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The Nightly #World #News Report of the 24th of February 2013

6 mins The Star
Japan PM Abe keeps ratings high as he pushes reflation steps 

29 mins MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Japan stocks rally early on weak yen 

38 mins The Star @staronline

48 mins BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Actress #HelenHunt never made it to her highschool prom but says #Oscars makes up for it. She's wearing H&M. LIVE 

57 mins The Associated Press @AP
Defense: Accused NYC police officer acts like a cannibal, but only in online fantasy world:  -CC

1 hr Reuters Top News @Reuters
Study says too many Americans still drink too much 

1 hr The Associated Press @AP
PHOTO: 9-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis on the red carpet:  #Oscars -CC

1 hr New York Times World @nytimesworld
Italians Begin to Vote in Two-Day General Election 

1 hr MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Japan's Nikkei Average opens 1.6% up at 11,564.55

1 hr MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Japan stocks rally as yen sinks on reported BOJ pick; Nikkei Average up 1.9% 

1 hr The Star @staronline
Four Irish unions walk out of key public service pay talks 

1 hr The Associated Press @AP
2nd blizzard in less than a week is bearing down on Plains region:  -CC

1 hr MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Japanese yen weakness sends Nikkei Average futures up 2% on Singapore's SGX 

1 hr Reuters Top News @Reuters
Protest votes add to uncertainty in close Italy election 

1 hr MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Australian shares advance at start of week 

2 hrs New York Times World @nytimesworld
World Briefing | Middle East: Iran: News Agency Clarifies Drone Report 

2 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
#PHOTO: Best Actress nominee Jessica #Chastain arrives on the red carpet for the #Oscars, by Frederic J. Brown
 View photo
2 hrs New York Times World @nytimesworld
Cardinal Keith O’Brien Accused of ‘Inappropriate Acts’ 

2 hrs New York Times World @nytimesworld
Congo Plan Offered by African Nations and U.N. 

2 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
New Jersey, its "comeback" derailed, sets another budget 

2 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Cuban leader Raul Castro announces his retirement in 2018 

2 hrs Breaking News @BreakingNews
More: Cuban President Raul Castro says he will not seek another 5-year term after the one he's starting ends - @AP 

2 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Park Geun-Hye, daughter of #SouthKorea's late military ruler, to be sworn in as country's first female president 

11 mins  
Yahoo! News: Greece helicopter prison escape attempt foiled 

3 hrs The Associated Press @AP
MORE: Raul Castro gets new term, younger leader is Cuba's VP:  -CC

3 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#Syria’s #comedic legends Yasin #Bakoush was #killed Sunday night: Watch #VIDEO HERE: …

3 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
#BREAKING: Raul Castro re-elected president in Cuba

3 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
HP eyes tablet comeback with Android-backed Slate 7 

4 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Prominent Syrian comedian killed, apparently caught in crossfire between rebels, government troops:  -CC

4 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Turkey, US blast Assad regime as Aleppo toll rises  #Syria

4 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Analysis: China central bank takes lead in economic reform push 

4 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Mozilla Foundation to launch #Firefox operating system for smartphones in direct challenge to Apple, Google 

4 hrs The Star @staronline
Fighting in Sudan's Darfur region kills 51 - government 

4 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
U.S. quadruples tac break for Keystone XL pipeline to $7 billion | 

4 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Breaking: Egyptian business tycoon Hesham Talaat Moustafa transferred from prison to a private hospital after heart attack.

4 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Salafi Nour Party to hold news conference at noon tomorrow to announce position on running in the upcoming elections.

4 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#Bloodbath continues in #Syria as French #photographer killed: WATCH #VIDEO HERE …

4 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Danish authority reports local butcher to police after discovering horse meat in pizzas:  -MM

5 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Swarms of locusts spotted in Red Sea Governorate 

5 hrs Ahmed Zaki @ahmedzakiosman
Headline of the day: Judge considering Shafiq corruption case accused of corruption … via @egyindependent

5 hrs  
Yahoo! News: US scrambles to salvage Syrian opposition talks 

5 hrs Wall Street Journal @WSJ
It's now legal to possess pot in Colorado. Entrepreneurs work to build marijuana tourism sector: 

5 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Danica Patrick becomes the first woman to lead a lap in a NASCAR Cup race:  -CC

5 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Cairo University to withdraw PhD from former German minister 

5 hrs RT @RT_com
‘Mafia, out of the country!’: Bulgarians protest in dozens of cities across the country (PHOTOS) 

6 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#US forces out of #Afghanistan - #Kabul cuts dealings with #Washington …

6 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Islamists in northern #Mali have the "destructive power" of an army, top Malian colonel says 

6 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
Freelance photographer #OlivierVoisin died of his wounds after surgery in #Turkey #Syria …

6 hrs The Star @staronline
Iran says it has brought down a mock spy drone 

6 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Morsy called political forces to meet for dialogue tomorrow. This is the third time he has called for a meeting only a day in advance.

6 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Prominent fiction writer Mahmoud Salem dies at 84 

6 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

6 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Zimbabwe says enough money has been raised locally for March 16 constitution referendum:  -MM

6 hrs BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Fidel Castro attends Cuba parliament 

6 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Morsy said economic conditions are dire, adding, “Protests & sit-ins, although legitimate in a climate of freedom, do harm the economy”

6 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Chinese Communist Party leaders plan first central government overhaul in half a decade | 

6 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Breaking: Scores of protesters blocking Haram Street as part of the civil disobedience campaign against Morsy.

6 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
#MorsyInterview was scheduled to be aired at 8 pm. No interview with Morsy since he claimed the presidency has aired on time.

6 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Morsy to appear in pre-recorded interview Sunday evening 

6 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Morsy praised Egyptian intelligence, saying it secures the country well. #MorsyInterview

7 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Morsy said he raised compensation given to families of those killed during recent violence in #PortSaid to LE75,000. #MorsyInterview

7 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
In second interview, many viewers turned Morsy's remarks, such as the need for Egyptians to hug themselves & love each other, into jokes.

7 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

7 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
The second #MorsyInterview was criticized for failing to respond to opposition’s criticism and a lack of success in conveying his ideas.

7 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Morsy's 2nd interview didn't meet as much success, after he issued a controversial constitutional declaration that granted him new powers

7 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Hollande, Ayrault approval ratings rise slightly: poll 

7 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Fidel Castro surprises with parliament appearance amid leadership speculation 

7 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Unknown assailants with knives attack Mahalla demonstrators 

7 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Palestinian prisoner #ArafatJaradat, who died in Israeli jail, was tortured to death, Palestinian official says 

7 hrs Press TV @PressTV

7 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

7 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

7 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Kuroda to be Bank of Japan head: reports 

7 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Cuba parliament gathers and is expected to name Raul Castro to another 5-year term as president:  -MM

7 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Syrian actor, Yasin Bakoush, is killed after targeting him inside his car in Damascus: opposition media

8 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
#China's #Huawei claims world's fastest smartphone 

8 hrs The Star @staronline
Cypriot conservative chief declares victory in runoff vote 

8 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Final results show conservative Anastasiades wins Cyprus presidential election with 57.48 percent of vote:  -MM

8 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Illegal dump tarnishes 'green' Sochi Games  by @mashant #Olympics #Russia

8 hrs The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: Left-wing candidate concedes victory to conservative rival in Cyprus presidential election. -MM

8 hrs RT @RT_com
Karzai orders US Special Forces out of two provinces, citing torture and murder 

8 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Egypt seeks #tourism boost after #Ahmadinejad visit | Business , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR …

8 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Syrian rebels attempt to storm a government complex and police academy near northern city of Aleppo:  -MM

8 hrs BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Voters share a sense that #Italy is in deep trouble, says @AlanJohnstonBBC in Rome  #Italyvote #elezioni2013

8 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: At least 70 people are killed by the Syrian security forces mostly in Damascus suburbs and Aleppo: opposition media

9 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
McCain says Hagel "not qualified" as defense secretary 

9 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Rightwing leader Nicos Anastasiades has won the presidential election in #Cyprus, exit polls say 

9 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

9 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Syrian rebels say capture nuclear reactor site bombed by Israel 

9 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Stock market loses LE5.2 bn amid political uncertainty 

9 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
FJP says parliamentary elections law cannot be appealed 

9 hrs The Star @staronline
Fidel Castro makes rare appearance in parliament 

9 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
The ‘new influx’ of weapons in #Syria strengthens fight against #Assad, #extremists …

9 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
#CORRECTION to our earlier Afghanistan tweet -- US special forces have been ordered by Kabul to leave only one province, Wardak, not two.

9 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews
#HyderabadBlasts: Police found address of Hyderabad local held in Bihar fake - …

9 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Ten Chadian soldiers killed in northern Mali 

9 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Dozens shut Mugamma in Tahrir, threaten to shut down Sadat metro 

9 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Interior Ministry: Still waiting for tear gas shipment from US 

9 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

10 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Afghanistan orders US special forces to leave two volatile provinces near Kabul, Wardak and Logar: …

10 hrs BBC Africa @BBCAfrica
Hundreds of Kenyans have attended the last in a series of prayer vigils in the capital, Nairobi, calling for peaceful elections next week.

10 hrs @haaretzcom
LIVE BLOG: Funeral for #Palestinian detainee is scheduled for Monday afternoon  #WestBank

10 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Islamists attack ElBaradei for election boycott call 

10 hrs The Star @staronline
Guinea opposition pulls out of legislative elections process 

10 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
#BREAKING: French photographer wounded in Syria has died, foreign ministry says

10 hrs Press TV @PressTV
#Bahraini run over by pro-regime militia … #Bahrain #Al-#Khalifa

11 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Libor scandal no threat to Deutsche Bank co-chief Jain: sources 

11 hrs Press TV @PressTV

11 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

11 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Private schools split over union strike | News , Local News | THE DAILY STAR …

11 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Merkel's conservatives mull U-turn on gay couples' rights 

11 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Iran's Revolutionary Guard denies previous report that it captured a foreign drone:  -MM

11 hrs The Star @staronline
Philippine ship ready to rescue women and civilians 

12 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Cairo-Aswan train line closed briefly over fuel hike protest 

12 hrs @haaretzcom
LIVE BLOG: Dozens of #Palestinians riot in village of Hawara as tension in #WestBank continues to mount 

12 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

12 hrs BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Accused cardinal misses Sunday Mass 

12 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
45 arrested in #Spain after anti-#austerity protest | News , International | THE DAILY STAR …

12 hrs BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Hollywood awaits 'open' Oscars 

12 hrs The Star @staronline
Bulgarian protests for cheaper energy intensify 

12 hrs @haaretzcom
BREAKING NEWS: Protester wounded by rubber bullets during clashes with the #IDF in Hebron, #Palestinians report 

12 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Port Said strikes enter eighth day 

12 hrs RT @RT_com
N. Korea to allow mobile internet for foreigners 

12 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
#Morsy to give TV interview Sunday evening with media personality Amr al-Liethy  #Egypt

12 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews
Pak awaiting India’s response on request to cross-examine Mumbai attacks witnesses - …

13 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Ailing Iraqi President Talabani can speak, understand others after stroke, doctor says:  -RAS

13 hrs BBC News (UK) @BBCNews
New art appears where #Banksy mural now pulled from Miami auction was taken  &
 View photo
13 hrs The Star @staronline
Blast in Vietnam film effects warehouse kills 10 

13 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Topless feminists hurl themselves at Berlusconi at Milan polling station 

13 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
RBS India to cut staff as winds down retail and commercial ops 

13 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

13 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Egypt protesters shut doors to #Cairo administrative hub | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR …

13 hrs @haaretzcom
iPad: Israel said mulling #flotilla apology; Ethics of burka for #Purim; how to forgo cable and watch TV you want. 
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13 hrs The Associated Press @AP
As deadline looms, governors join White House to prevent automatic cuts:  -RAS

13 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Obama asks Supreme Court to overturn gay-marriage ban 

13 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Emotional Pope gives last Sunday prayer, says God asked him to retire 

13 hrs @haaretzcom
After decades of unrest and many deaths, #Turkey seeking political solution to #Kurdish problem 

13 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Football dispute sets off #sectarian riot in #Nigeria | News , International | THE DAILY STAR …

13 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

14 hrs RT @RT_com
Bad math to cost US trade leadership, trillions of dollars 

14 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Italy heads to polls in landmark elections 

14 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Syria rebels fight for #police #academy near #Aleppo | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR …

14 hrs BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
#Pope Benedict XVI (@Pontifex) holds final weekly Angelus from his balcony at the Vatican before he retires - LIVE 

14 hrs Press TV @PressTV
Spanish riot police officers stand in front of a fire at the end of a demonstration against government #austerity 
 View photo
14 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Syria #shelling, #gunfire kill three in north #Lebanon | News , Local News | THE DAILY STAR …

14 hrs BBC News US @BBCNewsUS
"I saw a tyre fly straight over the fence" - 28 fans injured in multi-car crash at #Nascar race in Florida 

14 hrs Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
"If you don't have money in Pakistan, you will die." #LLF …

14 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Profile - Pier Luigi Bersani, favourite to become Italy's next PM, is a former communist with a liberal streak 

15 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Thousands of Palestinian prisoners launch a one-day hunger strike following death of inmate:  -RAS

15 hrs The Star @staronline
Algerian gas plant resumes some production after attack - minister 

14 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Protesters evacuate employees at Tahrir Square complex in Cairo, preparing for a civil disobedience

15 hrs Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
PM resolves to go ahead with Iran gas plan 

15 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews
High Court accepts panchayat's age certificate, lets off rape convict - …

15 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Pistorius brother faces trial over fatal car crash, local media report 

15 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Leftist may hold key to stable rule in Italy 

15 hrs RT @RT_com
Another US radar in Japan to tackle N. Korea threat – report  #news

15 hrs New York Times World @nytimesworld
Insurgents Launch 4 Attacks in Afghanistan 

15 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#January construction drops 14 percent year-on-year | Business , #Lebanon | THE DAILY STAR …

15 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Italy's Bersani on anti-glamour quest for power 

15 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Nour Party demands guarantees for free and fair elections 

15 hrs Wall Street Journal @WSJ
Foreign investors are snapping up U.S. homes at discount prices, then renting them out. 

15 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Berlusconi's last throw of the dice in Italy election 

15 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Hunger #strikes, clashes after #Palestinian inmate dies | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR …

16 hrs Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
At least three shot dead in Bangladesh protest over bloggers 

16 hrs BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
African leaders meeting in Ethiopia sign deal to end two decades of fighting in Democratic Republic of Congo #DRC

16 hrs  
Yahoo! News: Kerry takes case on Syria to Europe, Mideast 

17 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
Tens of thousands to attend #PopeBenedictXVI’s last prayers … #Vatican

17 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#US condemns #Syria slaughter | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR … #Aleppo #Scuds

17 hrs BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Oscar #Pistorius' brother Carl faces homicide charge over death of woman motorcyclist in 2010 accident 

17 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Turkmenistan rebuilds #capital into marble 'white city' | Business , International | THE DAILY STAR …

17 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Japan #coastguard says more #China ships in disputed waters | News , International | THE DAILY STAR …

17 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Britain's top #Catholic in 'inappropriate acts' row: report | News , International | THE DAILY STAR …

17 hrs The Associated Press @AP
South Korea's first female president faces North Korea nuke crisis as she takes office on Monday:  -RAS

18 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Israeli parliamentarian: #Peace talks or #violence | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR … #Palestine

18 hrs Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
Arab militia kills 50 in Sudan, say residents 

16 hrs  
Yahoo! News: Insurgents launch 4 attacks in Afghanistan 

18 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
'They will kill me in 7 days after this video is published,' Austrian hostage in #Yemen makes desperate plea. Watch: …

18 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Bomber killed near Afghan capital's diplomatic zone: police 

18 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Antigraft Activists Prepare Monas for Anas 

18 hrs The Star @staronline
Italian polling stations open in key vote for euro zone 

18 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
‘The #Lebanese audience likes stupidity and national slogans’ | … Raymond #Gebara

18 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Four years after end of civil war, photo of dead boy ups pressure on Sri Lanka over war crimes:  -RAS

18 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Palestinian #PM 'shocked' at #prisoner death in #Israel jail | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR …

18 hrs RT @RT_com
Suicide bomb attack kills 2 intelligence agents in Afghanistan  #news

18 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Austrian hostage in #Yemen in desperate video plea | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR …

18 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Lebanese #Parliament website #hacked | News , Local News | THE DAILY STAR … #Leabnon

18 hrs Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
Militants kill six laborers in Pasni 

19 hrs New York Times World @nytimesworld
Car Bomb Hits Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan 

19 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Cyprus begins to #vote as bailout deal beckons | News , International | THE DAILY STAR …

19 hrs  
Yahoo! News: Kerry makes first foreign trip as top U.S. diplomat 

19 hrs  
Yahoo! News: SKorea's new leader faces NKorea nuke crisis 

19 hrs The Star @staronline
Two would-be suicide bombers shot dead in Kabul embassy area 

19 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews
#HyderabadBlasts: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to visit Dilsukhnagar, meet victims …

19 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
#Myanmar , Shining New Hope for Global Oil Giants 

19 hrs Press TV @PressTV
Turkish police disperse pro-#Syria demo 

20 hrs Press TV @PressTV
Blast kills two in eastern #Afghanistan 

20 hrs Press TV @PressTV
65 rebel fighters killed in #Mali 

19 hrs  
Yahoo! News: Belgian national killed in Mexican resort of Acapulco 

20 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
US officials secretly visited North Korea last year, report claims 

20 hrs Wall Street Journal @WSJ
Breaking: A car bomb has hit an intelligence agency in Afghanistan, the Associated Press reports. 

21 hrs Press TV @PressTV
#Iran unveils new anti-aircraft gun 

21 hrs Matthew Rosenberg @mrosenbergNYT
Afghans get up too early. Just went to visa office. Arrived at 7:52am. Visa guy complained that I was getting there "very late."

21 hrs RT @RT_com
Flying high: Iran seizes another foreign spy drone 

21 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

19 hrs  
Yahoo! News: Insight: Spiral of Karachi killings widens Pakistan's sectarian divide 

21 hrs Breaking News @BreakingNews
Police identify Ammar Harris, 26, as suspect in Las Vegas Strip shooting that killed 3 - @KTNV 

21 hrs RT @RT_com
Int’l protests mark Bradley Manning’s 1,000 days in prison (PHOTOS) 

22 hrs New York Times World @nytimesworld
Update: Corinne Narassiguin’s Election to French Parliament Is Invalidated 

22 hrs New York Times World @nytimesworld
2 Palestinians Shot in Clashes With Israeli Settlers 

22 hrs Press TV @PressTV
#Shias call for parl. session on #Quetta 

22 hrs Press TV @PressTV
‘#FARC talks will end if no progress made’ 

22 hrs Press TV @PressTV
‘#Chavez very energetic, able to work’ 

23 hrs Breaking News @BreakingNews
Update: Reports say at least 33 injured in NASCAR wreck - @AP 

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