Monday, December 3, 2012

The Nightly #World #News Report of the 3rd of December 2012

43m MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch

Japan stocks follow Wall Street lower, but Sharp rises; Nikkei Average down 0.4% 

38m RT ‏@RT_com
Scores injured in anti-austerity Slovenia clashes (PHOTOS) 

54m The Associated Press ‏@AP
BREAKING: Military court ousts judge from Fort Hood case, nulls order to forcibly shave shooting suspect

56m  ‏
staronline: Mali rebels, government to hold first direct talks 

The country of Mali has endured many unstable Government situations. There was a coup in January 2012, and in March 2012 the military took over, and an interim government is in place now.

1h  ‏
Yahoo! News: Chavez will travel to Brazil for summit: ambassador 

1h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
2 Mexican nationals charged in killing of US Coast Guardsman off California coast - @LANow 

1h  ‏
Reuters: NATO to agree to send Patriots to Turkey: diplomats 

1h  ‏
Reuters: Merkel to launch campaign with upbeat party congress 

1h RT ‏@RT_com
Turkey scrambles jets as Syrian warplanes bomb border region 

1h The Associated Press ‏@AP
North Carolina inmates say guards forced them to rub hot sauce on genitals, kiss wild snakes:  -AB

1h  ‏
RexNutting: Auto sales at highest level since 2007, with a boost from Sandy. 

2h  ‏
BreakingNews: Typhoon Bopha made landfall on Mindanao, Philippines; peak winds estimated near 160 mph - metofficestorms 
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2h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Mob storms Belfast City Hall after Catholic majority votes to remove UK flag; at least 3 hurt 

2h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Strike closes Sharm el-Sheikh Airport's Terminal 2 

2h BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking
Barack Obama warns #Syria's President Assad not to use chemical weapons: "There will be consequences" 

2h The Associated Press ‏@AP
MORE: Obama warns Syria against using chemical weapons:  -AB

2h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
The U.S. is increasingly concerned that Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria might use chemical weapons | 

3h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Oracle accelerates payment of three quarterly dividends 

3h  ‏
staronline: Violent mass protest continue in Slovenia 

3h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
U.S. stocks finish lower on weak manufacturing data, fiscal-cliff concerns 

3h Press TV ‏@PressTV
2#US-led soldiers killed in S#Afghanistan 

3h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Yahoo investors shrug off a $2.7 billion Mexican court judgment against the company  $YHOO

3h  ‏
Yahoo! News: Egypt's crisis widens with planned march, strikes 

4h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Syria combining chemicals to make #sarin gas, US official tells AFP 

4h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Tunisia suspect in Benghazi case refuses to talk to FBI: lawyer 

4h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Israel approves 1,600 settler units 

4h  ‏
ReutersPolitics: U.S. House Republicans unveil new fiscal cliff offer 

4h  ‏
BreakingNews: GOP proposes Medicare cuts, reduced Social Security inflation adjustment in fiscal cliff talks - AP

4h  ‏
BreakingNews: Republicans say proposal to avert fiscal cliff would achieve a net savings of $2.2 trillion - NBC1stRead 

4h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Republican counterproposal features $800 bln in new tax revenue: report 
5h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Mitt Romney rejoins board of directors of Marriott International, begins board term today - @CNBC

5h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Ericsson seeks U.S. import ban on Samsung products 

5h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Schools shut as toxic levels rise after New Jersey train wreck 

5h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
In his Twitter Q&A, Obama says cutting rates for middle class boosts consumer demand and thus growth 

5h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Obama: cuts without revenue result in reductions in student loans 

6h RT America ‏@RT_America
Murdoch kills The Daily and prepares to split News Corp 

6h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Judge rules Google can't block the sales of Microsoft products | 

6h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Chrysler, Ford, General Motors post higher auto sales in November - @freep 

6h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Two#US-led troopers killed in#Afghanistan 

6h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Obama to take tax questions on Twitter at 2 p.m.: White House 

6h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Rwanda and Uganda helped rebels in DR Congo stage a major offensive in the country last month, UN experts say 

6h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Apple and 3 financial companies account for half of S&P 500 earnings growth in 2012 

7h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#Christian charity worker shot in #Pakistan: police … #alarabiya #Sweden

7h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Gunmen kidnap Syrian, Lebanese in east Lebanon: A group of gunmen kidnap two men – one a Syrian, the other Leban... 

7h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Boko Haram commander killed in Nigeria 
 This a photograph of members of the radical Islamic group called Boko Haram. They often attack villages in Nigeria, killing Christians. Today, the 3rd of December 2012, a commander of the jihadist militant organization was killed.

4h  ‏
Yahoo! News: Gunman severely wounds Swedish woman in Pakistan …

7h bernadette baum ‏@bernadettebaum
A @Reuters FLASH: SEC charges China affiliates of big four accounting firms for violating securities laws

7h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Software founder John McAfee says he’s still free, but has left Belize 

7h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: U.N. sending "all non-essential” international staff out of Syria

8h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
Dolce and Gabbana in Italy tax evasion trial 

7h The Star ‏@staronline
Turkey says will continue to buy natural gas from Iran 

8h RT ‏@RT_com
Turkey fines TV channel for ‘The Simpsons’ religious offence  #news

8h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Belmoktar, leader of al-Qaida unit in Mali, quits AQIM, looks to Sahara 

8h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters

8h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Stock exchange falls 1.4 percent in anticipation of demos 

8h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
#BREAKING: Britain's Prince William and Kate expecting a baby, palace says

8h BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking
Duke & Duchess of Cambridge expecting baby, St James's Palace announces. Details soon 

8h BN Politics ‏@BNPolitics
Geithner and Boehner hardened their positions over the fiscal cliff, each blaming the other | 

8h Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ
Asia Manufacturing Data Show Signs of Recovery 

8h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Syria troops push into Islamist-held district of Aleppo: Fierce fighting erupts in the Aleppo district of Bustan... 

8h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Syrian foreign ministry spokesman sacked: Manar TV: Syria's Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi has been s... 

8h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Egypt recalls Damascus-bound plane amid violence: Egyptian authorities order an EgyptAir plane on its way to Dam... 

8h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Democratic official says President Obama wants Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to stay on as party chairwoman:  -RAS

8h Press TV ‏@PressTV
China strength ‘concern’ for#India Navy 

8h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
What do Metallica, Enrique Iglesias and David Guetta have in common? They're all huge in #India  #bbcindiandream

8h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#Saudi F-15 jet crashes on training mission, pilot missing 

9h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Suspect in Alaska barista homicide found dead in cell, police cite links to 7 other killings:  -RAS

8h The Jakarta Globe ‏@thejakartaglobe
2) 12 Arrested for Captivity of Indonesian Workers in Malaysia 

9h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Cabinet: Govt secures potable water for 75% of population 

9h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Two secular activists resign from National Council for Human Rights 

9h Irina Galushko ‏@IrinaGalushkoRT
#Russia to aid in building #Turkey 's first nuclear power plant #Putin #Russia

9h RT ‏@RT_com
Plain packaging, graphic warnings: Australia fights nicotine addiction (GRAPHIC PHOTOS) 

9h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Chrysler sees sales increase 14 percent in November as the industry recovers from Sandy | 

9h BBC Sport ‏@BBCSport
2015 World Cup Pool C: New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga, two qualifiers; Pool D: France, Ireland, Italy, two qualifiers 

9h BBC Sport ‏@BBCSport
2015 World Cup Pool A: Australia, England, Wales, two qualifiers; Pool B: South Africa, Scotland, Samoa, two qualifiers 

9h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Tribunal to try Chad ex-dictator in Senegal to become operational soon, rights experts say 

9h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

9h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

9h Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ
Breaking: U.S. manufacturing index shrinks to 49.5 in November, the ISM's lowest level since July 2009. 

9h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Israel won't backtrack on settlement expansion plan - Israeli official

9h Bloomberg TV ‏@BloombergTV
BREAKING: Toyota Motors November sales up 17.2%, est. up 20% $TM

9h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
ISM data show U.S. manufacturing contraction in November 

9h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
EgyptAir flight from Cairo to Damascus turns back because of 'bad security situation' at airport, EgyptAir official says - @Reuters

9h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
U.S. stocks mark out Monday gains ahead of factory data 

9h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Govt prepares law on Islam-friendly bonds 

9h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
At least 17 affected by carbon monoxide at Atlanta, Georgia, elementary school - @11AliveNews 

9h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

9h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
Maldives to 'take over' airport 

10h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

10h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Al-Ahram website journalists strike over #Morsy declaration  #Egypt

5h  ‏
Yahoo! News: Colombia bombs rebel camps, 6 bodies recovered …

10h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Court takes no action on same-sex marriage cases

10h RT ‏@RT_com
#Israeli settlers occupy 5-story house in Palestinian area of East Jerusalem 

10h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
FLASH: France's Hollande says close to an agreement on EADS shareholder pact, but it is not yet signed

10h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

10h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Georgia says no revenge in arrests of former officials 

10h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Schools, universities, government offices closed in Iranian capital over heavy air pollution 

10h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Israeli nurses go on open-ended strike 

10h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Indian navy prepared to deploy to South China Sea to protect oil interests 

10h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
VIDEO: Free after 19 months held by pirates 

10h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
Starbucks 'planning tax changes' 

10h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
FLASH: French President Hollande says he does not want to impose sanctions on Israel

10h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
France, Italy clinch deal on a high-speed transalpine tunnel train link: 

10h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
FLASH: Egypt's Supreme Judicial Council agrees to oversee referendum on draft constitution - legal adviser to President Mursi

10h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Iran says direct talks with US are ‘possible’ if backed by Iranian leadership 

5h  ‏
Yahoo! News: Ukraine cabinet quits, prime minister's future uncertain …

11h Breaking News UK ‏@BreakingNewsUK
Current BSkyB Chief Operating Officer Mike Darcey is announced as News International chief executive - @SkyNewsBreak

11h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
#Pope to begin sending Twitter messages on 12 December as @Pontifex 

11h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Concerns grow over mystery death of Russian in UK 

11h New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld
Malaysia Urged to Protect Domestic Workers 

11h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Bombing kills Afghan troops, civilians 

11h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Britain appeals court decision to block cleric Qatada's deportation 

11h Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ
Minority shareholders in Russian oil producer TNK-BP withdraw a $3 billion law suit against BP. 

11h RT ‏@RT_com
Militarization of Syrian conflict ‘in full swing’ – Russia's deputy FM 

11h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Al-Azhar meets to resolve political crisis over #Morsy declaration  #Egypt

11h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
FLASH: Gerard Baker will succeed Robert Thomson as Editor-in-Chief of Dow Jones and managing editor of Wall Street Journal - News Corp

11h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Congolese troops head to #Goma after rebels pull out of the key mining hub:  #DRC

11h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
In Saudi Arabia, unemployment and booming population drive growing poverty 

11h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Britain dismisses as "mischievous" euro trading comments made by France's top banker: 

11h Press TV ‏@PressTV
US, Bulgaria to hold talks in Washington 

11h The Star ‏@staronline
Sender of first text message 'amazed' 20 years on 

11h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
FLASH: Spain makes formal request for EU bank bailout funds; aid to be disbursed around December 12 - statement

12h Gerald F Seib ‏@GeraldFSeib
U.S. officials have another Iranian nuclear worry: Activities at the Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power plant  via @WSJ

11h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Saudi warplane crashes, pilot missing 

11h Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ
Syria Violence Flares on Turkish Border 

11h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Israeli security agency says Palestinian motorist rams jeep, attacks those inside with ax 

11h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

11h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

11h The Jakarta Globe ‏@thejakartaglobe
KPK Detains Police General Djoko at TNI-Run Facility 

12h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Senate dodges sticky issue of gun rights for mentally incompetent veterans in defense bill:  - VW

12h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Syria govt would not use chemical weapons, if it had them, against its own people under any circumstances, foreign ministry says - @Reuters

12h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

12h The Jakarta Globe ‏@thejakartaglobe
12 Arrested for Captivity of Indonesian Workers 

12h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
Gunmen kill senior cleric in Karachi, in what Pakistani police say could be sectarian attack 

12h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
First Egyptian flight to #Syria takes off after three-day hiatus 

12h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

12h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

12h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
British man drowns in Thai resort after being chased by men wielding knives and sticks: 

12h Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ
Greece Offers to Buy Back Debt 

13h ‏@haaretzcom
Britain, France, Sweden summon #Israeli ambassadors over #settlement expansion; Russia and Germany issue condemnations 

13h The Jakarta Globe ‏@thejakartaglobe
Breaking News: Former National Police Traffic Corps chief Djoko Susilo detained by antigraft body KPK. More to come...

13h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

13h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

10h  ‏
Yahoo! News: Congo rebels wait for 48 hour deadline to pass …

11h  ‏
Yahoo! News: Afghan minister repeats plea for militias to regroup and rearm …

13h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Administration debate on pace of troop withdrawals from Afghanistan hinges on risk assessments:  - VW

13h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
90 injured as oil rig being built in a Singapore shipyard tilts to one side: 

13h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
South Korea to reroute flights near path of North Korea’s long-range rocket 

13h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Stock futures edge higher ahead of ISM data 

13h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

13h ‏@haaretzcom
Three #Israeli #settlers arrested in suspected 'price tag' torching of #Palestinian car in #WestBank 

13h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

13h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Bangladesh police, textile workers clash 

14h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Britons being trained for Syria unrest 

14h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Saudis stage anti-regime rally in Qatif 

14h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Syrian violence increasingly draws in Turkey, Lebanon as fears grow of regional war:  - VW

14h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Sudanese police kill 2 Islamic militants in raid on training camp in remote south region 

14h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

14h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Ukraine's Prime Minister and entire government resign: 

14h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Clashes over Internet regulations overshadow agenda of UN conference in Dubai:  - VW

14h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
France summons #Israel ambassador over Jewish state's plans to build new settler homes: 

14h RT ‏@RT_com
BREAKING: UK summons #Israel Ambassador over new settlement controversy 

14h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Ukraine government resigns, stays on in acting role 

15h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Starting weeklong Europe trip, Clinton pushes US bid for $10 billion Czech nuclear project 

15h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: "Strong warning" to Assad over chemical arms: Clinton

15h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
#VIDEO: Two years on, patience is wearing thin in the Tunisian uprising town of Thala: …

16h Huw Griffith ‏@Huw_Griffith
Different elevators kill two in Japan … #AFP

15h BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking
Colombian army air strike on #Farc rebel base near Ecuador border kills 20 rebels, military says. Details soon 

15h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Blind China dissident urges Xi follow Myanmar path to reform 

15h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Euro-zone manufacturing shrinks for 16th month 

15h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
UK, France may recall their ambassadors to #Israel over plans to build new settler homes in the West Bank: 

15h Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ
Brazil Reaches Across Border to Battle Cocaine 

15h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

15h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Israelis kill Palestinian in West Bank 

16h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Colombian military kills 20 FARC rebels 

16h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

16h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

16h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Lebanese soldiers exchange fire across the border with Syrian rebels:  - VW

16h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Stoxx Europe 600 index opens higher after China mfg. report; Europe PMI awaited 

16h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
Filipinos belonging to #Christian organizations rally for #Israel …

16h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
#CathayPacific probing reports flight attendant threatened to throw coffee at Thaksin Shinawatra's daughter  #AFP

16h Press TV ‏@PressTV
South Korea postpones rocket launch 

16h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

16h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

17h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Dollar slips on fiscal-cliff worries; euro rises 

17h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

17h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Chinese state media retract reports of sentences given in illegal detentions of petitioners:  - VW

17h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
#Woodside in $1.25 bln deal for share of gas field off #Israel | Business , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR$125-bln-deal-for-share-of-gas-field-off-israel.ashx …

17h The Star ‏@staronline
Evacuations as powerful typhoon nears Philippines 

17h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Welsh ports used for human trafficking 

17h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
#Syria TV airs images of dead #Lebanese #Salafists | News , Politics | THE DAILY STAR …

17h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Russia urges North Korea not to launch rocket 

18h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Clinton visits Czech for nuclear talks 

17h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
#Syria crisis weighs on #Lebanon economy | #Business , Lebanon | THE DAILY STAR …

17h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
Protests in #Tunisian town show anger at Islamist govt …

The Arab Spring began in December 2010. In this movement, the rulers from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen have taken out. Civil Wars are happening in Syria and Bahrain, and countries that protest, seeking reform, are Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Sudan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, and Western Sahara.

17h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Former Catholic brother arrested in New Zealand after Australian police file 252 sex charges 

18h Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
Karachi violence claims four lives | http://DAWN.COM … via @dawn_com

18h Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
#Polio outbreak in Balochistan sets off alarm bells | http://DAWN.COM … via @dawn_com

18h Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
Blast near Peshawar checkpost kills two policemen | http://DAWN.COM … via @dawn_com

18h Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
Asma Jahangir endorses HRW statement on ‘judiciary muzzling criticism in media’ | http://DAWN.COM … via @dawn_com

18h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Bomb hits police patrol in northwest Pakistan, kills 2 officers 

18h The Jakarta Globe ‏@thejakartaglobe
Indonesia Approves $12.1 Billion BP Gas Deal 

18h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
China manufacturing grows, but markets worry 

18h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Chancellor admits to UK slow recovery 

18h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Gunmen kill four people in NW#Pakistan 

18h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Senior al-Qaeda figure arrested in#Iraq 

18h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#Russia’s Putin to meet #Turkey’s Erdogan in Istanbul to discuss #Syria …

18h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Tokyo deploys surface-to-air missile defence system, armed forces on standby ahead of planned NKorean missile launch 

19h Asahi Shimbun AJW ‏@AJWasahi
U.S. military in Okinawa bans off-base drinking, purchase of alcohol …

19h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Shanghai’s disturbing stock slump 

19h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Israeli planes violate#Lebanon airspace 

19h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Louisiana town evacuated; police say they found 6M lbs. of explosive material illegally stored:  - VW

19h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Narrowing LDP lead points to Japan post-election confusion 

19h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Powerful typhoon blows toward southern Philippines; evacuations urged for vulnerable areas 

19h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
China's manufacturing activity rose in November, figures suggest 

19h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Asia stocks rise, with China data helping 

19h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
China's Huaxia Bank says rogue employee sold troubled wealth product 

19h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Chinese state media retract reports of sentences given in illegal detentions of petitioners 

19h  ‏
PostWorldNews: In foiled Jordanian terror plot, officials seehand of resurgent al-Qaeda in Iraq 

20h  ‏
Reuters: Confessed serial killer found dead in Alaska jail cell 

20h Zee News ‏@ZeeNews
Parliament to transact normal business today 

20h Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ
U.K. Treasury Chief to Assess Growth 

21h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Singapore Airlines "in talks" on possible sale of its 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic  #AFP #SIA #VS

21h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Soldier in WikiLeaks case seemed suicidal at times: sergeants 

21h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Japan to intercept North Korea’s rocket 

22h Press TV ‏@PressTV
M23 rebels threaten to take back Goma 

21h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Union solidarity rubs up against slow economy in LA port strike 

21h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Mortar shell left from Vietnam War explodes, killing 4 children; 5 other people injured 

22h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Chinese legal activist Chen Guangcheng appeals to new Communist Party leader for reforms 

 Chen Guangcheng has been given asylum from China to the United States of America on the 19 May 2012 after a controversial stay at the US embassy. Although he is blind, he escaped from house arrest by the help of his family. He is known as the “Barefoot Lawyer,” for he was an activist against the social injustices that face women and families. On the 30th of November 2012 his nephew was jailed for 3 years for assaulting local officials who were looking for his uncle.


22h  ‏
PressTV: French doctors protest in their hundreds 

22h  ‏
AP: Hillary Clinton arrives in Czech Republic for energy talks in country heavily dependent on Russian fuel:  -RJJ

22h  ‏
Yahoo! News: Vietnam War-era mortar shell blast kills 4 kids 

22h The Star ‏@staronline
PM Najib: Sustaining growth Malaysia's biggest achievement this year 

22h  ‏
AFP: #Colombia gives #FARC one year for peace deal 

22h  ‏
CNBC: News Corp. statement: News International CEO Tom Mockridge to leave company at end of the year to pursue outside opportunities

22h  ‏
Reuters: Delta among suitors for stake in Virgin Atlantic: sources 

22h  ‏
nytimesworld: Young and Educated in France Find Employment Elusive 

22h  ‏
MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks edge higher as property shares gain; Hang Seng Index up 0.2% 

22h  ‏
PostWorldNews: Hillary Clinton heading to Europe to discuss Turkey's defense, US relations with Pakistan 

22h  ‏
thejakartaglobe: Geithner Says No US Budget Deal Without Tax Hikes 

22h  ‏
PressTV: Kuwait opposition wants parl. dismissed 

22h  ‏
PressTV: Syria TV shows killed militants 

22h Press TV ‏@PressTV
#Iran,#Pakistan discuss IP gas pipeline 

22h  ‏
nytimesworld: Suspected Gaza Collaborators Face a Grisly Fate 

22h New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld
Young Leaders Cast a Wider Net for Immigration Reform 

2 Dec Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
2 Kenyans charged at international court with crimes against humanity form political alliance 

2 Dec Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
US Coast Guard member dies in crash with smuggler's boat off Southern California coast - @AP

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