Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Nightly #World #News Report of the 5th of December 2012

8m Press TV ‏@PressTV
Spain health workers protest austerity 

29m Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Tunisia calls protest strike against Islamic government 

36m MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Japan stocks open strong, with exporters rising; Nikkei Average up 0.7% 

40m Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Japan opposition LDP on track to win solid election majority: poll 

41m Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Second night of Northern Irish riots ahead of Clinton visit 

44m Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Syria prepared to use chemical weapons against own people; military awaits final orders, US officials tell @NBCNews 

1h RT ‏@RT_com
Four dead, seven missing as ship sinks in North Sea 

1h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Ahead of state law change, US Attorney's Office says marijuana possession illegal 'under federal law' - @kentreporter 

58m Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Apple shares suffer their worst decline in years as selling momentum gains steam 

1h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
ETF assets rose 2.1% to $1.32 trillion in November, pushing the market's year-to-date total inflow to $161.1 billion 

1h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
U.S. to end 16-year ban on commercial flights to Iraq | 

1h The Star ‏@staronline
Philippines typhoon kills 325, hundreds missing 

1h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
'Call of Duty' reaches $1 billion in retail sales, faster than 'Avatar' | 

1h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Dow, S&P rise, but Nasdaq sours with Apple in wild day 

1h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Video: Facebook touts itself as ‘mobile first’ company  $FB

1h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Update: Eight dead in earthquake in eastern Iran 

2h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Iowa police confirm hunters have found bodies believed to be cousins who disappeared in July - @AP, @NBCNews

2h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Hugo Chavez's longest absence from public view since cancer surgery fuels health rumors | 

2h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Kuwaitis demonstrate for third consecutive night: Thousands of Kuwaitis demonstrated in several areas of the oil... 

2h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
SEC charges Wells Fargo banker, nine others in insider-trading case 

2h RT ‏@RT_com
BREAKING: Chief of constitutional committee resigns over 'referendum that spilled Egyptian blood' 

2h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Billionaire Elon Musk's Tesla Motors was cash flow positive last week | 

3h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
NATO calls on North Korea to cancel rocket launch 

3h Linda Yueh ‏@lindayueh
U.S. Treasury debt stands at $16.308 trillion from $16.299 trillion yesterday, remaining room under the legal debt limit: $85.546 billion

3h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Dow finishes up 83 points as B. of A. gains; Apple's fall hits Nasdaq 

3h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Cargo ship 'almost certainly' sinks after colliding with container ship in North Sea; crew being rescued - @Reuters 

3h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
BP's U.S. contract suspension gives Valero, Shell an edge | 

30m  ‏
Yahoo! News: Paraguayan farmers question probe into killings …

32m  ‏
Yahoo! News: Younger girls forced into prostitution in economic crisis: conference …

3h RT ‏@RT_com
Over 200 wounded as violence continues across Cairo - health officials 

4h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Saudi Arabia sees need to act on climate change 

4h RT ‏@RT_com
Rescue operation underway in North Sea to save sinking ship with at least 23 crew members aboard 

4h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Update: Dutch coastguard says rescue under way for 24 crew from sunken Baltic Ace; crew found in four life rafts

4h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Clashes reported between the Ultras (hardcore football fans) and Mursi’s supporters outside presidential palace: Al Arabiya

4h Ezzedine Said ‏@ezzsaid
Muslim Brotherhood's office torched in Ismaliya #Egypt #AFP

4h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
Cargo ship Baltic Ace is sinking in the North Sea - it is unclear if the crew of around 23 people are still on board 

4h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Yemen gunmen sabotage oil pipeline: Gunmen on Wednesday attacked an oil pipeline that pumps some 8,000 barrels o... 

4h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Arizona inmate executed after murdering 2 girls: An inmate was executed Wednesday after being convicted of murde... 

4h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Kenya bomb blast wounds nine people in Nairobi 

4h RT America ‏@RT_America
Blackwater becomes new landlord in Afghanistan for US Special Forces 

4h RT ‏@RT_com
UPDATE: At least 5 killed, several injured by as 5.6-magnitude quake hits near Iranian provincial capital 

4h The Star ‏@staronline
Iranian dissident and French lawmakers urge new policy on Iran 

4h The Star ‏@staronline
Cargo ship sinking after North Sea collision, rescue under way 

4h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
FLASH: Five dead in Eastern Iran earthquake - FARS news agency

4h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Romanians suspected of smuggling Gypsies into Canada through Mexico, US 

4h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Facebook to join Nasdaq-100 next week, replacing Infosys | 

4h RT ‏@RT_com
Four killed in Lebanon clashes 

4h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
FLASH: Rescue underway after cargo vessel and container ship collide in North Sea - Dutch news agency ANP

5h andrew harding ‏@BBCAndrewH
War without end? Cape Town's drug gangs consider their options: …

5h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Satellite channels halt blackout to cover clashes 

5h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
200 prisoners break out of Libya jail: Almost 200 Libyan prisoners have escaped from a jail in the southern town... 

5h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Apple declines as Nokia clinches China smartphone deal | 

5h Press TV ‏@PressTV
US airstrike kills 5 in#Afghanistan 

4h  ‏
Yahoo! News: Sudan urges South Sudan to expel rebels for oil restart …

5h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Tesco said to leave the U.S. after announcing Fresh & Easy review | 

5h New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld
3 Walmart Suppliers Made Goods in Bangladeshi Factory Where 112 Died in Fire 

5h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Brazilian police officer gets 21 years for murdering judge who confronted criminal militias 

5h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
B. of A. shares rise nearly 6%, topping $10 for the first time since July 2011 

5h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Breaking: Health ministry says 103 injured in presidential palace clashes, no deaths. #Egypt

5h The Star ‏@staronline
IOC not ready to move on Armstrong's Olympic medal 

5h Bloomberg State/Muni ‏@StatesAndCities
@BGOV Study: Avoiding #fiscalcliff requires $5.9 trillion in cuts, 48% more than the current $4 trillion plan | 

5h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Gold fell $2, or 0.1%, to settle at $1,693.80 an ounce today 

5h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Breaking: Protests in #Suez and #Mahalla against presidential palace clashes.

5h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Police: 65-year-old Georgia woman gunned down after her car bumps motorized wheelchair at gas station:  -CJ

5h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Tunisia’s main labor union calls for strikes in 4 provinces to protest attack on headquarters 

5h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Facebook's Instagram cuts support for key Twittter integration 

5h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
Colombia Farc peace talks resume 

5h Press TV ‏@PressTV
US manufacturing shrinks to 3-year low 

5h Press TV ‏@PressTV
BBC worker nabbed for sexual misconduct 

5h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
Explosion rocks Kenyan capital 

5h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Bank of America shares top $10 for first time since July 2011 | 

5h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
US regulators sue maker of Nap Nanny infant recliners after 5 infants died while in the product - @USATODAY 

5h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Despite warnings, Sharp gains most in two months on $121 million Qualcomm capital tie-up | 

5h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
EADS overhauls share structure 

5h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
VIDEO: Russian volcano erupts after decades 

5h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Toxic gas hospitalizes 18 in Ireland 

5h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Netflix says it won't raise prices after Disney deal 

6h The Associated Press ‏@AP
AP VIDEO: Stunned parents search for missing children a day after a typhoon ripped through the Philippines:  -CJ

6h Press TV ‏@PressTV
58 injured in Cairo clashes:#Egypt TV 

6h RT ‏@RT_com
EU summons Israeli ambassador over settlement expansion plan 

6h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Three of President Mursi’s advisors resign as conditions escalate in Egypt

6h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Breaking: Two presidential advisers resign over the political standoff in #Egypt

6h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
The amount of hourly pay for employees rose 0.9% in Q3. Hour wages have risen just 1.8% in the past 12 months 

6h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Drone captured in Iran appears to be a U.S.-made: Pentagon | 

6h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Congo's M23 rebels say they will talk with President Joseph Kabila's government in Uganda:  -CJ

6h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Man arrested on 2nd-degree murder charges for allegedly pushing New York subway rider off platform - @NBCNewYork 

6h RT ‏@RT_com
BREAKING: Iranian provincial capital hit with 5.6-magnitude quake 

6h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Blast wounds five in Nairobi neighbourhood, which is home to a large Somali community:  #Kenya

6h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Egypt's police intervenes to separate Mursi supporters, foes

6h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
IOC postpones decision on stripping Olympic bronze medal from Lance Armstrong - @AP

Lance Armstrong dominated the cycling world for most of the past decade or so. After retiring he began dominating the Iron Man Triathlon scene in 2012; then, the international association for the Iron Mans banned him from the sport. Soon the facts that he was a ring leader of the most complex doping scheme were discovered, and most of his medals were taken from him. The Olympic Committee is still considering it. He has been rejected from most of his associations as disgraced.

6h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Gunshots are heard outside the presidential palace in Egypt: Al Arabiya’s correspondent

6h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
International Olympic Committee strips 4 medals from athletes from Athens Olympics for doping - @AP

6h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Dublin announces new $4.5 billion austerity budget: Bailed-out eurozone member Ireland launches its sixth consec... 

6h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: At least two protesters are killed in Egypt amid clashes outside the presidential palace: ElBaradei

7h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Mursi bears 'full responsibility' for violence in Egypt: ElBaradei

7h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Netflix wins exclusive right to stream new releases from Disney starting in 2016 | 

7h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Egypt’s regime is losing legitimacy every day: ElBaradei

7h RT America ‏@RT_America
Mentally ill man gets 10 years in prison for plotting 'terrorist attack' 

7h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
FLASH: Magnitude-6.0 quake reported 42 miles (68 kilometers) north-northeast of Birjand in eastern Iran

7h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Update: Blast hits Somali district in Kenyan capital; 3 wounded, police say - @Reuters 

7h Myra Saefong ‏@MktwSaefong
Goldman Sachs cuts #gold outlook, sees growing risk.  via @MarketWatch

7h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Egyptian opposition refuses to negotiate over disputed constitution and insists on retracting Mursi’s recent declaration

7h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
UK gun dealer jailed for 7 years for role in shipping millions of rifles from China to Nigeria 

7h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Dow industrials up nearly 100 points, hitting session highs 

7h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Supporters and opponents of President Mursi throw Molotov (petrol bomb) on each other outside the presidential palace

8h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
FLASH: Explosion in Kenyan capital Nairobi's Eastleigh district, no immediate word in casualties - police

8h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Egyptian opposition meets today to discuss VP’s suggestion to end crisis over constitution

8h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Wednesday's papers: Presidential palace besieged, constitutional crisis and media blackouts 

8h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Bank employee accuses former officials of receiving bribes 

8h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Euro crisis feeds corruption as Greece slides in watchdog rankings | 

8h Trading Deck ‏@TradingDeck
Mexican stocks soar to new highs: 

8h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Blizzard causes Sweden’s main airport to temporarily ground outgoing flights 

9h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

9h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Russia criticizes EU on human rights ahead of summit 

9h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
AT&T seeks freedom from old regulations of Bell Systems to compete in the Internet era | 

9h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Fresh clashes erupt in#Lebanon’s Tripoli 

9h BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking
Fresh package of spending cuts & tax rises announced by Irish government  & follow @BBCMarkSimpson #bbceconomy

9h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
FLASH: Republicans have not had any discussions with Obama on how to cut spending - U.S. House Minority leader Cantor

9h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
FLASH: White House "fiscal cliff" proposals can't pass either chamber of Congress - U.S. House Speaker Boehner

9h The Star ‏@staronline
Leftists seen winning Romania vote, IMF talks loom 

9h The Star ‏@staronline
Ghana poll tests Africa's "model democracy" 

9h Bloomberg View ‏@BloombergView
Congress probably didn't mean to turn the $2.3 trillion hedge-fund industry into a breeding ground for fraud | 

9h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Puerto Rico allowing 3 prison inmates to use Twitter in effort to combat violent crime 

9h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
President Obama draws a line int he sand on tax rates in debt talks | 

9h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
VP: Morsy vows not to use declaration powers 

9h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Egypt's vice president sees breakthrough in constitution crisis 

9h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Egypt Islamists chase opposition protesters from presidential palace: 

9h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Supporters of President Mursi attack reporters amid protests outside the presidential palace

9h RT ‏@RT_com
Russian police arrest suspected serial pedophile. He allegedly sexually harassed hundreds of girls through Skype 

9h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Dow's up 60 points as Travelers, B. of A. lead gains; Nasdaq in the red 

10h The Star ‏@staronline
Sanctions, government blamed for Iran's drugs shortage 

10h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Official: Islamist militants kill 12 soldiers in semiautonomous Puntland region of Somalia 

10h Jeremy Bowen ‏@BowenBBC
First impression about #Damascus. Loads more security. Very heavy traffic in centre. many roads closed to funnel people away from major HQs

10h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Israel still committed to Palestinian peace deal: Netanyahu 

10h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Morsy faces multiple challenges with increasing opposition 

10h Press TV ‏@PressTV
US youth jobless rate hits 50-year high 

10h Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ
Superstorm Sandy slowed job growth, private-sector jobs up by 118,000 last month, vs. 157,000 in October. 

10h Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ
Breaking: Citigroup to cut 11,000 jobs, close branches, take a $1 billion charge in the 4th quarter. Shares rise 2%. 

10h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Egypt’s vice president says protesters have demands that should be respected

10h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Supporters of President Mursi remove tents set by opponents outside presidential palace: state TV

10h The Jakarta Globe ‏@thejakartaglobe
Indonesia’s Global Ranking Drops in Latest Corruption Index 

10h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
UK economy to contract by 0.1% this year, says independent body which previously forecast 0.8% growth  #bbceconomy

10h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
FLASH: Freeport falls 15% after announcing Plains, McMoRan purchases

10h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Egypt’s vice president says referendum will happen on time on Dec. 15

10h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
M23 rebels in Congo say they are going to Uganda for talks; ask to sit down with opposition 

10h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
BREAKING: Citigroup to cut over 11,000 jobs, take pretax charge of $1 billion in fourth quarter

10h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Indian government wins vote on supermarket reform 

10h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Goldman Sachs cuts '13 gold-price forecast 7.2% to $1,800-oz., citing risks 

10h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Freeport-McMoRan to buy Plains, McMoRan Exploration for $9 billion 

10h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Media cries foul at executive authority backlash 

10h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood calls for a one-million-man demonstration today

10h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Egypt to close loan deal with African Development Bank 

10h New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld
India Ink: India's Parliament Opens Door to Foreign Retail Investors 

10h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
BREAKING: Members of the Muslim Brotherhood and anti-Morsy protestors throw stones at each others at presidential palace, eyewitnesses say.

10h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Productivity fastest in two years, labor costs subdued 

11h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Breaking: The Popular Current, led by ex-presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahy, urges supporters to back protesters at presidential palace.

11h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
BREAKING: U.S. productivity rose 2.9% in the third quarter, labor costs fell 1.9%

11h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

15h The Star ‏@staronline
Indonesia approves landmark forest protection project 

15h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
North Korean spy said to have been ordered to attack Kim Jong-il's eldest son is jailed, officials say 

15h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

16h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Mass. newspaper apologizes to readers, says longtime reporter made up sources for stories:  -MM

17h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
#Tesco to launch "strategic review" of its US-based chain Fresh and Easy, whose chief executive is leaving 

17h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
#Future defends #Saqr over arms shipments to rebels | News , Politics | THE DAILY STAR … #Lebanon

18h New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld
Early Target of China’s Anti-Corruption Commission Identified 

18h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Fed set to launch fresh bond buying to help economy 

19h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Australian court charges man with training in Ukraine to fight Indonesians in West Papua 

11h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Starbucks sees more than 3,000 new Americas stores 

11h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
48 countries join forces against online child abuse, EU officials says 1 million images on web 

11h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
FLASH: French 10-year bond yield decline to record-low 2.001%

11h Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ
Breaking: ADP: U.S. adds 118,000 private-sector jobs in November. 

11h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

11h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
EU seeks power to probe entire industries over state subsidies | 

11h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
China mine blast kills 17 people: 

11h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

11h Zee News ‏@ZeeNews
Parliament live: Most parties against #FDI in retail, says Sushma Swaraj …

11h RT ‏@RT_com
(VIDEO) Volcano erupts in #Russia, spews plume of ash 4km into sky 

11h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
U.S. Senate passes $631.4 billion defense legislation | 

11h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: clashes between protestors infront of a presidential palace in Cairo, #Egypt.

10h  ‏
Yahoo! News: Islamist sect in Nigeria grows more deadly …

11h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
#VIDEO: Three dead after freighter sinks in thunderstorm off Turkey: 

11h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Pandora shares drop 18% in premarket after disappointing forecast 

11h Zee News ‏@ZeeNews

12h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Somali militants kill at least 11 Puntland soldiers 

12h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Nokia wins deal to sell first Windows Phone 8 Lumia in China | 

12h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
Egypt slips in corruption index despite Arab Spring 

12h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
China pledges $56 billion to cut air pollution 

12h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Syria's rebels target infrastructure in effort to defeat Bashar al-Assad | 

12h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: #Morsi opponents also to hold protest at presidential palace Wednesday. #MB

13h Press TV ‏@PressTV
UK dismisses#EU sanctions on#Israel 

13h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

12h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Clashes flare up in #Tripoli, death toll rises | News , Local News | THE DAILY STAR … #Lebanon

13h RT ‏@RT_com
13 Kurds dead, 5 captured in major operation against militants in #Turkey  #news

This picture is of Kurdish insurgents. After a five year cease-fire they continued their armed separatist movement against Turkey for their sixteenth year of conflict to establish a Kurdish nation. On December 5, 2012 13 Kurds were killed, and 5 captured in major operation against the militants in Turkey. 

13h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: #Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood calls for protest on Wednesday at presidential palace "after oppressive abuses" by opposition

13h Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: #Kuwait emir reappoints Sheikh Jaber as prime minister to form government

13h The Star ‏@staronline
Typhoon kills at least 283, hundreds missing, in Philippines 

13h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

13h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

13h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Iran extracts data from U.S. spy drone 

13h Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ
Breaking: European Union fines makers of TV and computer-monitor tubes $1.92 billion after cartel investigation. 

13h RT ‏@RT_com
#Iran to take US to international court over intercepted spy drone 

13h The Jakarta Globe ‏@thejakartaglobe
Another Alleged Sexual Harassment at TransJakarta Station 

13h RT ‏@RT_com
Hundreds of Russian girls allegedly sexually harassed on Skype in massive pedophilia case 

13h The Star ‏@staronline
Supermarket loses RM200,000 to burglars 

13h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

13h Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
Balochistan govt has lost its constitutional authority, reiterates CJ | Latest-News | http://DAWN.COM …

13h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
#VIDEO: Despite opposition, life goes on for gay couples with children in the US: …

13h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Stock futures up on China optimism; ADP data ahead 

13h The Star ‏@staronline
Serbia's NATO envoy 'commits suicide' 

13h Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent
President's aides meet with US officials ahead of state visit 

14h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

14h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

14h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Euro zone retail sales fall sharply in October 

10h  ‏
Yahoo! News: Report: Unpaid wages inspired deadly China arson …

14h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

14h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Euro zone downturn eases slightly in November: surveys 

14h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
More tax rises & spending cuts expected in new #Ireland budget  & follow @BBCMarkSimpson #bbceconomy

14h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Poachers in Kenya kill 4 rhinoceros in wildlife park near Mount Kenya 

14h Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
1 dead, 11 hurt in 2nd day of sectarian clashes in the Lebanese port city of Tripoli - @Reuters 

14h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Military intervention in Mali could begin in early 2013, Ivory Coast leader says 

14h ‏@haaretzcom
#Israel ranks 39 on Transparency International list of most corrupt countries 

14h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

14h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Facebook to join Nasdaq 100 starting Dec. 12. 

14h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Nepal woman aged 105 finally granted citizenship: 

10h  ‏
Yahoo! News: Philippine typhoon death toll tops 270 …

15h The Associated Press ‏@AP
BREAKING: Officials say Serbia's ambassador to NATO leaps to death from parking garage platform.

15h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Osborne tries to sweeten pill for austerity Britain 

15h Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
Pakistan, Iran to cooperate against human trafficking | http://DAWN.COM … via @dawn_com

15h The Star ‏@staronline
Temple caretaker charged with rape of three women 

15h BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking
Man convicted of murdering Anni #Dewani from Bristol on her honeymoon in S Africa is jailed for life. Details soon 

15h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Greek progress leaves long-term euro fate murky 

15h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Canada to continue aid to Palestinians after UN vote 

15h Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP
Nations hard hit by euro crisis held back by inability to tackle corruption, Transparency International says: 

15h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
Imprisoned Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin #Sotoudeh reportedly ends 49-day hunger strike 

15h BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld
Opponents of #Egypt President Mohammed Morsi to continue protest in Cairo 

15h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Germany moving toward ban on far-right party over accusations of racism, anti-Semitism 

15h The Associated Press ‏@AP
Britain's treasury chief is expected to announce new plans to stimulate a lethargic economy: 

16h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Gold futures pare losses, regaining $1,700 

16h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

16h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

16h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

16h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Egypt's protesters reach a landmark, but Morsi's resignation not guaranteed 

16h Asahi Shimbun AJW ‏@AJWasahi
China students protest gynecological tests for civil service …

16h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Europe stocks open higher, taking a cue from Asia, with banks, resources leading 

16h Press TV ‏@PressTV
British Airways to cut hundreds of jobs 

16h Press TV ‏@PressTV
‘UK troopers murdered Afghan boys’ 

16h The Star ‏@staronline
China investigates top provincial official for corruption 

16h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb

16h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Potbellied Indonesian police ordered to exercise so they can run faster to catch criminals 

17h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Asia stocks mostly lower in muted session 

17h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Philippines typhoon death toll rises to around 230, hundreds missing 

17h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Suicide truck bombing kills 3 soldiers in northwest Pakistan 

17h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Brazil arrests 63 policemen for bribery 

17h The Star ‏@staronline
Malaysia improves Corruption Perception Index rating 

17h Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
Two sides in L.A. port strike reach deal to end week-old strike 

17h The Associated Press ‏@AP
BREAKING: LA mayor says an agreement has been reached to end costly strike at ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach.

18h The Associated Press ‏@AP
BREAKING:Philippine officials say the death toll from Typhoon #Bopha has risen to more than 200 people: 

19h Post World News ‏@PostWorldNews
Top cocaine trafficker of late 1990s slain in Colombia by 2 gunmen; testified against cartel 

18h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Syria militants ruin shops in Aleppo 

18h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Analysts at Deutsche Bank forecast 3.5% global growth next year 

18h Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com
Suicide car blast in South #Waziristan | http://DAWN.COM … via @dawn_com

18h The Star ‏@staronline
Greece takes bottom EU spot in global corruption index 

18h The Star ‏@staronline
Thais pack Bangkok for king's birthday celebration 

18h The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb
Three killed in fresh Tripoli fighting | News , Politics | THE DAILY STAR …

19h MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch
Starting in 2016, Netflix will be the exclusive U.S. pay-TV service for Disney movies 

19h Press TV ‏@PressTV
Philippines typhoon death toll hits 115 

19h Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews
Malaysia stocks set to extend losses on concern the nation's ruling coalition may lose seats in elections | 

19h New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld
IHT Rendezvous: Tibet's Desperate Toll Keeps Climbing 

Another people seeking a sovereign state is Tibet unlike the military tactics used by the Palestinians and Kurdish people. They have a long string of self-immolating protests. In the past year burning themselves to death has been used increasing. 92 Tibetans have been confirmed to have self-immolated inside Tibet since February 27, 2009

19h  ‏
Reuters: Far left outsider "winner" in Korean presidential debate 

19h  ‏
nytimesworld: World Briefing | Europe: Irish Crime Boss Is Assassinated on Second Try 

19h  ‏
BloombergNews: Ping An shares jump in HK on HSBC stake sale to Thai group | 

19h  ‏
nytimesworld: World Briefing | Europe: France: Two Suspects Detained in Toulouse Killings 

19h  ‏
nytimesworld: World Briefing | Asia: Chinese Lingerie Factory Fire Kills 14 in Guangdong 

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