Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Nightly World News Report of the 10th of May 2012

Dawn Media Group: Flash flood in north Afghanistan kills at least 27 | http://DAWN.COM via @dawn_com

Dawn Media Group: Blast near Edhi centre in Peshawar | http://DAWN.COM via @dawn_com

World Bank: 9 million people are currently facing food shortages in the Horn of Africa. #Sahel

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Pirates win German protest votes

Post World News: Official says India to buy 75 Swiss Pilatus trainer aircraft for air force pilots

Al Arabiya English: #Algeria voter turnout higher than expected, Islamists seen to gain ground

Post World News: Argentina first in world to remove barriers to people changing genders

New York Times World: World Briefing | Europe: Britain: Thousands Join Strike to Oppose Austerity Measures

RT: Missing Tennessee girls found alive, kidnapper shoots self #news

New York Times World: World Briefing | Africa: Somalia: Rebels Killed in Clash

Post World News: 2 years after outbreak, deadly lead poisoning from north Nigeria mining still claims victims

BBC News (World): Havoc as Congolese flee the 'Terminator'

HuffPostWorld: #Popocatepetl grounds flights

World Bank: Infant mortality is plummeting in Sub-Saharan #Africa.

Agence France-Presse: About 4,000 accused supporters of #Kadhafi are still being held in #Libya prisons, often in secret, UN says #AFP

Reuters Top News: Two Peruvian ministers resign over Shining Path clashes

Al Arabiya English: 37 people have been killed by Syrian forces across the country: Local Coordination Committees

HuffPostWorld: Dozens take their lives in Japan's 'suicide forest' each year

Wall Street Journal: J.P. Morgan shares down 6.5% to $38.05. BofA down 2.9%; Citigroup 3.9%;

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley off 2.8%.
DailyStarLeb: German police suspend officer over Salafist links

ZeeNews: Pakistan calls off Sir Creek talks with India

EgyIndependent: Abouelfottouh: The previous regime is the one that used to exclude people. I consider this regime non-honorable. #monazarat

EgyIndependent: Abouelfottouh asks Moussa again about what he means by the principles of Sharia #monazarat

MarketWatch: Freddie Mac appoints Donald Layton CEO

Dawn Media Group: US committee bill places conditions upon aid to Pakistan

Reuters: Libya finance minister says to resign soon, cites "wastage"

Post World News: Brazil police detain American tourist who tried to leave without paying his hotel bill

WSJ World News: China Wants Local Control of Foreign Auditing Firms

WSJ: The Dow is poised to break a six-session losing streak. Up 41 points or 0.32%.

MarketWatch: Dow snaps six-session losing streak; Nasdaq ends lower as Cisco falls 10%

WSJ: NY has the nation's fastest-growing tech sector, surpassing Boston as the No. 2 hub.

DailyStarLeb: Sarkozy government resigns ahead of Hollande handover

The Daily Star: Barcelona defends Messi over racial abuse claims

MarketWatch: U.S. Treasury rakes in $5.75 billion from share sale, AIG says

Reuters: U.S. logs first monthly budget surplus in 42 months

The Associated Press: House passes legislation to cut domestic programs like food stamps, health care to stave off Pentagon cuts: -EF

World Bank: #DataoftheDay: 55% of South Asia is agricultural land. #opendata

SPIEGEL English: Out of Bulgaria and Romania: Wave of Immigrants Overwhelms German System: Worlds are colliding as a flood of imp...

WSJ World News: P&G Moves Personal-Care Headquarters to Singapore

MarketWatch: U.S. posts first budget surplus since 2008

The Independent: Algerians reportedly 'abstain in large numbers' at elections

globeandmail: Video: India's baby tossing ritual

Post World News: Red Cross suspends operations in 2 large Pakistani cities after killing of aid worker

MarketWatch: Gold settles 0.1% higher at $1,595.50 an ounce

The Associated Press: Judge dismisses drunken driving charges against former head of FAA; had resigned over arrest: -EF

The Daily Star: 7 killed in central Nigeria area divided by faith

CNN Breaking News: New Argentine law lets people choose own gender on official documents.

Telegraph World News: Israel 'facing major West Bank uprising over Palestinian hunger strike'

Guardian news: Syria suffers worst terror attack since start of uprising

The Globe and Mail: Video: Boehner says marriage bewteen man and woman

AlArabiya_Eng: Bashar al-Jaafari: 12 terrorists were killed in Syria including a Briton, a French and a Belgian

AlArabiya_Eng: Bashar al-Jaafari: we have a list of 26 terrorists operating in Syria.

BBC News (World): New mayor voted in by accident in northern #Italy

New York Times World: Afghan Police Forces Deflect Taliban Attack on Governor

MarketWatch: Treasury sold $16 billion in 30-year bonds at a yield of 3.09%

Al Arabiya English: The terrorist operations committed in Syria bear the fingerprints of al-Qaeda: Syrian envoy at the UN Bashar al-Jaafari

CNN Breaking News: Red Cross suspends work in Pakistan after staffer's killing.

Post World News: UK civil servants walk off job in pensions dispute; thousands of police hold protest march

Dawn Media Group: PPP rally will be strong warning to anti-democratic forces: Shazia

CNN Breaking News: #China vows to defend claim to tiny island, newspaper reports.

PressTV: #Iran's electricity exports increase 38%

PressTV: Three#US soldiers injured in#Afghanistan

PressTV: UK MP reveals new aid convoy to Gaza

Wall Street Journal: The U.S. Postal Service dropped plans to close 3,700 post offices. See if your post office is saved:

PressTV: Three MKO members flee Camp Liberty

Telegraph World News: Indian police officer 'encouraged father to commit honour killing'

Reuters World News: Smoke bombs shut down Montreal subway

Egypt Independent: Naval officer, police captain arrested for breaking into #Mansoura store #Security

AP: US Postal Service loses $3.2 billion in second quarter - that's $1 billion more than the same time last year: -EF

AlArabiya_Eng: Egypt holds 1st ever presidential candidate debate; army makes cabinet mini-reshuffle

AlArabiya_Eng: Four killed in Afghan suicide attack, Taliban claim responsibility #Afghanistan

Al Arabiya English: #Israel negotiates with Palestinian hunger strikers #Palestine

Wall Street Journal: Breaking: P & G plans to move the headquarters of its global beauty products unit to Singapore from Cincinnati.

Agence France-Presse: Superjet 100 loss deals heavy blow to #Russia dreams of turning around its aviation industry #AFP

Agence France-Presse: US health officials poised to decide on whether to recommend the first preventative pill against #AIDS #AFP

The Associated Press: Dow is on track to break 6-day losing streak with stocks up at midday: -EF

Egypt Independent: Security forces find missiles, RPGs on North Coast road

staronline: Sailor Ainslie to start the torch relay through Britain

Breaking News: Ash cloud from Mexican volcano forces suspension of flights to and from Puebla international airport - @Reuters

CBS News: Justice Dept to sue Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio over allegations of civil rights violations including racial profiling

Egypt Independent: New ministers sworn into #Ganzouri #Cabinet #Egypt

Press TV: #Iran finds oil reserves in Caspian Sea

The Daily Star: Herdsmen hack to death sleeping family in Nigeria: official

Wall Street Journal: More than two-thirds of 8th graders lacked a solid grasp of science facts on a recent national exam

AJELive: Retired Lebanese army major general tells Al Jazeera a third group may be involved in #Damascus blasts #Syria

Press TV: US spy drone crashes in#Afghanistan
Egypt Independent: Deficit expected to swell with new budget #Egypt #EgyEconomy

The Associated Press: Breaking long silence, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says he is "not personally opposed to gay marriage": -AB

Agence France-Presse: Swedish fashion giant H&M apologises for using deeply tanned model in swimsuit ad after cancer groups' complaints. #AFP

The Moscow Times: TNK-BP Net Profit Falls 17% to $2.2Bln in Q1 #news

The Star: One dead, nine hurt in fire at gas processing plant

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