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Chapter .01: Covering the month of May 2011

2011-06-01 02:25:21

2011-06-01 02:20:40

2011-05-31 23:19:03

2011-05-31 23:10:13

2011-05-31 20:12:14

2011-05-31 19:14:01

2011-05-31 17:20:14

2011-05-31 16:22:59

2011-05-31 16:10:25

2011-05-31 16:09:06

2011-05-31 15:06:15

2011-05-31 14:46:29

2011-05-31 14:22:53

2011-05-30 21:42:00

2011-05-29 21:24:34

2011-05-29 18:18:14

2011-05-27 19:39:39

2011-05-27 19:23:01

2011-05-27 17:28:33

2011-05-27 15:02:20

2011-05-27 15:01:56

2011-05-27 01:13:23

2011-05-26 21:53:37

2011-05-26 21:46:59

2011-05-26 20:49:17

2011-05-26 17:39:39

2011-05-26 16:28:10

2011-05-26 15:35:01

2011-05-26 14:48:38

2011-05-26 14:41:15

2011-05-26 14:20:50

2011-05-26 00:36:57

2011-05-25 23:29:25

2011-05-25 22:29:18

2011-05-25 17:50:55

2011-05-25 16:31:28

2011-05-25 16:23:06

2011-05-25 14:42:49

2011-05-25 02:25:16

2011-05-25 01:42:54

2011-05-24 23:37:48

2011-05-24 21:49:34

2011-05-24 20:05:41

2011-05-24 16:18:59

2011-05-24 16:07:57

2011-05-24 14:50:44

2011-05-24 14:49:09

2011-05-24 14:43:54

2011-05-24 14:40:51

2011-05-23 20:40:53

2011-05-23 18:54:42

2011-05-23 17:13:53

2011-05-23 17:05:30

2011-05-23 16:31:12

2011-05-23 14:53:40

2011-05-22 18:24:38

2011-05-21 21:47:04

2011-05-20 19:01:57

2011-05-20 16:46:41

2011-05-20 16:17:06

2011-05-20 15:47:44

2011-05-20 15:38:25

2011-05-20 15:00:30

2011-05-20 15:00:16

2011-05-20 00:51:59

2011-05-19 19:50:40

2011-05-19 17:56:01

2011-05-19 14:47:11

2011-05-19 03:31:03

2011-05-18 21:29:14

2011-05-18 16:54:58

2011-05-18 16:54:35

2011-05-18 16:49:35
2011-05-18 02:31:27

2011-05-18 00:34:55

2011-05-17 23:28:58

2011-05-17 23:17:38

2011-05-17 22:24:33

2011-05-17 21:46:53

2011-05-17 17:56:25

2011-05-17 17:55:24

2011-05-17 15:44:02

2011-05-17 15:33:23

2011-05-17 15:03:13

2011-05-17 14:55:58

2011-05-16 21:43:35

2011-05-16 17:15:37

2011-05-16 14:34:27

2011-05-16 14:14:53

2011-05-16 03:08:09

2011-05-16 03:07:26

2011-05-15 21:45:58

2011-05-15 21:06:52

2011-05-15 19:41:21

2011-05-15 17:03:00

2011-05-15 15:17:25

2011-05-15 14:45:12

2011-05-14 00:10:36

2011-05-13 23:03:06

2011-05-13 21:29:38

2011-05-13 18:54:57

2011-05-13 17:41:50

2011-05-13 17:20:54

2011-05-13 17:02:23

2011-05-13 16:42:59

2011-05-13 16:36:59

2011-05-13 06:39:14

2011-05-12 23:17:16

2011-05-12 22:22:34

2011-05-12 19:05:10

2011-05-12 18:14:05

2011-05-12 15:42:00

2011-05-12 14:07:58

2011-05-12 13:26:36

2011-05-11 20:42:05

2011-05-11 20:40:45

2011-05-11 20:38:14

2011-05-11 17:05:46

2011-05-11 16:31:53

2011-05-11 14:39:38

2011-05-11 14:25:03

2011-05-10 01:58:34

2011-05-09 20:24:34

2011-05-09 17:04:58

2011-05-09 14:49:07

2011-05-09 14:43:11

2011-05-09 14:40:28

2011-05-09 14:18:15

2011-05-08 18:52:33

2011-05-08 18:13:17

2011-05-07 00:32:34

2011-05-06 22:12:36

2011-05-06 19:42:34

2011-05-06 19:05:45

2011-05-06 18:19:26

2011-05-06 15:22:24

2011-06-01 02:25:21
2011-06-01 02:20:40
2011-05-31 23:19:03
2011-05-31 23:10:13
2011-05-31 20:12:14
2011-05-31 19:14:01
2011-05-31 17:20:14
2011-05-31 16:22:59
2011-05-31 16:10:25
2011-05-31 16:09:06
2011-05-31 15:06:15
2011-05-31 14:46:29
2011-05-31 14:22:53
2011-05-30 21:42:00
2011-05-29 21:24:34
2011-05-29 18:18:14
2011-05-27 19:39:39
2011-05-27 19:23:01
2011-05-27 17:28:33
2011-05-27 15:02:20
2011-05-27 15:01:56
2011-05-27 01:13:23
2011-05-26 21:53:37
2011-05-26 21:46:59
2011-05-26 20:49:17
2011-05-26 17:39:39
2011-05-26 16:28:10
2011-05-26 15:35:01
2011-05-26 14:48:38
TheEconomist: Financial tightening is hitting the Chinese economy with real force
BreakingNews: Filipino clan leader pleads not guilty to 2009 'Maguindanao massacre' -
cnnbrk: House overwhelmingly rejects debt ceiling increase #debtceiling
WSJ: The House is currently voting on a $2.4 trillion increase to the federal debt ceiling that is expected to fail
CNNMoney: Stocks rally on hopes of a bailout for Greece. But Dow's 127 point gain can't prevent the worst month of losses since August.
WSJ: 44.6 million Americans received food stamps in March, up 11% from a year ago. Map of state-by-state data:
BreakingNews: 2 Iraqis arrested in Kentucky on charges of terrorism, conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction
BBCBreaking: Syria's President #Assad issues general amnesty covering all political movements - Reuters
WSJ: U.S. home prices hit their lowest levels since mid-2002. See the data by metro area:
cnnbrk: Bosnian Serb genocide suspect Ratko #Mladic loses extradition appeal.
WSJ: Germany said it would close all of its 17 nuclear reactors by 2022
cnnbrk: Egypt's #Mubarak too ill for transfer from military hospital, prosecutors say.
cnnbrk: CNN confirms at least 11 dead in German E. coli outbreak.
cnnbrk: South Africa's Zuma says #Gadhafi is ready for a ceasefire #Libya
cnnbrk: Coalition commander apologizes for airstrike he says killed 9 Afghan civilians.
cnnbrk: Serbian nationalists protest arrest of genocide suspect Ratko Mladic.
WSJ: Ninety of the people unaccounted for after the Joplin tornado have been located and are alive
WSJ: U.S. banks initiated fewer foreclosures in April than at any time since late 2008
cnnbrk: Russia calls for #Gadhafi to step down.
WSJ: Good news: new evidence suggests AIDS epidemic could finally be controlled. Bad news: funding has declined
cnnbrk: Bomb hits U.N. convoy in #Lebanon; casualties reported.
cnnbrk: House passes extension of key parts of #PatriotAct; it goes to Obama for signature
cnnbrk: Senate votes to extend key parts of #PatriotAct; measure moves to House
WSJ: Tech boom in New York: venture capitalists invested $2.1 billion there last year, up 24% from 2009
WSJ: Sarah Palin will launch a tour of the East Coast on Sunday as she continues exploring a presidential run
WSJ: U.S. stock listings, 1991-2011 (peak at 8,823 in 1997, now at 5,072)
cnnbrk: #Supertyphoon #Songda threatens #Okinawa.
BBCBreaking: Seven Nato soldiers have been killed by a roadside bomb in southern #Afghanistan - Reuters
cnnbrk: RT @PoliticalTicker: Supreme Court backs Arizona immigration law that punishes businesses -
cnnbrk: U.S. general says militant attacks on American troops in #Iraq on rise.
BBCBreaking: Leader of Serbian Radical Party urges protest rally against arrest of #Mladic, calling it a 'loathsome act' ...
WSJ: Sticker shock in Washington: fleet of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters costs more than $1 trillion over lifetime
cnnbrk: U.S. to reduce military presence in Pakistan, Pentagon says
cnnbrk: Senate votes down House GOP budget that included #Medicare overhaul
cnnbrk: #Oklahoma declares state of emergency in 68 counties.
cnnbrk: #Oprah ends final show: "I won't say goodbye, I'll just say until we meet again... To God be the glory"
cnnbrk: RT @iDeskCNN: Tribal fighters seize government buildings in Yemen
WSJ: Overnight storms in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas left another 13 people dead
cnnbrk: Democrat wins House seat from N.Y. in race some called referendum on GOP Medicare plan
cnnbrk: Car bomb rams police building in Afghanistan; 19 hurt, officials say
cnnbrk: Israel won't halt settlements ahead of talks with Palestinians, official says
cnnbrk: Large tornado churning through northwest Oklahoma City, weather officials say
WSJ: Alert: an "intense tornado outbreak" is expected today across parts of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri
WSJ: Lehman Brothers's Chapter 11 case is the largest and most-expensive bankruptcy proceeding in U.S. history
BBCBreaking: Israeli PM Netanyahu tells US Congress that Israel will have to give up parts of 'ancestral homeland' 4 peace with Palestinians
WSJ: House Republicans plan to introduce a bill to raise the debt limit by $2 trillion but expect it to fail
cnnbrk: RT @CNNMoney: The tornado that devastated Joplin, Mo., killing at least 117 people, may have caused up to $3 billion worth of damage
cnnbrk: RT @PoliticalTicker: NY Congressman hints at Giuliani '12 W.H. run
cnnbrk: About 500 British airline flights will be canceled today due to volcanic ash from Iceland, officials say.
cnnbrk: 116 people confirmed dead in Sunday's tornado in Joplin, Missouri, city manager says.
WSJ: This tornado season has become the deadliest since 1953, with at least 454 people killed in the U.S.
WSJ: Judge Judy now averages a larger audience (7 million daily viewers ) than Oprah (6.5 million)
cnnbrk: Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty launches 2012 presidential campaign.
WSJ: LinkedIn, fresh off its volcanic IPO, is down more than 9% in early trading to $84
cnnbrk: Supreme Court: California must end prison crowding.
cnnbrk: Helicopter rescues Western, Arab diplomats who were surrounded in embassy in #Yemen, officials tell CNN.
cnnbrk: Grimsv?tn #volcano in #Iceland began erupting Saturday, officials say.
BBCBreaking: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects US President Barack Obama's proposal that Israel return 2its pre-1967 borders
WSJ: Nevada has the country's highest unemployment rate at 12.5%. The lowest? North Dakota's 3.3%. All states:
WSJ: Cyclist who accused former teammate Lance Armstrong of doping has handed over his 2004 Olympic gold medal
WSJ: Tim Pawlenty will formally announce his bid for the Republican presidential nomination on Monday in Iowa
cnnbrk: U.S. has intensified drone blitz in #Pakistan, source says.
WSJ: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is meeting with President Obama today amid a tense backdrop
BBCBreaking: #Syria security forces are reported to have shot dead at least 10 people during pro-democracy protests across the country
cnnbrk: #NATO aircraft target warships in Tripoli's seaport #Libya
BBCBreaking: Israeli PM says he welcomes Obama's #MidEast speech but rejects withdrawal to 1967 borders as 'indefensible' #mespeech
BBCBreaking: Obama says lasting peace in the #MidEast involves two states, a viable Palestine state and a SECURE ISRAEL
WSJ: RT @ShiraOvide: LinkedIn now valued at 521 times its earnings.
WSJ: Japan's economy contracted at a much-worse-than-expected 3.7% last quarter
WSJ: Who benefits from the departures of Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump? So far, it's Mitt Romney:
cnnbrk: Thousands protest economic crisis, high unemployment in #Spain.
cnnbrk: Deaths mount in #Syria, security crackdown under fire.
BBCBreaking: US to sanction Syria's Assad
cnnbrk: Canada expels 5 Libyan diplomats
cnnbrk: Bill to end #oil subsidies defeated in Senate on mostly party-line vote
RT @salimb94: @alexnhicken While the earthquake Spain, Italians were fleeing Rome because a seismologist predicted that the big one woul ...
cnnbrk: Mexico finds 513 Central Americans, Asians in 2 trucks heading toward U.S.
cnnbrk: #Libya: Forces in firefight with NATO ships; NATO: No engagement took place
cnnbrk: "Disappointed" Sen. Coburn pulls out of bipartisan deficit-reduction talks
cnnbrk: NATO forces clash with Pakistani troops, officials say.
cnnbrk: RT @cnni: Senior al Qaeda militant held in Pakistan
WSJ: Gold prices fell after George Soros said his hedge fund dumped nearly all of its holdings of the metal
cnnbrk: Attempted suicide attack foiled, police in Pakistan say.
cnnbrk: Former Rwandan army chief gets 30 years for part in genocide.
WSJ: After Google and TI yesterday, more big names issuing bonds today: J&J, McDonald's, Aetna, Caterpillar
WSJ: New estimate of insured losses from last month's powerful tornadoes in the South: $6 billion
cnnbrk: Donald #Trump says he will not run for president.
cnnbrk: RT @CNNMoney: The U.S. government has reached the debt ceiling,Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner tells Congress.
RT @BBCBreaking: Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov says representatives of Colonel #Gaddafi's #Libya government expected in Moscow  ...
cnnbrk: Waters in Vicksburg, Mississippi, have reached record levels of 56.2 feet; that's 13 feet over #flood stage
cnnbrk: At New Orleans the river crested at 17 ft due to spillway operations some 4 ft below historic level of 1922
WSJ: Israeli soldiers opened fire on demonstrators attempting to cross the border from Syria and the Gaza Strip
CNNEE: #Djokovic le gana a #Nadal y lo destrona en el Masters de Roma #tenis
CNNEE: Un sismo de magnitud 6,5 sacude la region de Bougainville, en Papua Nueva Guinea, segun @USGS. Aqui el mapa
cnnbrk: Clashes between pro-Palestinian demonstrators, Israeli forces leave at least 12 dead on Israel's borders.
WSJ: The fuel cores of two other reactors at Japan's crippled nuclear plant have suffered substantial damage
cnnbrk: RT @cnni: Clashes erupt along Israel's border
CNNEE: Un sismo de magnitud 6 sacudio Costa Rica"
cnnbrk: Governor: Floodwater may be diverted to central La. within 24 hours to  spare major cities
cnnbrk: Georgia governor signs law targeting undocumented workers
BBCBreaking: #Gaddafi condemns Nato attack on his Tripoli compound as cowardly in #Libya TV statement, saying he is in place 'you cannot ...
WSJ: Mike Huckabee is likely to skip the 2012 presidential campaign, says his top political operative
BBCBreaking: Former #Pakistan President, #Musharraf, is to return home next year, facing possible arrest, to take part in a 2013 election
BBCBreaking: Head of #Pakistan intelligence service says he offered his resignation to the prime minister, but it was turned down
cnnbrk: Social Security and Medicare trust funds will run dry earlier than expected, report says.
WSJ: The Dow is down 106 points amid continued worries over Greece's finances
BBCBreaking: Death toll in Taliban bombings outside security force centre in Pakistan rises to 80, a police officer tells the AP news agency
WSJ: One of the reactors at Japan's crippled nuclear plant likely suffered a substantial meltdown of its core
WSJ: Mitt Romney defended the health-care plan he championed in Mass. while criticizing the federal overhaul
WSJ: If you're following developments in Syria, here's a day-by-day map to keep you situated:
WSJ: Syrian forces swept six cities today, detaining lawyers, doctors, intellectuals and other professionals
cnnbrk: RT @PoliticalTicker: BREAKING: Ron Paul to run for president -
WSJ: Silver continues to fall: it's down another 7% today and 32% this month alone
cnnbrk: Rockets strike #Gadhafi's compound
BBCBreaking: Spanish PM says 10 people have been killed in the 5.2 magnitude earthquake which hit the south eastern Spanish town of Lorca
cnnbrk: Former House Speaker Newt #Gingrich announced via Twitter he is  candidate for 2012 GOP presidential nomination ...
WSJ: In March, there were 3.1 million job openings in the U.S., the highest level since Sept. 2008
WSJ: Crude oil has fallen 4% to $99 a barrel, prompting a halt in trading; silver is down nearly 7%
BBCBreaking: Thirteen people have been killed in tank shelling and gunfire in the southern Syrian town of Harra, an activist tells Reuters
BBCBreaking: Dozens of Yemeni protesters wounded after security forces and plain clothed gunmen opened fire on thousands marching in Sanaa.
WSJ: The White House and Senate Democrats oppose limiting federal spending to 20.6% of GDP (it's now 24.3%)
WSJ: Breaking: Microsoft nears a deal to buy Skype for more than $7 billion
WSJ: Wages are rising in China, heralding the possible end of an era of cheap goods
CNNEE: Tragedia en el #Giro de #Italia: muere el ciclista belga Wouter #Weylandt tras sufrir una caida en la tercera etapa
BBCBreaking: Republican Newt Gingrich is set to announce his candidacy for 2012 US presidency on Wednesday, Reuters understands
CNNEE: RT @CNNMexicoDeporT: #Chicharito anota el gol mas rapido de la temporada de la Liga Premier #futbol #MaNU #Chelsea ...
CNNEE: RT @joselevycnn: En Tunez se reanudan las protestas y, con ellas, el toque de queda. Piden una democracia real.
cnnbrk: Memphis braces for worst as Army Corps battles Mississippi flooding.
cnnbrk: Average gas price in U.S. hits $4 per gallon; all-time high was $4.11 in July 2008
WSJ: Students in the Class of 2011 will graduate from college with an average of $22,900 in debt, the most ever
WSJ: A U.S. drone strike in Yemen was aimed at killing Anwar al-Awlaki, but the missile missed its target
WSJ: RT @GZuckerman: Tarnished! What a brutal week for silver investors, worst week in over three decades, down 25% over the 4days, ouch ...
WSJ: Syria's crisis deepened today as demonstrations roiled major cities and violent clashes erupted in Homs
WSJ: Wal-Mart family pledges $800 million to heir's museum in largest-ever cash donation to a U.S. art museum
BBCBreaking: Sir Paul McCartney has become engaged to Nancy Shevell, his girlfriend of nearly four years, publicist says
WSJ: Today is the first anniversary of the "flash crash," when the Dow plunged nearly 1,000 points in minutes

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