Friday, May 25, 2012

The World News Report of the morning of the 25th and the 24th of May mixed

The Globe and Mail: Ottawa posts $9-billion deficit in March
The Globe and Mail: Northern Ontario city in state of emergency as wildfire rages

Khaleej Times: Pakistani boy missing found dead #UAE

FRANCE 24 English: TUNISIA: Death penalty sought for ex-president Ben Ali

FRANCE 24 English: West #Africa food shortage: "Some people only have tree leaves to eat" on The @Observers

TheIndyWorld: Ukraine bans smoking in public

The Straits Times: Russian intelligence officials think 'US sabotage' may have caused Superjet crash in Indonesia: Report

The Straits Times: Aung San Suu Kyi to receive honorary doctorate from Oxford University Syrian rebels tried to kill #Assad's top aides, Israeli officials confirm:

The Daily Star: Nigeria says losing 180,000 barrels daily to oil thieves

The Daily Star: Jordan PM wins confidence vote amid tough challenges

The Daily Star: Shepherd brutally attacked in Mount Lebanon

The Daily Star: 11 Lebanese kidnapped in Syria arrive at Turkish border: Al-Arabiya TV

The Daily Star:Suicide bomber kills 9 in northern Yemen

Reuters US News: Small bomb explodes in Phoenix distribution center, two hurt

Reuters US News: Gun dealer gets 5 years in prison in U.S.-Mexico gun case

Reuters US News: New Mexico wildfires merge; blazes rage in five states

CBC World News: Iran rejects proposals from West at nuclear talks

Times of India:Rupee recovers from record low, up 14 paise against dollar

The Moscow Times: 4 #Russian Bikers Detained in Iraq 

The Moscow Times: 3 Governors Confirmed

Want China Times: #China to become second most #influential country in #science: report

Want China Times: Chinese Communist Party expands presence in private sector #Beijing

Want China Times: #Beijing plans new rules to encourage #private #investment

The Star: Myanmar must cope with protest, avoid violence - ASEAN chief

The Star: Israel offered $6 million to Turk raid victims - lawyer

The Star: Seven men acquitted of gang-raping 16-year-old

The Star: Former Italy striker Di Vaio joins Montreal

EpochTimesChina: Electricity Drop Indicates Slowdown in Chinese Economy

EpochTimesChina: Villagers in China Beginning to Strengthen Voice Against Regime

RT: European Parliament calls on Ukraine to free 'political prisoners' #news

RT: Death penalty for travel: Russian bikers accused of spying in Iraq

RT America: Californian cops to be fired for beating homeless man to death

RT: Japanese tsunami victim remains to wash up on US coasts

The Australian: Jailed Pakistani doctor under protection: THE Pakistani doctor jailed for treason for helping the CIA to find Os...

Asahi Japan Watch: Son of China's Bo Xilai graduates from Harvard

WSJ Europe: U.K. Recession Deeper Than Expected: The U.K. economy slid even deeper into recession than previously thought in...

TOI World News: Crisis in Nepal as deputy PM quits

TOI World News: Pakistan condemns US drone strikes

WSJ Breaking News: Chinese authorities released Standard Chartered banker Wu Yidian Eden, held on suspicion she aided a fugitive.

Dawn Media Group: Tribal militia quits fight against Taliban over lack of govt support | http://DAWN.COM

Dawn Media Group: Four more killed as target killings continue in Karachi | http://DAWN.COM

Dawn Media Group: State Bank of Pakistan injects Rs155 billion

Press TV: Japan seeking Iran oil import options...

The Moscow Times: Aeroexpress Manager Caught Taking $125,000 Bribe

Egypt Independent: #Egyelections Alexandria: – Sabbahi 34% – Abouelfottouh 22% – Moussa 17% – Morsi 15% – Shafiq 12%

Al Arabiya English: 50 people have been killed by Syrian forces in a new massacre in al-Hulla in Homs: Syrian Revolution Commission #AlArabiya #Syria #Assad

MarketWatch: Dow industrials down more than 100 points in final hour of session

Dawn Media Group: Zardari orders immediate arrests over rally firing incident in Karachi

Breaking News: US deports man sought for war crimes in Bosnia from Las Vegas to Sarajevo - @AP

Breaking News: Nissan to recall 194,434 vehicles for parts defects, according to filing - @Reuters

Breaking News: General Motors recalls 4,300 Chevrolet Malibu Eco cars in US for airbag issue - @Reuters

Reuters Top News: Car bomb in central Turkey kills 3, wounds 18

Reuters Top News: May consumer sentiment at 79.3; highest since July 2007: U. Mich/Thomson Reuters, watch for updates

Reuters Top News: Myanmar protests an opportunity to show more reform

Reuters Top News: U.S. soldier, two Chinese charged with smuggling guns to China

Reuters Top News: Protesters back U.S. nuns in standoff with Vatican

Reuters Top News: Al Qaeda leader tells fighters to support Mali rebels

Reuters Top News: Moody's restates French AAA, negative outlook

Reuters Top News: Venezuelans in the dark over Hugo Chavez's health

Reuters Top News: Succession question fuels uncertainty in Oman

Sky News Newsdesk: AFP: Standard & Poor's downgrades five Spanish banks

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Cash-strapped Sandusky charity seeks approval to close, transfer assets to Texas ministry. -BW

The Associated Press:‏ Trinidad crime reporter, TV cameraman charged with holding up liquor store, shooting at police: -CC

BBC News (World): Somali #alShabab militants abandon strategic town near #Mogadishu

BBC News (World): Gibraltarian and Spanish police clash over fishing boat row for second night running

BBC News (World): Fuel costs spur Japan price rise by My RT Team

BBC News (World): US hurricane season 'near normal'

BBC Breaking News: Major police operation against Hells Angels motorbike club is conducted in #Germany - German media. Details soon

BBC News (World): "Maria" was 17 when she was lured to #Mexico with promises of a new life. Instead she was forced into prostitution

BBC News (World): South African court hearing over controversial #Zuma painting is adjourned as lawyer breaks down in tears

BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorldLeaders of several Somalian factions - not including powerful al-Shabab Islamists - agree election timetable

BBC Breaking News: Vatican detains person suspected of leaking confidential documents to the media #VatiLeaks

BBC Breaking News: UN inspectors find traces of enriched uranium at #Iran nuclear plant higher than 20% level reported. Details soon

BBC Breaking News: At least 25 people are killed in clashes on border between #Mali and Burkina Faso. Details soon

BBC Breaking News: Record number of offenders sentenced for serious crimes had committed previous offences - 2011 figures

MarketWatch: Wall  Street has reacted positively to H-P's plan to cut jobs to reduce costs, stock rose 3.3% by My RT Team

Wall Street Journal: Corn prices slid 4.1% to their lowest close in 17 months.

Wall Street Journal: For 2nd time in 2 months, a former head of a prominent financial-planner group is in trouble with regulators.

Wall Street Journal: Breaking: First-time applications for jobless benefits were essentially flat, down 2,000 to 370,000 in latest we...

The Economist: Chile has never been an easy place for homosexuals. But attitudes seem to be changing at last

The Economist: Bangladesh's prime minister sets the country on a dangerous path

The Economist: Spain is home to some of Europe's most vulnerable banks

The Economist: Tech-savvy activists in the Arab world have broken the monopoly over information which a submissive media enjoyed

CNN Live: Update on #SpaceX's #Dragon spacecraft after docking with the international space station earlier today. Watch live: U.S. stocks open little changed as anxiety persists over Europe's debt crisis.

CNN Breaking News: Hurricane #Bud to slam Mexico's southwestern coast, forecasters say.

CNN Breaking News: Expect 4-8 Atlantic #hurricanes this season, #NOAA says. U.S. stocks open slightly higher echoing gains in Europe. Dow rises 17 points.

Telegraph World News:  Israeli anti-immigration riots hit African neighbourhood of Tel Aviv

Telegraph World News: Chinese 'serial killer' farmer suspected of killing 17 people

Telegraph World News: Syrian army blamed for most rights abuses in latest violence

UPI_top: prices dropping in time for peak summer driving season |

UPI_top: Student loan interest rates set to double in June, Republicans block bill to keep rates down |

UPI_top: Wildfires claim 35,000 acres in Arizona |

UPI_top: Bahraini activist sentenced in absentia for taking part in an illegal rally |

UPI_top: The World Bank has signed a $61 million grant to Yemen for public works projects |

AJELive: #ICC to try four prominent #Kenyans accused of being involved in orchestrating post-election violence in 2007 | Story:

WSJ World News: Chinese Authorities Release Banker

WSJ World News: Colombian Soldiers Killed Near Venezuela

WSJ World News: Protests in Myanmar Spread

WSJ World News: Sudans to Resume Border Talks

WSJ World News: Monsoon Arrives Over Andaman Sea

WSJ World News: Billionaire Lau Faces Charges in Macau

Zee News: Sri Lanka to launch its first satellite in 2015: China will help Sri Lanka launch its first satellite by 2015, o...

Zee News: Mexican mother blinds her son in satanic ritual: The incident occurred in the town of San Agustin Atlapulco, whe...

Zee News: Journalist shot dead in Somalia - sixth this year: Ahmed Adow Anshur was gunned down by four men armed with pist...

Zee News: Obama presses Congress to ratify UN treaty on sea: Thirty years after it was signed, President Barack Obama is l...

Zee News: Govt to cut petrol prices by Rs 2.5 per litre: Sources

New York Times World:Philippines Judge Testifies in His Impeachment Trial

New York Times World: WORLD: Building a Dam in Lebanon

New York Times World: World Briefing | Europe: Moldova: 3 Sentenced in Nuclear Case

New York Times World: The Lede Blog: African Migrants Attacked in Tel Aviv

New York Times World: Fukushima Radiation Higher Than First Estimated

New York Times World: 4 Aid Workers Confirmed Kidnapped in Afghanistan

Breaking News: US Senate committee cuts aid to Pakistan, after conviction of doctor who helped US track down Osama bin Laden - @AP

New York Times World: Brother of Chen Guangcheng Escapes Guarded Village

AJELive: Two jailed over New Zealand oil spill :

AJELive: Fresh #Iran nuclear talks set for Moscow :

AJELive: #Hollande in surprise #Afghan visit:

AJELive: Yemeni army kills 35 opposition fighters as part of ongoing offensive against al-Qaed stronghold in south #Yemen

AJELive: New parliament speaker named in #Syria |

AJELive: Gunmen are demanding money for release of five aid workers held in mountains of northeastern #Afghanistan |

AJELive: Live Blog: Egyptian NGO reports more than 140 alleged instances of electoral violations in #Egypt's vote |

Post World News: Military spokesman: African Union, Somali troops capture militant-held town outside Mogadishu

Post World News: Cambodia sentences 13 land activists to prison for 2 1/2 years each, stirring outrage

Post World News: Report: Car bomb outside Turkish police station kills 1 policeman, wounds 20

Post World News: Drama in West Bank city of Jenin shows cracks in Palestinian nation-building project

Post World News: Afghan officials: Explosions in the south kill 3, wound 9 others

Post World News: Gunmen kill at least 7 passengers in attack on bus in southern Pakistan

Post World News:Top US negotiator in Iranian nuclear talks to visit Israel 

Post World News: Adoring crowds await Thai king as he makes takes 1st trip outside Bangkok in almost 3 years

Post World News: Official says at least 30 people killed in ethnic clashes at Mali-Burkina Faso border

Post World News: Police blockade Papua New Guinea's Parliament after chief justice charged with sedition

Post World News: Hurricane warning issued for Mexico's Pacific coast as Bud approaches land as Category 3 storm

Post World News: Magnitude-4.7 quake rattles Christchurch; inner-city closed, but no injuries reported

Post World News: Hurricane warning issued for Mexico's Pacific coast as Bud approaches land as Category 2 storm

Post World News: Mexican gang opens fire, sets off car bomb in attack on state police quarters near US border

Post World News: Euro-zone countries appear far from compromise

Post World News: Dominican Republic accuses 3 high-ranking police officials with helping drug traffickers

Post World News: Russian opposition leaders released after spending 15 days in jail for disobeying police

Post World News: Senate panel wraps up $631 billion defense bill for next year, meets Obama budget request

Post World News: Swiss solar plane takes off on 1st transcontinental flight to Morocco via Spain

Post World News: Fight erupts in Ukraine parliament over language bill

Post World News: Myanmar demonstrators clash with police as power cut protests continue

Post World News: As troops advance in Somalia, thousands flee from rebel-held corridor

Post World News: Mexico's two major crime cartels now at war

Post World News: South African president opens case against artist who depicted president's genitals

Post World News: 3 French mosques vandalized, Muslim group urges politicians to speak out

Al Arabiya English: As many as 22 people have been killed by the gunfire of Syrian forces across the country: Local Coordination Committees

Al Arabiya English: 15 people have been killed by the fire of Syrian forces across the country: Local Coordination Committees

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: Mursi leading by 28 percent after vote count from 20 provinces, Shafiq 21%, Hamdeen Sabahy 20%

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: At least nine killed by Syrian regime forces: Coordination Committees

Al Arabiya English: French President #Hollande in surprise visit to #Afghanistan

Al Arabiya English: #Brotherhood: #Mursi leading by 30.8% after vote counting from 6,661 centers

Al Arabiya English: 38 people killed across #Syria today by security force gunfire: Local Coordinating Committees.

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: Voting has ended in #Egypt's landmark presidential polls.

Al Arabiya English: 35 al-Qaeda operatives have been killed in Jaar south of Yemen: Al Arabiya correspondent 

Al Arabiya English: Gunmen kill Somali radio journalist in Mogadishu: colleagues

Press TV: #Israeli forces fire tear-gas during clashes with #Palestinian protesters near #Nablus i

Press TV: 14 killed in attack on#Yemen's Houthis

Press TV: Kidnapped Lebanese pilgrims released

Press TV: Spain suspends trading Bankia shares

Press TV: Iran Navy saves oil tankers from pirates: Iran's Navy warships have foiled pirate attacks on two Iranian-owned o...

Press TV: Quebec protests continue after crackdown

Press TV: Bus attacked in#Pakistan, seven killed

Press TV: Spaniards protest govt. labor reform

Press TV: Morsi leading#Egypt vote counting

Press TV: Tunisian unemployed graduates protest

Press TV: Ammo blast poisons Turkish city

Press TV: US-led soldier killed in#Afghanistan

Press TV: Nearly 700 people were arrested overnight in rowdy demonstrations in #Montreal and #Queb

Press TV: Kurd MP sentenced to jail for PKK links

Press TV: Jail term for#Bahraini female activist

Press TV: Iran lauds Hezbollah fight against Israel: Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has hailed Hezbollah's resistanc...

MarketWatch: European stocks erase Friday declines

MarketWatch: U.S. consumer sentiment on rise in May: Univ. of Mich.

MarketWatch: Spanish bond yields rise on Catalonia fiscal woes

MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks advance, with property, airlines among gainers; Hang Seng Index up 0.4%

MarketWatch: Japan stocks open higher, with property shares gaining; Nikkei Average up 0.4%

MarketWatch: Dow industrials finish higher after late-session turnaround

HuffPostWorld: Brazil Senate OKs gay civil unions

Guardian World: China cancels UK visit over David Cameron's meeting with Dalai Lama

Guardian World: Car bomb explodes in cerntral Turkey, police officer and bomber killed, Reuters report

Guardian World: 33 years after disappearance of New York 6-year old Etan Patz, a man is charged with his murder

Guardian World: #Iran nuclear programme talks salvaged from collapse

Guardian World: Egyptians have 13 presidential candidates to choose from. This interactive tells you who's who...

Guardian news: Students loans chief Ed Lester quits

Guardian news: Spanish doctor ordered to pay for upkeep of child after failed abortion

Guardian news: Azerbaijani police break up opposition rally in runup to Eurovision

Guardian news: Ivory Coast minister quits over 'missing' Trafigura money

HuffPostWorld: 35 Al Qaeda militants killed days after deadly blast

The Daily Star: Vatican bank sacks president in no-confidence vote

Egypt Independent: Cabinet source: Governors will resign after new president is elected #Ganzouri #EgyElections #Egypt

MarketWatch: Bank profits rose to their highest quarterly income level since the second quarter of 2007

BBC News (World): Brother of blind Chinese dissident #Chen Guangcheng "escapes" from village to Beijing

Press TV: #Iran's navy rescues pirate-held#US ship

Post World News: Iran nuclear talks continue on second day

Press TV: Sanctions show #Iran's might: Oil min.

Press TV: Afghan students protest#US night raids

World Bank: #Brazil must continue investing in infrastructure to sustain growth.

Press TV: New Syrian parliament begins work

Press TV: Bahrainis burn#US flag in Manama

Post World News: Vietnam jails 3 activists for distributing anti-government leaflets

Press TV: Turkish state employees march during a one-day, nationwide #strike in #Ankara, May 23, 2012, demanding better pay

Press TV: EU urges Greece to stay in eurozone

Press TV: Spanish demonstrators protest against the government's labor #reform in #Barcelona on May 23, 2012.

Reuters Top News: Afghans say kidnapped aid workers in mountains, talks begin

Asahi Japan Watch: UPDATE/ Myanmar police move against spreading power protests

The Daily Star: Lebanese man gets 3 years prison for collaborating with Israel

The Daily Star: Syrian troops shell Rastan, killing three: activists

Egypt Independent: Beirut shootout leaves two dead, six injured #Lebanon #Beirut

BBC Breaking News: UK economy contracted by 0.3% in first three months of year, worse than previously estimated. Details soon

Al Arabiya English: Syrian armed opposition is abducting civilians and soldiers in apparent bid to secure prisoner exchanges or ransoms: UN

Al Arabiya English: Syrian armed opposition executed soldiers and suspected informers and is increasingly using improvised explosive devices: UN

Al Arabiya English: Syrian forces used lethal force on protesters, attacked villages, executed entire families and targeted and tortured children: UN

WSJ Europe: German Private Sector Contracts: Germany's private sector contracted in May for the first time in six months, we...

Post World News: Officials: 2 dead after hours-long shootout in tense Lebanese capital

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