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The Nightly #World #News Report of the 13th of October 2012

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Reuters: Tunisia ruling coalition agrees to hold elections next June 
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ZeeNews: West Bengal: Stalker pushes girl from local train: In a shocking incident, a 17-year-old higher secondary s... 
2h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Anti-austerity demos held in Portugal 
2h RT ‏@RT_com
Two US Navy vessels collide off Florida coast 
2h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Venezuela’s Chavez swears in vice president, 6 other ministers in post-election shake up 
3h  ‏
PressTV: Saudi military officer slain in NW Syria 
3h New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld
Libyan Government Struggles to Rein In Powerful Militias 
3h  ‏
PressTV: Bomb attacks in#Afghanistan kill 9 
6h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
#UPDATE: Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz shot accidentally by army 
6h Asahi Japan Watch ‏@AJWasahi
INSIDE FUKUSHIMA: How workers tried but failed to avert a nuclear disaster …
6h Press TV ‏@PressTV
PKK kidnaps 2 people in SE#Turkey 
6h  ‏
staronline: Mauritania says president "lightly wounded" in accidental shooting 
6h The Star ‏@staronline
Israel kills Qaeda-tied leader of Gaza militant group 
6h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Two anti-drugs police killed in Peru jungle ambush 
6h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Venezuela's Chavez shuffles cabinet, then tweets about it 
7h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#Mauritanian president injured in the neck after shootout in capital; government source says injury not severe …
7h The Associated Press ‏@AP
L.A. mayor wants official city photo ID card that could double as prepaid ATM card for immigrants:  -RJJ
7h Human Rights Watch ‏@hrw
#Syria: New Evidence Military Dropped Cluster Bombs 
7h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Report: Mauritania President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz is undergoing treatment for a gunshot wound in a military hospital - @Reuters
7h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Mauritanian president injury not severe: correspondent
7h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Israeli strike kills Salafist leader in Gaza: Palestinians 
8h Press TV ‏@PressTV
4 soldiers shot dead in northern#Iraq 
8h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Israel says airstrike targeted al-Qaida-inspired group in Gaza, Palestinians say 1 dead 
8h RT ‏@RT_com
Nobel laureate leaves US cancer research project over corporate hijacking #news 
7h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
Riot hits Senegal football match 
7h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: President of Mauritania is injured after a shootout in the capital: reports
7h  ‏
RT_com: Syria closes airspace to Turkish civilian flights #news 
7h The Star ‏@staronline
Turkey cites Srebrenica in appeal for action on Syria 
8h  ‏
nytimesworld: Afghan Boys Eke Living Amid Peril at Gorge 
8h  ‏
AlArabiya_Eng: Artillery shelling on southern Damascus neighborhoods, clashes between fighters and the regime's army: Syrian Media Center
8h  ‏
RT_com: Alabama police officer shot and killed naked student despite having non-lethal arsenal 
8h  ‏
AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Assad regime's forces kill 124 people across Syria, mostly in Damascus: Syrian Network
9h  ‏
AP: Family of mother of five who was shot and killed by Border Patrol agent in Calif. files wrongful death claim:  -RJJ
9h  ‏
PostWorldNews: Nobel peace laureate Muhammad Yunus announces financing for 'social businesses' in Haiti 
9h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Morocco is seeing an alarming rise in the number of babies abandoned by single mothers, activists say 
10h New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld
U.S. Suspects Iranians Were Behind a Wave of Cyberattacks 
10h  ‏
PressTV: Israeli airstrike kills two Palestinians 
10h  ‏
haaretzonline: #Israel strikes suspected #Gaza terrorist cell after rockets hit south 
10h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
Car bomb blast near #Damascus kills eight, including a child and two women: NGO #Alarabiya
10h  ‏
PressTV:  Pakistani men help an injured blast victim at a hospital following a bomb attack in Pesh 
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10h Human Rights Watch ‏@hrw
Tunisia: Draft “Political Exclusion Law” Invites Abuse 
10h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
One person is killed after shelling on Jabaliya camp northern of #Gaza: correspondent
10h RT ‏@RT_com
Islamic hardliners in Mali increase threats as France pushes for intervention 
10h  ‏
Reuters: Ghana's former first lady to run for president 
10h  ‏
haaretzonline: #IAF strikes #Gaza terrorist cell said responsible for rocket launches to #Israel's south
10h W.G. Dunlop ‏@wgdunlop
#Syria rebel sniper in Saif al-Dawla area of #Aleppo
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10h Press TV ‏@PressTV
#Iran rejects report of supporting PKK 
10h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Federal health officials say the number of meningitis cases in the US has risen to 198 - @Tennessean 
10h RT ‏@RT_com
Missing in the Field: Journalist kidnapped in Syria  @IrinaGalushkoRT
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11h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Islamic militants help seize missile base in Syria 
11h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Blast kills#US-led trooper in#Afghanistan 
11h  ‏
BBCWorld: VIDEO: France drug money arrests 
11h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
FLASH: CDC confirms one new death from meningitis outbreak linked to steroid injections, death toll now 15
11h  ‏
PressTV:  #Japanese hold a demonstration in downtown #Tokyo on October 13, 2012 denouncing the Jap 
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RT_com: WATCH LIVE: Thousands march the streets of #Madrid under slogan 'We don't owe, we don't pay.'  #13o
11h RT ‏@RT_com
WATCH LIVE: #Madrid anti-debt protest 
11h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Greek PM sees austerity deal by October 18 summit 
11h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
#Malala Yousafzai shows signs of improvement by moving her limbs, though she remains unconscious and on a ventilator 
11h  ‏
PressTV: Argentina students stage fresh demos 
12h  ‏
RT_com: Bankers Bag Nobel Peace Prize  Robert_Bridge for rt_com
12h  ‏
PressTV: 'Swiss bank UBS to cut 10,000 jobs' 
12h  ‏
AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Heavy shelling on Al-Houla in the countryside of Damascus: Syrian Media Center
12h  ‏
PressTV: Saudis demand release of poet from jail 
12h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Syrian rebels shoot down a fighter jet, a monitoring group and a military defector say  #Syria
12 Oct  ‏@WorldNewsRT
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12h The Star ‏@staronline
Djokovic and Murray into Shanghai final 
12h Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
Five killed in Orakzai clash 
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13h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: FSA controls air force brigade east of Ruston: Syrian Media Center
13h New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld
I.M.F. Urges U.S. and Europe to Act Decisively on Debt 
12 Oct Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Blind Chinese activist says nephew could face unfair trial 
12 Oct Press TV ‏@PressTV
US-led airstrike kills 14 in#Afghanistan 
12 Oct Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
3) Police make arrests in shooting of girl – 
12 Oct Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Chinese exports rose 9.9% in September but analysts warn performance is unsustainable in the weak global outlook 
23h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Israeli fighter jets attack Gaza again 
23h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
U.S. deficit tops $1 trillion for fourth year: The U.S. budget deficit tops $1 trillion for a fourth consecutive... 
23h The Star ‏@staronline
China detains man for leaking secrets in former police chief case 
23h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
U.S. intelligence hurt after ‘CIA base’ in east #Libya abandoned 
23h Zee News ‏@ZeeNews
Girl drugged, gangraped at TMC union office: A girl was allegedly gangraped by three students after being given ... 
13h The Star ‏@staronline
France, Canada focus attention on Congo rights record 
23h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Bangladeshis protest anti-Islam movie 
22h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
A car bomb has killed at least 10 people and wounded 15 others at a crowded market in northwest Pakistan. 
22h Zee News ‏@ZeeNews
JP Morgan Q3 net up 34% at $5.71 billion 
22h Zee News ‏@ZeeNews
UP: Two godmen murdered in ashram: Two godmen were murdered by unidentified assailants in an ashram at Malpura village. 
22h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Drugs company at the heart of the US meningitis outbreak, New England Compounding Center, broke regulations - @Reuters 
22h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
UN experts ask Iran to stop 11 executions reportedly set for Saturday 
20h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Two killed in #Iraq attacks | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR …
20h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Afghan students pray for Malala's recovery 
20h The Star ‏@staronline
Yemeni tribesmen free eight truck drivers 
20h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Spain says investors' mood improving, liquidity strong 
20h The Star ‏@staronline
Turkish parliament gives nod to early local elections 
20h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Taliban threaten to kill Malala's father 
19h Press TV ‏@PressTV
US border guards kill Mexican teenager 
19h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Leaked video tarnishes moderate reputation of Tunisian Islamist party:  -JM
19h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Somali pirates free ship after ransom 
19h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri calls for more Mohammed film protests 
19h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Bahrainis slam recent regime crackdown 
18h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Japanese stage anti-IMF rally in Tokyo 
18h Press TV ‏@PressTV
UK weapons in#US#Libya mission missing 
18h The Star ‏@staronline
Two foreigners feared kidnapped from Afghanistan aid team - police 
18h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Ahmadinejad due in Kuwait, Azerbaijan 
18h Press TV ‏@PressTV
UK Tories draw election battle plan 
13h  ‏
PressTV: Syrian troops kill insurgents in Aleppo 
17h Breaking News Storm ‏@breakingstorm
Severe thunderstorms with damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes threaten central US - @weatherchannel 
17h Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
Four including two coalition members killed in Kandahar: ISAF | http://DAWN.COM …
17h RT ‏@RT_com
Russians arrested in US tech export scandal reportedly being pressed to confess 
17h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Top #Egypt #prosecutor defies sacking by president | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR … #Mursi #Abdel-Meguid #Mahmoud
16h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
4 people are arrested after a violent clash with protesters near an Anglo American Platinum shaft, in Rustenburg, South Africa - @Reuters
16h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
#Tahrir clashes caused flight cancellations, say airport sources 
16h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Tibetan man sets himself on fire to protest China: The grandfather of a revered Tibetan Buddhist figure died Sat... 
16h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Euro zone mulls new ways to cut Greek debt 
16h The Associated Press ‏@AP
With few options, Palestinian crowds line up in hopes of jobs in Israel:  -CJ
16h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Spanish aid request from euro zone seen in November 
16h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Retired #soldier #kidnapped in east #Lebanon | News , Local News | THE DAILY STAR …
16h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Stocks face first peak of earnings season 
16h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#Saudi Arabia pledges $25 million to #Arab Spring countries …
16h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
#Fire erupts at #Sidon dump | News , Local News | THE DAILY STAR … #Lebanon
16h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
22 saved from sinking passenger boat in California: A passenger boat carrying nearly two dozen people started si... 
15h The Star ‏@staronline
South Africa police and protesters clash near mine shaft 
13h  ‏
hrw: #Tunisia wants to bar all ex-ruling party members from political life. But blanket restrictions violate rights 
15h Nadim Houry ‏@nadimhoury
Greece problems not limited to economy. HRW calls for investigation into allegations of torture in custody 
15h Press TV ‏@PressTV
US-led soldier killed in south#Afghanistan 
15h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Settlers torch Palestinian olive trees 
15h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Liu Futang, a retired Chinese forestry official, was put on trial for publishing books on environmental protection. 
15h The Associated Press ‏@AP
The leader of al-Qaida has urged Muslims to wage holy war against the U.S. and Israel over anti-Islam film:  -CJ
15h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Two Egyptian pilgrims die during hajj 
15h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Egypt's presidency decides to keep the country's prosecutor general in office
15h Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ
State school tuition is soaring. Cost of attending a public 4-year college climbed 139% from 1990 to 2010. 
15h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Obama touts benefits of auto bailout as debate looms: President Barack Obama seeks to sustain momentum from Vice... 
12 Oct Jim Murphy ‏@jimmurphySF
#Russia: Regional #homophobic laws encourage attacks like the one on 10/11 on a gay bar  #LGBT
15h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Two wounded in south Lebanon, shooter surrenders to Army: Two people are shot and wounded during a personal disp... 
15h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Mali Islamists step up threats as France pushes for war: Al Qaeda-linked Islamists in Mali threatened on Saturda... 
15h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Blasts in Afghanistan kill 8, including 4 Afghan intelligence officers, NATO service member:  -CJ
14h Press TV ‏@PressTV
‘US delisting terrorist MKO shameful’: An Iranian lawmaker has condemned as “shameful” Washington’s decision to ... 
14h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
U.S. asks Britain to extradite Kyrgyz ex-leader's son 
15h RT ‏@RT_com
Missing journalist in #Syria possibly kidnapped 
15h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
In China, Communist party school students are growing increasingly more interested in networking... 
15h The Star ‏@staronline
At least four dead in South Africa boat accident - media 
14h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Exclusive: India's HMEL bought 2 million barrels of Iranian oil: sources 
14h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
As EU basks in peace prize glory, separatists from Belgium to Spain are on the march 
14h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Turkey will retaliate if border with Syria violated again: foreign minister 
14h New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld
16 Killed in Suicide Attack in Pakistan 

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