Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Nightly #World #News Report of the 9th of February 2013

33m The Jakarta Globe
Mali on Edge After Suicide Attack 

39m Wall Street Journal @WSJ
The 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia may be one of the most expensive, with costs exceeding $50 billion. 

41m The Associated Press @AP
On eve of Grammys, @chrisbrown crashes Porsche into wall while being chased by paparazzi; he escapes injury:  -JM

40m Reuters Top News @Reuters
Obama to lay out economic growth plan in State of Union speech 

58m BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Snow-hit US states begin clear-up 

57m RT @RT_com
BREAKING: Three people shot at New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration 

1h Post World News @PostWorldNews
Clash between Muslim rebels, al-Qaida-linked gunmen offer Philippines advantage and dilemma 

2h Press TV @PressTV
Bahrainis stage mass sit-in in #Manama 

2h Zee News @ZeeNews

2h Breaking News Storm @breakingstorm
10th storm-related death reported; Boston man found dead in car from carbon monoxide poisoning - @NBCNews 

2h Agence France-Presse @AFP
Tokyo man arrested over bizarre hacking campaign that had police hunting a cat 

3h New York Times World @nytimesworld
2 American Mothers Gain Custody of Adopted Russian Children 

4h Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
Blast near Quetta police station kills at least one 
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4h BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Heavy rain causes floods in Andes 

6h Agence France-Presse @AFP
MORE as a major explosion is heard near Gao, northern #Mali 

6h Post World News @PostWorldNews
Carnival musicians say they’re barred from Haiti fete because of anti-government songs 

7h The Star @staronline
Irish marchers protest nationwide against austerity 

8h Post World News @PostWorldNews
Yemen’s interior minister says seized weapons were exported from Iran, headed to insurgents 

8h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Tunisia’s Congress for the Republic Party withdraws its ministers from the government coalition

8h The Associated Press @AP
Mayor of southeastern Ohio town resigns over accusations she repeatedly called gay police officer 'queer'  -RJJ

8h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Exiting U.S. general says Afghan women's rights are key 

8h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Boeing 787 Dreamliner undergoing test flight 

8h The Star @staronline
New fighting in borderland between Sudan and South Sudan 

9h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
AMR, US Airways near a merger as boards meet | 

10h Post World News @PostWorldNews
In the side of a dune in Timbuktu, bodies of 2 Arab men, latest sign of reprisal killings 

10h The Star @staronline
Blizzard hammers U.S. Northeast, four dead, 700,000 without power 

10h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#Egypt- Fire in #Karnak Temple in #Luxor Governorate: media reports

10h The Associated Press @AP
Mass. boy sitting in running car dies from carbon monoxide, had been helping dad shovel snow:  -KM

11h Breaking News @BreakingNews
Death toll in winter storm reaches 6; 2 in Ontario, 2 in Connecticut, 1 in New York, 1 in Massachusetts - @CNN 

11h Post World News @PostWorldNews
Israeli strike in Syria might be first in series 

11h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#Iraq’s #Maliki says fall of Syrian regime unlikely, #Assad ‘smarter’ than #Saddam 

11h The Star @staronline
U.S. blizzard kills two, leaves thousands without power 

11h RT @RT_com
"Down with India”: Protests over hanging of Kashmiri separatist turn violent 

12h Breaking News Storm @breakingstorm
Boston's Logan airport reporting 24.9 inches of snow, 5th highest all time - @NWSBoston

12h Reuters Top News @Reuters
NASA's robotic rover Curiosity drills into Martian rock 

12h Agence France-Presse @AFP
Gay and lesbian adoptions the new norm in Quebec 

12h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Euro declines most since July amid European Central Bank's inflation concerns | 

12h The Associated Press @AP
Israeli forces evacuate some 100 Palestinians from makeshift encampment in West Bank:  -CJ

12h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Tunisia's Ennahda denies resignation of PM Jebali from its ranks

13h @breakingweather
Travel ban still in effect for C.T., Mass., and R.I.

13h @haaretzcom
600,000 reported without power across #Massachusetts, record snow in #Maine 

13h Zee News @ZeeNews

14h Agence France-Presse @AFP
British man remanded in custody after being charged with threatening to kill 200 US schoolchildren: 

14h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Russian police detain over 270 in security sweep 

14h Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Mob sex attacks and the everyday reality for street children in #Egypt  by @nellyali

staronline: Millions of Indians bathe on Kumbh's holiest day 

nytimesworld: Azerbaijan Is Rich. Now It Wants to Be Famous. 

staronline: Philippines lauds move to suspend assets of Ponzi scheme man - Nation | The Star Online …

AFP: Landmine kills two in Senegal's Casamance 

15h Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Health Ministry: One person killed during clashes near Ettehadiya Palace, 211 injured nationwide 

AFP: Acquitted former Congolese militia boss seeks Dutch asylum: 

Yahoo! News: Strong but deep quake in Colombia 

BBCWorld: WyreDavies: "We are Muslims and we will not be moved." Hundreds of pro-gvt demonstrators march in #Tunis
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BBCWorld: Russian opposition activist Sergei Udaltsov placed in house arrest over allegedly organising "mass disorder" 

15h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
S&P caps longest winning streak since August on better-than-estimated earnings, E.U. budget | 

15h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Tunisian PM Hamadi Jebali says he is ready to resign if he fails to form a new Cabinet

15h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: At least 98 people have been killed by Syrian regime forces today: Coordination Committees

Reuters: Tight budget may force Pentagon to cut forces: general 

haaretzcom: #IDF removes new #Palestinian tent village in #WestBank  #Israel

ZeeNews: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh calls off northeast visit after #AfzalGuru hanging …

AFP: At least 15 killed, 19 injured when their bus falls into a ravine in Chile: 

MFinoshina_RT: Completely different march in Tunis center day after opposition ChokriBelaid buried. Ennahda organizing.
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staronline: Spain PM publishes tax returns amid corruption scandal 

BBCWorld: Arrests after officer dies in crash 

DailyStarLeb: Guests on #Hezbollah's #Almanar #TV hurl insults over #Syria crisis | - includes video … #Lebanon

EgyIndependent: Ettehadiya Palace calm after overnight clashes 

DailyStarLeb: #Islamists protest in #Tunis, shout anti-#France slogans | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR …

16h Breaking News @BreakingNews
Update: USGS revises magnitude of Colombia earthquake upward from 6.9 to 7.0 - USGS 

17h BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Findus France food maker claims it was defrauded over horsemeat & will sue supplier 

17h Agence France-Presse @AFP
#BREAKING: Swedish food giant Findus says horsemeat contamination of some of its frozen meals could date back to August

Yahoo! News: Near Timbuktu, 2 bodies show reprisal killings 

17h The Star @staronline
Top U.S. officer says sufficient troops to remain in Afghanistan 

17h Breaking News Storm @breakingstorm
Record snowfall of 29.3 inches set in Portland, Maine, breaking previous record of 27.1 inches set in 1979; more snow expected - @usNWSgov

18h Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Health Ministry: 165 injured in Friday clashes 

18h Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
Military jets pound militant hideouts in Orakzai; 13 killed | Pakistan | http://DAWN.COM …

18h Agence France-Presse @AFP
Niger, which has sent troops to neighbouring #Mali, wary of armed extremists filtering across desert border: 

18h The Associated Press @AP
2 dozen bodies recovered after ferry capsizes in Bangladesh; search for survivors called off:  -KM

18h Agence France-Presse @AFP
When a SAfrican man set out to write a novel in Zulu, he was forced to create 450 new words to describe modern life: 

18h Zee News @ZeeNews

18h The Star @staronline
Hundreds rally in Pakistani Kashmir against Guru hanging 

18h The Star @staronline
Blizzard kills two, grinds US northeast to halt 

19h Agence France-Presse @AFP
Japan suggests setting up military hotline with China to avoid clashes: 

19h RT @RT_com
Erdogan vs Army: ’15% of Turkish top brass on trial, hundreds resign’ 

19h The Star @staronline
Robbery suspects killed in accident while fleeing cops 

19h RT @RT_com
(VIDEO) Whale hits canoe, nearly capsizes it off Maui Island 
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19h BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Minister demands answers over meat 

19h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Iraq's Maliki: Assad could hold on for years 

19h Zee News @ZeeNews
Sikh woman charged in Lieutenant-General KS Brar attack case in UK …

19h The Star @staronline
KL cop killed in road accident 

19h The Star @staronline
Captured elephant matriarch dies from blood infection 

20h Wall Street Journal @WSJ
"Polar bears are one of the biggest conservation success stories in the world." 

20h Zee News @ZeeNews

PostWorldNews: AP Exclusive: Mysterious blogger who posts citizen snapshots of new China leader comes forward 

AFP: Egypt court orders that YouTube be blocked for a month over anti-Islam film: 

Reuters: Oman raises minimum wage to avert future protests 

17h RT @RT_com
'US hides real debt, in worse shape than #Greece' - economist Laurence Kotlikoff to RT 
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17h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#Egyptian women speak out against sexual harassment during protests …

17h Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Update: Total number of people injured in clashes nationwide rises to 211 

21h Press TV @PressTV
‘US #medicine exports to #Iran shrink’ 

22h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#Tunisia army vows to protect Belaid’s grave, nation: official …

22h The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Activists Launch Interactive HIV/AIDS Website 

19h Zee News @ZeeNews

20h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Syria's #Assad appoints seven new ministers: SANA | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR …

20h Breaking News Storm @breakingstorm
Police say between 60 and 100 cars stuck in snow on the Long Island Expressway; officers working to evacuate drivers - @NBCNews

20h BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
24-year-old Briton charged over Facebook post which allegedly threatened to kill 200 people in US 

20h Breaking News @BreakingNews
Small passenger plane crashes at Belgium's Charleroi Airport; 5 people killed - @Reuters 

20h The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
5-Year-Old in Banten Dies in Flash Flood 

20h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Lebanon may need camps for flood of Syrian refugees: U.N 

20h Zee News @ZeeNews

20h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Blizzard blankets #US #Northeast, disrupting traffic and flights | News , International | THE DAILY STAR …

20h Post World News @PostWorldNews
Victim of Pemex explosion dies at hospital, death toll rises to 38 

20h BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
Plane crash kills at least 4 people and closes Charleroi airport in Belgium

20h The Star @staronline
Protests erupt as India executes militant for parliament attack 

20h The Star @staronline
U.S. blizzard kills one, leaves thousands without power 

20h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: FSA takes full control of an area in the Damascus suburb of Adra where military officers reside: activists

20h Post World News @PostWorldNews
Vigilante group in south Mexico turns over to authorities 11 detained as suspected criminals 

21h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Mali villagers detain two youths with suicide vests: witness | News , International | THE DAILY STAR …

21h Press TV @PressTV
Syrian cleric killed in #mosque attack  #Syria

21h Agence France-Presse @AFP
Electrician accidentally unplugged radar system at Delhi airport, forcing controllers to manually guide planes: 

21h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Khartoum-backed militia kill 17 civilians, #rebels say | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR …

21h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Israeli troops block Palestinian protest camp near Hebron 

21h The Star @staronline
Police shoot dead Philippine massacre suspect 

21h Agence France-Presse @AFP
Dozens of mortars, rockets fired on camp housing Iranian dissidents near Baghdad, killing five: 

17h The Star @staronline
Italy's Berlusconi revives tax amnesty proposal 

AP: Stranded: Hundreds of vehicles stuck on Long Island Expressway in snowstorm; no injuries reported:  -JM

AP: Nuclear power plant in Plymouth, Mass., loses power and is shut down during snowstorm; NRC monitoring:  -JM

PressTV: #UNHCR: Some 5000 leaving #Syria every day 

PostWorldNews: Kerry promises 'fair, transparent' review of planned Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada 

DailyStarLeb: Ruling #Islamists call for Saturday rally in #Tunisia capital | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR …

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