Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Afternoon World #News Report of the 19th of March 2013

14m Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
#Malala Yousufzai starts school in Birmingham | Latest-News | http://DAWN.COM  http://dawn.com/2013/03/20/malala-yousufzai-starts-school-in-birmingham/ …

13m The Associated Press @AP
Wisconsin is closing nude beach on weekdays to cut down on sex, drugs: http://apne.ws/XnNUwY  -CC

15m Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Alexandria police stage sit-in over spokesman's suspension http://dlvr.it/367Rtn 

16m Reuters Top News @Reuters
Saudi Arabia arrests Iranian, Lebanese and 16 Saudis for spying http://reut.rs/ZHM2kK 

8m The Star @staronline
U.S. working out transfer of Congo war suspect to ICC http://dlvr.it/367WMn 

24m Reuters Top News @Reuters
ICE, NYSE Euronext tweak merger structure http://reut.rs/ZHLLy6 

26m Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#Turks protest life sentences for generals accused of plotting to overthrow PM http://ara.tv/9k5pr 

29m Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: ECB says it will provide liquidity to #Cyprus within existing rules

31m Reuters Top News @Reuters
Oil trade between Kurdistan, Turkey threatens to divide Iraq: senior Iraqi official http://reut.rs/ZYg6Z5 

29m Reuters Top News @Reuters
Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread may soon be back in stores, judge approves sale of snack cake brands http://reut.rs/WBE6Cs 

31m Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
U.S. stocks fall on Europe concern as #Cyprus rejects bank levy | http://bloom.bg/10dZ5fV 

32m Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Horsemen slaughter 89 elephants in worst African poaching incident in over a year | http://bloom.bg/Xntft8 

34m Zee News @ZeeNews
Delhi's per capita income rises to over Rs 2 lakh

37m Reuters Media @ReutersMedia
Ex-Oregon governor candidate charged in Facebook IPO fraud http://reut.rs/138UbES 

35m The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Nigerian boat with 166 people on board sinks: A wooden boat carrying 166 people from southeastern Nigeria caps... http://bit.ly/WDHq13 

44m Haaretz.com @haaretzcom
Death toll in alleged chemical attack in northern #Syria rises to 25 http://htz.li/15YybtO 

44m Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
Governor dissolves Sindh Assembly | Pakistan | http://DAWN.COM  http://dawn.com/2013/03/19/governor-dissolves-sindh-assembly …

48m New York Times World @nytimesworld
Obama leaves tonight for Israel. What questions do you have for NYT's Jerusalem bureau chief @rudoren about the trip? Include #NYTWorld

47m Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Gov. Cuomo cements plan to raise New York minimum wage to $9/hour as part of $136.5 billion budget | http://bloom.bg/WRYq4M 

46m Reuters Top News @Reuters
Harry Reid: fewer than 40 senators support Obama-backed assault weapon ban legislation #breaking

49m Haaretz.com @haaretzcom
Over 2,000 demonstrating for Pollard release outside President's Residence in Jerusalem http://htz.li/XXdCMJ  #ObamainIsrael

48m Reuters Top News @Reuters
Egypt to sign $4.8 billion deal with IMF by end of June http://reut.rs/ZHFNx8 

53m Reuters Top News @Reuters
Fitch affirms EU's AAA rating #breaking

1h MW Personal Finance @MarketWatchPF
Spending on TV ads opposing Obamacare ramping up to $100,000 per week: http://on.mktw.net/16HgdNZ 

1h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
In south Egypt, fears over Islamist vigilantes: The Gamaa Islamiya once waged a bloody insurgency here, attack... http://bit.ly/10dNVYr 

1h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
U.S. welcomes election of Syrian rebel PM: The U.S. welcomes the election of a long-time Texas resident as the... http://bit.ly/11b3f6U 

1h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Obama hosts Irish leader at the White House: President Barack Obama says he is extending the celebration of St... http://bit.ly/11ffZgJ 

1h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Lockheed Martin entering the bionic suit business | http://bloom.bg/11eEVVM 

1h Breaking News @BreakingNews
Cyprus lawmakers reject bank tax bill with zero votes in favor, 36 against, 19 abstentions - @AP

1h Agence France-Presse @AFP
#BREAKING: Cyprus MPs overwhelmingly reject EU bailout deal

1h Agence France-Presse @AFP
French budget minister resigns as prosecutors announce full investigation into secret Swiss bank account http://bit.ly/ZbByaN 

1h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: #Cyprus bank levy bill defeated with 36 votes against

1h The Associated Press @AP
A manslaughter charge has been added to the charges in the New York expectant couple case: http://apne.ws/XnHnm6  -AB

1h Haaretz.com @haaretzcom
BREAKING: Israeli media reporting thousands rallying in #Jerusalem for release of Jonathan Pollard http://htz.li/YRvJ5I  #ObamainIsrael

1h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
200,000 homeowners regain equity on underwater homes as prices rise | http://bloom.bg/16GVDxe 

1h Post World News @PostWorldNews
The U.S. is skeptical of a chemical attack in Syria, which would mark a major escalation of the war if confirmed. http://wapo.st/WBBR23 

1h Press TV @PressTV
Former #Taliban fighters display their #weapons after joining #Afghan government forces during a ceremony in Herat http://twitpic.com/ccpn8i 
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2h Press TV @PressTV
A rare two-headed albino #California #King #snake is displayed at the #Moscow Zoo, on March 19, 2013.  http://twitpic.com/ccpn4p 
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2h Press TV @PressTV
#Cypriots show their palms reading "No" during a #protest against an #EU #bailout deal outside the parliament in # http://twitpic.com/ccpn11 
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2h Press TV @PressTV
#Egyptian photo #journalists hold signs calling for press freedom during a demonstration to demand an end to haras http://twitpic.com/ccpmx9 
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2h Press TV @PressTV
A burqa-clad #Afghan woman gives alms to another woman #begging with her child at a roadside in Mazari Sharif on M http://twitpic.com/ccpmt9 
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2h The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: Senate Democrats dropping assault weapons ban from gun bill, making ban's approval unlikely.

2h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Up to four million displaced within Syria: aid official http://reut.rs/WBC3OM 

2h RT @RT_com
UK sends flight loaded with €1million to Cyprus based troops http://bit.ly/ZbvkYh 

2h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Mali needs aid to rebuild north, stop militant return: France http://reut.rs/ZHrTLs 

2h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Turks protest life sentences sought in conspiracy trial http://reut.rs/WByWqb 

2h BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
#Malala Yousafzai, girls' education campaigner shot by Taliban, spends 1st day at UK school http://bbc.in/XWZFyo  http://twitpic.com/ccpirk 

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2h BN Politics @BNPolitics
The White House is shifting $1 billion to a missile-defense system with unproven effectiveness | http://bloom.bg/15mJY2X 

2h Agence France-Presse @AFP
Ex-Bolshoi soloist alleges dancers were 'forced into sex' http://bit.ly/YS3jsd 

2h Wall Street Journal @WSJ
Breaking: Florida financier Craig Berkman arrested in alleged scheme to market fake pre-IPO shares of Facebook. http://wsj.com 

2h New York Times World @nytimesworld
At one point during Rand Paul's immigration speech Tuesday, he read the end of a Pablo Neruda poem. http://nyti.ms/ZHojAY 

2h Reuters Top News @Reuters
U.S. has "no reason to believe" Syrian rebels used chemical weapons http://reut.rs/ZHq7Km 

2h The Star @staronline
EU crime gangs find new ways to make money in bad times http://dlvr.it/3661dC 

2h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Brazil's Rousseff as popular as ever http://reut.rs/ZHnYOP 

2h Wall Street Journal @WSJ
Breaking: Federal regulators are investigating Microsoft, partners over claims of foreign bribery. http://wsj.com 

2h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Kerry in Israel on eve of Obama visit: police: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Israel, a day ahe... http://bit.ly/11f2FsQ 

2h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
#Cyprus government delay in parliamentary vote on a plan to seize a part of depositors' bank savings. - @AP

2h Zee News @ZeeNews
After advice, EU now warns India over bar on Italian Ambassador

2h RT @RT_com
US Army lieutenant colonel accused of passing nuclear secrets to Chinese mistress http://on.rt.com/tt0vl9 

2h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Afghan government hits back at NATO chief, says war aimless http://reut.rs/ZH95fp 

2h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BREAKING: Four scud missiles strike neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor in #Syria: #LCC

2h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BREAKING: U.S. ‘quite concerned’ government of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad will resort to non-conventional weapons: State Department -- #Syria

2h BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Cypriot parliament begins debating controversial EU bailout plan which includes levy on people's savings http://bbc.in/XnvoF4 

3h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Europe’s raid on #Cyprus bank deposits raises concern among holders of senior bank bonds | http://bloom.bg/WBqQxN 

3h Wall Street Journal @WSJ
"True power is in service." Pope Francis celebrates his inaugural mass. http://on.wsj.com/YDEa1g 

3h The Star @staronline
French minister faces formal tax fraud probe http://dlvr.it/365ftl 

3h The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING:  Cyprus: governing party proposes 1-day postponement of vote on bank deposit seizure: http://apne.ws/WD5KjE  -AB
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3h The Star @staronline
Guatemalan trial of ex-dictator Rios Montt begins http://dlvr.it/365ft8 

3h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BREAKING: At least 90 people were killed by #Syria regime forces’ gunfire Tuesday: #LCC -- #Syria

3h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
HTC loses patent suit over Nokia battery-life infringement | http://bloom.bg/XZkqvn 

3h Reuters Top News @Reuters
UK sent plane-load of cash to Cyprus for its troops in case cash machines, debit cards stop working #breaking

Yahoo! News: Wave of Iraq blasts kill 65 decade after invasion http://yhoo.it/Y03QeW 

3h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Commander: Contingency plans under way for Syria: The top U.S. military commander in Europe says that NATO is ... http://bit.ly/ZrP6lC 

3h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Air traffic to be suspended during strike at Beirut airport: Barring several exceptions, inbound and outbound ... http://bit.ly/ZrP9he 

3h Zachary Tracer @ZTracer
Obama admin cuts student loan commissions to reduce incentive for firms to squeeze underwater borrowers: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-03-19/obama-cuts-student-debt-collector-commissions-to-aid-borrowers.html …

3h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Afghan government says NATO war 'aimless, unwise': Afghanistan's presidential spokesman describes the NATO-led... http://bit.ly/ZrP65i 

3h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
FLASH: #Cyprus lawmakers begin deliberations on bank-levy bill

3h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Convoy takes South Sudanese home from Khartoum: Almost 1,000 South Sudanese leave their squalid Khartoum camp ... http://bit.ly/YRzDv9 

3h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BREAKING: #Syria regime forces injured after shells struck the Maliki neighborhood of Damascus: #LCC

3h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Dominican police confirm three women paid to falsely accuse NJ Sen. Menendez of solicitation | http://bloom.bg/YCJYbg 

3h Zee News @ZeeNews
#DelhiGangRape case: Cop's statement recorded

3h Reuters Politics @ReutersPolitics
Senate Finance chief eyes trade promotion bill this year http://reut.rs/YRFtg5 

3h Reuters Top News @Reuters
White House confirms Obama asked Jeff Zients to stay on as Acting Director of OMB #breaking

3h BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Cousin and close aide of late Libya leader Col Gaddafi arrested in Cairo by Egyptian police http://bbc.in/XnpoMI 

3h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BREAKING: Rebel Free Syrian Army shells military building and defense ministry in central #Damascus -- #Syria

3h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: Euro drops below $1.29 for first time since December 2012

3h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Cyprus finance minister submits resignation: sources - MNSI #breaking

4h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews Chemical weapons use by Damascus would be 'totally unacceptable': U.S.

4h Haaretz.com @haaretzcom
LIVE BLOG: Kerry lands in Israel, being escorted by patrols to #Jerusalem

4h The Star @staronline
Blast in northeast Nigeria kills three security agents http://dlvr.it/364tnR 

4h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

4h RT @RT_com
Russian consumer watchdog slams Google over suicide content http://on.rt.com/tdesud 

4h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Syria chemical weapons attack not "fully verified": Britain's U.N. envoy http://reut.rs/WBl8Mb 

4h Reuters Top News @Reuters
FDA names Dr. Kathleen Uhl acting director of Office of Generic Drugs; search for permanent director continues #breaking

4h Agence France-Presse @AFP
France find 57 tonnes of minced lamb not conforming to EU standards at horsemeat scandal firm's factory: http://bit.ly/YoBZze 

4h Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Israel razes structures in West Bank settler outposts http://dlvr.it/364j14 

4h The Star @staronline
Alleged chemical attack kills 25 in northern Syria http://dlvr.it/364h2q 

4h The Star @staronline
EU warns India over bar on Italian ambassador http://dlvr.it/364h4D 

4h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Obama administration ready to work with Congress to pass 'trade promotion authority' bill: USTR #breaking

4h Jared Keller @jaredbkeller
The North Carolina Republicans used redistricting to win U.S. House seats in 2012 http://bloom.bg/11eClik  | pic.twitter.com/Svm1AnQ7FN
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4h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
#Cyprus parliament moves to protect small deposits from bank levy  – WATCH: http://bloom.bg/15Y93n1 

4h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Hostess Brands Inc. wins approval of asset sales totaling more than $800 million: judge

4h Businessweek @BW
Nobel Prize-winning Cypriot economist: "I am appalled by the decision of the euro group." | http://buswk.co/10cQgTm 

4h BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
Indian parliament passes new anti-rape laws after the gang rape & murder of a 23-year-old on a bus in Delhi http://bbc.in/16GSeyr 

4h Breaking News @BreakingNews
Update: US official says there is no evidence Syrian rebels or Assad's regime used chemical weapons - @AP

Yahoo! News: Iranian bank challenges sanctions in Britain's Supreme Court http://yhoo.it/YRa39K 

4h Tesa Arcilla @Tesa_RT
Some protesters gathering near Parliament #Cyprus pic.twitter.com/YvRD3kwTrV
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Yahoo! News: Casey, Rubio offer bill to aid Syrian opposition http://yhoo.it/11a9oAm 

4h Reuters Top News @Reuters
U.S. working out what to do with Congo ICC suspect http://reut.rs/WB7Hfe 

4h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Capriles barbs unite "Chavistas" in Venezuela: strategist http://reut.rs/ZGUOPR 

5h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Egypt’s Shura council approves a law allowing the issuance of Islamic bonds

5h Zee News @ZeeNews
Lok Sabha passes anti-rape bill, age of consent stays at 18

5h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Majority of Americans disapprove of Republicans in Congress, yet odds of control remain in party’s favor | http://bloom.bg/ZQ6lLd 

5h MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Dow reclaims 14,500 mark as investors emphasize housing data over Cyprus http://on.mktw.net/ZXzm8W 

5h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

5h New York Times World @nytimesworld
Syria and Activists Trade Accusations on Chemical Weapons http://nyti.ms/XWGwfV 

5h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

5h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
‘We didn’t announce our position regarding interim govt’: FSA political coordinator

5h Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Hundreds of bakers storm Supply Ministry again http://dlvr.it/363wHw 

5h Breaking News @BreakingNews
Live video: Convicted Ohio school shooting gunman T.J. Lane is sentenced - @NBCNews http://bit.ly/vZtPPQ 

5h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
FLASH: Mary Jo White approved in Senate Banking Committee by 20-1 vote to head S.E.C.

5h RT @RT_com
MORE: Use of chemical arms by Syrian rebels brings confrontation in the country to new level - Russian Foreign Min http://on.rt.com/f2n8yk 

5h RT @RT_com
BREAKING: Syrian rebels used chemical arms - Russian Foreign Ministry http://on.rt.com/f2n8yk 

5h The Associated Press @AP
Rand Paul endorses citizenship path for illegal immigrants: http://apne.ws/Zb8obI  -AB

5h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

5h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Euro falls most in 14 months as Cyprus adds to debt concerns | http://bloom.bg/Z8sfs7 

6h Scott Bixby @ScottBix
A wide SCOTUS ruling may save Republicans from years of politically disastrous #gaymarriage battles http://bloom.bg/143M1gd  ℅ @jbarro

5h Lucy Kafanov @LucyKafanov
#iraq: a man shows us the old Iraqi flag from Saddam era. Despite the violence he says he feels more free today pic.twitter.com/iy3sqManoU
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6h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Barclays planning additional job cuts in the next two years: CEO | http://bloom.bg/16GEkfB 

6h MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Stocks open higher after positive housing report

6h New York Times World @nytimesworld
U.S. Treasury Secretary and Chinese President Meet http://nyti.ms/YDV5AC 

6h Agence France-Presse @AFP
Dental dispute leaves two dead in French city Marseille: http://f24.my/137RCTu 

6h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Italian judge rejects request for snap trial of Berlusconi http://reut.rs/ZGKasl 

6h The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: State-run Syrian news agency claims 25 killed in rebel chemical attack in northern Syria.

6h Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
Karzai US-Taliban collusion remarks 'ridiculous': Nato http://wp.me/p2awqS-dyjC 

6h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Chemical weapons watchdog in #Vienna says no confirmation of use of any such arms in #Syria http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2013/Mar-19/210729-vienna-no-confirmation-of-use-of-any-such-arms-in-syria.ashx …

6h Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Warming temperatures could multiply Katrina-like hurricanes: study http://dlvr.it/363BDt 

6h Agence France-Presse @AFP
Almost 95 percent of Zimbabweans vote for new constitution that would trim President Mugabe's powers: http://bit.ly/Yolx23 

6h Reuters Top News @Reuters
UK says Syria chemical weapons use would need "serious response" http://reut.rs/ZGGTJs 

6h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Turkey rejects Syrian accusation over possible chemical attack http://reut.rs/WB3OXC 

6h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Syrian rebel command says Assad's army hit town with chemical weapon http://reut.rs/ZGFqmr 

6h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Zimbabweans approve new constitution by landslide http://reut.rs/ZGG9UK 

6h Lucy Kafanov @LucyKafanov
#Iraq: country is rich in oil yet massive lines for fuel here in #Kirkuk. Cars jammed up at the gas station

6h The Star @staronline
Mali newspaper editor charged with incitement to revolt http://dlvr.it/362q6j 

6h Breaking News @BreakingNews
Update: A 60-millimeter mortar exploded in a tube at Nevada's Hawthorne Army Depot as Marines were preparing to fire it; 6 dead - @NBCNews

6h New York Times World @nytimesworld
U.S. Says Laos Blocking Missing-Persons Investigation http://nyti.ms/XWutPG 

6h Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Former Libyan regime figure arrested in Cairo http://dlvr.it/362k34 

6h Breaking News @BreakingNews
6 US Marines killed, 8 wounded overnight during a live-fire exercise at Nevada military facility - @NBCNews

7h The Associated Press @AP
Mayor Bloomberg's proposal to keep cigarettes out of sight in NYC met with praise, criticism: http://apne.ws/XYMxL7  - VW

7h Dana Khraiche @DLKhraiche
#Syria denies bombing locations in #Lebanon: SANA

7h The Star @staronline
French employers' chief steps up re-election fight http://dlvr.it/362dWc 

7h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: U.S housing starts rose 0.8% in February to 917,000 rate

7h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
European stocks fall for third day ahead of #Cyprus debate on bank levy | http://bloom.bg/ZGA5vC 

7h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
U.S. stocks are little changed before Fed meeting, housebuilding reports | http://bloom.bg/WB0agp 

7h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

7h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: We assure the #Syrian people that no further dialogue will be held with the #Assad Regime, Hitto.

7h The Star @staronline
Pope receives world leaders in Vatican http://dlvr.it/362LSK 

7h Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Fuel shortage violence leads to deaths and injuries http://dlvr.it/362LT2 

7h Reuters Top News @Reuters
China's leaders focus inward, wary of "distraction": Singapore http://reut.rs/ZGwEoD 

7h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#Syria rebels deny firing #chemical #weapons, blame regime http://ara.tv/4wjsx  #alarabiya

7h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: There is no further discussion with the #Assad Regime, Hitto.

7h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: The Syrian people will not tolerate any countries that support the Assad regime, Hitto.

7h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: It is time to declare this opposition selected government as the legitimate and new Syrian government, Hitto.

7h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: We urge all of the commanders in the regime’s military to defect and to join the civilians, Hitto.

7h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

7h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: We will work on returning all Syrian refugees to the freed provinces, Hitto.

7h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: The first mission is to use all ways and means to topple the Syrian regime, Hitto.

7h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: I am thankful to everyone who granted me their trust to be the temporary president, Hitto.

7h The Associated Press @AP
Power partially restored at crippled Japanese nuclear plant, but temperatures safe: http://apne.ws/ZqucDx  - VW

7h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: 43 dead by regime forces fire mostly in #Damascus and its suburbs: Syrian network

7h The Associated Press @AP
AP VIDEO: Pope Francis stops his inauguration motorcade to bless a handicapped man: http://apne.ws/149hmyr  -AB

7h Zee News @ZeeNews
Cabinet approves revised #Food Bill

Yahoo! News: Congo warlord Bosco Ntaganda remains at US embassy http://yhoo.it/ZqKaxv 

7h Breaking News @BreakingNews
Explosion during training exercise at Nevada military facility is believed to have killed 'several' people, US military says - @Reuters

7h Agence France-Presse @AFP
Rwanda wants no role in DR Congo rebel's ICC transfer: http://bit.ly/ZaR8Ua 

7h Asahi Shimbun AJW @AJWasahi
China eyes faster trade talks as trans-Pacific pact advances - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun http://ajw.asahi.com/article/economy/business/AJ201303190110 …

7h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Syrian rebel commander denies rebels fired chemical weapon in #Aleppo, accuses state forces: Reuters

8h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Syria says rebels use chemical weapon in "dangerous escalation" http://reut.rs/WASyuh 

8h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Pope makes surprise phone call home to well-wishers in Argentina http://reut.rs/WAUao0 

8h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Obama's Israel itinerary skirts settlements but not symbolism http://reut.rs/WAQSkB 

8h Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
UN Sri Lanka vote threatens India's government http://wp.me/p2awqS-dygZ 

8h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

8h The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: Syrian information minister says chemical weapon fired is 'first act' by interim government.

8h Dinara Toktosunova @DinaraTok_RT
In the disputed territory between Iraq and Kurdistan. A single misfire could lead to war #iraq… http://instagr.am/p/XCY0kzs3FO/ 

8h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

8h Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
British woman injured fleeing sexual attack in India | World | http://DAWN.COM  http://dawn.com/2013/03/19/british-woman-injured-fleeing-sexual-attack-in-india/ … via @dawn_com

8h The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
#Jakarta Gang’s Terror Credentials Revealed http://jglo.be/5L7j 

8h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Syrian regime launched scod missiles on Khan al-Asl

8h Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
UN blames rise in violence against Afghan women on culture http://wp.me/p2awqS-dygS 

8h The Associated Press @AP
Analysts worry that NKorean nuke test signals willingness to sell atomic material, expertise: http://apne.ws/XYLsDe  - VW

8h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Twenty-five people have been killed by regime forces in #Syria today, mostly in #Damascus and its suburbs, activists.

8h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

8h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

8h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews:Former #Libyan ambassador Ahmed Qazaf al- Dam was arrested by police after his house was besieged, Egyptian source.

9h BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
British woman jumps from hotel window in India after owner offers massage at 4am. Minor injury, owner arrested - via BBC's @northandrew

9h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
Wave of blasts kills 56 across #Baghdad ahead of war anniversary http://ara.tv/9qg3q  #alarabiya #Iraq

9h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

9h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Cases of suffocation been reported in Khan al-Assal after Scud missiles struck the area in #Aleppo Suburb, activists.

9h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

9h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

9h The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: Syrian state media says rebels fired chemical weapon into northern Syria; 15 killed.

9h Reuters Top News @Reuters
China fires warning shot at North Korea banks: report http://reut.rs/ZGeaoi 

10h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Lebanon condemns #Syria airstrike on its territories | News , Politics | THE DAILY STAR http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Politics/2013/Mar-19/210702-lebanon-condemns-syria-airstrike-on-its-territories.ashx …

10h Breaking News @BreakingNews
15 die as Syrian rebels fire rockets containing chemical substances in Aleppo province, Syria's state news agency says - @Reuters

10h The Associated Press @AP
Cypriot financial officials working on bailout details after plan to seize savings sparks fury: http://apne.ws/ZPyuSt  - VW
 View photo
10h RT @RT_com
BREAKING: Criminal investigation into Magnitsky death canceled, ‘no crime’ ruled http://on.rt.com/l65v18 

10h The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: Revised Cyprus bailout plan: 9.9 percent charge on deposits above ?100,000

10h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: #Iraq postpones provincial polls for 'security reasons': official

10h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

10h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

10h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Iraq's cabinet postpones April 20 provincial election for up to six months because of security situation: cabinet statement #breaking

10h Breaking News @BreakingNews
Cyprus finance ministry proposes amended bailout bill; savings up to 20,000 euro would be immune to seizure - @AP

10h The Associated Press @AP
AP VIDEO: Pope Francis I rides to St. Peters Square for his installation Mass in white open-air vehicle. http://apne.ws/XmHmPo  - VW

10h New York Times World @nytimesworld
Pope Francis Arrives at St. Peter’s for Installation http://nyti.ms/YDC7Ky 

10h MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Cyprus Stock Exchange suspends trading until Thursday due to bailout issues http://on.mktw.net/ZWSZ0Z 

10h Press TV @PressTV
BREAKING: Mortar hits near #Iran embassy in #Syria http://goo.gl/xt8fb 

10h Agence France-Presse @AFP
#Breaking: Ryanair unveils order for 175 Boeing 737s worth $15.6 billion

10h The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: Iraqi officials: More attacks tear through Baghdad area, death toll jumps to 56; 200 wounded.

10h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
More than 60 wounded in fighting in South #Sudan between army and rebel group http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2013/Mar-19/210694-more-than-60-wounded-in-fighting-in-south-sudan.ashx …

10h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: A bomb blast has been reported near the Iranian embassy in the Mazzeh district of Damascus, activists say. #Syria #Iran

10h Ammu Kannampilly @akannampilly
#Rape fears fuel tourists' anxiety in #India - my story for @afp http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/afp/130319/rape-fears-fuel-tourists-anxiety-india … #travel #tourism #VAW

10h MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Markets are underestimating Cyprus damage, says J.P. Morgan http://on.mktw.net/1379vBY 

10h Ben Brown @BenBrownBBC
Now 17 attacks in total in and around Baghdad today

10h The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: Pope Francis officially begins his ministry at installation Mass in St. Peter's Square

11h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

11h German Gladyshev @RT_German
#Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko: I swore I would not hand over power to my relatives - RT Interview

11h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

11h Agence France-Presse @AFP
Death toll rises to 37 in western India bus crash: http://bit.ly/ZaFdFG 

11h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Pakistan arrests suspect in murder of U.S. journalist Pearl http://reut.rs/WACyZo 

11h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

11h RT @RT_com
Update: Death toll from series of attacks in Baghdad rises to 34, dozens wounded - Iraqi officials http://on.rt.com/yr661z 

11h Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
MQM-PPP agree on Sindh caretaker setup http://wp.me/p2awqS-dydr 

11h The Associated Press @AP
Chicago police superintendent says arrests are likely in shooting death of 6-month-old baby: http://apne.ws/10aQpXp  - VW

11h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Syrian #airstrike came a day after #Syrian government #daily warned that #Lebanon, #Jordan were playing with fire. http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Politics/2013/Mar-19/210663-syrias-dark-clouds-gathering-over-lebanon.ashx …

11h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
"#Syrian regime now feels stronger and is on the offensive against armed groups in #Lebanon”: analyst #Atrissi says http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Politics/2013/Mar-19/210663-syrias-dark-clouds-gathering-over-lebanon.ashx …

Yahoo! News: St. Peter's fills for Pope Francis installation http://yhoo.it/YPrSpN 

12h Jon Sopel @BBCJonSopel
The choirs are singing, the sun is shining on St. Peter's Square, the crowds are out. The stage is set. On BBC1 and BBC World at 08.15 GMT

11h BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
Pope Francis travelling through crowds in St Peter's Square before inaugural Mass

11h Zee News @ZeeNews
Anti-rape bill tabled in Lok Sabha

11h Agence France-Presse @AFP
#UPDATE: 23 killed in wave of attacks in and around Baghdad on eve of 10th anniversary of US-led invasion of Iraq http://bit.ly/118AWWW 

12h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Cyprus parliament ready to veto deposit tax http://reut.rs/ZF9oHF 

12h Ben Brown @BenBrownBBC
Helicopters circling over black smoke at checkpoint 2 near algerian embassy.latest of a series a dozen explosions today killing more than 20

Yahoo! News: Mexico's president gathers power, pushes reform http://yhoo.it/WBcWgn 

12h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
The #Syrian #air raid came four days after #Syria threatened to strike at Syrian rebels in #Lebanon. http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Politics/2013/Mar-19/210663-syrias-dark-clouds-gathering-over-lebanon.ashx …

12h Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
KP assembly to dissolve today http://wp.me/p2awqS-dyd6 

12h The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: Missouri sheriff says missing mom and daughter safe; mom held, accused of lying about abduction:

12h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Conjecture rife after #Sunni #sheikhs assaulted | News , Local News | THE DAILY STAR http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Local-News/2013/Mar-19/210656-conjecture-rife-after-sunni-sheikhs-assaulted.ashx …

12h The Associated Press @AP
Ethics panel says more work needed before government considers testing anthrax vaccine in children: http://apne.ws/ZpzQWA  - VW

12h Agence France-Presse @AFP
#BREAKING: 23 dead, 88 wounded after more than a dozen attacks in and around mostly Shiite areas of Baghdad

12h Zee News @ZeeNews
China unveils 5-point formula to improve ties with India

12h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Israeli #jets #drop flare #bombs over s. Lebanon coast | News , Local News | THE DAILY STAR http://dailystar.com.lb/News/Local-News/2013/Mar-18/210633-israeli-jets-drop-flare-bombs-over-s-lebanon-coast.ashx …

12h The Star @staronline
Car bombs, blasts kill at least 25 in Iraq http://dlvr.it/35yH3b 

12h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Arab #banks threaten to quit #Cyprus over tax plan | Business , #Lebanon | THE DAILY STAR http://dailystar.com.lb/Business/Lebanon/2013/Mar-19/210669-arab-banks-threaten-to-quit-cyprus-over-tax-plan.ashx …

13h MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Dollar edges higher ahead of Cyprus vote http://on.mktw.net/YDr8AJ 

13h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Lebanese leaders scramble to avert strife | News , Politics | THE DAILY STAR http://dailystar.com.lb/News/Politics/2013/Mar-19/210667-leaders-scramble-to-avert-strife.ashx …

13h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Car bombs in Baghdad kill at least 12: officials

13h Zee News @ZeeNews
Madhya Pradesh govt will provide better security to foreigners, assures CM

13h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: The Free Syrian Army claims control of unit from the "Hagana" troops along the #Syria-Jordan border: the Syria media center

13h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Series of bombs in Baghdad Shi'ite districts kills at least 22 people: sources #breaking

13h Haaretz.com @haaretzcom
#Israeli lightly injured in #WestBank shooting http://bit.ly/16FU3M5 

13h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: The #FSA says that military brigades are targeting the military airport in #Deraa. #Syria

13h Wall Street Journal @WSJ
EBay gave its CEO $29.7 million last year, up 80% from $16.5 million a year earlier. http://on.wsj.com/16FnPQW  $EBAY

13h BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
Unrest in #Iraq would have been "a lot worse than Syria" without 2003 invasion, ex-UK PM Tony #Blair tells BBC http://bbc.in/Xms511 

13h MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Japan's Nikkei Average ends 2% up at 12,468.23

14h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: India cuts rates for second time this year, says scope for further easing remains limited | http://bloom.bg/YP89WY 

14h Zee News @ZeeNews
RBI cuts its key policy rate by 0.25% to 7.5%

14h Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
1) Caretaker prime minister: Main parties fail to end deadlock – http://bit.ly/ZWxn4W 

14h MarketWatch @MarketWatch
India central bank cuts key rate by quarter point

14h Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
5) ‘107 Pakistanis staying in India illegally’ – http://bit.ly/ZFMiRb 

14h BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Up to 1m people expected at inauguration Mass for #PopeFrancis in Vatican http://bbc.in/16G0oqD  & follow @BBCkatyaadler

14h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Volvo wins approval to begin making cars in China | http://bloom.bg/WAUHr6 

14h The Star @staronline
Guatemalan trial of ex-dictator Rios Montt to begin http://dlvr.it/35xggf 

14h BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Power failure affects cooling systems at #Fukushima nuclear plant in #Japan http://bbc.in/XmkGyE 

14h Press TV @PressTV
Ban calls for political solution in #Syria http://goo.gl/bb9HL 

14h New York Times World @nytimesworld
Blackout Halts Cooling System at Fukushima Plant http://nyti.ms/XVKXaF 

15h The Associated Press @AP
Opposition Syrian National Coalition elects US-educated technocrat to head interim government: http://apne.ws/15XaFNP  - VW

15h BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Harsher punishments for rapists, including death penalty, to be debated in #India's parliament http://bbc.in/XmjKKw 

15h Agence France-Presse @AFP
Daniel Pearl's family hails Pakistani arrest http://bit.ly/YDmqTs  #AFP

15h The Star @staronline
Illegal trade have robbed the wild of thousand of great apes annually http://bit.ly/117ZXRY 

15h Zee News @ZeeNews

15h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#Yemen begins national reconciliation talks amid protests http://ara.tv/j5gaa  #alarabiya

15h Reuters Top News @Reuters
U.S. contractor charged with passing nuclear secrets to Chinese woman http://reut.rs/WAgnCD 

15h BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
#HSBC faces new money laundering claims in #Argentina http://bbc.in/16FSb5S 

15h Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
Syrian rebels say they struck presidential palace, #Damascus airport   http://ara.tv/5khdg  #alarabiya #Syria

15h The Star @staronline
Indian national arrested for smuggling RM933,280 worth of drugs http://dlvr.it/35x259 

16h Zee News @ZeeNews

16h Press TV @PressTV

Yahoo! News: Power still out at damaged nuclear plant in Japan http://yhoo.it/XX2664 

16h The Associated Press @AP
Power outage means crippled Japanese nuclear plant unable to cool 4 fuel pools, but temps safe: http://apne.ws/XVCWCF  - VW

16h Zee News @ZeeNews

16h The Star @staronline
Mexico and Brazil reach deal to end short-term visa requirements http://dlvr.it/35wly3 

16h Wall Street Journal @WSJ
BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins says Apple's iPhone is passé: http://on.wsj.com/15W2PUG 

16h BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Politicians in #India increasingly using Twitter, Facebook & Google to try to engage with young people http://bbc.in/15X7tC6 

16h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Arkansas health plan for poor to add limited federal costs: report http://reut.rs/WA8I7h 

16h Breaking News @BreakingNews
Family of slain US journalist Daniel Pearl hail Pakistani arrest of militant allegedly involved in 2002 murder - @AFP http://bit.ly/10apKtU 

17h New York Times World @nytimesworld
Uhuru Kenyatta’s Lawyers Ask Hague Court to Drop Charges http://nyti.ms/XVBEYv 

17h The Associated Press @AP
Judge rules 3 from San Diego-area sex bondage ring to stand trial in killing of Marine's wife: http://apne.ws/15WT88t  -RAS

17h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Gay students accuse California high school staff of harassment http://reut.rs/ZFp7Xa 

17h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Teenage girls charged with online threats against Ohio rape victim http://reut.rs/WzZojM 

17h Breaking News @BreakingNews
China's Xi meets US treasury secretary in Beijing, first meeting with foreign official since becoming president - @AP http://bit.ly/YnrlsJ 

17h Agence France-Presse @AFP
Taking vitamin D supplements in pregnancy may make no difference to a child's bone health, study in The Lancet says http://yhoo.it/15X45XO 

17h Asahi Shimbun AJW @AJWasahi
Kerry says he's committed to U.S. rebalance to Asia http://ajw.asahi.com/article/behind_news/politics/AJ201303190017 …

Yahoo! News: French hostages held by Nigerian sect in new video http://yhoo.it/15jIQgK 

17h The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Police Arrest 2, Seek 7 Over Attack on Tempo Employees in South Jakarta http://jglo.be/5Jrf 

17h BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
General strike in #Orura region of #Bolivia over plans to rename airport after President Evo Morales http://bbc.in/16FGmfW 

17h The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Antigraft Agency Seizes 3 More Homes of Police Officer Accused of Corruption http://jglo.be/5Jpk 

18h The Associated Press @AP
Poll finds Venezuelan government candidate Nicolas Maduro has a 14 percent lead over opposition challenger: http://apne.ws/WA0Rqp  -RAS

18h MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Hong Kong Hang Seng Index up 0.2% to 22,126.11

18h MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Hong Kong stocks rise, with earnings helping some names; Hang Seng Index up 0.4% http://on.mktw.net/16FF84p 

18h New York Times World @nytimesworld
World Briefing | The Americas: No Charges in Russian Boy’s Death http://nyti.ms/YD9xJb 

18h New York Times World @nytimesworld
World Briefing | Asia: China: More Pigs Found in River http://nyti.ms/XVwcVk 

18h Haaretz.com @haaretzcom
#Syrian opposition choose former businessman Ghassan Hitto as provisional prime minister to fill power vacuum http://htz.li/ZODyqn 

18h The Associated Press @AP
Wall Street Journal denies allegations by purported whistleblower that it bribed Chinese officials for info: http://apne.ws/ZW5ObW  -RAS

18h The Star @staronline
AT&T hacker' gets 41 months in prison http://dlvr.it/35vnTW 

18h Asahi Shimbun AJW @AJWasahi
Amid tensions, Chinese fruit a turnoff in Vietnam http://ajw.asahi.com/article/asia/south_east_asia/AJ201303190009 …

19h The Associated Press @AP
Psychologist testifies at Arizona murder trial that Jodi Arias suffers from dissociative amnesia: http://apne.ws/135G5Uy  -RAS @bskoloff

19h Reuters Top News @Reuters
New China leader Xi to meet Lew to discuss cyber row, trade http://reut.rs/ZFbPde 

19h MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Japan stocks rebound as Cyprus jitters ease; Nikkei Average up 1.7% http://on.mktw.net/16FvCOJ 

19h MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Japan's Nikkei Average opens 1.5% up at 12,404.92

19h The Associated Press @AP
Pa. pastor sentenced to life in prison for killing 2nd wife, awaits trial in 1st wife's death: http://apne.ws/WzPoIJ  -RAS

19h Wall Street Journal @WSJ
Jobless rates are worst on the coasts. California and Rhode Island tied for highest unemployment rate, 9.8%. http://on.wsj.com/XUWBmm 

19h RT @RT_com
BREAKING: Syrian opposition elects interim prime minister http://on.rt.com/8wnysv 

19h Haaretz.com @haaretzcom
#Palestinian sues West Bank settler in theft of his goats - #Israeli police recommend pressing charges http://htz.li/144exyd 

20h Agence France-Presse @AFP
#BREAKING: Ghassan Hitto wins Syria vote for rebel premier: AFP

20h Agence France-Presse @AFP
North Korea says that "nuclear blackmail" by the US will drive more countries to build their own atomic weapon http://bit.ly/ZVWkgS 

20h Greg Bensinger @GregBensinger
eBay CEO's Compensation Jumps 80% | http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324323904578368892276576284.html … via @WSJ @WSJbusiness

21h BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
.@UCF student who shot himself after being found with explosives in his room "may have been planning massacre" http://bbc.in/16FmJ7H 

21h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Boeing puts 787 battery to tough tests it once avoided http://reut.rs/WzJEgM 

21h The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: AP Source: Colo. governor will sign legislation on magazine limits, expanded background checks.

21h The Star @staronline
Venezuelan leader Maduro has big poll lead over Capriles http://dlvr.it/35tWT2 

21h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: Citigroup to pay $730 million to settle bond class action suit

21h Jon Wilson ‏@123mybusiness
Ex-Guatemala strongman on trial after 30 years http://yhoo.it/YNpyiZ 

21h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
FLASH: BlackRock to fire about 300, 3% of workforce, in restructuring

21h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
India seeks stronger ties as Egypt president visits: India said it was looking forward to strengthening econom... http://bit.ly/XW6a6E 

21h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Second computer glitch shuts down NASA Mars rover: The Mars rover Curiosity has had a second computer glitch, ... http://bit.ly/XW6a6y 

21h RT @RT_com
Chavez’s successor asks US not to frame him with rival’s murder http://on.rt.com/872qsy 

21h The Associated Press @AP
AP VIDEO: Ex-University of Oklahoma QB Steve Davis one of two people killed in small plane crash in Indiana: http://apne.ws/WzfdZl  -RAS

22h Breaking News @BreakingNews
France says Syrian bombing raid in Lebanon constitutes 'new serious violation of Lebanon's sovereignty' - @Reuters

22h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
FLASH: Judge denies motion by Bank of America’s Countrywide unit to dismiss security fraud claims by Federal Housing Finance Agency: filing

22h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Canadian remains found at site of Algeria gas site: Police have confirmed that the remains of a Canadian, poss... http://bit.ly/109ekqe 

22h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Cyprus to introduce "more progressivity" in deposit levy terms: Eurogroup statement #breaking

22h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: Eurogroup says #Cyprus to ease terms of levy on small depositors

22h New York Times World @nytimesworld
Former Romanian Premier, Adrian Nastase, to Be Released From Prison http://nyti.ms/XV2YWH 

23h Reuters Legal @ReutersLegal
N.Y. judge hears opening arguments in 'stop and frisk' challenge http://bit.ly/WzydWi 

Yahoo! News: Top general urges caution on Syria options, rebels http://yhoo.it/Zo9t3g 

Yahoo! News: Israeli government sends mixed signals on peace http://yhoo.it/10930dC 

23h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: Eurogroup says #Cyprus must stick 5.8 billion euro deposit goal

23h Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
On first Egypt visit, IFC head says investors await clarity, commitment from government http://dlvr.it/35slYF 

23h Wall Street Journal @WSJ
Breaking: EA says its CEO is resigning, fourth-quarter earnings will come in at the low end of forecasts. http://wsj.com 

23h Reuters Top News @Reuters
14 protesters detained on Russia's Red Square, outside Kremlin http://reut.rs/ZEDpHw 

23h Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Gov. Cuomo said to reach deal to raise New York minimum wage to $9 | http://bloom.bg/1095iK1 

23h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Pakistani Taliban withdraw peace talk offer: The Pakistani Taliban on Monday withdrew their offer of holding p... http://bit.ly/15iTqVf 

23h The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Yemen parties debate new political system: Yemen's politicians, youth, women and intellectuals opened a landma... http://bit.ly/118x4c8 

23h MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Electronic Arts shares jump 5% after hours

23h Post World News @PostWorldNews
Iraq, a decade after U.S. invasion, torn between progress and chaos. http://wapo.st/WzvVq5 

23h The Star @staronline
Clashes break out at Libyan oil field http://dlvr.it/35sbPb 

23h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Obama: Now is the time for Iran to settle nuclear dispute http://reut.rs/ZEAIFM 

23h Reuters Top News @Reuters
Federal grand jury indicts former Calpers CEO in fraud scheme #breaking

23h Breaking News @BreakingNews
UCF spokesman: Material found in dorm makes it appear that attack on campus was planned - @orlandosentinel live video http://thesent.nl/Wzv0WH 

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