Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Nightly World News Report of the 1st of May 2012

AFP: A foreign guesthouse has been targeted in a suicide car bomb attack in #Kabul just after #Obama visited. http://yhoo.it/JdAZY5

BBCWorld: ANZ Bank's net profit rises 10% http://bbc.in/IFQwBz

BBC News (World): GPs 'making too many drug errors' http://bbc.in/IFYXNs

BBC News (World): VIDEO: May Day rallies around the world http://bbc.in/IRhsfp

guardiannews: Occupy May Day protests across US as activists & unions link up http://gu.com/p/379jc/tf

PressTV: 10 killed in#Somalia bombing attacks http://dlvr.it/1W39R0

AJELive: At least 2 explosions were heard in the Afghan capital Kabul shortly after #Obama paid a surprise brief visit to the country - AFP

AJELive: Suicide car bomb explodes near US military base in Afghan capital #Kabul, city's police chief says. #Afghanistan.

AFP: Momentous day for Myanmar as Aung San Suu Kyi to make her long-awaited debut in parliament #AFP http://bit.ly/JJye1x

Agence France-Presse: #Dutch laws to stub out #cannabis sales meet with feisty response #AFP video http://bit.ly/IUgY9H

Reuters: Mexico shaken by several quakes http://reut.rs/JdqAvD

Reuters Top News: China, Russia resist West's push to threaten Sudan, South Sudan http://reut.rs/IuZAfw

Al Arabiya English: Al-Qaeda targets #Yemeni women for not wearing face veils http://ow.ly/aDAMU

Reuters Top News: Toyota posts April U.S. gains, GM lifts sales outlook http://reut.rs/IndPzm

PressTV: Over 30 99-percenters arrested in#US http://dlvr.it/1W2sv5

MarketWatch: Hong Kong, Shanghai stocks climb after manufacturing data; Hang Seng Index up 0.8% http://on.mktw.net/IEX2ur

New York Times World: Text: Obama’s Speech in Afghanistan http://nyti.ms/IspuhR

Reuters Top News: #RIM #BlackBerry 10 prototype fails to wow investors http://reut.rs/IpvQwS

MarketWatch: Japan stocks open higher as dollar rebounds against yen; Nikkei Average up 0.5% http://on.mktw.net/IkeP5f

BBC News (World): Suu Kyi is to be sworn in as MP http://bbc.in/IFGbFQ

BBCWorld: In pictures: Asia's widening wealth gap http://bbc.in/IFFzQA

CNNLive: #Occupy May Day rally in #Oakland, California, watch live: http://on.cnn.com/cnndcl2

nytimesworld: Monti Selects Areas to Cut to Reduce Italy's Budget http://nyti.ms/Ilwk6c

AJELive: #Obama in #Afghanistan issues new call to #Taliban over reconciliation talks.

PressTV: IMF rejects call to cut ties with #Iran http://dlvr.it/1W27gw

AJELive: Obama in #Afghanistan says goal of defeating al-Qaeda is 'now within reach'.

PostWorldNews: Palestinian president cancels trip to Libya, citing security concerns http://wapo.st/JPVkXb

HuffPostWorld: Obama: 'Nearly1/2...Afghan people live in places where Afghan security forces are moving into the lead' http://huff.to/Iq5CdJ

The Economist: The prices of soyabean, wheat, rice and other staples are rising. Analysts warn that higher prices could persist http://econ.st/JQrmlQ

Al Arabiya English: #Syrian forces shell refugees camp inside Turkey: Revolution Council http://ow.ly/aDAwT

Reuters Top News: Magnitude 6.3 quake hits off southwest Mexico http://reut.rs/IwySmK

Press TV: 10 protesters arrested in LA on May Day http://dlvr.it/1W1s2w

BBCWorld: Cracks in China's Great Firewall http://bbc.in/IFwlUx

Breaking News: Facebook's IPO set for May 18; pitch to investors to start Monday - @wsj http://on.wsj.com/Ilrd63

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Tornado filmed in southern France http://bbc.in/IFv3sH

Al Jazeera English: Video: Drug abuse soars among pregnant US women http://aje.me/Kt5Dw3

Reuters Top News: Mexico presidential front-runner with steady lead-poll http://reut.rs/Jnye4o

Breaking News: Seattle Mayor McGinn gives police authority to confiscate items that can be used as weapons - from broadcast http://bit.ly/JdcxWK

BBCWorld: Romania's new cabinet unveiled http://bbc.in/IFoZAo

MarketWatch: The politics of a campaigning president in Kabul, Afghanistan http://on.mktw.net/InRNPV

Al Arabiya English: #Egypt foiled ‘Iranian’ plot to kill #Saudi ambassador in Cairo: embassy advisor http://ow.ly/aDAqh

The Economist: The #Bersih 3.0 rally in Malaysia ended in tears and tear gas, but with less cost to the government http://econ.st/JQxGdb

BreakingNews: President Obama thanks troops in Afghanistan, says Osama bin Laden got justice a year ago - AP

HuffPostWorld: Obama, Karzai sign strategic partnership agreement http://huff.to/IHHhgZ

Press TV: Israeli army kills another Palestinian http://dlvr.it/1W0qyf

Wall Street Journal: To combat the 'brain drain', a bill looks to expand H-1B visas beyond the current 85,000-person cap. http://on.wsj.com/KsOId9

The Associated Press: A look at the war in Afghanistan by the numbers. (For example: The number of U.S. dead? 1,828): http://apne.ws/JQvmTF -MS

PressTV: Six 99-percenters arrested in New York http://dlvr.it/1W0f4d

MarketWatch: Dow closes at highest level since December 2007 http://on.mktw.net/Ilcfx1

BBCWorld: Yemen soldier dies in gun attack http://bbc.in/IF9KHv #worldnews

AJELive: AFP: Hundreds of demonstrators in Shia villages protested to demand their jobs back. http://aje.me/xuzjWm #Bahrain

AP: AP Exclusive: Indian sailors recount life with Somali pirates, returning home after 4 months captivity: http://apne.ws/IkP3Pm -BW

AJEnglish: African bloc slaps sanctions on Guinea-Bissau http://aje.me/JPWpOU #worldnews

AP: AP PHOTOS: Obama steps off Air Force One and is greeted by U.S. officials at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan: http://apne.ws/KsUdbH

wsjworld: Bolivia to Take Over Spanish Energy Asset http://on.wsj.com/JGG0JI

MarketWatch: Obama to deliver TV address from Afghanistan http://on.mktw.net/IEf5ka #worldnews

PressTV: #Iran set to export oil to#Pakistan http://dlvr.it/1VyVD1

PressTV: 'Sanctions fail to impede #Iran advances' http://dlvr.it/1VyVDb

AP: Strong growth in US manufacturing sends stocks up; Dow on track for highest close in more than 4 years: http://apne.ws/JPYH0u -BW

NYT's @MarkLandler in Kabul: Obama to sign a pact "meant to mark the beginning of the end" of 10-year-old Afghan war. http://nyti.ms/K4LZfm

cnni: France: Far-right's Le Pen 'not voting' http://dlvr.it/1VyZJq #worldnews

PostWorldNews: Israel's Supreme Court to hear government appeal to postpone dismantling rogue outpost http://wapo.st/IkRe5y

BreakingNews: NYC man convicted in thwarted subway bomb plot - AP http://huff.to/Jcnt74

BBCWorld: 'Farc rebels' make kidnap claim http://bbc.in/IF6R9M #worldnews

PressTV: Israel approves plans for new buildings http://dlvr.it/1VzL5g #worldnews

Breaking News: US President Obama in Afghanistan on unannounced trip to sign agreement on US post-war role - @AP, @Reuters

AP: Hungry and homeless, Georgia man intentionally gets arrested, hoping for at least "a sandwich and a drink": http://apne.ws/JQ6cEp -BW

HuffPostWorld: After 50 years of restrictions, Cubans hope for free travel http://huff.to/K0hLXP

WSJ: Canadians are making a racket over a mysterious hum on the US/Canada border. American's can't hear it http://on.wsj.com/K09wLB #worldnews

PostWorldNews: Bolivia's president announces nationalization of country's electrical grid http://wapo.st/JPZ5fm

MarketWatch: Intel shares rise to roughly 8-year high http://on.mktw.net/IEaoah

Reuters: More white powder incidents in New York; police see Occupy link http://reut.rs/K4pEi3

MarketWatch: GM joins Ford in reporting April sales decline http://on.mktw.net/JLAAvZ

PressTV: Activists and sympathizers of several Hungarian trades unions march with their banner 'We are stronger gather' http://twitpic.com/9g3pvj

AJEnglish: Troops battle for control of Mali's capital http://aje.me/JQbbVD

PressTV: Majlis runoff polls gain momentum http://dlvr.it/1Vzdxg

BBCWorld: Border force staff 'cut by 10%' http://bbc.in/IEP16H #worldnews

PressTV: 'S Sudan seizing disputed areas' http://dlvr.it/1Vzdxz

PostWorldNews: Fire on bus in western Indonesia kills 13 passengers, injures 12 others http://wapo.st/JPvmmE

AlArabiya_Eng: Libyans register to vote in landmark elections http://ow.ly/aDlsa

Reuters Top News: Live coverage of May Day strikes and protests from around the world http://bit.ly/IH9OTL

Breaking News: US to seek death penalty for 3 Somalis charged with murdering 4 Americans in yacht hijacking - @AP http://bit.ly/InjkAS

Reuters: US President Obama signs executive order giving treasury dept new authority to further tighten sanctions on Iran, Syria

BreakingNews: Earthquake felt in Mexico City was magnitude 5.5 in Michoacan; earthquake off Baja coast took place earlier in day - USGS

BBC News (World): #Macedonian police arrest 20 "Islamist" terror suspects in connection with the lakeside murder of five men last month http://bbc.in/IEBMD1

Post World News: China’s rush to erase blind activist from social media a case study in Internet censorship http://wapo.st/KDGFhP

BBC News (World): Six people in #Somalia, including two MPs, are killed in a suicide attack which al-Shabab says it carried out http://bbc.in/IEAHLq

wsjworld: South Sudan to Resume Talks With Sudan http://on.wsj.com/K3IbL8

WSJ World News: Japan Tries to Talk Down Yen http://on.wsj.com/K3I9Tw

MarketWatch: Ford domestic sales suffer 5% April reversal $F http://on.mktw.net/JzHHtR

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: At least 31 people killed in Syria today: Revolution Council

Post World News: Wife of Bahrain activist says he will not end his hunger strike despite court review http://wapo.st/Ikur9V

MarketWatch: $RIMM shares off 2.5% after CEO pledges 'laser focus' on #BlackBerry10 OS http://on.mktw.net/IqwDPU

Wall Street Journal: A march of 1,000 guitarists led by Rage Against the Machine’s Morello to lead protesters in NYC http://on.wsj.com/K04I8P #ows #MayDay

Wall Street Journal: Tennis giant Prince Sports has filed for bankruptcy, will be taken over by Authentic Brands Group http://on.wsj.com/K05GlB

MarketWatch: S&P 500 reclaims 1,400 level http://on.mktw.net/K3xoAC

PressTV: Afghan drug trade hits $70 billion http://dlvr.it/1VxPcF

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