Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Foundations of a Child's Life Comes From Their Family

 Children have a right to have a father and a mother to raise them, and that should be enforced on a moral level of society. Parents have an important role in a child's life. They are an example of life on so many levels that it is necessary for their well-being to have be properly raised. I will expound of three aspects of this relationship. Firstly it is instructional to their knowledge of how a proper human relationship should be maintained. Secondly, the relationship of the child with the parent is developmentally foundational to their understanding of love. Lastly, they have a role as a mentor of characteristics that are singular to the role of a guardian. I wish that I can say the relationship is special for parents, but there many situation that a child can be raised.
Parents have the responsibility teach proper mannerism for all relationships. The parent's example of a proper relationship is most important to be set by themselves. That is between a husband and wife. If there is abuse in the family, the child feel great sorrow and moral issues. This example of parenthood lays a foundation of understanding of relationships that is very hard to change; although, the basic understanding of a proper relationship is a changeable model that changes upon new experiences. This foundation of the understanding does not decide the future of the child, but the foundation of understanding is a powerful concept.
Learning how to love from the relationship of their guardians is a foundational concept as well. From the earliest days of life, children need to feel the love of the family. The abundant touch and embrace of child from family members blesses the nature of the child so much, teaching them trust, stability, and embrace. A child that endured a family that gives insufficient and a limited amount of love lays a foundation which lacks trust; therefore, he or she has a heard time in many aspects of life. A first necessity that a child learns is the ability to be comforted. When a child feels love in the grand abundance that a family can have, it develops within the child a confidence and a social well-being that is self-reliant. These children don't rely of external means to be comforted, confidence, and happy. This natural nature of confidence and happiness does not develop by seeing parents relationships alone.
The relationship of a parent and a child needs to live according to its unique nature. It is not a friendship. A parent's relationship is instructional, exemplary of life, private, trustworthy, kind, pure, and influential. This relationship is foundational to his approach in everything that he will face from school, friendships,work, and more. Children should have an embracing view on life that has great initiative, but the children grow and become for cognitively aware of life. On this wise the relationship of a parent is important to answer their every need. Children need their parents to talk to them. From the beginning of their life, talking abundantly is a blessing for the child. They will need cognitive answers eventually, and the parents need to create a good counseling relationship with their children. Moral and social understanding need to be taught. These foundations of a souls is important for the success of a child not only in his education, but the person is greater.
A Children's life is in the hands of the parents, and they are accountable for the child to be raised in the greatest manner for it is their right. The approach of a parent to a child is foundational on many levels to the child's approach to life. A parents role is to lay these important foundations of love, respect, and morals. Learning how to approach each entity properly in not only for human life, but it is important to live up to the integrity and morals in all institutionalized organizations. Let us give a child the best chance that it can have by counseling and being examples how to have an abundant life.

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