Monday, February 25, 2013

The Repressed Culture of Taiwan

At work today a coworker told me about Taiwan. Huang is a really common name as well as his, so I will use his name. There is a reason why we don't hear a lot about Taiwan. Mainly it was because China banned their newspaper; secondly, it is because China is repressing the culture. When I was mistaken that Mandarin was the language of Taiwan, Mr. Huang was avid about telling me about his real culture, which China is destroying. Taiwan has a language, but China is forcing the country to forsake it, having creating an odd culture. It makes sense that I think that Taiwanese people speak Mandarin, for I got this impression from the media that I have seen from Taiwan, and I had Taiwanese friends say that they speak Chinese. Britain in a way is doing the same thing to the Maori people of New Zealand and Hindi people of India as China is doing to the Taiwanese and the Tibetan people. Mr. Huang had to run from Taiwan because he was an activist against China for many things. 
As he translated scripture against the will of the oppressor, the odd culture was adapted by most people, and he was nearly ex-communicated by his own church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Normally his would embrace a new translation of the Book of Mormon, if it is approved of God; however, the odd culture created by the state sought the destruction of the effort of translate the Book of Mormon into Taiwanese. He was hunted down; therefore, he had to leave Taiwan. I will share what I can remember in this blog post. 
Before World War II about 1945, Japan gave Taiwan to allies while a Chinese Commander and Chief took the land before the Communist party took over in 1949. At this time the Chinese sought to suppress Taiwan by replacing their language, banning their newspaper, financial and physical penalties, & other means. As they sought to destroy their culture, China eliminated all political parties except for Communism until 1989, when they were allowed to make political parties. 
Some physical measures against the Taiwan culture were having to run a track for miles, if you speak the Taiwanese. I assume that this is for school students. They were labeled and persecuted them as inferior by forcing them to wear arm bans. The financial penalties were fines for loyalty the culture.
Extreme embezzlement of tax funds have made the communist party in Taiwan the richest in the world, the worth of 10 billion U.S. dollars. After lifting the ban against the development for competing parties the 1989; despite the wide gap of funds, many political parties rose, for the opposing parties basically had no funding. The rise was great; insomuch, the obtained presidency in 1996 and 2000.
China had to cheat to restore power. There is seen a culture that does not care about politics, and people would take the amount of about 100 US dollars to vote communist. Another act that they did to "restore power" was threaten the Taiwan residents in China their property, if they don't vote communist, shutting down their companies and savings. Millions of Taiwanese people live in China, and the communist party has not lost power in Taiwan since the 2000 election. This is the current state of Taiwan.

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