Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Nightly #World #News Report of the 28th of October 2012

A poignant thing that happen this week is that the self mutilating protests of the Tibetan people is getting overlooked. I heard media say that they are fearing that this act is getting too common. Not having the same effect as before. News publications use to rave about it; however, it is now reported as common as the deaths in Syria especially this past week. There were seven people that burned themselves. Just like the Palestinians but in Israel, the Tibetans want to take land and separate from China.

3m  ‏
staronline: Western Canada rattled by 6.3 magnitude quake 

18m  ‏
PressTV: Israeli warplanes pound besieged Gaza 

28m  ‏
BBCWorld: French Euromillions site hacked 

28m  ‏
staronline: Finnish eurosceptics gain local seats but lose momentum 

29m  ‏
Reuters: Massachusetts closes third pharmacy since meningitis outbreak 

30m  ‏
staronline: Hawaii tsunami warning cancelled after lower than expected waves 

31m  ‏
Reuters: Lithuania opposition wins vote in austerity backlash 

1h Breaking News Storm ‏@breakingstorm
Federal offices in Washington, DC, area will be closed Monday due to Hurricane Sandy - @cnnbrk

1h  ‏
AFP: #SpaceX capsule completes successful first mission to International Space Station 

1h  ‏
AJWasahi: For many destitute Kenyans, illegal sales of anti-HIV drugs only means of survival …

1h  ‏
staronline: Rebels in Sudan's Darfur say they shelled state capital 

1h  ‏
staronline: Tunisian Salafis attack alcohol sellers in capital 

1h  ‏
ZeeNews: Four 'hardcore Maoists' arrested in Bihar 

1h  ‏
AP: Airlines cancel more than 3,000 flights ahead of #Superstorm:  #Sandy

1h  ‏
Reuters: Syrian jihadist spillover haunts Jordan 

1h  ‏
EgyIndependent: 172 arrested on sexual harassment charges; still not enough, say activists  #Egypt #EndSH

1h  ‏
PressTV: 'Ivory Coast police torture detainees' 

1h  ‏
PressTV: Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has called for support for foreign-backed insurgents in Syria to topple t... 

1h  ‏
AlArabiya_Eng: #Syria-bound Iranian plane forced to land in #Baghdad for inspection 

1h  ‏
RT_com: Sixty million at risk as deadly 'Frankenstorm' Sandy triggers mass evacuations 

1h  ‏
AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Large explosion shakes a police academy in the Barza area of Damascus: Syria Live Network

1h  ‏
staronline: Syria air force bombs cities, truce "practically over" 

1h  ‏
staronline: UPDATE 4-Ukraine's ruling party leads in election-exit polls 

1h  ‏
AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Israeli planes raid central Gaza's al-Barij refugee camp: Al Arabiya

1h  ‏
PressTV: Al-Shabab kills#Somalia army chief 

1h  ‏
Reuters: Governments to debate 50 billion euro cut to EU budget 

1h  ‏
CNBC: New York Stock Exchange to remain open for trading Monday; physical trading floor, New York building will be closed due to hurricane

1h  ‏
AFP: New York Stock Exchange closes trading floor as Hurricane #Sandy approaches 

1h  ‏
AlArabiya_Eng: #Algeria frees Egyptian man sentenced to 10 years for spying 

2h  ‏
RT_com: Greek journalist arrested over exposing politicians' alleged tax evasion 

3h  ‏
AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: At least 113 people have been killed in Syria today: Syrian Network

3h  ‏
PressTV: UK families may face child benefit cuts 

3h  ‏
BloombergNews: Nigeria car bomb kills eight, injures more than 100 at church | 

7h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Malaysians arrested in Lebanon for Al Qaeda links 

7h  ‏
Reuters: Rebels in Sudan's Darfur say they shelled state capital 

7h  ‏
dawn_com: British woman, held in Pakistan on drug charges, has baby | http://DAWN.COM …

7h  ‏
PressTV: #Iran condensate exports exceed $1b 

7h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Wall Street makes plans to open Monday even as Sandy bears down 

7h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
More: Magnitude 3.8 earthquake occurred near Santa Clarita, California, widely felt near Los Angeles - @weatherchannel

7h Eric Holthaus ‏@WSJweather
Mayor Bloomberg on #Sandy: "Stay inside as much as possible after sunset tonight."

7h BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking
New York's Mayor Bloomberg orders evacuation of around 375,000 people before Hurricane #Sandy hits city. Details soon 

7h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
An earthquake has rattled buildings in downtown Los Angeles - @AP

8h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Guinea-Bissau’s forces arrest former bodyguard to ex-army chief after failed coup attempt 

8h Zee News ‏@ZeeNews
Obama, Romney change plans as US braces for superstorm 

8h Eric Holthaus ‏@WSJweather
Let me emphasize: storm surge fcst for NYC is now 6-11ft. Irene=4ft. This could be the biggest coastal flooding event in NYC history. #Sandy

8h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Three killed in#Pakistan shrine blast 

8h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Kenya’s anti-terror police kill two 

8h The Star ‏@staronline
Huge Hurricane Sandy bears down on U.S. East Coast 

8h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
Anonymous man’s gifts delight Iraqi beggars on Eid … #EidAlAdha #Iraq #Diyala #Beggars #AlArabiyaEnglish

8h RT ‏@RT_com
At least 8 killed, over 100 wounded in Nigeria church bombing and riot backlash (PHOTOS) 

8h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Syria airforce bombs cities, truce "practically over" 

9h The Star ‏@staronline
Drone hits suspected al Qaeda target in north Yemen 

9h The Associated Press ‏@AP
BREAKING: Governor says New York City shutting down subways at 7 p.m. Sunday in advance of massive storm

9h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Yemeni officials say 3 militants, including 2 Saudis, killed in airstrike aimed at al-Qaida 

9h The Star ‏@staronline
Moderate 5.5 quake hits Pakistan 

9h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Hawaii tsunami warning lifted after 100,000 flee to higher ground 

9h New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld
A Third Day of Protests in China Against Refinery 

9h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Hurricane Sandy’s death toll rises to 65 as flooding continues in Haiti 

10h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Two militant suspects killed in police raid on Kenyan coast 

10h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Live Video: SpaceX Dragon preparing to uncouple from International Space Station ahead of Pacific splashdown - @NASA 

10h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
VIDEO: Clashes over China chemical plant 

10h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Suicide bomber kills five, wounds 98 in Nigeria church 

11h Press TV ‏@PressTV
3 killed in#US drone attack in#Yemen 

11h The Star ‏@staronline
Picture shows captured Turkish journalist in Syria alive 

11h The Star ‏@staronline
Saudi Arabia should stop prosecuting peaceful protesters - HRW 

11h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Fire destroys 400 shops, injures four in Marsa Matrouh  #Egypt

11h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Eyeing elections, India PM adds new blood to cabinet 

11h Asahi Shimbun AJW ‏@AJWasahi
Japanese retailers start resuming operations in China …

11h Zee News ‏@ZeeNews
Cabinet reshuffle, a meaningful change: Congress 

11h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
#Israel kills Hamas gunman, #Gaza salvo hits Israeli city 

11h BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking
Mob kills at least one person in reprisal attack after bombing of church in Kaduna, northern Nigeria. Details soon 

12h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Report: 87 harassment cases took place on first day of Eid  #EndSH #Egypt

12h The Associated Press ‏@AP
BREAKING: Hawaii governor: Tsunami warning being downgraded to advisory; beaches, harbors still closed

12h Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
Nowshera blast death toll rises to three killed | http://DAWN.COM … via @dawn_com

12h RT ‏@RT_com
3 killed in car bombing of Catholic church in Nigeria  #news

12h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Hawaii hit by tsunami after Canada quake 

12h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Police say bomb explodes outside shrine in northwest Pakistan, killing 2, wounding 25 

13h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Iran has advanced drone technology: defense minister 

13h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Bahraini police attack demo in Sitra 

13h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
Family of China's PM reject @nytimes claims they have billions of dollars of "hidden riches" 

13h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Palestinians fire rockets into#Israel 

13h The Star ‏@staronline
Two suicide bombers attack north Nigeria church 

13h The Star ‏@staronline
T’ganu police arrest man wanted for violent crimes 

13h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
#BREAKING: At least three dead as attacker tries to drive car bomb into Nigerian church during service: 

14h The Jakarta Globe ‏@thejakartaglobe
Town Mayor Shot Dead in #Philippines 

14h The Star ‏@staronline
Syrian fighter jets bombard suburbs of eastern Damascus 

14h The Star ‏@staronline
Russian ship missing in rough Okhotsk Sea, 11 on board 

14h The Star ‏@staronline
Cargo ship with 11 crew goes missing in Russia's Far East 

14h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
1st waves hitting Hawaii after Canadian earthquake are smaller than expected, senior geologist says - @AP

14h BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking
Explosion strikes church in northern Nigerian city of Kaduna - casualties reported. Details soon 

14h Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
Two killed, 25 injured in Nowshera blast | http://DAWN.COM … via @dawn_com

14h RT ‏@RT_com
Clashes in Peruvian capital market leave 4 dead (PHOTOS, VIDEO) 

14h The Jakarta Globe ‏@thejakartaglobe
#Indonesia Militant Arrests Show Shift to Violence 

14h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Official says water level at Makapuʻu went up a foot and then dropped 3 feet; bigger waves expected - @HawaiiNewsNow 

14h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
Ex-pop star Gary Glitter held in London on suspicion of sexual offences by police investigating #Savile claims 

14h Zee News ‏@ZeeNews
#Rahman Khan made Minority Affairs Minister @ZeeNews

15h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
3 parties in tight race as 2nd round of Lithuania’s parliamentary election begins 

15h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
10 minutes until 1st tsunami wave is expected to hit Hawaii; follow the latest updates from the Breaking News team here 

15h Zee News ‏@ZeeNews
Philippine bus accident leaves 6 dead, 43 injured 

15h Zee News ‏@ZeeNews
22 minsters sworn-in; Khurshid new Foreign Minister 

15h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
New Jersey Gov. Christie orders some evacuations 

16h Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
Indian PM to shake up cabinet ahead of 2014 polls | http://DAWN.COM … via @dawn_com

16h Zee News ‏@ZeeNews
Cabinet reshuffle: 22 ministers inducted in Team Manmohan 

17h Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
Karachi factory fire intensifies | http://DAWN.COM … via @dawn_com #Karachi

17h Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
22,000 displaced by Myanmar unrest: UN | http://DAWN.COM … via @dawn_com

17h The Star ‏@staronline
Japan says four Chinese ships in disputed waters 

17h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Tsunami advisory extended to N. California, Oregon; warning remains for coastal British Columbia, Alaska - @NOAA 

17h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Ukrainians elect parliament with top opposition leader Tymoshenko locked in jail 

17h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
A tsunami warning is issued for Hawaii, following 7.7 quake in NW Canada - @NOAA 

18h Eric Holthaus ‏@WSJweather

18h Zee News ‏@ZeeNews
Earthquake hits Canada, tsunami warning issued 

18h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Top leader of Basque separatist group ETA is arrested in eastern France, says Spain's Interior Ministry - @Reuters 

19h The Star ‏@staronline
Seven Tibetans burn themselves in anti-Beijing protests - group 

19h  ‏
WSJ: Hurricane #Sandy killed at least 58 people in the Caribbean, destroyed or damaged thousands of homes. 

19h  ‏
PressTV: British Conservative MP Ottaway quits 

19h  ‏
PressTV: Sudan factory hit by airstrikes: monitors 

19h Human Rights Watch ‏@hrw
#EquatorialGuinea: Lawyer Detained, Denied Visits 

19h  ‏
PressTV: Italian police attack demonstrators 

20h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
FLASH: Magnitude 7.7 earthquake hits Canada's British Columbia: USGS

20h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
VIDEO: US braces for Hurricane Sandy 

20h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Pakistan reaches out to old Afghan enemies in move that could aid Taliban peace deal 

20h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Earthquake: M 7.1, Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada region 

20h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Congo doctor targeted by hit men evacuated 

20h The Star ‏@staronline
Tens of thousands protest against austerity in Rome 

20h  ‏
PressTV: Israeli terror drone kills Gazan 

20h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Rioting against Lima's insistence on relocating Peru's biggest wholesale market claims 2 more lives:  -RJJ

20h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
Ukraine in key parliament polls 

20h Eric Holthaus ‏@WSJweather
Earth from space, just a few minutes ago. #Sandy is massive. …

21h Eric Holthaus ‏@WSJweather
A NOAA analysis ranks #Sandy's wave/surge destructiveness at 5.7 on a 6.0 scale. I have never seen a value that high. …

21h  ‏
PressTV: Lebanese journalist abducted in Syria 

21h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Aleppo locals protest against insurgents 
21h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Americans scramble to stay safe as Hurricane Sandy looms 

22h Breaking News Storm ‏@breakingstorm
Toll in Haiti from Hurricane Sandy put at 44; an estimated 200,000 are homeless - @miamiherald 

22h  ‏
Reuters: Rubio leaves Romney motorcade after daughter in car accident 

22h  ‏
PostWorldNews: Russian police detained @s_udaltsov, @IlyaYashin and @navalny : 

22h  ‏
Reuters: Saudi authorities disperse anti-Assad protest in Mecca 

22h New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld
A Village Rape Shatters a Family, and India’s Traditional Silence 

22h  ‏
Reuters: Guinea Bissau arrests suspected counter-coup bid leader 

22h  ‏
staronline: Five killed, three missing in Argentina supermarket cave-in 

22h  ‏
PressTV: Israeli airstrike kills Gazan 

22h  ‏
BBCWorld: Jordan at edge of political conflict 


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