailyStarLeb: Nigeria troops kill Islamist militant in restive city

dawn_com: Militants blow up shrine of Pashto poet, politician Ajmal Khattak

MarketWatch: Greece will get 4.2 billion euros on May 10: European stability facility

PressTV: Police arrest five in North Carolina

Breaking News: Greek Radical Left leader Tsipras says did all he could for coalition government deal, no agreement found - @AP

Reuters Top News: Euro zone agrees to make 5.2 billion euro payment to Greece

MarketWatch: Gold closes below $1,600 an ounce for first time in 2012

AmnestyInternational: After years of campaigning by @amnesty members, Patrick Okoroafor is finally released from prison #Nigeria

MarketWatch: Treasury sells $24 billion in 10-year debt at a yield of 1.855%

Reuters: Afghan girls' schools shut down, Taliban blamed

PressTV: 'Saudis,#Bahrainis to continue protests'

PressTV: Silent war in#Israeli prisons

Post World News: 9 men sent to jail in UK for raping, abusing girls in case that stirred racial tensions

AJELive: IMF: the value of the Syrian pound is down 45% on the black market since #Syria's uprising broke out in March 2011

WSJ World News: Thailand Freezes Energy Prices

CNN International: UK wins latest Qatada deportation battle

Egypt Independent: Policeman abducted on Cairo-Fayoum road

Wall Street Journal: BofA gets 92% shareholder backing on executive pay plan. SUBSCRIPTION

Egypt Independent: Jordan's King Abdullah pushes for polls in 'last test' for reform

New York Times World: Winter Killed at Least 100 Afghan Refugee Children, Study Estimates

staronline: Sudan rebels say take town in Darfur in new push

globeandmail: Amid solid AOL results, trouble spots in digital media strategy

TelegraphWorld: South African model and aspiring actress in race row

Times of India: Russian plane with 50 people missing on test flight in Indonesia

BBC News (World): Sudan is blocking aid to rebel-controlled parts of the south contrary to a UN agreement, SPML North rebels claim

The Globe and Mail: House hunters not impressed by what a hefty price tag gets them

Al Arabiya English: #Britain to extradite terror suspect Abu Qatada to #Jordan after court ruling #AlArabiya

Agence France-Presse: "We suspect the plane crashed, but we're not yet certain": rescue chief for #Russia jet missing in #Indonesia.

CNN Breaking News: Oil prices dip 10 percent in 6 days.

Al Arabiya English: #Algeria denies #EU observers access to national voters poll

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