Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chapter .02: Covering the month of June 2011

2011-07-01 05:12:30 
2011-07-01 04:44:19 
2011-07-01 02:38:41 
2011-06-30 23:39:33 
2011-06-30 22:34:18 
2011-06-30 20:06:02 
2011-06-30 20:05:36 
2011-06-30 20:04:02 
2011-06-30 20:03:08 
2011-06-30 19:59:55 
2011-06-30 19:59:30 
2011-06-30 19:58:50 
2011-06-30 19:58:11 
2011-06-30 19:57:25 
2011-06-30 17:52:57 
2011-06-30 17:52:19 
2011-06-30 17:14:35 
2011-06-30 17:09:32 
2011-06-30 16:38:28 
2011-06-30 16:37:02 
2011-06-30 16:35:47 
2011-06-30 15:23:14 
2011-06-30 14:59:22 
2011-06-30 14:49:39 
2011-06-30 14:48:39 
2011-06-30 14:39:22 
2011-06-30 14:34:45 
2011-06-30 14:01:49 
2011-06-30 13:04:17 
2011-06-30 13:03:55 
2011-06-30 05:38:59 
2011-06-30 04:23:51 
2011-06-30 02:01:06 
2011-06-30 01:25:23 
2011-06-30 01:09:14 
2011-06-30 00:42:35 
2011-06-30 00:12:11 
2011-06-30 00:10:27 
2011-06-29 23:57:11 
2011-06-29 23:07:10 
2011-06-29 20:50:45 
2011-06-29 20:36:04 
2011-06-29 20:04:08 
2011-06-29 19:58:26 
2011-06-29 19:46:53 
2011-06-29 18:59:12
2011-06-29 18:44:33 
2011-06-29 17:39:42 
2011-06-29 17:38:13 
2011-06-29 16:27:41 
2011-06-29 15:24:42 
2011-06-29 15:22:38 
2011-06-29 15:22:10 
2011-06-29 15:20:35 
2011-06-29 14:24:27 
2011-06-29 14:23:56 
2011-06-29 06:18:15 
2011-06-29 05:56:05 
2011-06-29 05:44:03 
2011-06-29 04:44:33 
2011-06-29 04:14:19 
2011-06-29 04:13:56 
2011-06-29 02:29:36 
2011-06-29 02:26:19 
2011-06-29 01:17:24 
2011-06-29 00:13:42 
2011-06-28 23:57:38 
2011-06-28 23:20:50 
2011-06-28 22:31:45 
2011-06-28 21:01:41 
2011-06-28 21:01:03 
2011-06-28 20:20:42 
2011-06-28 17:31:25 
2011-06-28 06:19:00 
2011-06-28 05:33:01 
2011-06-28 05:13:22 
2011-06-28 05:03:14 
2011-06-28 04:33:26 
2011-06-28 04:20:43 
2011-06-28 01:05:10 
2011-06-27 23:21:47 
2011-06-27 22:19:11 
2011-06-27 21:03:16 
2011-06-27 20:49:05 
2011-06-27 20:10:57 
2011-06-27 20:07:13 
2011-06-27 20:04:31 
2011-06-27 17:56:19 
2011-06-27 17:43:08 
2011-06-27 17:42:17 
2011-06-27 17:41:30 
2011-06-27 15:30:04 
2011-06-27 15:24:57 
2011-06-27 14:45:26 
2011-06-27 14:26:12 
2011-06-27 04:19:36 
2011-06-27 03:03:47 
2011-06-27 01:54:45 
2011-06-27 01:53:35 
2011-06-27 01:01:50 
2011-06-26 23:44:15 
2011-06-26 21:00:16 
2011-06-26 20:46:44 
2011-06-26 19:40:37 
2011-06-26 19:32:46 
2011-06-26 18:14:24 
2011-06-26 18:01:44 
2011-06-26 16:34:52 
2011-06-26 16:34:08 
2011-06-26 14:51:36 
2011-06-26 06:08:59 
2011-06-26 06:08:28 
2011-06-26 03:37:44 
2011-06-26 01:30:58 
2011-06-26 01:28:58 
2011-06-26 01:13:32 
2011-06-26 01:12:21 
2011-06-26 01:11:56 
2011-06-26 01:11:34 
2011-06-26 01:10:55 
2011-06-26 01:10:14 
2011-06-26 01:07:54 
2011-06-26 01:05:57 
2011-06-26 01:02:46 
2011-06-26 00:59:01 
2011-06-26 00:57:47 
2011-06-26 00:56:44 
2011-06-26 00:56:02 
2011-06-25 17:19:57 
2011-06-25 16:29:49 
2011-06-25 15:43:43 
2011-06-25 15:43:03 
2011-06-25 15:29:07 
2011-06-25 15:28:39 
2011-06-25 15:15:19 
2011-06-25 14:57:22 
2011-06-25 14:56:37 
2011-06-25 05:58:03 
2011-06-25 05:19:44 
2011-06-25 05:02:56 
2011-06-25 04:04:50 
2011-06-25 03:51:46 
2011-06-25 02:35:12 
2011-06-25 02:32:08 
2011-06-25 01:46:14 
2011-06-25 01:45:40 
2011-06-25 01:44:45 
2011-06-25 00:45:43 
2011-06-24 23:48:02 
2011-06-24 23:17:41 
2011-06-24 20:55:10 
2011-06-24 20:49:18 
2011-06-24 18:36:19 
2011-06-24 18:35:50 
2011-06-24 17:54:00 
2011-06-24 17:48:21 
2011-06-24 16:25:14 
2011-06-24 16:24:54 
2011-06-24 16:03:01 
2011-06-24 15:32:32 
2011-06-24 15:00:39 
2011-06-24 14:47:51 
2011-06-24 14:42:20 
2011-06-24 14:32:24 
2011-06-24 14:30:30 
2011-06-24 14:27:03 
2011-06-24 14:05:49 
2011-06-24 04:49:41 
2011-06-24 04:33:45 
2011-06-24 03:26:49 
2011-06-24 03:20:50 
2011-06-24 00:39:32 
2011-06-24 00:30:17 
2011-06-24 00:20:41 
2011-06-23 20:29:10 
2011-06-23 20:17:23 
2011-06-23 19:42:15 
2011-06-23 19:30:08 
2011-06-23 19:29:19 
2011-06-23 17:36:58 
2011-06-23 17:36:06 
2011-06-23 16:28:15 
2011-06-23 14:38:34 
2011-06-23 14:32:40 
2011-06-23 00:37:12 
2011-06-23 00:36:16 
2011-06-22 23:29:30 
2011-06-22 22:55:29 
2011-06-22 22:45:22 
2011-06-22 22:17:02 
2011-06-22 21:09:05 
2011-06-22 20:16:43 
2011-06-22 17:45:10 
2011-06-22 17:33:22 
2011-06-22 17:32:34 
2011-06-22 17:32:19 
2011-06-22 16:36:35 
2011-06-22 15:27:23 
2011-06-22 15:00:21 
2011-06-22 14:46:47 
2011-06-22 13:03:32 
2011-06-22 04:48:33 
2011-06-22 02:25:17 
2011-06-21 22:38:43 
2011-06-21 22:05:59 
2011-06-21 21:36:28 
2011-06-21 21:31:28 
2011-06-21 21:18:30 
2011-06-21 19:25:08 
2011-06-21 19:23:57 
2011-06-21 17:33:00 
2011-06-21 17:31:21 
2011-06-21 16:36:59 
2011-06-21 16:36:34 
2011-06-21 15:24:23 
2011-06-21 14:48:25 
2011-06-21 14:10:05 
2011-06-21 14:09:38 
2011-06-21 13:17:29 
2011-06-21 13:15:04 
2011-06-21 13:02:31 
2011-06-21 03:48:30 
2011-06-21 00:49:23 
2011-06-21 00:42:46 
2011-06-21 00:07:54 
2011-06-20 23:50:20 
2011-06-20 23:49:19 
2011-06-20 23:48:37 
2011-06-20 23:00:48 
2011-06-20 22:55:55 
2011-06-20 20:09:42 
2011-06-20 20:07:08 
2011-06-20 20:00:52 
2011-06-20 17:39:02 
2011-06-20 17:38:36 
2011-06-20 17:37:55 
2011-06-20 16:31:51 
2011-06-20 14:44:05 
2011-06-20 14:43:26 
2011-06-20 14:30:45 
2011-06-20 14:30:20 
2011-06-20 14:11:18 
2011-06-20 13:28:14 
2011-06-20 00:35:52 
2011-06-19 18:01:44 
2011-06-19 17:24:59 
2011-06-19 16:45:07 
2011-06-19 16:05:44 
2011-06-19 15:30:06 
2011-06-19 15:07:41 
2011-06-19 06:04:57 
2011-06-19 06:02:13 
2011-06-19 04:23:55 
2011-06-19 04:00:02 
2011-06-19 03:49:23 
2011-06-19 03:16:14 
2011-06-19 00:17:32 
2011-06-18 23:47:04 
2011-06-18 23:17:02 
2011-06-18 23:09:04 
2011-06-18 23:08:14 
2011-06-18 23:06:20 
2011-06-18 22:39:54 
2011-06-18 22:22:50 
2011-06-18 21:28:35 
2011-06-18 20:54:35 
2011-06-18 19:39:39 
2011-06-18 19:19:43 
2011-06-18 17:10:54 
2011-06-18 17:10:33 
2011-06-18 17:09:37 
2011-06-18 14:50:01 
2011-06-18 03:33:31 
2011-06-17 21:10:27 
2011-06-17 20:17:51 
2011-06-17 20:06:31 
2011-06-17 19:41:03 
2011-06-17 19:38:11 
2011-06-17 19:13:09 
2011-06-17 18:57:40 
2011-06-17 18:11:50 
2011-06-17 18:06:39 
2011-06-17 17:49:44 
2011-06-17 17:48:07 
2011-06-17 17:47:03 
2011-06-17 17:20:43 
2011-06-17 16:17:36 
2011-06-17 16:16:45 
2011-06-17 15:44:55 
2011-06-17 14:55:17 
2011-06-17 14:54:08 
2011-06-17 14:53:08 
2011-06-17 02:36:24 
2011-06-17 01:23:26 
2011-06-17 00:25:25 
2011-06-17 00:05:58 
2011-06-16 22:27:11 
2011-06-16 22:24:43 
2011-06-16 20:41:44 
2011-06-16 20:10:32 
2011-06-16 20:09:45 
2011-06-16 16:27:16 
2011-06-16 15:24:37 
2011-06-16 15:23:29 
2011-06-16 14:25:21 
2011-06-16 14:22:29 
2011-06-16 13:06:22 
2011-06-16 05:23:40 
2011-06-16 05:23:19 
2011-06-16 04:59:33 
2011-06-16 04:49:42 
2011-06-15 21:43:02 
2011-06-15 21:30:56 
2011-06-15 21:10:16 
2011-06-15 19:57:20 
2011-06-15 19:25:20 
2011-06-15 19:24:02 
2011-06-15 17:44:19 
2011-06-15 15:26:26 
2011-06-15 15:08:22 
2011-06-15 14:52:35 
2011-06-15 14:49:21 
2011-06-15 14:11:43 
2011-06-15 13:01:46 
2011-06-15 05:23:00 
2011-06-15 02:34:42 
2011-06-15 02:21:50 
2011-06-15 01:46:16 
2011-06-14 22:57:53 
2011-06-14 22:00:51 
2011-06-14 21:17:13 
2011-06-14 21:11:19 
2011-06-14 20:12:55 
2011-06-14 20:10:12 
2011-06-14 19:48:52 
2011-06-14 19:44:30 
2011-06-14 17:53:58 
2011-06-14 16:31:08 
2011-06-14 14:42:53 
2011-06-14 14:36:20 
2011-06-14 14:35:31 
2011-06-14 14:34:29 
2011-06-14 05:25:10 
2011-06-14 00:43:56 
2011-06-13 23:37:14 
2011-06-13 23:34:30 
2011-06-13 21:54:48 
2011-06-13 21:14:12 
2011-06-13 21:01:41 
2011-06-13 20:24:03 
2011-06-13 20:06:33 
2011-06-13 19:59:44 
2011-06-13 19:46:09 
2011-06-13 19:44:54 
2011-06-13 19:07:48 
2011-06-13 18:57:16 
2011-06-13 18:03:40 
2011-06-13 17:53:58 
2011-06-13 17:51:43 
2011-06-13 17:48:26 
2011-06-13 17:46:18 
2011-06-13 17:44:27 
2011-06-13 16:41:49 
2011-06-13 16:41:16 
2011-06-13 16:41:01 
2011-06-13 16:40:18 
2011-06-13 16:39:38 
2011-06-13 16:38:37 
2011-06-13 15:27:20 
2011-06-13 15:01:43 
2011-06-13 06:36:09 
2011-06-13 06:04:22 
2011-06-13 06:03:12 
2011-06-13 06:02:36 
2011-06-13 06:01:26 
2011-06-13 05:59:56 
2011-06-13 05:59:21 
2011-06-13 05:55:46 
2011-06-13 05:54:22 
2011-06-13 05:53:42 
2011-06-12 21:01:40 
2011-06-12 19:56:28 
2011-06-12 18:11:36 
2011-06-12 17:12:40 
2011-06-12 17:07:05 
2011-06-12 16:56:18 
2011-06-12 16:17:24 
2011-06-12 16:17:06 
2011-06-12 15:18:00 
2011-06-12 05:00:05 
2011-06-12 04:55:03 
2011-06-12 04:41:31 
2011-06-12 03:00:07 
2011-06-12 01:34:28 
2011-06-12 00:28:06 
2011-06-12 00:08:08 
2011-06-11 23:47:44 
2011-06-11 23:34:25 
2011-06-11 23:26:40 
2011-06-11 22:39:42 
2011-06-11 21:23:07 
2011-06-11 20:58:38 
2011-06-11 20:10:24 
2011-06-11 19:52:43 
2011-06-11 19:41:23 
2011-06-11 19:02:30 
2011-06-11 18:07:44 
2011-06-11 17:40:37 
2011-06-11 17:40:00 
2011-06-11 16:36:30 
2011-06-11 16:30:04 
2011-06-11 15:51:44 
2011-06-11 15:51:17 
2011-06-11 15:20:52 
2011-06-11 14:48:49 
2011-06-11 14:47:48 
2011-06-11 05:10:54 
2011-06-10 21:36:47 
2011-06-10 21:34:55 
2011-06-10 20:25:57 
2011-06-10 20:07:30 
2011-06-10 20:05:52 
2011-06-10 19:54:36 
2011-06-10 19:39:40 
2011-06-10 18:55:15 
2011-06-10 18:33:04 
2011-06-10 18:23:06 
2011-06-10 18:07:34 
2011-06-10 17:42:09 
2011-06-10 17:03:49 
2011-06-10 16:16:04 
2011-06-10 16:03:19 
2011-06-10 15:29:46 
2011-06-10 14:52:53 
2011-06-10 14:44:49 
2011-06-10 14:36:29 
2011-06-10 14:28:49 
2011-06-10 14:27:18 
2011-06-10 14:11:12 
2011-06-10 14:10:47 
2011-06-10 14:02:41 
2011-06-10 14:01:17 
2011-06-10 14:00:41 
2011-06-10 06:34:42 
2011-06-10 06:34:19 
2011-06-10 06:24:19 
2011-06-10 03:30:15 
2011-06-10 02:33:44 
2011-06-10 02:14:45 
2011-06-10 02:08:19 
2011-06-10 01:34:09 
2011-06-10 01:20:27 
2011-06-09 22:44:29 
2011-06-09 22:38:53 
2011-06-09 21:42:59 
2011-06-09 21:18:02 
2011-06-09 21:17:49 
2011-06-09 19:06:05 
2011-06-09 17:45:48 
2011-06-09 16:32:41 
2011-06-09 15:53:15 
2011-06-09 15:05:32 
2011-06-09 14:36:52 
2011-06-09 14:32:41 
2011-06-09 14:20:12 
2011-06-09 14:15:17 
2011-06-09 14:07:48 
2011-06-09 13:50:06 
2011-06-09 13:49:43 
2011-06-09 13:49:26 
2011-06-09 06:21:52 
2011-06-09 05:50:14 
2011-06-09 05:49:40 
2011-06-09 05:21:56 
2011-06-09 01:16:09 
2011-06-09 01:03:34 
2011-06-09 00:52:21 
2011-06-08 23:22:07 
2011-06-08 22:07:18 
2011-06-08 21:38:55 
2011-06-08 21:34:14 
2011-06-08 21:03:23 
2011-06-08 20:16:00 
2011-06-08 20:06:22 
2011-06-08 19:26:33 
2011-06-08 19:20:15 
2011-06-08 16:18:16 
2011-06-08 15:15:27 
2011-06-08 14:41:50 
2011-06-08 13:44:22 
2011-06-08 04:49:32 
2011-06-08 04:45:47 
2011-06-08 02:57:28 
2011-06-08 01:50:29 
2011-06-08 01:35:20 
2011-06-08 01:28:20 
2011-06-08 01:05:27 
2011-06-07 21:56:57 
2011-06-07 20:36:21 
2011-06-07 19:14:52 
2011-06-07 19:10:52 
2011-06-07 19:09:04 
2011-06-07 16:50:46 
2011-06-07 16:11:53 
2011-06-07 15:14:56 
2011-06-07 14:39:30 
2011-06-07 14:30:36 
2011-06-07 14:26:33 
2011-06-07 14:09:38 
2011-06-07 06:09:03 
2011-06-07 05:26:11 
2011-06-07 03:45:10 
2011-06-07 01:36:59 
2011-06-07 00:37:11 
2011-06-06 22:59:09 
2011-06-06 22:48:56 
2011-06-06 22:37:00 
2011-06-06 21:57:13 
2011-06-06 20:47:32 
2011-06-06 20:25:46 
2011-06-06 19:00:01 
2011-06-06 17:45:43 
2011-06-06 17:13:13 
2011-06-06 16:42:52 
2011-06-06 15:53:43 
2011-06-06 15:47:37 
2011-06-06 15:39:53 
2011-06-06 15:38:47 
2011-06-06 15:10:39 
2011-06-06 15:10:04 
2011-06-06 07:24:03 
2011-06-06 05:26:03 
2011-06-06 04:59:51 
2011-06-06 04:56:47 
2011-06-06 04:47:50 
2011-06-06 04:20:52 
2011-06-06 04:17:23 
2011-06-06 03:59:19 
2011-06-05 21:42:50 
2011-06-05 18:50:23 
2011-06-05 18:39:33 
2011-06-05 17:54:34 
2011-06-05 17:22:10 
2011-06-05 17:08:36 
2011-06-05 16:50:54 
2011-06-05 16:50:25 
2011-06-05 15:54:25 
2011-06-05 15:20:29 
2011-06-05 14:53:04 
2011-06-05 14:52:35 
2011-06-05 06:27:39 
2011-06-05 06:17:33 
2011-06-05 01:59:21 
2011-06-05 00:49:45 
2011-06-04 23:13:45 
2011-06-04 22:55:35 
2011-06-04 21:21:59 
2011-06-04 19:56:08 
2011-06-04 19:25:56 
2011-06-04 18:51:56 
2011-06-04 18:26:19 
2011-06-04 18:03:08 
2011-06-04 17:24:32 
2011-06-04 16:53:11 
2011-06-04 16:39:28 
2011-06-04 15:53:42 
2011-06-04 06:30:49 
2011-06-04 05:21:03 
2011-06-04 01:41:15 
2011-06-04 01:40:09 
2011-06-04 00:28:59 
2011-06-03 23:02:00 
2011-06-03 21:24:44 
2011-06-03 20:14:21 
2011-06-03 19:40:04 
2011-06-03 19:13:33 
2011-06-03 18:34:45 
2011-06-03 17:57:09 
2011-06-03 17:54:28 
2011-06-03 17:48:42 
2011-06-03 17:43:30 
2011-06-03 17:42:44 
2011-06-03 17:41:49 
2011-06-03 17:39:43 
2011-06-03 17:34:45 
2011-06-03 17:26:44 
2011-06-03 17:23:34 
2011-06-03 16:46:37 
2011-06-03 16:29:50 
2011-06-03 16:06:55 
2011-06-03 16:06:14 
2011-06-03 16:02:46 
2011-06-03 15:15:32 
2011-06-03 14:04:04 
2011-06-03 06:49:36 
2011-06-03 05:43:24 
2011-06-03 05:42:03 
2011-06-02 23:45:16 
2011-06-02 23:16:42 
2011-06-02 22:22:24 
2011-06-02 20:43:55 
2011-06-02 20:41:01 
2011-06-02 20:40:10 
2011-06-02 20:38:45 
2011-06-02 20:33:02 
2011-06-02 16:18:59 
2011-06-02 15:03:11 
2011-06-02 14:57:57 
2011-06-02 14:24:47 
2011-06-02 14:23:35 
2011-06-02 14:17:34 
2011-06-02 04:48:33 
2011-06-02 04:01:52 
2011-06-02 01:21:14 
2011-06-01 23:54:41 
2011-06-01 22:01:26 
2011-06-01 21:00:56 
2011-06-01 20:05:37 
2011-06-01 19:38:33 
2011-06-01 17:46:27 
2011-06-01 15:35:11 
2011-06-01 14:25:56 

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RT @Reuters: U.N.-backed court delivers Hariri killing indictments
RT @BreakingNews: Greek parliament passes second austerity law, last hurdle to receive critical bailout funds
RT @TheEconomist: Malaysian Airlines bans babies from first class flights, assuring itself both positive and negative press http://econ. ...
RT @BreakingNews: French President Sarkozy nearly yanked to ground while visiting Brax, France; unidentified assailant detained http://o ...
RT @AP: New #college cost reports allow students and parents to compare schools, track tuition hikes: -JM
RT @AP: Cybersecurity experts say Jihidist web forum popular with al-Qaida was knocked off Internet. -MM
BreakingNews: Reporters in Syria: Many arrested in Deraa, and people fleeing toward Jordan, Damascus - @AJEnglish
RT @BreakingNews: In the last 24 hours, 24 new fires started in New Mexico - @krqe newscast
RT @CNNLive: #Los Alamos fire continues to burn in New Mexico. Watch live update:
RT @cnnbrk: Rhode Island's Senate OKs same-sex civil union bill #RhodeIsland
RT @Reuters: Washington inmate killed in escape attempt: prison | Reuters
RT @BreakingNews: Colombian President Santos condemns deadly Farc attack - @BBCNews
RT @cnnbrk: Army/FBI probe: Multiple burials at #Arlington Cemetery not criminal
BreakingNews: Mexico closes some ports ahead of tropical storm Arlene; Oil ports open - @WSJ
RT @BreakingNews: Al Qaeda's online communications disrupted by electronic attack on its sites - NBC News
RT @BreakingNews: Strikes by UK public workers begin; delays expected at Heathrow passport control - The Telegraph
RT @cnnbrk: #Afghanistan blames al Qaeda-linked militant group based in #Pakistan for hotel siege.
RT @cnnbrk: Acting #Yemen president: Control lost in 5 provinces, security deteriorating.
RT @ATPWorldTour: Upbeat #Federer says he can win more Slams: #atp #tennis
RT @AP: Federal panel: Best-selling cancer drug in the world, Avastin, isn't effective in treating breast cancer: -CW
RT @Reuters: Amid debt talks, Obama calls for stimulus
BreakingNews: Reuters exclusive: US credit rating would be slashed to 'selective default' if it misses Aug 4 debt payment ...
RT @WSJ: The collapse of the merger between London and Toronto's exchanges follows Nasdaq abandoning its bid for NYSE ...
RT @TheEconomist: Does China have a debt problem? Yes but it is manageable
RT @ATPWorldTour: Jo-Wilfried #Tsonga beats six-time former @Wimbledon titlist Roger #Federer 36 67(3) 64 64 64 for a place in the SFs.  ...
RT @AP: IMF urges U.S. to raise the nation's borrowing limit. Warns inaction could lead to interest rate spike: -CJ
RT @BreakingNews: About 100 turtles on a JFK Airport runway delayed flights early this morning; staff helped get them to safe haven, Por ...
Reuters: Egypt police clash with youths; over 1,000 hurt
RT @BreakingNews: Two French journalists kidnapped in Afghanistan released after more than 500 days in captivity, French Television says ...
Reuters: U.S. cost of war at least $3.7 trillion and counting
Reuters: FACTBOX - Highlights of "Costs of War" research
RT @AP: Deputies arrest man with loaded gun, rounds of ammunition in backpack at Calif. airport. -MM
RT @AP: Kabul police chief says 10 Afghans _ mostly hotel workers _ were killed in hotel attack. - MM
RT @BreakingNews: Update: Violent clashes in Cario's Tahrir Square leave 66 injured - McClatchy
RT @AP: Egyptian security forces fire tear gas to disperse rock-throwing protesters in central Cairo: -VW
RT @BreakingNews: 14 dead in Davao City, Philippines, after flash flood, police say - @manila_bulletin
RT @BreakingNews: North Korea threatens 'sacred war' on South - AFP
RT @BreakingNews: Heavy wind, waves flip over Haitian ferry; 5 dead, 7 missing - @AP
RT @TheEconomist: Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao visits Germany, marking the deepening of what may become an important relationship h ...
RT @cnnbrk: All attackers killed, "situation secure" at Kabul hotel, Afghan official says
RT @TWCBreaking: BREAKING: Tropical Storm Arlene has formed in the southwest Gulf of Mexico.  Main threat is heavy rain in Mexico.
RT @BreakingNews: Egypt protesters clash with police - @AJEnglish
RT @BreakingNews: Update: NATO helicopters fire on and kill 3 attackers on Kabul hotel rooftop, coalition spokesman says - @Reuters
BreakingNews: MORE: Police in Kabul still hunting for 3 suicide bombers; vehicle detonated in front of hotel - NBC News
BreakingNews: Sudan to allow ex-rebels to join army when south secedes on July 9 - Reuters
BBCBreaking: At least 10 people reported dead after gunmen and suicide bombers attack Kabul's Intercontinental Hotel, officials say http ...
RT @Reuters: FLASH: IMF board selects France's Christine Lagarde as new IMF managing director
RT @BreakingNews: Iran tests 14 missiles on 2nd day of war games; commander says range 'has been designed based on American bases in the ...
RT @BreakingNews: Fire breaks out at power plant in Surgut, Russia;13 people hurt - Itar-Tass
RT @BreakingNews: Hacker group Anonymous declares war on Orlando, threatens to take down city-related websites - TechCrunch http://tcrn. ...
RT @TheEconomist: While the probability of America defaulting on its debts isn't very high, the cost of default would be catastrophic ht ...
RT @AP: Marine general next in line to head US military in Afghanistan endorses troop withdrawal plan. -MM
RT @BreakingNews: Myanmar deports actress Michelle Yeoh, who plays pro-democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi in an upcoming film - AFP htt ...
RT @BreakingNews: 2nd ex-Blackwater worker gets 30 months for manslaughter in Afghanistan civilian shooting death - Virginian Pilot http ...
RT @BreakingNews: Israeli security cabinet approves plans to stop Gaza-bound aid flotilla - Jerusalem Post
RT @Reuters: Ex-Blackwater worker gets prison for Afghan killing | Reuters
RT @AP: Wildfire forces evacuation of some 12,000 residents of Los Alamos, N.M., home to sprawling nuclear lab: -RJJ
RT @BreakingNews: Venezuelan lawmaker, general: President Chavez is improving after surgery in Cuba - AP
WSJ: RT @ColonelTribune: Rod #Blagojevich GUILTY on 17 counts, acquitted on one count, deadlocked on two:
Reuters: FLASH: Jury finds Rod Blagojevich guilty of trying to swap Obama's Senate seat for financial benefit
RT @TheEconomist: Delta Airlines deals with a PR nightmare as it is wrongly accused of preventing Jews from entering Saudi Arabia  http: ...
RT @AP: Top four surviving members of brutal Khmer Rouge finally face justice before war crimes tribunal in Cambodia:
AP: Iran unveils underground missile silos for the first time as it starts 10 days of military exercises: -EF
BreakingNews: Tunisia's leading Islamist party withdraws from election commission - AP
BreakingNews: Greek labor unions call for a massive turnout in 48-hour strike to protest austerity policies - Reuters
RT @WSJ: U.S. teachers average 1,097 hours per year on instruction, the most among major developed countries
RT @Reuters: Obama to meet Senate leaders, keep debt talks alive
RT @Reuters: FLASH: UN Security Council approves deployment of 4,200 troops from Ethiopia to Sudan's disputed Abyei region
RT @WSJ: Breaking: U.S. Supreme Court rejects California law banning sale or rental of violent video games to children.
RT @BreakingNews: UN-backed Cambodian genocide trial opens for 4 Khmer Rouge leaders - AFP
RT @BreakingNews: 17 dead in northern Vietnam from lightning, floods, wind; 6 are missing and 64 injured - AP
RT @Reuters: Chinese premier says tough to keep inflation under 4 percent
BreakingNews: WI Gov. Walker signs contentious 2-year budget that will cut nearly $800m from schools - JournalSentinel
RT @TheEconomist: In another U-turn by the British government, plans to cut the prison population by reducing sentences are ditched http ...
BreakingNews: Bomb attacks in NE Nigeria have killed at least 25; Islamic sect is blamed - Press Association
RT @BreakingNews: Nigeria: 25 killed in 3 bomb attacks in northeast - AP
RT @BreakingNews: Crews fully contain 1 of 3 major Arizona wildfires - AP
RT @BreakingNews: RT @antara_en:  Two American soldiers are killed in northern Iraq , US military says
RT @cnnbrk: E. coli strain behind German deaths apparently resurfaces in France #Ecoli
RT @Reuters: Levees hold as Souris River crests at historic high
RT @BreakingNews: Saudi trial opens for 85 suspected al-Qaida agents - AP
Reuters: Yemen's Saleh to reappear as violence grips south
BreakingNews: Hundreds of thousands of Yeminis protest to demand president's sons leave - AP
RT @TheEconomist: The resignation of Hiroshi Mikitani from Keidanren signals a breaks between old and new Japan
BreakingNews: Dozens of Vietnamese protest against China amid tensions over South China Sea
BreakingNews: Gaza City blast rips hole in wall at UN compound
RT @BreakingNews: Japan nuclear plant owner to inject nitrogen into reactor vessel to prevent hydrogen blasts
RT @AP: Brazen hacker group LulzSec says it's disbanding after attacks on CIA, Sony, US Senate, PBS, and more: -RJJ
RT @BreakingNews: S. Korea to hold military drills near heavily fortified border with N. Korea beginning Monday
Reuters: NATO says hit military targets in Libya's Brega
Reuters: Syrian forces kill 5 civilians in clampdown
cnnbrk: State of emergency declared in 29 North Carolina counties due to wildfires
Reuters: Ex-Ukraine PM to go on trial for abuse of power
BreakingNews: Syrian civilians killed by security forces near Lebanese border, rights group says - AFP via @AJELive
BreakingNews: Prominent Chinese dissident Hu Jia released from jail, wife says - @Reuters
BreakingNews: RT @haaretzonline: Report: Hezbollah moves missiles from Syria to Lebanon, fearing fall of Assad regime
Reuters: Two bombs found at Denver area shopping mall, FBI says
BreakingNews: Syrian military moves into two villages - @BBCWorld
BreakingNews: Peru protesters shut airport after deadly clash - @Reuters
cnnbrk: Mexican troops replace police in parts of border state.
BreakingNews: Update: At least 35 dead after Afghanistan clinic attacked by suicide bomber - @AP
BreakingNews: Libya rebels expect an offer from Gadhafi 'very soon,' a senior official tells AFP - @AJELive
RT @cnnbrk: Sawyer, North Dakota, population 350, ordered to evacuate as Souris River continues to rise.
RT @BreakingNews: Libya govt official says NATO strikes kill 15 civilians - @CNNInternatDesk
RT @BreakingNews: 350 million diabetics worldwide, new international study reveals - @TelegraphNews
BreakingNews: Update: At least 5 policemen killed in Pakistan attack - @DawnNews
RT @Reuters: NATO says hit military targets in Libya's Brega
RT @AndreaWBZ: Per Scanner: The victim in the @BostonCollege haz mat has been located...was using some kind of Chloride and has injury t ...
RT @NewtonMAPatch: Boston College building being evacuated after explosion in classroom. Declared Level 3 HazMat situation.
BreakingNews: N.D. flood update: Corps of Engineers rapidly constructing temporary levee in Sawyer in attempt to prevent inundation of c ...
RT @BreakingNews: At least 3 dead in Pakistan police station attack, police say - @DawnNews
RT @BreakingNews: Bicycle bomb kills at least 10 people in a market in Khanabad, Kunduz, northern Afghanistan - AP
RT @BreakingNews: Mauritanian army destroys al-Qaida camp in neighboring Mali
RT @BreakingNews: Dozens hurt when Cairo protesters clash over putting Egypt ex-president Mubarak on trial
RT @TheEconomist: Barack Obama releases 30m barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in order to lower prices ...
RT @BreakingNews: Latest estimate for Japan quake-tsunami rebuilding, $209 billion, not including nuke crisis damage
RT @BreakingNews: NY Senate passes gay-marriage bill
BreakingNews: NY Senate approves amendments package, paving way for final passage of gay-marriage bill - NBC News
RT @cnnbrk: State of emergency in 33 Oklahoma counties due to drought and wildfires
RT @AP: As schools cut budgets, strains on counselors grow; caseloads expand as student needs multiply -CC
RT @TheEconomist: Bolivia's socialist president Evo Morales takes on the taxi drivers, and loses
RT @BreakingNews: Flood-ravaged Saskatchewan village looted, mayor says
RT @WSJ: Q&A: What happens if New York's gay-marriage bill passes?
Reuters: Yemenis pray for end to deadlock as blast rocks Aden
RT @AlArabiya_Eng: UN Security Council expresses ?grave concern? about deteriorating situation in Yemen and urges restraint #Alarabiya
RT @BreakingNews: Update: 2 dead after Amtrak train-truck collision in Churchill County, Nev. - @News10_CA
RT @BreakingNews: Hezbollah leader accuses U.S. Embassy in Lebanon of spying for Israel - @AP
RT @Reuters: Hezbollah leader says group captured three spies among its members, at least two of them recruited by CIA
RT @BreakingNews: Souris River reaches all-time high level at Minot, N.D. - @AP
RT @Reuters: Top Republicans insist no taxes in debt deal
RT @BreakingNews: House refuses to give Obama authority to continue US military operations against Libya
RT @cnnbrk: At least 6 killed in #Afghanistan bomb attack, Afghan officials say.
RT @BreakingNews: Obama, Biden to meet with Senate Majority Leader Reid and GOP leader Mitch McConnell on Monday amid stalled debt talks ...
RT @Reuters: Onwards to 1 million! RT @thomsonreuters: Congrats to @Reuters for passing 800,000 followers!
RT @Reuters: Europe "doing the work" in Libya: Sarkozy
RT @WSJ: Venezuelan President Hugo Ch?vez will remain in a Cuban hospital for up to 12 more days, fueling succession talk http://on.wsj. ...
RT @TheEconomist: The editor-in-chief of Greek newspaper Kathimerini discusses the prospects for progress after a government reshuffle h ...
RT @WSJ: The Dow is down 103 points in early trading amid new worries about Italian banks
RT @ATPWorldTour: . @feliciano_lopez takes out @andyroddick 76 76 64 to reach the @Wimbledon fourth round. #atp #tennis
RT @Reuters: Syria forces kill 3 protesters in Damascus: witness
Reuters: Asia moves to tap oil reserves
RT @BreakingNews: 11 missing, 40,000 displaced as tropical storm 'Meari' brings non-stop rain to N. Philippines - Xinhua ...
RT @BreakingNews: Tsunami warning is canceled for the coastal areas of Alaska
RT @Reuters: FLASH: Major quake of 7.3 magnitude strikes in Pacific Ocean 107 miles (172 kilometers) east of Atka, Alaska - USGS
RT @TheEconomist: Politics this week: A turbulent week for Greece; Obama announces the beginning of the end of America in Afghanistan ht ...
RT @AP: Obama praises but doesn't personally endorse gay marriage efforts in NY: Should he endorse same-sex union ...
BreakingNews: Thousands of travelers still stranded by ash cloud from Chile's Mt Puyehue - @TVNZNews
Reuters: Obama voter support from oil tap could be fleeting
RT @BreakingNews: Former president of Univ. of New Mexico arrested in prostitution-ring investigation - KRQE
Reuters: Debt talks collapse as Republicans walk out over taxes
Reuters: Swedish carmaker Saab says it has no money to pay staff
RT @TheEconomist: A new report on America's for-profit prison industry examines the political strategies of private prison companies htt ...
RT @Reuters: Greece seals deal with EU, IMF on austerity plan: sources
RT @Reuters: Fragile economy pushed Obama to tap oil reserves
BreakingNews: Iraq: 3 bombs explode in Shiite neighborhood in southwestern Baghdad; more than 20 killed - AP
RT @AP: AP VIDEO: Syrian troops push to Turkish border in anti-protest crackdown; panicked villagers flee: -CJ
RT @WSJ: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is pulling out of bipartisan budget talks led by Vice President Biden
RT @TheEconomist: Dissident artist Ai Weiwei is finally released by Chinese authorities
cnnbrk: #Obama: Time to focus on nation-building at home; says U.S. must rebuild and recapture common purpose Watch live
BreakingNews: Obama address: Remove 10,000 troops from Afghanistan by end of this year, 33,000 by next summer
RT @BreakingNews: Update: Around 450 detained in Belarus protest over economy - @ria_novosti
RT @AP: 10,000 people evacuate Minot, ND, as the little-known Souris River could bring worst flooding in decades: -EF
RT @cnnbrk: Magnitude 6.7 quake rattles north Japan
RT @BreakingNews: Update: No tsunami warning or watch after 6.8 magnitude earthquake east of Japan - @Reuters
BreakingNews: Police use tear gas to disperse Senegalese protesting change to electoral law - @AP
BreakingNews: RT @nytimes: NYT NEWS ALERT: Obama to Order 30,000 Troops to Leave Afghanistan by Summer 2012, Officials Say
RT @cnnbrk: After beheading, Indonesia may ban sending workers to Saudi Arabia.
BreakingNews: UN says 73,000 flee Sudan border state fighting - @Reuters
Reuters: Senate Democrats seek new economic stimulus
Reuters: Fed: Moderate recovery continues but at slow pace
TheEconomist: The new Greek government wins a vote of confidence, but there are still big question marks over Greece's future
Reuters: Europe's other crisis: Special report on how the EU is coping with influx of Arab Spring refugees
RT @Reuters: Chinese artist Ai Weiwei freed on bail
RT @BreakingNews: Minot, N.D. major: Water from Souris River expected to overtop cities' dikes within the hour; residents must evacuate  ...
BreakingNews: North Sudan warns south over oil - @BBCNews
RT @BreakingNews: China's worst floods in decades to weigh on food prices, officials say - @YonhapNews
RT @BreakingNews: At least 10,000 in northern Illinois without power due to storms - @chicagotribune
RT @TheEconomist: As the turmoil spreads in #Syria, the repression intensifies?but so far in vain
RT @cnnbrk: #Greek PM George #Papandreou's reshuffled Cabinet survived a vote of confidence despite opposition to budget cuts http://t.c ...
BreakingNews: Mexico captures leader of La Familia cartel - AP
RT @WSJ: Google's websites had more than a billion unique visitors in May, a first for an Internet company
RT @WSJ: Here's a look at the $2.8 trillion in assets on the Federal Reserve's balance sheet: via @WSJ_Econ
Reuters: More aides quit Newt Gingrich's campaign
BreakingNews: An explosion near the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, followed by ambulances - via journalist @Natalie_Kabul
BreakingNews: Arizona's Monument Fire is 40% contained and could be under control in a week - AZCentral
BreakingNews: Hong Kong declares scarlet fever outbreak - ChannelNewsAsia
RT @Reuters: Analysis: Assad offers no sign of easing grip over #Syria
RT @BreakingNews: Seven killed in clashes in Syria; Russia's Putin calls for international pressure on Assad - Al Jazeera ...
RT @AP: Explosions at government compound kill and wound dozens in a rare attack in the Shiite heartland of Iraq: -CJ
RT @TheEconomist: Our discussion on the pros and cons of immigration starts shortly on @econdiscuss Follow with #wdys
RT @BreakingNews: U.S. existing-home sales fall to six-month low in May
RT @Reuters: Three protesters killed in #Syria during rallies
BreakingNews: Gunmen kill @ least 3 cops during raid on police station in Kankara, Nigeria, witness tells Reuters; nearby bank also attacked
cnnbrk: Two firefighters die in north-central Florida, fighting a wildfire in Hamilton County
BreakingNews: Car bomb kills at least 10 people in attack on governor's house in central Iraq - Reuters
RT @BreakingNews: Beatriz strengthens to become hurricane; center near southwest coast of Mexico
RT @BreakingNews: 3 trapped Ky. mine workers rescued after 14 hours underground - AP
RT @TheEconomist: Europe can't agree on how next to handle Greece
RT @BreakingNews: Update: News agencies say death toll from Russian jet crash rises to 44 - AP
RT @Reuters: Debt talks enter make-or-break week
BreakingNews: Hundreds riot in east Belfast, Northern Ireland; homes attacked, cars set on fire - UTV
BreakingNews: Update: At least 38 reported dead in crash of passenger jet in northern Russia - Itar-Tass
RT @BreakingNews: UPDATE: Many killed, at least 8 injured after plane with 43 people on board crash-lands in Russia's north  http://bit. ...
BreakingNews: Passenger plane with 48 people aboard crash-lands on road in northwest Russia; at least 5 injured
BBCBreaking: Ousted Tunisian president Ben Ali & his wife sentenced in absentia to 35 years in prison at trial4misappropriating public funds
RT @WSJ: Scientists have identified an Achilles' heel in HIV that could be a prime target for vaccines or drugs
BreakingNews: Libyan rebels say they've shut off oil pipeline running from southern field to near Tripoli - Reuters
BreakingNews: 6.3 earthquake in Chile; map here -
BreakingNews: Mexican journalist, wife, son shot to death in Veracruz - AP
cnnbrk: 3 trapped in Kentucky coal mine.
RT @TheEconomist: European ministers fail to reach an agreement to release the next desperately-needed tranche of money for #Greece http ...
RT @Reuters: Wall Street flat as Greece loan delay rekindles fears
RT @WSJ: Supreme Court's ruling for Wal-Mart in sex-discrimination case was unanimous Opinion (PDF): http://bit ...
RT @TheEconomist: Where do you stand on immigration? Online discussion with The Economist, Tues June 21, 4pm BST (updated). http://on.fb ...
RT @WSJ: Americans gave $291 billion to charity last year, up 3.8% from 2009
RT @Reuters: Assad blames Syria unrest on saboteurs, pledges reforms
RT @Reuters: FLASH: Former Egyptian president Mubarak has cancer - defence lawyer
BreakingNews: Venezuelan prison burning as gunfights between troops, inmates continue - AP
RT @TheEconomist: California?s new way of drawing political maps could become the model for the rest of America
RT @SkyNewsBreak: Libyan Foreign Minister urges all Muslims to launch global jihad against the West
RT @Reuters: Clashes between army, militants in Yemen kill 21
RT @TheEconomist: The American government tries to improve the nation?s eating habits
RT @Reuters: Tunisia's ousted leader says his trial is a sham
RT @WSJ: RT @katierosman: This is your brain. This is your brain on marriage. My WSJ column this week:
RT @BreakingNews: China flood update: 2 million displaced or affected in eastern province of Zhejiang
RT @BreakingNews: Afghan insurgent attack kills NATO member; 8th alliance service member killed in 1 day
RT @BreakingNews: 4 NATO service members die in south Afghan vehicle accident - AP
RT @BreakingNews: Indonesian woman beheaded in Saudi Arabia after conviction for killing Saudi woman
RT @BreakingNews: Hundreds protest at Chinese Embassy in Hanoi as tension mounts over claims to South China Sea
RT @BreakingNews: Japan nuclear plant operator says water decontamination project restart could take days
RT @BreakingNews: Storms down utility lines, uproot trees around Atlanta; power out for thousands
RT @cnnbrk: #NATO admits mistakenly striking opposition forces in #Libya.
RT @AP: Private eye tracks down homeless Utah man to deliver news of 'significant' inheritance: -CJ
RT @BreakingNews: Detective finds Utah homeless man who stands to inherit lots of money
RT @CBCAlerts: Cdn police save 2 N.Y. cops 900 metres from Niagara Falls . Chopper hoists officers from boat stranded on #rescue trip
RT @cnnbrk: Protest called in #Morocco after king's speech.
RT @BreakingNews: China, Ukraine presidents vow to deepen bilateral cooperation
RT @BreakingNews: Obama impersonator cut off at Republican conference after telling off-color jokes
RT @BreakingNews: Officials to @nytimes: Faster pullback of troops is eyed in Afghanistan
RT @AP: NATO accidentally hits rebel forces in Libya in an airstrike two days ago -CC
RT @Reuters: Romney stresses abortion opposition in editorial
RT @BreakingNews: Arizona's Wallow Fire tops 500,000 acres for first time; Containment has risen to 38% - @azcentral
BreakingNews: Witness says Syrian troops, gunmen set houses on fire near the Turkish border - @SkyNews
cnnbrk: First female commander takes charge at Parris Island, where Marines train recruits.
Reuters: Libyan rebels out of money with the West to blame: oil chief
RT @BreakingNews: Update: Afghan officials say 9 killed in Kabul attack - @AP
BreakingNews: Venezuela update: 2 soldiers killed as troops storm prison after bloody riot
RT @WSJ: Photos: The eruption of a volcano in Chile has spewed ash across the border to Patagonia
BreakingNews: Moroccan king relinquishes some powers, sets referendum on new constitution July 1 - @AJEnglish
RT @BreakingNews: Morocco's king announcing constitutional reforms in live address - @AJELive
RT @BreakingNews: Monument Fire in Arizona doubles in size, forces more evacuations - @azcentral
RT @Reuters: Clinton and Lavrov discuss Syria U.N. resolution
RT @WSJ: The 9/11 death toll has risen by one, to 2,753, after a man who died of lung disease last year was added
RT @Reuters: Factbox: Quick Guide to the Greek crisis
RT @AP: In an interview with AP, Philippines President Aquino insists his country won't be bullied by China: -CJ
RT @BreakingNews: Greece to pass austerity plan, with changes, new finance minister says - @Reuters
RT @Reuters: Exclusive: Afghan cash crunch looms, millions withheld over bank corruption crisis
BreakingNews: E coli in France: 7 children in hospital as beefburgers blamed - @guardiannews
BreakingNews: Clashes reported in Sudan's Abyei region; Aid workers evacuate town - @AJEnglish
cnnbrk: Torrential rains hit south China, killing 25.
I think it is cool that this past week a whole heap of people quit following me. It means that they actually pay attention to what I do.
BreakingNews: Gadhafi makes audio speech on Libyan TV, says NATO alliance will be defeated - @Reuters
Reuters: U.S. judge dismisses all criminal charges against Osama bin Laden
RT @Reuters: Cancer death rates continue drop, American Cancer Society says
RT @cnnbrk: U.N. group passes resolution supporting gay rights?.
BreakingNews: At least 10 killed, 40 wounded after forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi shell Libyan city of Misrata
AP: Syrian forces kill at least eight people, activists say, as thousands protest President Assad's regime: -CJ
RT @BreakingNews: Japan to recommend evacuations from hot spots outside Fukushima no-entry zone - Japan Times
RT @BreakingNews: Update on gas explosion in Israel bldg: 4 dead, 50 hurt; suspect in custody - JerusalemPost
RT @BreakingNews: More than 16,000 Australians remain isolated as floods ease along NSW coast - Sydney MH
RT @BreakingNews: S. Korea deploys precision-guided missiles capable of hitting Pyongyang - Yonhap News
RT @cnnbrk: Report: At least 3 killed in explosion in #Israel
RT @BreakingNews: Explosion rocks building in Netanya; 3 dead, 12 injured - @Jerusalem_Post
RT @BreakingNews: After 2 months of quiet, Gaza militants fire rocket into Israel; No injuries or damage - @Jerusalem_Post ...
BreakingNews: 5.2 earthquake jolts Alaska's largest city; no immediate reports of damage, injuries - @AP
BreakingNews: Ceasefire talks on Sudan's Southern Kordofan to start immediately - @BloombergNews
cnnbrk: #Greek prime minister to shuffle Cabinet amid anti-government protests.
RT @WSJ: Euro-zone governments are expected on Saturday to approve the next installment of rescue loans for Greece
RT @BreakingNews: Indonesia jails radical cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir for 15 years for backing Islamist militant training camp http://bbc. ...
Reuters: FLASH: Anthony Weiner informed Nancy Pelosi Wednesday night he intends to resign: Democratic source
Reuters: Greek PM reshuffle plan in doubt as deputies quit
RT @AP: Russia's envoy to Libya shows up at a bombing site while visiting Tripoli for talks on ending the war: -EC
RT @Reuters: Libyan rebels take new villages in Western Mountains
RT @BreakingNews: Arizona Wallow fire now 29 percent contained - @AP
BreakingNews: Loud blasts rock central Tripoli, smoke seen rising above Gadhafi's compound - @AJEnglish
cnnbrk: For the first time since '72, the Stanley Cup belongs to Boston. The #Bruins beat the Canucks 4-0 in Game 7.
RT @AP: BREAKING: AP Source: Arizona Rep. Giffords released from Houston hospital, 5 months after being shot. -CJ
RT @BreakingNews: Crackdown on illegal labor intensifies; 1,000 companies told their hiring records will be audited - @WSJ http://on.wsj ...
RT @AP: Somali pirate: A fire is tearing through a hijacked vessel; pirates and hostages forced to abandon ship: -CJ
AP: China, the biggest buyer of U.S. Treasury debt, increases its holdings by $7.6 billion to $1.15 trillion: -CJ
Reuters: Debt talks set July 1 deadline for a deal, while taxes and healthcare remain sticking points
BreakingNews: UN's top human rights official calls for probe of crackdown by Syrian military - VOA
RT @WSJ: The Dow is down 187 points amid increasing fears that Greece will default on its debt
RT @Reuters: Thousands of Syrians flee northern town as tanks deploy in east
RT @BreakingNews: Pakistan intel officials:Third US missile attack close to Afghan border kills 5; day's death toll rises to 15 http://o ...
RT @AP: AP VIDEO: Workers race to protect an Iowa town from Missouri River flooding by adding dirt to a levee: -EC
RT @cnnbrk: Police fire tear gas as violence flares at anti-government protests in #Greece.
RT @Reuters: Greeks strike and clash with police over austerity
RT @AP: Elizabeth Hurley and businessman Arun Nayar have been granted a divorce: -EC
RT @BreakingNews: 9 N. Koreans defected to S. Korea by boat, source tells @YonhapNews
RT @BreakingNews: S. Korea's Navy chief vows tougher responses to N. Korean aggression - @YonhapNews
RT @BreakingNews: Arizona Wallow Fire now 20% contained - InciWeb
BreakingNews: Explosion at chemical plant in New Iberia, La.; 1-mile evacuation zone - KATC
WSJ: Update: just one additional Republican vote is needed to legalize gay marriage in New York
RT @ReutersUS: NY lawmakers set to vote on legalizing gay marriage
RT @BreakingNews: NATO air strikes hit eastern part of Tripoli, Reuters journalist reports - @ReutersFlash
RT @BreakingNews: VP Biden on deficit talks: 'Confident' will produce cuts 'well beyond' $1 trillion - AP
RT @BreakingNews: Court rules against motion to overturn CA's Prop8 ruling because of judge's same-sex relationship - @KQEDnews http://b ...
RT @BreakingNews: Libyan state TV: NATO bombing military, civilian sites in Al Jufrah, central Libya - Reuters
WSJ: The percentage of adult children taking care of their parents has tripled since 1994
Reuters: House panel backs $649 billion in defense spending
BreakingNews: Former Utah Gov. Huntsman will announce he's running for president next week, sources tell AP
RT @cnnbrk: Wallow Fire in #Arizona now largest wildfire in state's history, officials say.
Reuters: Syrian forces head for second northern protest town
BreakingNews: Arizona's Wallow fire, having now charred over 469,000 acres, has become largest fire in state's history
AP: Iraqis nervous over impending US withdrawal stocking up on assault rifles, pistols. -MM
RT @TheEconomist: Turkey's ruling AK party has romped to a third consecutive election victory, winning almost 50% of the vote http://eco ...
RT @BreakingNews: Magnitude 6.9 quake jolts eastern Indonesia; no immediate reports of damages or casualties - People's Daily http://bit ...
Hackers are messing with most everyone the senate, the military, the IMF, and more.
RT @AP: Texas on the brink of giving teachers confidential details about students' criminal histories: -RAS
RT @BreakingNews: Former Guantanamo detainee arrested upon returning to Egypt for first time in more than 10 years - Al-Masry Al-Youm ht ...
RT @BreakingNews: North, south Sudan agree 'in principle' to demilitarize disputed Abyei region - Al Jazeera
RT @AP: White House: Rep. Anthony Weiner's behavior has been "inappropriate" and "a distraction:" -CJ
RT @BreakingNews: Wallow Fire, at 452,155 acres, set to become largest wildfire in AZ history - AZCentral
RT @BreakingNews: Syrian Army defector tells CS Monitor he was ordered to fire on civilians
RT @BreakingNews: Residents of MO town told to evacuate after Missouri River breaches levee - AP
RT @AP: AP PHOTOS: Focus of the battle against huge Arizona wildfire shifts to New Mexico border: -CJ
RT @BreakingNews: Ruling expected soon over judge in California Prop 8 same-sex marriage case - MercuryNews
RT @Reuters: California court hears challenge over gay judge
Reuters: Police use tear gas to quell riot in southern #China
Reuters: Germany recognizes Libya's rebel council as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people
AP: Syrians flee to Turkey as elite military forces backed by helicopters and tanks move into a northern town: -CJ
BreakingNews: Weather service issues flash flood warning after Missouri River levee fails near Hamburg, Iowa - AP
Reuters: RT @CNBC: Facebook IPO Valuation Will Likely Top $100B -  Facebook IPO Likely In Q1 Of Next Year #Facebook
TheEconomist: Which countries have had most, and least, GDP growth per person since 2001? Economist Daily Chart June 13th ...
AP: Libyan artillery fails to stop rebel forces as they advance into key ground west of their stronghold: -CJ
BreakingNews: Another member of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi's regime, Sassi Garada, has defected - AP
Reuters: Syrian troops round up hundreds of people in a sweep through villages near Jisr al-Shughour #syria
AP: Strong aftershocks in New Zealand's devastated city of Christchurch sink thousands of homes into darkness: -CJ
cnnbrk: Heavy rain, flooding leave 105 people dead in southern China, state-run news agency reports.
RT @CNNLive: Vice President Joe Biden announces a new plan aimed at cutting waste across all government agencies. Live: ...
RT @BreakingNews: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake reported in the Molucca Sea, off Indonesia - USGS
RT @AP: AP VIDEO: Rebels battle Libyan government forces on Sunday at flashpoints along the Mediterranean coast: -VW
BreakingNews: Suicide bomber blows himself up in Iraq's oil port city of Basra, killing 5 - officials via Reuters
AP: Who's laughing now? 'Book of Mormon' takes home 9 Tonys, including best musical. -MM
BreakingNews: No deaths, no serious injuries from aftershocks in Christchurch, NZ, mayor says - NZStuff
BreakingNews: Dallas Mavericks win NBA title with105-95 win over Miami Heat; take series 4-2 - Dallas News
BreakingNews: 5.5 earthquake hits Christchurch, NZ - NZHerald
Reuters: "The Book of Mormon" aims to sweep Tony Awards
BreakingNews: US Navy intercepted N. Korean ship carrying missile technology to Myanmar - nytimes
AP: About 6,000 Moroccans march through Casablanca calling for greater democracy: -CJ
BreakingNews: 213 Central, South American migrants are discovered in tractor trailer in southern Mexico - AP
RT @Reuters: #Syria uprising killings rise to 1,300, say activists
RT @BreakingNews: Turkey's ruling party wins 3rd term but not with 2/3 vote needed to change constitution - BBC
RT @TheEconomist: #Audio: In Manama, a fa?ade of calm conceals ongoing repression of Bahrain's Shia majority
RT @AP: AP VIDEO: New photos show smiling Gabrielle Giffords, but offer few clues on progress of her recovery: -DS
RT @CNNLive: Officials brief reporters on an #Arizona #wildfire that has burned 430,171 acres. Live:
RT @Reuters: Apple store employee seeks to plant union seed
RT @AP: In Bahrain, 20-year-old woman who recited poems critical of kingdom's rulers is jailed: -DS
RT @BreakingNews: Iran activists attacked, arrested by security forces, NBC and opposition website report
RT @BreakingNews: Syrian troops, tanks retake town where soldiers rebelled - AP
"turks...election to decide whether the nation...goes fully Islamist or stays tenuously connected to the West."
RT @Joshuapundit: J O S H U A P U N D I T: Something Important To Watch...The Turkish Elections: via @addthis
RT @BreakingNews: Polls open in Turkish parliamentary elections; 50 million eligible to vote
RT @Reuters: IMF becomes latest known target of major cyber attack
RT @BreakingNews: Hundreds in Iowa evacuated along flooding Missouri River
RT @BreakingNews: 1 off-duty officer killed, 2 hurt in attack in Russia's North Caucasus republic of Ingushetia
RT @Reuters: Warnings of "perfect storm" as wildfire nears New Mexico
RT @Reuters: Small plane intercepted near Obama holiday retreat
RT @BreakingNews: Ash cloud from Chile volcano forces cancellation of some Qantas flights to New Zealand
RT @cnnbrk: Four found shot to death near Durham, N.C., deputies say.
RT @BreakingNews: 2 F-15 fighters intercept Beechcraft Bonanza plane 11 miles from Camp David, Md., escort it away - NBC News
RT @azcentral: # WallowFire grows to 430,000 acres:
BreakingNews: Stone-throwing extremists disrupt gay pride march in Croatia; at least 100 detained - AP
RT @TheEconomist: Newt Gingrich says he intends to continue his presidential campaign even after mass resignations from his staff http:/ ...
RT @WSJ: Update: Rep. Anthony Weiner will take a "short leave of absence'' from Congress to receive treatment
RT @BreakingNews: Two explosions rock Peshawar market in Pakistan; 35 injured -
RT @cnnbrk: Al Qaeda operative linked to 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa killed in Somalia, say U.S. and Kenya officials. http ...
RT @BreakingNews: More: Top Democrats urge Rep. Weiner to resign, release statements within minutes of each other - @politico http://pol ...
RT @TheEconomist: The forced departure of Yemen's unloved ruler, Ali Abdullah Saleh, will not bring peace in a hurry
RT @BreakingNews: Activist network reports Syria army continues shelling Jisr al-Shughur, setting houses on fire - @AJEnglish http://bit ...
RT @BreakingNews: U.S. confirms al-Qaida's Fazul Abdullah Mohammed killed by Somali forces - @Reuters via senior U.S. official
RT @TheEconomist: Even those who have not been involved in the protests have been caught up in the crackdown in Bahrain ...
RT @cnnbrk: Insect expert reveals possible clues in Casey Anthony trial.
RT @AP: Somali official: al-Qaida operative behind 1998 U.S. Embassy blasts in Kenya, Tanzania has been killed: -RJJ
RT @BreakingNews: Yemeni President Saleh's health is 'bad,' source tells AFP - @AlArabiya_Eng
BreakingNews: Fighting in Zawiyah shuts Libya coast road, resident tells @Reuters
BreakingNews: RT @REUTERSFLASH: Yemen state news agency says nine soldiers killed in Abyan  province clashes
BreakingNews: East Afghan bomb targeting police kills or injures more than a dozen - Xinhua
AP: Federal budget deficit on pace to break $1 trillion for third straight year: -RAS
BreakingNews: Hezbollah denies media reports that it's involved in Syrian events - Now Lebanon
RT @BreakingNews: Gadhafi forces shell Gadamis, 600 KM southwest of Tripoli, for first time since uprising - @Reuters via rebel spokesman
RT @CNNMoney: Dow ends below 12,000 for first time since March, falling for the 6th straight week. Nasdaq erases its 2011 gains.  http:/ ...
RT @BreakingNews: Dow ends below 12,000 level, capping 6th straight week of losses - @MarketWatch
RT @BreakingNews: TSA fires 36 Honolulu Airport workers for not screening checked-in baggage for explosives -@StarAdvertiser http://bit. ...
RT @CNNMoney: FDA warns drug shortages hit all-time high.
RT @WSJ: The Dow is on its way to a sixth-consecutive weekly loss for the first times since 2002
RT @BreakingNews: Public, searchable archive of #PalinEmail now online
RT @ATPWorldTour: #Tsonga takes out #Nadal 67(3) 64 61 to reach semi-finals at the @AEGONChamps at Queen's.
RT @AP: Alaska releases emails from Sarah Palin's time as governor as she considers White House run: -RAS
RT @WSJ: Here's a great look at U.S. debt as a percentage of GDP from 1797 to the present:
RT @AP: Doctor: Aggressive fungus strikes Joplin tornado victims, contributes to at least 3 deaths: -RAS
RT @BreakingNews: Somalia's Interior Minister Abdi Shakur Sheikh Hassan has died after blast at his house in Mogadishu, peacekeepers say ...

RT @BreakingNews: Syria activists: At least 21 protesters have been killed by security forces in Deraa, Damascus, Latakia and Idlib - BB ...
RT @BreakingNews: Female suicide bomber targets Somali Minister of Interior's house, injuring him -
RT @WSJ: The Dow is back below 12000 for the first time since March
RT @cnnbrk: Fighting rages in Misrata, Libya. At least 17 dead.
RT @cnnbrk: E. coli death toll rises to 31.
RT @CNNLive: NASA launches the #Aquarius rocket, equipped with a satellite to survey the world's oceans. Live:
RT @WSJ: Tomorrow marks three months since the earthquake in Japan. We're tracking one town as it rebuilds:
RT @cnnbrk: Syrian military advances towards rebellious border town.
RT @WSJ: U.S. stocks are down about 1% this morning, pointing to a sixth straight weekly decline
RT @BreakingNews: Suicide bomber kills 4 at mosque during remembrance ceremony honoring slain police commander in Kunduz City, Afghanist ...
RT @BreakingNews: Libyan forces shoot down NATO helicopter off coast of the town of Zlitan - Libyan State TV via @itv_news
RT @BreakingNews: Study: Over 115 million children worldwide are in dangerous/life-threatening jobs - International Labour Organization  ...
RT @AP: #Toyota expects fiscal year profit through March 2012 to fall 31 percent on year: -JM
RT @BreakingNews: Syrian army launches operation in town where authorities say 120 security troops were killed by 'armed groups' last we ...
RT @TheEconomist: Politics this week: Yemen?s embattled president finally left the country and Portugal?s next PM was decided http://eco ...
RT @BreakingNews: China export growth slows, but trade surplus wider - @MarketWatch
RT @WSJ: The U.S. was the source of at least 70% of 29,284 firearms recovered in Mexico in 2009 and 2010
RT @TheEconomist: Anthony #Weiner is a representative of the people in his district. That is why #Weinergate matters
RT @cnnbrk: Source: #NATO now targeting #Gadhafi.
RT @BreakingNews: South Korean central bank raises key interest rate to 3.25 percent from 3 percent - AP
RT @BreakingNews: Officials report Arizona's Wallow Fire 5 percent contained - @azcentral
RT @BreakingNews: Storms leave more than 110,000 without power across Conn. - @NBCConnecticut
RT @BreakingNews: Thousands without power in Mass. after thunderstorms roll by -
RT @BreakingNews: More: Hillary Clinton spokesman denies Reuters report that Clinton wants World Bank job - Telegraph
RT @Reuters: FLASH: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seeking World Bank presidency, sources say
RT @AP: Giffords' aide says congresswoman still struggles to speak, and it's unclear if she will ever return to work: ...
BreakingNews: Gingrich update: AP reports campaign manager, spokesman and key aides have all resigned together
RT @AP: RT @derekkravitz: Americans are reducing debt but own less in their homes than at almost any other time. Sound familiar? Tweet me.
RT @TheEconomist: Oil production fails to keep up with demand. Economist Daily Chart June 9th
RT @AP: AP VIDEO: Syrians are fleeing to Turkey by the hundreds as troops surround a town: -EC
RT @BBCBreaking: The IAEA has reported #Syria to the UN Security Council over covert nuclear work, diplomats tell Reuters ...
RT @AP: Ala. governor signs a law cracking down on illegal immigration: Read our story and tell us your thoughts. -EC
cnnbrk: German E. coli death toll rises to 27.
cnnbrk: U.S. pledges $26 million in aid for #Libya  war victims.
cnnbrk: U.S. resumes airstrikes in #Yemen.
WSJ: New focal point in Syria's uprising: largely abandoned town in the northwest; activists bracing for attack
RT @AP: At least 3 dead, schools closed, flights canceled as chest-deep floods swamp Philippines. -MM
RT @AP: Intel officials say militants, soldiers clash in northwest Pakistani tribal region, 18 killed. -VW
RT @AP: Official: 1,000 more Syrians flee to Turkey, raising number of refugees to 1,600: -VW
BreakingNews: Blast near school in Peshawar, Pakistan kills at least 4, wounds more than a dozen - NBC News
BreakingNews: 'Full-scale emergency' at Auckland Airport, NZ - 3news
TheEconomist: Worldwide energy use soared last year, with China's hunger for coal and other fuels continuing to grow
TheEconomist: The arrest of Ratko #Mladic will do much to help Serbia, but its effects elsewhere may not be as sweeping as some hope htt ...
RT @cnnbrk: 77 Air Force cadets hospitalized after lightning strike, base commander says
BreakingNews: 260 miles of Missouri River closed to boaters as residents brace for flooding in IA, NE, MO - Reuters
cnnbrk: Rebel group in eastern Libya makes its first oil sale, U.S. says
WSJ: RT @Kelly_Evans: S&P 500 fell today for 6th straight day-has only happened 5 other times since '97 (Birinyi). Only longer stretch was 8
BreakingNews: CA police arrest 75 alleged gang leaders in Central Valley sweep - latimes
TheEconomist: Obama's successes will mostly be ignored if economic conditions are deteriorating in the months before the election
BreakingNews: RT @CBCAlerts: Storm leaves 70,000 without power in southern Ontario . Possible tornadoes reported north of Toronto. #tornado
BreakingNews: Loud blast rocks Tripoli, resuming NATO strikes after a quiet day - Al Jazeera
BreakingNews: RT @MarketWatch: U.S. stocks end lower for sixth session; S&P has longest losing streak since February 2009 http://on.mktw ...
BreakingNews: Heavy gunfire reported in Yemen via Twitter, @acarvin after state TV says President Saleh's surgery went well
cnnbrk: Forces loyal to Libyan strongman Gadhafi shell rebel-held city of Misrata
TheEconomist: Clashes on Israel's border with Syria could prove a worrying trend
WSJ: The average job seeker in the U.S. gives up after five months of searching (up from two months in 2007)
cnnbrk: RT @PoliticalTicker: CNN Poll: Obama approval rating drops as fears of depression rise -
WSJ: Study predicts 30% of U.S. employers will drop their health-insurance plans once overhaul takes effect
BreakingNews: German HealthMinister: Rate of new E coli cases 'dropping significantly' not 'all-clear' but latest data give 'cause for hope'
RT @BreakingNews: Arizona Wallow Fire has now burned 389,000 acres and is second-largest in state history - AZCentral
Thank you following for me. I was wondering if I was going to have fifteen followers soon, and I was surprised to see that I have sixteen.
BreakingNews: First tropical storm of the season, Adrian, forms in the eastern Pacific Ocean - @weatherchannel
BreakingNews: Syrian ambassador to France appears on France's BFM TV, denies resignation report - Al Jazeera
BreakingNews: N. Korea test launched short-range missile near Yellow Sea last week, source tells Yonhap
BreakingNews: More explosions rock area near Gadhafi's home in Tripoli - AFP
BreakingNews: Haiti flooding kills at least 23 people - BBC
WSJ: There are 4.6 jobless workers for every job opening in the U.S., about three times the pre-recession norm
elEconomist: Portugal's new government now faces the daunting task of implementing the country's international bailout
WSJ: Dramatic photos of a volcano in Chile spewing an ash cloud more than 6 miles high
BreakingNews: Libya govt. spokesman: Tripoli hit by 60 NATO airstrikes; 29 people killed - Reuters
BreakingNews: High heat, strong winds forecast for Arizona, expected to fan wildfires - AZCentral
BreakingNews: Obama: Says progress by NATO coalition in Libya is 'significant.' Says regime forces are being pushed back.
TheEconomist: Biomedicine: Better artificial pumps, powered wirelessly by induction, offer hope to those who cannot get transplants
WSJ: Turkey's prime minister has sued perhaps hundreds of private individuals for insulting him
BreakingNews: New Jersey Supreme Court says bloggers don't have the same protections for sources as mainstream journalists - AP
BreakingNews: Yemen Pres. Saleh hurt worse than thought: head injury, burns on 40% of his body and collapsed lung - CNN
BreakingNews: Tuesday is heaviest day of NATO bombing in Tripoli so far; journalists put total at 31 explosions - NBC News
WSJ: Volvo's Chinese owner wants luxury cars, its German CEO wants safe, small ones. How's the marriage going?
BreakingNews: India clears biggest defense deal with US, for 10 Boeing Globemaster aircrafts - Times of India
BreakingNews: Tornado touches down near Billings, MT; warning sirens sounding - Billings Gazette
TheEconomist: Some chilling statistics from a Harvard report on the health of the American housing market
BreakingNews: British Marines put on standby off Yemen, ready to evacuate UK citizens - Sky News
BreakingNews: Louisiana House OKs bill to erect a 10 Commandments monument outside Capitol - Baton Rouge Advocate
BreakingNews: UK Home Sec urges cooperation in effort to contain migrants fleeing north Africa - Guardian
BreakingNews: Layoffs for 1,500 Philadelphia teachers halted by injunction -
WSJ: The tornadoes that struck the U.S. at the end of May caused up to $7 billion of insured losses
BreakingNews: Armed men kill 7 soldiers, wound 12 others in clashes in southern Yemeni city of Zinjibar - Reuters
BreakingNews: US stocks slip for a fourth straight session; S&P below 1,300 - MarketWatch
BreakingNews: Syria says it lost "intermittent" control of area where armed men attacked forces, killing 120 - AP
BreakingNews: Syrian TV says death toll now 120 police and security forces killed by armed groups in a northern town - AP
LDSDT: The Lords countless exceeding gr8&precious promises include forgiveness ofUr sins when we "confess them and forsake them" ElderCondie
BreakingNews: Update: Syrian state TV now says at least 80 killed when gunmen attacked the security center in Jisr al-Shughour
WSJ: Out-of-pocket medical costs for some cancer patients average $712 a month
BreakingNews: Update: Syrian state TV says 40 policemen killed in ambush in northwest town of Jisr Al-Shughour - BBC
cnnbrk: RT @CNNLive: Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum announces he is seeking the GOP nomination for president.
BreakingNews: Syrian State TV says security forces clash with hundreds of gunmen in northwestern town of Jisr Al-Shughour -Reuters
BreakingNews: Syrian TV says 20 policemen killed in ambush in northern town
cnnbrk: Three nuclear reactors melted down after #tsunami, quake, #Japan confirms.
BreakingNews: 3rd US missile strike of day kills 4 people near Afghan border, Pakistan intelligence officials tell AP
BreakingNews: One of Nigeria's top politicians is arrested by state's anti-corruption agency - AP
BreakingNews: Update on Peru election: Leftist ex-Army officer Humala declares victory in presidential race - AP, Reuters
BreakingNews: High winds, lightning cited as more than 66,000 lose power in Houston -
BreakingNews: Drone attack in Pakistan's S. Waziristan kills 6 Taliban, intelligence officers tell Reuters
BreakingNews: Unofficial results show leftist ex-army officer Ollanta Humala narrowly wins Peru presidential runoff - AP
BreakingNews: 5.5 aftershock rattles damaged Christchurch, NZ - NZHerald
cnnbrk: Two new drugs extend survival for #melanoma patients
BreakingNews: Syrian forces kill 31 civilians during weekend protests in Jisr al-Shughour - Reuters, Al Jazeera
BreakingNews: Police: A suicide bomber attacks a bakery in Pakistan, killing 18 people and wounding 40 others - AP
cnnbrk: #Yemen tribal leader agrees to vice president's call for truce.
BreakingNews: One person is dead and scores are injured after an underground fuel tank explosion in Nairobi - KBC News
BreakingNews: Tens of thousands protest outside Greek parliament - CNBC
( a wa?) ATPWorldTour: #Nadal beats #Federer 75 76(3) 57 61 to win sixth @rolandgarros title and retain World No. 1 ranking. #atp #tennis
BreakingNews: Evacuations ordered in Iowa after river breaches levee across border in Missouri - AP
BreakingNews: Update: Death toll rises to 14 as Israeli troops fire along Syrian border - AP
BreakingNews: Yemen acting president offers to withdraw troops from Sanaa - Reuters 
BreakingNews: Syrian TV: Israeli gunfire kills 11, wounds 120along border - AP
ATPWorldTour: #Nadal rallies from 2-5 and saves 1 set point vs. #Federer to win 1st set 7-5 in pulsating @rolandgarros final Find a TV n ...
TheEconomist: Republicans claim environmental regulations weaken the economy, as Democrats argue that regulations protect the public
BreakingNews: Bangladesh strike shuts schools, shops, snarls traffic in capital
BreakingNews: 5.2-magnitude earthquake strikes near Hagatna, Guam; no tsunami warning issued
BreakingNews: Police forcibly take away hunger-striking yoga guru Baba Ramdev in New Delhi, India - AP
TheEconomist: Victory in July's elections would bring back Thailand's most divisive figure
cnnbrk: RT @JacquiJeras: Tornado warnings for Southwestern Stark County in OH. This includes the city of Canton. Warning until 7p.m.
BreakingNews: More on Puyehue volcano: CNN Chile reports 3,500 evacutaed, large plume seen BreakingNews: Wallow Fire now third-largest wildfire in Arizona history, grows to 140,000 acres - @azcentral
BreakingNews: Fighting continues in Yemen's capital Sanaa despite ceasefire, sources tell @SkyNews
BreakingNews: RT @Reuters: Exclusive: U.N. probes peacekeepers' absence amid deadly Sudan clashes
WSJ: Despite hundreds of thousands of new jobs, the percentage of Americans employed has barely budged at 58%
BreakingNews: Libya TV: 'Tripoli is undergoing attack now by the colonialist crusader aggressors' after blasts heard- Al Jazeera http:// ...
BreakingNews: Update: @SkyNews reports 11 explosions heard in Libyan capital Tripoli
BreakingNews: BBC: Yemeni President Saleh suffered shrapnel wounds, burns in attack on his compound
BreakingNews: Saudi King Abdullah mediated 1-week ceasefire between Yemen's President Saleh and anti-government opposition - AP http://b ...
BreakingNews: Li tops Schiavone to win French Open title. She's the first Chinese player to win a Grand Slam singles event - NBC Sports
TheEconomist: Turbulence in Inner Mongolia makes managing China no easier
TheEconomist: Poor harvests and increased demand, particularly from China, have forced up food prices on world markets
BreakingNews: Omaha dumping 6 million gallons a day of raw sewage into Missouri River as flood disables treatment plant
BreakingNews: Winds fan Wallow wildfire near Alpine, Ariz., to 106,000 acres;
TheEconomist: Bad results for Silvio Berlusconi in Italy's local elections, but also bad for the main opposition party
TheEconomist: The estimated number of deaths from AIDS is dropping. Economist Daily Chart June 3rd
TheEconomist: #Video: Thaksin Shinawatra, the former Thailand prime minister on his trial, his sister and when he will end his exile
WSJ: U.S. stocks finished their fifth straight week in the red; the Dow is down 658 points since May 2
WSJ: Roger Federer defeats Novak Djokovic in four sets to advance to the French Open final against Rafael Nadal
cnnbrk: Lab tech sentenced to 44 years in killing of Yale grad student
ATPWorldTour: #Federer takes 76 63 lead vs. @DjokerNole in @rolandgarros semis. Fed 174-0 at Grand Slam level when winning first two set ...
BreakingNews: House adopts resolution rebuking Obama foraction against Libya without congressional approval - AP
BreakingNews: Internet access in Syria goes down amidst protests - PCMag
RT @BreakingNews: U.S. condemns violence in Yemen, including today's attack on the presidential palace
cnnbrk: RT @CNNLive: Pres. #Obama discusses the auto bailout and economy during a visit to a Chrysler plant in Toledo, OH. Live: http:// ...
BreakingNews: Iraq officials: Suicide bomber targets hospital where wounded from earlier blast taken - AP
BBCBreaking: Health Protection Agency announces four new cases of E.coli in the UK, bringing the total number of cases to 11
cnnbrk: More than 1,000 have died in #Syria protests, U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon says.
WSJ: The Dow is on its way to a fifth-consecutive weekly decline for the first time since 2004
WSJ: Europe's E. coli outbreak is worsening: total reported cases in Germany now up to 1,733
cnnbrk: 4 killed in attack that injured #Yemen president and prime minister, spokesman says.
BreakingNews: At least 67 people killed in Hama, scores injured in Syria as protesters demonstrate - Al Arabiya
WSJ: NBC, Fox and ESPN are competing to broadcast the 2014 and 2016 Olympics. Bids expected around $2 billion
BreakingNews: More on Chicago derailment: Two trains collided at a slow speed; 5 injured. Injuries are not critical - WMAQ ...
TheEconomist: Latvia, one of Europe's wobbliest economies, gets an overdue political reckoning
BreakingNews: Update: Arizona fire forces evacuation of 2 communities - AP
BreakingNews: Update: 28 injured in shell blasts at artillery depot in Russia's Volga area - RIA Novosti
BreakingNews: Homeless population in New Orleans rises 70 percent since Hurricane Katrina - NOLA
TheEconomist: A nuclear phase-out leaves German energy policy in a muddle
BreakingNews: Reports: Protesters fired upon in Yemeni capital; flights suspended at Sanaa's international airport - Al Jazeera
WSJ: You're all very funny. Best replies to our tweet about the Army testing iPhones for use in combat:
BreakingNews: Mitt Romney, in presidential announcement: 'Barack Obama has failed America'
BreakingNews: Journalist in Yemen reports snipers are shooting at protesters in Sanaa's Change Square - Al Jazeera
WSJ: Here's our first take on Groupon's filing for a $750 million IPO:
BreakingNews: 9 killed in bombings at a market in western Iraq - AP
WSJ: Breaking: Groupon has filed to go public in what would be one of this year's highest-profile IPOs.
BreakingNews: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney announces he will run for president. Watch live:
cnnbrk: Afghan militants attack Pakistani checkpoint, killing dozens, official says.
WSJ: 57% of full-time M.B.A. students in the U.S. had offers by mid-March, compared with 40% a year earlier
cnnbrk: Chinese agency says deadly European E. coli is new strain.
BreakingNews: Li Na tops Maria Sharapova 6-4, 7-5 in French Open semifinals, reaching her second straight major championship match
cnnbrk: More than 250 refugees from #Libya missing in boat accident.
BreakingNews: 25 Pakistani forces killed after cross-border raid - Reuters
BreakingNews: More: Japan PM Kan says he will quit after nation achieves some recovery from earthquake, tsunami- Kyodo
BreakingNews: Update: 4 deaths confirmed in Massachusetts tornadoes - CBS Boston
BreakingNews: RT @BostonUpdate: Breaking news: Governor Patrick declares state of emergency (7:41 PM)  -
BreakingNews: NYC mobster Vinny Gorgeous, already serving life, avoids death penalty for ordering killing - AP
cnnbrk: #Tornado hits Springfield, Massachusetts
BreakingNews: All missing are accounted for in Joplin, MO, after May 22 tornado; 124 confirmed dead - News-Leader
WSJ: Stocks are falling sharply in the final hour of trading. The Dow is down 257 points, or 2%
BreakingNews: Explosion reported near hotel in rebel-held Libyan city of Benghazi, Arab TV channels report, via Reuters
BreakingNews: Latest on E. coli outbreak: More than 1500 people in Germany infected, 16 killed; cases reported in 7 other countries http ...
WSJ: The U.S. manufacturing sector slowed sharply in May. It's the 10th-biggest drop for the index since 1948:

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