Monday, May 28, 2012

The Nightly #WorldNews Report of the 28th of May 2012

CNN International; British housewife arrested in Indonesia following alleged seizure of $2.6 million worth of cocaine at Bali airport
Press TV‏: EU censures Azerbaijan rights abuses
RT: Going nuclear-free: Germany smashes solar power world record (PHOTOS)
Breaking News‏: Law firm Dewey & Leboeuf has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and has sought orderly wind-down of business - @Reuters_Biz
BBC News (World): Peru anti-mine protest crackdown
FRANCE 24‏: Japan jobless rate edges up in April: government
Press TV‏: US terror strikes kill 31 in 72 hours
CNN International: Zuma portrait prompts protest march
The Star: Fukushima radiation seen in tuna off California
Press TV: US terror drones and attack helicopters have killed 31 people in Yemen, Pakistan, and Afghanistan over the course...
WSJ World News‏: Serbia's Ex-Leader Poised to be Premier
Press TV: Another NATO helicopter has crashed in eastern Afghanistan after at least two US-led foreign soldiers were killed...
Dawn Media Group: US drone attacks kill nine militants in North Waziristan on Monday
The Star‏: Polish police detain hooligans in gang raid
FRANCE 24‏: Facebook smartphone could come by next year: report
MarketWatch‏: Japanese shares move lower as techs weigh; Nikkei Average declines 0.5%
EpochTimesChina‏: Father Commits Suicide to Protest Son’s Tiananmen Death
The Jordan Times: 41 corruption cases referred to judiciary this year — Bino
New York Times World‏: U.N. Says Rwandans Recruited to Fight in Congo
The Globe and Mail: Video: Cautious optimism in Greece while markets slump in Spain
CNN Breaking News: 2 small planes collide in Virginia; 1 lands safely. #aviation
BBC News (World): Canada bill to end rail strike
CBS News: Air Canada plane makes emergency landing
BBC News (World): #Quebec resumes talks with students to end standoff on tuition fee hikes
Post World News‏: After years of calls about German teen being abused, photo proved to Bosnia police she exists
AJELive‏: Syrian authorities blame "Islamist militants" for mass killings in Houla | #Syria Live Blog

FRANCE 24‏: Brazil readies 15,000 security forces for Rio summit
New York Times World‏: Hamas Makes Step Toward Palestinian Unity Government
Times of India: Driving to Thailand from India could be a reality by 2016
Breaking News‏: Egypt protesters set fire to campaign HQ of presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq in Cairo: live Egyptian TV footage - @Reuters
Telegraph World News: British mother facing death penalty over cocaine arrest
The Daily Star: Radioactive bluefin tuna crossed the Pacific to US
The Associated Press: Wildfire on Michigan's Upper Peninsula destroys nearly 100 buildings: -CC
Al Arabiya English‏: #Turkey approves indictment of #Israeli commanders accused of ship raid deaths

Post World News: Brother of Pakistani doctor convicted of treason calls for U.S. help
RT: 18,000 years in jail: Turkish court charges Israeli officers over Gaza flotilla deaths
Post World News‏: Russia’s Foreign Ministry lashes out at US ambassador
Zee News: Facebook hires iPhone engineers to build smartphone: Report
Al Jazeera English: Several killed in southern Yemen fighting
Agence France-Presse: 500,000 abandoned pigs in Chile to be slaughtered
FRANCE 24 English:COLOMBIA: FARC releases video of captive FRANCE 24 journalist

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