Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Argument Against Gay Rights

There are many fundamental cases that are against gay rights, but the argument against gay rights that I will make is simple. Yesterday I saw a Supreme Court Justice Kennedy say that the children of gay couples have a right to living within matrimony, suffering "immediate legal injury," and I replied “How can there be children of same-sex couples?” Since they cannot naturally have children, this should not be a valid argument; furthermore, they should not have the right raise children. This disqualifies them from equality.
There is no discrimination because a same-sex couple cannot do what a straight couple. It's not like racism, claiming a white person has greater intelligence than black people, when they are the same. Discrimination demands that the two are equal. A same-sex couple can never produce children naturally; therefore, they are not equal.
I propose that gay people are to have no rights as couples; therefore, they cannot raise children, adopt, or impregnate themselves. Any of these practices should be banned; furthermore, gay people should not have the right artificial impregnate themselves.
My argument is simple. Same-sex couples are not the same as straight couples because same-sex couples cannot have children; therefore, they have no rights to raise children, marriage, or benefits. There is no discrimination because the couples are not equal. I believe in that which is natural.

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