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DNA Turn On, the Story Summary of my novel, progressing slowly...

DNA Turn On

A lifeguard, lets name Dieter, as he is working over the summer, preparing for school, is hit by a photon of light. As he works at a swim pool, he notices as he dives in the water that he can dive a further and further distances according to his desire, until he realizes he can swim in the air.
At his university he saves on gas by swimming to the school from his house. Swimming home one night, a professor, lets name Brian, chases after him until he lands on the earth, and meets with him to find out what’s going on with him. Brian does extensive research to find that he can control the particles around his body.
This professor is famous for founding a university that trains the mind to control dreams unto sleep walking and so forth to a conscious mind at all times.
In a deeper study of what happened, explained it. A photon of light of great energy hit the brain of Dieter, hitting a section of DNA in such a way that it was turned on kind of how cancer is formed with free radical particle, bouncing around in our cell, damaging our DNA, and causing it to mutate.  The new DNA order that is on develops a new ability of the person.
He wants to implement this study and has Dieter, since he can control particles; learn to shoot high frequency photons to turn on DNA in animals then eventually for humans. When it comes to switch a DNA of a human, the professor recruited a pair of twins, lets name them James and Jared. James is first chosen to have the experiment done to him. When Dieter does it, James is turned lifeless and disabled. After that incident Dieter leaves the study.
Jared comes to hate Dieter and seeks revenge on him for rendering his twin brother lifeless and abandoning him. Since James is being held alive mechanically, he seeks to find how to cure his brother from lifelessness. The doctors know that he is not dead, but all they know is the part of the brain that manages breath and heartbeat is disabled. After a couple months, Jared is at his side and sees some movement in his brother, and he realizes how to save his brother.
Jared was engaged to a girl, let’s name her Jane, who in his mind went radical, joining the 24/7 conscious university, which Brian established, but since she went insane he called off the marriage. Jared visited Jane and told him concerning his idea. As he consulted with her, Jared, seeing an original but gorgeous ring on her ring finger and that his ring was gone, asked about it. At that time Jane speaks of Dieter, a wonderful man that can control particles, and that he made her this ring alone. He abhorred Dieter now. Jared now seeks destroy Dieter and the relationship by defaming him, exposing the condition of his brother to her.
Jared comes to Brian, the professor, and proposes his idea which is to join the idea to learn to control his body better in unconsciousness in the 24/7 conscious university, so he may know how to help his brother by recovering from the DNA turn on, quicker with the understanding he can come out with the experience. Jared had a theory that James’ needs to control his heart and breathing upon consciously. Jared and Brian studied day and night to be able to save James.
As Jared and Brian studied, Jane is working on her PHD to combine the dream worlds of the 24/7 people. 
After a six month successful recovery of the DNA turn on, Jared learned the abilities of the DNA that Dieter turned on in James, living it himself. He had complete control his body, having to pump the blood with his heart, breath, control of the white blood cells to help against illness, hormones and the production and use of it, and the depths of the soul. James and Jared rendered themselves to have to control every cell of their body. Jared realized if he controls body well enough he can live forever. Jared and James successfully recovered consciousness.
However Jared still sought destroy Dieter marriage. His planned to render Dieter lifeless as he and his brothers suffered. Jared does so, a few weeks before the event as he invites him to meet the recovered James for dinner. Dieter goes missing.
Jane was frightened, looking like mad. Hundreds of people are looking for him. Even James and Jared look. A couple days after Dieter was reported missing, Jared and James were taken as suspects. They could not find anything out, for they had complete control of their body, so no lie detector or anything found any hint of crime. After many months of investigation, and no incriminating evidence was found against them they were released.
Since James, Jared, and Jane were friends, they met often even throughout the investigation. The love Jared and Jane had prior to Jane’s introduction to the Dream University was rekindled. They were engaged again. The first night Jane moved into James’ house, they were together. Jane entered Jared’s dream world. Jared never had Jane join him in the dream world he made for himself. It was complex, but the love and understanding between each other made it simple for her to work through his mind. She traversed his world until she found his journal of memories.
She started for the beginning reading of the good parent and a full life of opportunity, high school, college life, the purity of his life thus far and the deepest desires of goodness, how Jared met her, the good times of their first engagement; the struggle without Jane in her study at the Dream University; the way he risked his life carelessly for the advancement of science in suicidal efforts; and you know the rest.
Concluding the reading of Jared’s life, she woke up and saw that Jared was returning from work, since she was sleeping all day long. Her mind was confused, but she understood everything. Jane decided to go for a walk to see if the journal was real by accessing the presence of one, her beloved Dieter. Walking only one block she started running to the location of the missing man. She bought food and water for Dieter; although, her tears of joy and pain, hope and despair streamed from her eyes in the public. The scene was odd. She ran faster and faster with the mixture of emotions and thoughts turning to rage. In the presence of Dieter, she decided to wait until the man, who only knows what may be going on, comes to visit. She prayed to her Heavenly Father to resolve the contention in her and Jared.
With two missing persons on Jared’s mind after the first night of search, when the world was gone asleep, she went to the spot. The journey was for the first time he conjured feelings that were out of his control. Feelings of sorrow weighed his spirit. Arriving to the site of Jane was interesting. There was a hope in Jane’s eyes. She ran to her fiancé, hugged, and kissed him.
She asked “How are you feeling?”
Jared replied “For the first time since the procedure, I feel some an emotion not of my own control.”
“Jared what are we going to do?”
“We need to take Dieter to the hospital.”
At the hospital Jared was instrumental to bringing Dieter back to life, teaching him to control all his body. When the press and legal system heard that he was the root of there was a big trial of the courts to prosecute him of leaving Dieter to going missing forever. Since the news should have been going mad over the scientific discoveries, the government kept it under wraps.
During the trial Jared spoke to Jane concerning their engagement; plus, the obvious dilemma that Dieter is also engaged to Jane. The conversation spoke of his love for her, but one thing set it off the edge. Jared proposed that he might turn on the DNA of which will let her control all her being as well, so they return to their relationship after his prison sentence and they will live forever as if nothing happened
Jane responded saying "Who do you think you are God?! You do not to have power over death. I will not support this. I have made my choice. I am going to marry Dieter because I know he is not a radical that will try to deny the Plan of Salvation. You do not even know what the Plan of Salvation is! Oh mother sorry for being gone for so long. How could I have considered married you!!!" Then she stormed out of where they met.
The verdict of Jared's trial was eight years in prison. Dieter and Jane married and happily ever after; until, their first child's pregnancy. The child was lifeless, but somehow the mind of the child was adapting to the situation, and it was developing rather slowly. Seven months into the pregnancy things went bad, and a sea-section was had to be performed to save the child’s life.

Book two

Meanwhile during the seven months Dieter was pleading with the courts to let Jared out to aid the child. He knew best how to teach people in control the entire body. Again the government kept this under wraps, so a public appeal was out of the question. Jared appealed to Brian to help, for he was the founder of the 24/7 conscious university. Brian had no idea of how to teach a being how to control their dreams, for Hope never knew how to sleep. The development of the child was extremely slow at age 5 he could barely breathe. Although the situation may have seemed hopeless, the son was named hope.
Jared was released from jail soon after, and he returned to school at the 24/7 University. In hopes to find a wife that would desire to live with him forever. Within the first year he was married to a sister named Jaclyn. After completing his master’s degree, he began his PHD research to develop his family by teaching the children of the disable children DNA. He had a lot of material to work with: Hope and his own twin child that Jaclyn is pregnant with. Jared was successful in teaching the children how to sleep and to teach them to be conscious 24/7, creating an elementary school for Hope and the child of Jared's was named Jacob and Jennae. At the school, children of the 24/7 university alumni joined in an accelerated schooling program.
As Hope and Jacob grow up together, Jacob saw that Hope could swim in the air. Jacob grow jealous, for he could neither fly nor swim; although Jacob and Hope were friends, there is a great weakness for the children of Jared. They lacked the knowledge of the purpose of life. If you lack the knowledge of truth and especially when the truth of life was somewhat altered for a young mind, the actions of the people without a solid belief may be radical.
Over the years of studying in elementary school, Hope and Jacob were good friends, but one thing that may be disturbing is that Jacob desired to fly with Hope, letting the playtime flow more limitless. Jacob grew some wings that he may fly with Hope. Jennae flourished more rapid intellectually wise, than the
One of the students of the 24/7 conscious elementary school was Brian's sons lets name Brad. He was raised a mortal; not that the people which have to control each cell of their body cannot be killed. He did not graduate up the grades; although Brad was a teenager, he learned at a more normal person rate that would not have twenty four hours of consciousness. He was in the fifth grade of the elementary school, not making the learning curve to graduate to middle school; however, the middle school was like college rate school developing renaissance youth.
In the fifth grade Brad saw a new girl that entered his class of graduation named Jennae, the daughter of Jared. Although Jennae was much younger than Jared, nearly half his age, Jennae looked like a teenager because she cause her body to grow according to the class she was placed. Jennae was popular because of her intellectual achievement and her supposed perfection in practically all aspects of her life. She was a little offish with friends, for she knew next grade she would skip a couple more grades. Brad however grew fond of Jennae.
Up until that grade though the dream world of the youth did not combined to make a mutual reality somewhat, applying the principles of that Jane, the wife of Dieter, discovered to unite the dream worlds of the 24/7 conscious people. When it came time to see the worlds that the youth made for themselves, it was most inspiring for the fifth grade teacher to see the new environments. Brad's was bland just the elementary school and his house; however, Jennae's was the most imaginative ever seen she had a simple but architecturally the most inspired cottage on a structure that denied understanding. This she made to protect her most treasure wonders of her soul in the cottage. Brad was awe struck as well as most of the class at her partial reality earth of her mind; although, many other exercised great imagination in their subconscious.
Since the beginning of the year Brad has been trying to go on a date with Jennae. Brad was not dumb. He was actually a jock the lead basketball player and so forth. What further puzzled him was how he was going to do something with Jennae; although if he did not think too hard, she would probably go on whatever recreational activity he thought of. Jennae was always in her subconscious world though in her cottage especially now that classes are practicing union with in the subconscious realms of the youth. Right after class she would go straight up to her cottage; however, Brad was brave.
Jennae and Brad were good friends and they would hang out with friends during lunch, but one day after school he offered to walk her home. He was so delighted to have time to get to know Jennae more. Since this was the first time someone ask Jennae to do something, she felt awkward when they arrived at her at the house.
Jared, her father, was mowing the lawn in front of his similarly imaginative house, but of course the structure complied with physics. He was surprised to see the greatest youth basketball player at his house, and he invited him in. Jared loves sports. Speaking with Brad, he requested Jennae to get some water for everyone. Jared considered the situation and called Jacob down to introduce him to his idol sports man. Jacob's enthusiastic flight down and excitement to converse with him caught Brad off guard. Jared suggested he go show him their basketball court.
As they went off, Jared went to counsel with Jennae. The counsel was sorely need Jennae was merely eight years old and naive. She was partially confused but mainly clueless and awkward about the situation.  He warns her that Brad took a day off of practice to just merely walk her home, telling her of the fat hint of Brad's desires with him. She obliged to her father’s counsel. Jared and Jennae went outside to their basketball court with the water and offered it to everyone. After the family escorted him out of their residence, Jennae was up in her cottage, watching the jock as he joyous jumped around and sprinting home for the progress in the relationship.
19 November
Over the following weeks they dated a little, helping her be more hopeful in a lasting relationship that will not fade away because she will be a couple classes ahead. Brad helped her realized the intensity of the college work of the middle school and actually studying to impact the world by working, saying middle school is not like elementary school with one class of students all in the classes. You do your own stuff because you get to choose some classes of a fat list. She is going to have to be able make relationships enduring.
Jennae come to trust him and like him. Since Brad had such an interest in her and mysterious purity of with a hidden cottage of her dream world, she pondered revealing to him her work, when she is subconscious. One group date they were hiking. During the hike, Jennae slipped a note in Brad's pocket. The note said.
Do you think you can pretend to hike, and come into my room of my subconscious realm? I want to show you something.
While hiking he whispered to her "I do not know how to sleep walk on command."
She said "How do you not know how to sleep walk on command? You are a 24/7 conscious student!"
"Why are you talking so loud isn't this supposed to be secret?"
"Brad you live in reality too much."
The rest of the group were about ten feet ahead, and asked "is everything okay?"
"Yeah go on ahead we will catch up."
"How do you go to your subconsciousness? Do you still have a bed?" Jennae exclaimed, ignoring the group of friends.
The other friend never seen Jennae speak in a loud voice (I don’t about your family, but speaking in a loud voice is not screaming, angry, or arguing. Is the difference between a shy person to speaking casually with one of a close relationship, making sure you understand each other.), and they honored the request of Brad, going ahead.
“Well?” Jennae insisted
“Yes I still need a bed to switch to my lame subconscious. I am not tired right now.”
“Brad, don’t get down on yourself you. Just think more your life. You can probably go to your subconsciousness. We have been hike about fifty minutes in the sun. You could probably just take a quick nap and go to your subconscious world.”
“You want me to lay down on this dusty trail?”
“Fine let’s just continue hiking then.” she started walking.
“Okay just brush off the dust on me when I do go to sleep, and be gentle to beat me too hard or I may wake up.”
On the ground he waited for five minutes, and he realized he is no good at sleeping when he is laying on his back.
“Take your time. I have all day.”
“I just realized I am no good at sleeping on my back.”
“Well then use your arm as a pillow.” She wonders if he will curl up in a ball.
Another five minutes went by, and Brad started complaining that he could not feel his arm. It’s cold.
“Fine Brad you are no good at the subconsciousness. Let’s find a place that is not full of trees. I think there was a campsite around here that may have softer ground.”
After finding a perfect spot in the sun, Jennae used her imagination to get close with Brad. She sat on a picnic table’s bench, and set her sweatshirt on the bench. And said “Here Brad lay your shoulder on my sweatshirt and lay your head on my leg, so you can be comfortable.”
“Come on. Hurry up. You better not take long to fall asleep.”
They had a cute casual talk with Brad laying on the bench and his head on her lap, until he fell to his subconsciousness. His subconscious world was simply the school and the road to his house.
Jennae was worried about this he would not know how to hike when he does not know how to learn new terrain, but she was not scared. She knows well how to work reality with the subconsciousness. She walked through a shortcut of her abstract paths up to her cottage making it lead to Brad’s subconscious realm. Since she wanted catch up to the group, so they won’t worry, she said to Brad “We should catch up to the other. They may be getting worried.”
Brad was sitting on the bench of the table sorrowful and asked "How are we? I don’t think anyone can hike in unknown terrain without sight of it. You see I am here at school, but in reality we are at a camp ground.”
Jennae sat next to him to comfort him, after some conversation asked “Do you think I can lead you back to everyone else?”
20 November
"I have no idea what you can to in your subconscious realm."
"Good; then, let’s get going?"
Walking toward her realm of the dream world, Brad was getting nerves. He had no idea of what to expect of the abstract foundation to her room.
"Okay Brad my entrance to my room is a little crazy so we should hold hands. I want to run up to the rest of our group, so you will need to be patience this may blow you mind. Ready to go?"
Walking into her abstract paths slash structure to her cottage, Brad only saw pure white; No shadows, no trees, no floor.
"Hurry up there is nothing much to see."
And they were off jogging. Brad was thoroughly confused what was going on. Where are we going? How is she jogging in this pure white fog like realm; then, He tripped. As Brad was helped up by Jennae, he asked how she was able to traverse the trail basically blind.
She explained a complex idea, saying she would map out the landscape by making her mind following the bouncing path of the sound waves that come from their running. Brad did not understand the explanation, for he could not see or hear anything; however, Jennae stopped the conversation and told him we already catch up the group.  They were waiting eating lunch.
Jennae saw the traced the sound waves of her friends’ words back to them, seeing the imagines of them by the waves. Sleep talking she asked "are you ready to continue that hike?" and they were.
When they commenced hiking again, Jennae finally introduced Brad to her cottage. There was a great long hallway that curved the trial that they were hiking. This hall was lined with large painting on the wall at first they were all the same. Brad was bewildered asking "What’s up with all the painting being all the same?"
"Well because we are hiking, duh. Do notice something special?"
"Mmmm? Are they painted by you?"
"Duh, but you got to look closer there is a one big difference from this painting than reality."
"What do you mean?"
"Brad you need to come to be more observant and see how beautiful life actually is. Look at the colors!"
"Maybe I should just stop and look specifically."
"Life is not going to stop for you to see how beautiful it is. Think!"
"If I actually say my favorite color is in reality they would not understand. I use it the most."
"What the!? What is this? I have never seen any color like this in the real world."
"Yep soon all the world will learn that I paint with even the unseen colors. I have mastered the waves of life."
"Wow. When did you start doing this?"
"I started painted in my mind since I was three. I used to pretend to be a mature artist. Yeah my dad used to speak of how our family will live together forever because a study he did with a guy, who can somehow control the particles around him. I got bored with the limited colors of reality, and he inspired me to unleash all the colors of life kind of, and I made my mind to see the colors; we can't normally see."
"Can you do this in reality?"
"Are you done looking at this painting yet?"
"No, but can I take this home? You have so many."
"Mmmm? You may what to look at the other ones and decide. This one is boring."
The paintings were exquisite. They even brought forth the passion for art of the unobservant youth. He asked "Why are you hiding this?"
"Cause they would not understand. If the complete beauty of ones souls cannot just be judged by just looking. If all was revealed a few weeks ago when the all the class' was, they would think my mind is so messy. At this time you do not see the beauty of my soul, I am little by little revealing the depth of my soul in an organized fashion that you may understand."
"Really!! Is there something in the first painting that reveals a lot about you?"
She did not answer.
"I realize there is less depth in the ones after."
"What are you talking about? You learn too quickly when you want to." Jennae revolted
"What do you mean?"
"I am not going to tell you?"
"Then I still want the first one to take home."
"Fine. Take it! Brad, the others are saying the hike is finished, and your parents are waiting. Following my up into my room and you will actually be in the car; we are riding home in.  I have the thing I wanted to show you there."
“Jennae how are you able to do all this to your subconscious world?”
“That’s a lifelong story. Okay here it is.”
“A book?! I am no good at reading in a car.”
“Brad you are asleep you cannot get car sick while sleeping.”
“Also I can read when I am asleep.”
“You have bad mental blocks you know. Fine I will read it to you.”
The book was similar to the manga death note where a demon gave a notebook to a youth of which notebook you can write the fateful death of people in it and it will happen, but it was the opposite. An angel gave the responsibility to a youth to grant immortality to people.
Brad asked “Have you ever read Death Note?”
“Why would you ask that? You imagination is limited because you are somewhat copying idea of it, but you are like writing the opposite story?”
“What do you expect? This is my first book. I am that good of a writer as I am controlling my mind.”
“What do you mean?”
“Oh. That’s a life-long story. Do you want me to continue?”
The story is of a young daughter that is given a responsibility to record the names of people that are to be immortal. She wrote down many names of her friends, but when her grandmother died that taught her a great lesson. So she wrote down the name of her grandpa. Her grandpa was a professional tennis player, and when he realized that he was living in his prime again, he shocked the world by returning to the professional tennis circuit. He was totally dominating the former greatest prayer of all time, but he was just about to retire. The retiring tennis player actually won the first set and was failing due to fatigue on the next set because the intensity of the match. The young daughter decided to even the playing field by writing the name of the retiring tennis player to be immortal, and he returned from his fatigue in the greatest condition he can be for the next set. The match was loyally technical and only the imagination and will of the players was the limited the match.
22 November 2010
“Brad we have thirty minutes until we get home, but I have a question. Do you know if your family will last forever?”
“No, can we know?”
“Well my family will last forever because my family has a DNA defect.”
“A DNA defect that makes you live forever?”
“I don’t know how to explain it, but you can ask your dad. Doesn’t he know everything? He is the principle of our school.”
“Yeah I can ask him.”
Book three

“Has you father told you anything about this?”
“I don’t know anything, but he started the school, so he would know everything.”
“Should I continue reading my story then?”
The story continues with another shock of the world, seeing a man be immortalized before it. After the royal match, the grandpa was too rusty, technically, to win, and the former number one only lost one set of the match. The government could see the power over immortality that it may revolve around the daughter lets name Celeste’s grandpa lets name Christopher. Christopher and Roger, the former number one tennis player, was taken to be tested and investigated. The government feared a national security, for a great reason that the discoverer's of this continent was seeking after an elixir of youth. If Christopher found it, there may be dangers. They checked the drinks they had and checked their blood and so forth.
“Well Brad we are at your house. Don’t forget to grab one of my paintings. I will show you through to your subconscious world.”
The people in the car were confused and laughed to see Brad carry an invisible painting and struggling so badly to carry it in. Only Jennae could help, and she was too embarrassed to. Brad was obviously oblivious to it not being about to hear the outside world in his subconscious state.
That evening Brian, Brad’s father, was struck with awe at the painting Brad dragged in.
“Where did you get this?”
“Jennae gave it to me.”
“I cannot comprehend how she discovered how to paint with colors never seen by man.”
“Dad I have a question.”
“What is it?”
“Can me, you, mom, Brianna, Buford, Barbara, and Bob live together forever?”
“That’s a good question...” He did not know how to answer. “Where did you get this idea from?”
“My head”
There was a long silence, and Brad said "Jennae said her family will live forever because their DNA or something is messed up.”
Brian was never informed of the discoveries of Jared’s work.
“Didn’t you work with him?”
“Yeah, but all I did is teach him about how to be conscious all day long.”
“Dad I want this family to live together forever.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too, dad”
That night, although there is not a night to prepare to pass out for the twenty four seven conscious people, Brian sat viewing a sunrise of a great mortals imagination, a view according to his desires of plains and rolling hills leading to an endlessly long beaches with mountains surrounding him full of trees and wildlife. He had the most elegant animals roam the landscape; then, his wife walked more magnificently than any of the creatures to meet him. Bella, the wife, knew this had to be a profound moment because usually he is busy coordinating work and research etc. She sat right next to the deeply pondering man, and they just sat there ten minutes until Brian spoke of the desires of his heart
“Brad dragged in the most wondrous thing into this home today. An idea that I was too caught in life to even considered. I have everything I ever desired, but what is it good for if our family does not last the eternities?”
Bella needed some time to consider the idea as well; she chuckled a little and scooted a closer. “I thought you were talking about the painting for the longest time.”
“Are you on the same page I am on yet?”
“I believe so. Families are to be forever. Right?” she said with charm
“Yes families are to be forever, but how do we know if it will happen? I need this knowledge because I do not want to fear our marriage to be torn apart. I was struck with fear when this idea confronted me. I need to find a way to make our family live together forever.”
“Do you have any idea of where to start?”
“Yes I will approach the source of life, and see what it can offer for guidance. Brad said Jennae’s father knows that his family is forever because the study we did years ago, so I will ask him what he knows about what he knows.”
“Brian, hold me in your arms. I don’t want this to end either.”
After one of the most sacred times together, Brian sleepwalked over to Jared’s house in the middle of the night, and just before he was about to knock on the door. Jennae opened the door with the great exuberance, exclaiming with joy in her voice “Hi Brad what are you doing here so early?”
“Jennae, Brad may look like me, but I am his father. Is your father here?”
“Oh Fine” she said quickly and shut the door on his father gently as to not make any great attention to the awkward situation. She went up to Jared’s office of his work, and said “Dad there is someone outside the house. You should go see who it is.”
“Do you know who it is Jennae?"
“Oh I don’t answer the door this late at night. I had to get you.”
“Well I should not let him wait for long.”
When Jennae saw she was out of her father’s sight, she ran to room up stair, and she was frightened to see her winged brother in the corner of her room. Jacob quick flew to cover her mouth from screaming.
“What are you doing here?”
“Are you going to listen to the conversation through the vent?”
“Yeah so?”
“Maybe you’re in trouble.”
“Get out of my way. I want to see what they say.”
“Come on tell we wait they are saying.” oh she fell asleep.
“Jennae, tell me what's going on.” Jacob jogged her.
“Don’t touch me! I haven’t done this in a while, so I am having a hard to see the waves.” Jennae slept-talked.
“Maybe Brad is proposing to marry you?”
“It’s not Brad. It’s his dad.”
“What is he doing here?”
“They are just catching up right now. He asked about James.”
“He knows James?!”
Jared and Brian spoke of the research turning on DNA and a vision of spreading it to his family and to the public, which may be a hassle because the discovery was repressed by the government. 
“Brian and Jared are going to help people to live as we do so no one dies anymore.”
“Why would they want to do that? I don’t like the idea of living forever in this world. Maybe if this place was perfect, I would enjoy living here.”
“I agree with you, but we got to enjoy what life we have.”
“I am going to play video games.” Why would anyone want to live forever? May be Brad’s dad is afraid of what is going to happen to the school, if he leaves. May be he wants to rule over us, who cannot die forever. This work cannot be good. I learned, after I grow my wings, that it is not good to mess with our body. When I look myself, I see the fruits of the work. I am the fruits of the work, and I look like a demon. What is the purpose of living forever? To escape the fear of death. Why is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of existence? Why am I here? This world is so disgusting. I am going to stop this. This world would just get worse, if we cause everyone to live forever. I am going to see what more information Jennae has.
“Jacob he said this work can eliminate all diseases!”
“Did you hear what they are going to do first?”
“Since the science they are talking about has been hidden by government, you know? They are having it move forward slowly. They are going to spread it by the word of mouth. Brian is going to take a break from being a president of the 24 7 schools to begin this process of begin with himself.”
“Did you hear when they are going to do that?”
“They are going to begin this is a few weeks, so they can get a substitute and stuff.”
“Good then I have some time.”
“What do you mean?”
“Nothing; I am going to play video games again.”
“Fine. Be like that.”
I need to figure out how to stop this; especially the first step of Brad’s father. There has to be a big lab someplace, and I should destroy main technology that will turn on his DNA.  I need to find out where it is. Maybe I should ask dad about it when he leaves. Maybe I should not ask him because I would be a suspect in the destruction of the technology. Yes, yes. How can I find the location? With all the government limiting the publicity of the dilemma of the development, Information would be unavailable. James would know, but he is the brother of my dad if he told or asked my father about showing me the place. What can I do?! Think, think... I got it. Hope’s family has to be involved. Both of us had to struggle with the same defect. I should do a sleep over or hang out with his parents to it figure out, but I can’t just ask them, or can I? No it is obviously in a room, so if I asked what room it is in that would be odd. What if they build a new machine to make the DNA turn on? I should write this down because I have a lot of ideas.
So Jacob uses his mad genius mind to save the world from unleashing a practice of making the world “immortal.” Pondering what he can do, writing and scheming options, but what can an eight year old child do?
That morning before school since Jacob is not in the class to learn how to unite the subconscious world of others, he asked Jennae to teach him how to do it. At school Jacob spoke with Hope about hanging at his house to play games for a night, so they were planning to have a sleep over that weekend.
After school Jennae had her first teaching experience, teaching Jacob how to unite with the other’s subconsciousness. The first thing that she warned is not to go in to mortal’s dream worlds because it supposed to be really unstable, and they like have multiple dreams in one night. Before Jennae introduced her into the environment that she created for Jacob, she instructed him of the simplicity of the concept to unite two subconscious worlds; just put yourself in their shoes.
The world Jennae made for Jacob was a creation that supposed to be a permanent place of their enjoyment when they unite, showing her love for him as a twin, for the family is to be forever. She made a study place, a play place, a peaceful place, and much more for their eternal relationship.
“Now it is your turn to show me your world.”
“Sorry sis I did not make a world for you, but you may like my world or you may not. Welcome to my world.”
“Why is it so dark? I can’t see anything.”
“I don’t know. Maybe it’s night time when I sleep.”
“It’s scary.”
“Well you protected your world, when it was revealed to the class I do the same, but in a different way”
“How do you know that?”
“Hey wait here a second I will be back.”
“Where are you going? I am scared of the dark!”
Jacob flew away in the pit dark world.
“I said wait a second! I will be back with some the light of my world!”
Looking in the darkness Jennae somewhat adjusted her eyes in the world, looking up; she saw as the class saw similar to her cottage, but she saw a great and spacious building, and it stood as it were in the air, high above the earth. Jennae was frightened of what can happen because Jacob was known to scare her. Since she was fearful, she knelt down on the earth to limit the possibilities that she feared. Seeing Jacob, the master of his soul’s subconsciousness, glide down to save her from her misery, she was filled with wonder at the love he was expressing for her. In his both of his arms, he carried a large fruit. The fruit was white, to exceed all whiteness that she had ever seen. It blazed in a lustrous glory revealing the wondrous world of Jacob’s dark mind. It was thick with trees of all kind, which would make it extremely difficult to traverse in any situation even if you are flying.
“What type fruit is this?”
“Hold it. It is most sweet, but you can’t eat it yet.”
“It’s heavy.”
“Yeah. It like a melon.”
“I don’t believe this can be the sweetest fruit I have eaten.”
“Do you want to try it?”
“I don’t know. What else is there to do here though?”
“You need to try this before you decide if you like it. Give the fruit back, and I will show you the way. See this rod here. It will lead the way like side railing through the woods, and you will need because the way is rough.”
“How did you fly in the darkness?”
“Have you ever heard of echolocation?”
“Like a bat?”
“It must be in our genes because I do something like that.”
“What up with all these trees?
“You know I love fruit. I am collecting all the fruit of the world and growing the trees in my dream world.
“Do you have a banana I can have?”
“Yeah I will get you one.”
Oh this trail is difficult especially when he is gone with the light to fetch me fruit.
“Here you go.”
“Thanks. Isn’t weird you grow trees in darkness?”
“Mmm” he shrugged and I don’t know.
“How did you think up this world?”
“Do you know the family night I sometimes go to at Hope’s house? We read a story about a world like this one?”
“Why do you choose to live in so much darkness?”
“I don’t live in darkness. I have this fruit. The story said the tree of this fruit represents the love of God. I hope to come to know that being, but for now I have the fruit fill my world with light.”
“Jennae do you see the light? We are almost to the tree of light.”
“I don’t see it yet.”
“You will soon. It is like five minutes away.”
“I see it! Barely.”
“Take your time. Don’t rush.”
When they arrived, they saw the tree was gigantic the big melons looked small. The beauty thereof was far beyond, yea, exceeding of all beauty; and the whiteness thereof did exceed the whiteness of the driven snow.
"Wow." Jennae looked at the tree for like 5 minutes with Jacob without saying anything other than that wow; until...
“Jacob, how to you open the fruit?”
“Oh I have to use my machete.”
“What is a machete?”
“Oh it’s fun. I will show you.”
“aaa! What are doing with the sword?”
“Here is a spoon.”
“What the?”
“Hiiiiiiya.” Jacob jumped in the air and hacked it in half with the machete.
“Here is your half.”
“You expect me to eat all this is as big as a watermelon.”
“Half is nothing; besides, we are in our subconsciousness. Just eat it like ice cream. Let go up to my giant house and eat.”
“Wow. It’s nice in here.”
“Yeah I have a basketball court, tennis court, football field, a lot of stuff.”
“I see. Its messy, but you are right; you don’t live in darkness.”
“Yeah it because of the tree. I have mirrors and stuff light my entire house.”
“MMMmmm. This is the most sweet fruit I have ever eaten. I don’t even need to put anything on it.”
“I like to put chocolate on it and fudge and nuts and candy. Would you like some?”
They had a great time together, and they even played tennis for the first time that court has ever had two people on it. Of course Jennae won because she is a fanatic.
29 November
After the game Jennae was inspired to share some of her wisdom. “Hey one thing that is sort of forbidden to talk about is an idea I would like to do with you.”
“That sounds scary.”
“Don’t tell anyone that we might do this.”
“What is it? Tell me.”
“Okay. There is a myth that there is hidden journal of all our memories in our subconscious world; we cannot find ourselves.”
“Why can’t we find it?”
“I can find your journal, but you can’t find yours. Would you like me to find yours that you may have perfect memory of your life?”
“I don’t think you have any hidden parts of you world, so I might be able to find it even though if it is in the darkness it would be hard.”
“I bet that I could find my own journal.”
“Fine; then, mister nothing-is-impossible, let’s do this.”
“Where do think it is?”
“May be your favorite place?”
“My favorite place is around the tree of light.”
“Let’s go look than. Maybe x will make a spot to dig.”
“Dur Jennae. Like we could find it first try.”
After searching for many hours, they could not do anything.
“Maybe it is near your true desires?”
“You don’t make any sense”
“It’s just an idea.”
“Mmmm... I think I said it before my true desire is to come to know God.”
“Hmmm. I wonder if that helps.”
“Do you have a work room for yourself?”
“... a, I do, but I only have one book in there.”
“Hmm...Why do only have one book?”
“I found it.”
“What you found a book in your mind?! How long ago?”
“I had it all my life. Why are you freaking out?”
“I never heard of anyone finding a book in their subconscious world. We always had to create the book.”
“That’s weird.”
“Don’t you know that?! That is a big principle to the subconscious world that we learn like every year. “
“Mmmm” He shrugged.
“Will you show me the book?”
“No! Its mine!”
“How about you let me read the stuff before the personal stuff?”
“There is no stuff before personal stuff.”
“I think its dinner time. Let’s go help mommy and daddy.”
Jacob has been lead to a key part that may help him stop the “immortal” vision of this carnal world from becoming actuality. Will he realize it?
21 December 2010
Anyway the weekend came along and Hope and Jacob were going to have a night to hang out. Walking home from school, they went to Hope’s house to drop off his stuff, and they were talking about Hope’s siblings.
“How many are you going to have now?”
“Well my mom is going to have another baby soon, and that will be my third sister, and I have two brothers.”
“Hey where is Hannah? Why isn’t she walking home with us? Doesn’t she usually walk home with you?”
“Mmm yeah I did not notice. OH we should go back and find her. Mom says I need to walk with her.”
As Hope and Jacob walked back, Hannah was floating right behind them. Hannah did not want to waste time going back to school, so she throw her backpack full of binders, materials, and textbooks to surprise them. She gently did a stroke of swimming, and BAM.
“WHAT?!” Hope and Jacob jumped.
Hannah hugged Jacob “Oh you remembered me unlike my brother.”
“Hannah, how long were you there, listening to us talk.”
“Not that long. I was waiting for like five minutes at school, so I needed to know what was going on, and I swam way up in the air to have a good view of the area. I took my binoculars out to see everything and saw you ditched me.”
“You have your binoculars. Dad said not to take them they are expensive.”
“I choose what I want to do with MY binoculars. Hey Jacob do you want to fly and watch the next Angels’ game? I will bring an extra pair of binoculars for you.”
“Hannah you know that is stealing a ticket. You need to buy a ticket to get into the stadium. You should not just fly into it.”
Jacob picked up Hannah’s backpack and dusted of it. “Well we found Hannah. Let’s head to your house, and drop off this stuff. Okay?”
“You better...” Jacob was ignored and or interrupted.
“Hey Hannah how is your wrestling season coming along?”
Hannah was a beautiful girl that was born the same year as Jacob, but they are all in the same grade. She is kind of tomboyish. Although she was a strong girl, she was an attractive popular girl that had a fetish with wings and flying. She loved birds, identifying and watching them too.
“Wrestling is going good. I only lose to that one guy.”
“Your rival”
“AH I can’t stand him just because he is a boy he is the state champion. I am going to beat him even though he is much stronger than me. I will beat him with pure technique.”
“Hey do you want to come to my house and hang out tonight. We are going to play bird sumo wrestling.”
“Aw that my favorite game. We got to play it. Have you been able to beat Hope yet?”
“You thought of the game when you began wrestling, and it has not been that long. I am not that good yet at flying. I am still developing my wings.”
“Maybe I can give you some tips about your wings. I know all about bird wings, but I will need to leave at sunset to come home.”
“Of course; that is how is has always been. I will fly you home.”
“Aw thank you”
Jacob and Hannah walked right past Hope’s and Hannah’s house. “Hey love birds! Don’t get too distracted that you miss the house.” said Hope. “Mom we are home!” he entered the house.
When the mother Jane heard they were home, she poked her head out of the kitchen, for she was preparing a snack for Hope, Jacob, and Hannah. She was not quite ready because she was watching her three youngest children “Hey Hope How was your day at school?” asked Jane, his mother.
Hope walked straight toward his room to put his backpack away. “Good.” Hope replied.
“Where is Hannah?”
“She is coming.” Hope said as he passed Jane and his most little sister Joanna age three was chasing after him, calling him.
“Hope, Hope...”
Jane looked out of the house to see why it is taking so long for Hannah to come it. Hannah and Jacob were more than two blocks down the road from the house lost in each other, so Jane pulled out her phone to call her, and they flew back in less than thirty seconds.
“Where were you guys going?”
“Nowhere.” Hannah walked straight in the house pink faced, looking blushed and embarrassed.
“Hi Jacob. It has been awhile since you have come by.”
“Yeah I have been busy practicing Baseball.”
“That’s awesome. Do you still an angels’ fan?”
“Yep. I go fly and see them a lot for a long time now. That’s why I have been busy too. I see them when they train most every day.”
“You should be careful flying around the team. You may be captured and forced to be their mascot.”
“Wow that would be fun. I can go to all their games then. Hey guys! Wow Jane? When did the twins start walking?”
“Oh it must have been a long time since you have visited. They have been walking for about six months now. Come on in. I am making a quick snack.”
“Jake, Jake. Come look.” Hannah called Jacob.
They ran into the back yard. As Hannah accidentally smacked her binoculars against the side of the door.
“Hey Hannah be careful with your binoculars!”
“Look, Look Dad is flying with the birds. I’ll call him.”
Jacob took the binoculars, and had a hard time finding him. He was not use to them like Hannah.
Hannah popped out ten seconds later to show him “I called him.”
“I can’t find him.”
“He is right there.” She helps aim the binoculars for him without even looking through them.
The binoculars were aimed right at him, and Jacob was surprised to see he was flying like he was diving with his hands together above his head. His arms were straight, and tight around his head. Dieter was coming straight for him, for he missed him. He was fascinated about his wings because he is Ornithologist, a person that works and studies birds.
Jacob was like a deer, facing the headlights of the car, and Hannah began to laughing at him.
Dieter flew toward Jacob with great speed, but he seems to be in complete control. Somehow despite the gravity he slowed down until he stood before him gently, letting himself land in the ground from levitation.
Jacob was still frozen.
Hannah was on the flour rolling in laughter for a while.
Since Dieter’s performance seemed to not be received by Jacob, he walked to Hannah and asked her to get her begin serving the snacks, and get him a glass of water.
Dieter’s family had a big back yard, and they were going to sit outside under a big umbrella at a table beside a pool. Ten minutes later all the snacks and everything was set for all the family to eat, but Jacob was still frozen.
Hannah floated before the binoculars, and she gently pulled her binoculars from Jacob's hands. Her whole family was supportive of her way to wake him. Dieter was beside her to retrieve the binoculars. After the binoculars were safe, she grabbed Jacob’s hands, lifting him up to carry him over the pool and drop him, but halfway through the prank, Jacob receives consciousness of what is happening. He was freaking out scrambling to figure out how to not be dropped in the pool, but he was too slow.
After Jacob was in the water for a couple seconds, Dieter knew that he could not swim, and he dove in to save him.
Hannah flew to Jacob, laying on the ground. Dieter knew that he was okay, but Jacob played dead. Dieter checked his pulse, and played with Jacob’s prank too. Dieter called Hope over. “Hey Hope, lets practice what we are to do as lifeguards when we have a died drowned child. What do we do first?”
And Jacob began laughing, and everyone began laughing of the whole situation.
Joanna, the littlest daughter, was running over with a towel for Jacob, but she tripped. The whole family was surprised to see that she did not fall to the ground; however, she just floated of in the air as it there was no gravity for her. Hannah gently pulled the towel from her, and she was curled in the fetal position of fear. This was the first time the family saw her fly. Hannah gave towel to Jacob, and Hope flew to grab Joanna to celebrate this sacred moment. He held her in her arms and comforted her. They continued to float off for a distance until she came to realize what is going on as well as everyone else.
“You are flying Joanna! Do you see how it feels?” Hope explained.
She nodded.
Hope committed her to keep focusing on the feeling of using this new sense, saying “Nice now I want you to keep focusing on this feeling, and I am going to push you away to drift down to be caught by daddy.” and there she went to be joyously receive for her progression.
After receiving her, dad asked Jane to get the camera, and threw her back to Hope to be received in a photograph of the scene.
Joanna was still in the fetal position with her eyes closed tight in concentration. Hope did not want her to rely on fear, lacking trust in herself, so he pushed himself to fly in the same general trajectory to continue to comfort her. He wanted to teach her to trust herself and use more self-control and embrace this first moment of flying. “Open your eyes Joanna, and see how far you have come.” She refused. “Come on Joanna. I don’t want you to fear heights, but I want you to soar with me...Its beautiful up here. We are the only family in the whole world that could fly. We are blessed. Look there is your school. Maybe this weekend I can show you how to fly to school, so you don’t have to walk with mom, but we can go together. Mom is busy with the twins in the morning. There we go. See. It’s not scary. Let’s look around so we are cannot be lost. Do you see our big yellow house?
“Yes.” She replied.
“Nice now I will turn you around and let’s float down home.”
On the way back home Hope showed Joanna hinting on the ability to direct her own path.
“Good job Joanna you learn quickly. Now get ready for the picture.”
She flew to be embraced, flying to hug her father’s neck.
28 May 2011
            Hope swooped down and landed gracefully. Letting Joanna receive the attention that she should have, he went inside the house, saying to Jacob, “Come with me and I will get you some dry clothing.”
After Jacob got dry clothing, he joined the family for the snack. They had a delightful time, and Jacob, Hope, and Hannah left to go hang out at the house of Jared, the father of Jacob.
For the story summary going into how they hang out and what happens is not necessary at this time. They play a flying sumo wrestling, where they go into the dream world, making a column of space that they have to stay within or they lose. Hannah is a hardcore wrestler, so she fit in well; almost the state champion again. Before it got too late Jacob and Hope flew Hannah home. 12 August 2011
The reason that this is in the summary is that you may come to know Dieter’s family, and Jacob had a plan to learn of the places that Brian was going to be taken to have his DNA turned on by joining the dream world of Dieter, when he sleeps over at Hope’s house. Dieter and Jane are the only people other-than his father himself that knows where the laboratories are. Jacob knows that the myth of a journal of memories hidden in each person’s dream world is reality. He hopes to read the journal of Dieter to find the locations of the laboratories. He could just sneak to read the journal of memories of his father, but that is too risky. He feels that he is the one that is to be the winged angel to save humanity secretly from the false desire to live immortally in mortality by the destruction of the laboratories. Can this youth save the world from the knowledge of the fountain of youth?
Jacob hung out with Hope, sleeping over at his house to fulfill his plans, but he forgot one thing, since he is new to the idea that he can live in the united dream world of another person. He tried to sneak into Dieter’s dream world, thinking that he will be the only person in his mind; however, the entire family is use to the idea of living in each other’s dreams.
Jacob’s World is dark and complicated, but Dieter’s family’s world was bright and plain. Jacob was confused, seeking to find Dieter’s memories. There was not differentiation of consciousness between each family member, so he had no place to look. The family was suspicious of his odd behavior disappearing and reappearing. When they found Jacob in a forbidden area, the parents questioned him.
Since he was so young, Jacob did not try to lie, but he explained what is going on. He spoke that he did not believe that immortality in mortality. It is not good. He said that he was going to find out the facilities to perform the procedure of DNA turn on in order to destroy the plans of his parents to make his family immortal, beginning a new age for humanity. The idea disturbs him. It does not make sense.
Jane understood what he was explaining, and Dieter consulted with him. What the best way was to stop the evil desires? Jacob did not risk any contention. He wanted to destroy the apparatus that could be used to turn on the DNA. Dieter spoke to the son, concerning over-bearance, the acts to eliminate the ability to choose for themselves. He explained even if he destroyed the automatons, the will of the foes will make the way to make the new era of happen. Dieter and Jane understood Jared’s vision for his family long ago, and they hoped that it would not spread too. They tried to convince Jacob that confronting Brian about spreading this reality to more than just Jared’s family would be wrong.
Jacob did not think that would work because his child's wisdom could not convince the PhD or his father, but he received their wisdom. He asked them for a good plan or else he wants to know the locations, which they know that they would use the automaton to turn on the DNA. He threated them that he was going to plague their reality. Jacob was serious, and he was not going to back down from his goal to keep moral justice from failing. He took it upon himself to keep immortality from arriving in this world, feeling like the only one to ensure the safety of the mortality of man.
Dieter and Jane negotiated a plan with Jacob to end this conflict.

Jacob was very disappointment at the weak conversation that he had with Dieter and Jane. They did not offer much of a diplomatic plan to stop Brian and Jared from completing the vision of immortality. Jacob figured that since his father is the visionary of the idea. He at his young age could not convince his father. He decided to be straight up the good guy. He will try to convince everyone of each family Brian's, Dieter's and Jared's to stop this. Before Jacob left, he asked Dieter and Jane to confront the foes. They respected his boldness. Jacob was without a team, yet he asked Dieter where the two laboratories were, which were used to turn on the DNA. Dieter revealed the locations hesitantly.
That sleepover was kind of awkward. Sleepovers may not be viewed the same for the twenty-four seven conscience people after this incident at least for Dieter's family.
Dieter drive Jacob home at the normal time expected, but he pondered when would be a good time to confront Jared about the situation. He decided though to invite Jacob over next week. DIETER'S DAUGHTER was excited for that decision. She was worried that he would not trust him again.

Driving his kids home, Dieter declared a family counsel, a meeting for the family to learn and discuss decisions. He had the kids gather the chairs each member of the family, and he went to inform Jane of the gathering.
When everything was set & everyone gathered, Dieter began the meeting, asking for God's blessing & guidance therein.
He began by introducing the topic of immortality through the DNA turned off in Jared, himself, & both of their families. In the family council, Dieter told the entire story that Jared purposely married a wife that our desire immortality with him, and Jane rejected ideal, saying that Jared would probably not hearken to their admonition, if they sought to persuade them.
Discussing other options, they realized that if they convince Brian not to go through with the idea; the dilemma will be demolished.
During the following week Dieter's children could barely hold in their plans ad discussion from Jacob, which they were going to share with him the following weekend, when he sleeps-over.
When the day came, the family acted as though that they were hiding something. Playing hide-and-go-seek made it especially fun. When it be midnight they called a Family council, Jacob was shock and confused of what the activity was doing. Many different ideas rushed his mind, for this family tradition never happened in his family. He was shy wondering if he should participate, but he was invited to join.
Dieter led the council and introduced the topic and proposal. He said that he felt responsible to make sure that this issue of immortality within mortality to not become mortality. Jacob's stress and suspicions were comforted, and he gratefully received his proposal.
Dieter fulfilled the plan within the following couple weeks, and it was successful; although, he did need to use great persuasion skills. A great thing about this plan was that no one was suspicious of Jacob or Dieter's family, when Brian told Jared that he decided not to go through with the plans to make his family immortal according to the natural desires of man.
Many years past, and the close neighborhood association between Dieter, Brad, and Jared's family were broken as Dieter's family moved away, and Jared's daughter's genius excelled, and she moved on to greater opportunities in the development of the dream world. She became the prince-less heir of the Kingdom of sub conscientiousness, for this was her dream to make a great society. She was the first of her kind of live singularly in subconscious. Her mastery of this made her the sleeping beauty, and many years later Brad come to learn of her legendary kingdom
Jennae's vision was an united kingdom of subconscientiousness, but her rule had to be hidden at times. A normal person needed to wake up to take care of mortal things, but Jennae adapted her soul to stay in an unconscientiously state unless she needed to go to the mortal world. Jennae’s existence became a legend on Earth. She went out in the public of the subconscientious world when it only made sense.
Jennae realized that her nation cannot produce anything of material substance, and that in order for people to understand her world they needed a united vision. She needs to unite her kingdom by word. She had a hope that her kingdom would be a reality because her family is basically immortal; furthermore, she knew that there will be people, joining her kingdom not only as a mortal, meaning that they cannot be unconscientious 24/7. She knew this because her father got the vision spread his immortality.
He realized that all illness and everything physical flaw can be fixed, if they master his principles of controlling everything of his body by that one DNA, which disabled his brother in the beginning all those years ago. Plotting who would be a good patient to start his endeavor well, Jared analyzed all the possible people that he can choose to launch his new business. Out of the many people that he considered, he chose to tell the possibilities of his vision by having the first patient who was beloved of the world; however, she has been diagnosed with a debilitating mental disorder. She was an actress. Let’s name her Anna-beth.
After a press conference, declaring his discovery, Jared had the thousands of application names to choose from. He developed methods on how to teach people how to live without learning how to be conscious 24/7 by sleeping. He was successful. His theory was based on the understanding that he developed that there is a soul that can take control of the body completely, when a certain DNA is switch off. (I should name these things)
24/7 conscientious people are called … sleep walkers
24/7 unconscientious people are called … Immortal sleepers
The DNA series that turns off all automatic functions like heat beat, hormones, and so forth is called… the antithalamus. Not very scientific…
I will clarify the characters at this time too.
Dieter is the first character married to Jane.
Their children are Hope (born perhaps 2071 December), Hannah (born perhaps 2079 May), Joanna (born perhaps 2081), Owen (born perhaps 2082), Alexander (born perhaps 2082), and Kirsten (born perhaps 2084).
Jared and James are the twins
James seems to be lost from the story, but Jared is a main villian. He is born perhaps 2039 and is married 2076 to Jacoline (born perhaps 2046). Jared and Jacoline have two children. Their names are Jennae and Jacob.
Brian dated Jennae a little bit, and Jacob and Hannah liked each other.
The third main family is Brian’s. He only has one son named Brad. I seem to have made four other siblings of his Bobby 2059, Brianna 2063, Brandon 2065, and Becca 2068. Brad was born on 2070.
Jared’s theory with the antithalamus is that the body can maintain the proper functions by the will of the spirit, if it is correctly controlled by the ability of the antithalamus DNA. When things go out of wack with mental disabilities, the spirit is independent of the functions; therefore, it can lead all the functions properly without the debilitating diseases.
Anna-beth recovered as Jared’s experiments expected. Jared was excited because he expected that she will return to Hollywood bring a legendary status to his work. I worked better than he expected. She embraced her ability; insomuch, she was able to become characters by their true nature by changing her hormones, chemical processes, figure, and body structure. People became a little scared. She was still able to maintain her original personality though. Her acting was more organic and dynamic.
Over the years of Anna-beth’s new life, Jennae was preparing her new dream world as he beginning universal world for her new kind of people, the immortal sleepers and sleep walkers. The world is for family living in a paradise. Materials are unlimited and labor is purely artistic. She realized that most people will have to work in the physical world; unless they have the monetary means to provide their bodies needs without work. The world is found only upon a proper vision to dream of, so Jennae wrote a book. This books existence was very mysterious because Jennae’s existence was hidden. When people read the book, there was an invitation to join a world of imagination, art, and creativity without sleep, for it is within your unconscientiousness. Elderly people found new lives upon read. Some of the top artists were able to make money; insomuch, they don’t need to have day jobs. Artist need to be highly secretive in their way because people can easily recreate it in their minds especially paintings. There are movies, but there is another type of movies they are like 3D movies, but you are actually part of the action, if you chose, for it is narrated for your imagination from a book. The way that you imagine the movies is the way that it is. There are no directors, cutting out parts that you wished were in there.
There are many worlds. Jennae’s world is just designed to be the most idealistic for everyone to enjoy in harmony. If someone wanted to, they can create a new dream world and persuade the world to join theirs. There is no need to war over land because people can imagine any land and go there. I expect that people would create worlds based on video games, killing zombies, or wars until they have PTSD, a scarred soul, needing the healing powers of the atonement of Christ. Other people may create worlds of past generations reliving the past. Many people lose their lives in these worlds as they think that they have found it; although, Jennae envisioned the world as a tool to live in the present, a place of productivity, thought, and time, solving the worlds problems. She was not a reformer though, so she could not lead her vision. She was an artist. There were very few reformers convening in the dream world to change the physical earth.

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