Monday, February 25, 2013

Immigration Reform 2013

28 January 2013

Watching the immigration reform deal video today live announced that there is a good bipartisan opportunity this year, a first in more then a decade. I am grateful to hear that this year the United States' broken immigration system will be addressed with proposal on a comprehensive basis. Several government officials including John McCain spoke to us. I believe that their perspectives are fair on all our behalves, using great skills. I have confidence in their knowledge and skills as they spoke to fix the problem.
John McCain said that there is no reason to work at this problem; unless, the borders are truly secured. They claimed 11 million illegal immigrates are in the shades, planning to make the Dream Act lawful. I don't know whether there is laws already in place to enforce, but the reform will make an enforceable immigration system.
"Tough but fair" measures will be proposed, entailing that they come forward clean to establish a pending status. It is not permanent residence, or a meaningful unfair step toward citizenship in relation to the legal immigrates. Paying taxes is claimed to be an important part to citizenship as well as learning English. Illegal immigrates with criminal records should be sought after and punished as well as those immigrates unfaithful to their obligations according to their pending citizenship offered. This new reform announcement has given me confidence in our legislative branch of Government.
One thing that was interesting, concerning the "why now?" question, is that John McCain said that it is forcing division in his political party of the Republicans. That surprised me. There are many people related to illegal immigrates or are illegal that would be in a tough spot, if they claim to be Republican. This broken system is messing with our politics.
Many culminating events have lead to his optimistic situation in among our members of parliament. It is not politics; although, it may be part of it. I feel that the Dream Act will make a just system to work with the illegal immigrates presently in our country. It is expedient that our border is truly secure before implementation of the Dream Act. I am hopeful and looking forward to learn of this development.

29 January 2013

I watched a lot of Obama's speech on immigration reform, but I just hope that he does not force it, when the borders are not secured.

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