Sunday, December 16, 2012

Combating the Modern Expectation of Beauty

I suggest to combat the modern expectation of beauty is the developing of testimony of the gospel as Jeffery R. Holland explained. The internalizing of doctrines and the word of God will strengthen the self-esteem.
I am annoyed when I see people walk around church with "modest clothing," and it is not even modest. They say that it is hard to find modest clothing. I don't think girls should settle with the most modest of the immodest clothing. These cloths are commercially designed to make them look attractive. There are materials that become the new standard of good, but what is good? I am an observing person, and I am not fooled by the world's standard that is continually lowering itself. People need to be careful of what their clothing is saying about them. Whether it is loose, soft, tight, firm, people see the weakness of the soul, seeking to remain on the top of societies trends. 
I often think to myself "All these lovely people, where do they all come from?" Every person is glorious and beautiful. I recommend that people stop watching tv, reading popular magazines, and following after their lusts. Women just love to adorn their lives with things that they lust after. How can we not see this natural man tendency as not sin, justifying it because it is common? Some people think that giving into these lustful situations are amusing. Thou shalt not covet is one of the ten commandments.

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