Friday, March 1, 2013

The Afternoon World #News Report of the 1st of March 2013

6 mins Bloomberg News
Approval of Keystone XL project “remains unlikely to significantly” increase tar sands oil production: State Department

10 mins MarketWatch @MarketWatch
U.S. stocks close higher Friday; Dow gains for second week 

10 mins BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
100 million #sharks are killed by commercial fishing every year - and researchers fear it's unsustainable 

7 mins MarketWatch @MarketWatch
U.S. stocks finish session and week on high note

7 mins MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Dow ends 75 points shy of all-time closing high

14 mins Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#Iran pipeline work to begin March 11: #Pakistan officials … #alarabiya

15 mins Breaking News @BreakingNews
US State Department: Keystone XL pipeline will not have huge impact on climate - draft analysis via @washingtonpost 

22 mins Agence France-Presse @AFP
Lance Armstrong faces two new lawsuits 

30 mins BBC News US @BBCNewsUS
VIDEO: #California firefighters battle blaze which has destroyed nearly 150 acres of land 

30 mins The Associated Press @AP
MORE: Homeland Security planned to release 3,000 more illegal immigrants during March:  -MS

32 mins Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Keystone XL Pipeline environmental report to be released today | 

40 mins Wall Street Journal @WSJ
Breaking: Apple award reduced to $598.9 million from more than $1 billion in Samsung case. 

52 mins Human Rights Watch @hrw
Photo Essay: #Indonesia: Rising Violence against Religious Minorities 

46 mins Reuters Top News @Reuters
U.S. weighs wiggle room for government agencies to deal with spending cuts 

1 hr Reuters Top News @Reuters
Sudan violating sanctions with Darfur air strikes: U.N. panel 

1 hr Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
FLASH: Apple loses bid to increase damages in Samsung patent case

1 hr Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Boeing investors to vote on splitting CEO, chairman roles to improve oversight, let McNerney focus on 787 | 

1 hr MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Gold falls a third day to lowest since mid-July 

1 hr Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
FLASH: Keystone environmental report said to be issued today by U.S.

1 hr @haaretzcom
#Gaza protesters shoot across #Israeli border; three #Palestinians wounded by #IDF fire 

2 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
#BREAKING: Chad troops killed Abdelhamid Abou Zeid, one of the main leaders of Al-Qaeda's north African branch in northern #Mali

2 hrs Jonathan Burton @MKTWBurton
Falling far from the tree: Apple sets 52-week low $AAPL …

2 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Locusts won't harm crops, says agriculture minister 

2 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Protesters in Mahalla call for civil disobedience 

2 hrs Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
Punjab teachers to launch protests against police in rape case | Latest-News | http://DAWN.COM …

2 hrs Reuters Tech @ReutersTech
White House, lawmakers renew talks on cybersecurity bill: Rogers 

2 hrs Wall Street Journal @WSJ
As the Dow hovers near the October 2007 peak, many options traders are preparing for the worst. 

The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
6 wounded as Palestinians, Israelis clash by Gaza border: Three Palestinians were wounded by Israeli gunfire i... 
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3 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
UK's 'naked rambler' arrested for nudity, again: A British man who has spent most of the past decade naked - a... 

3 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Lockheed wins $344 million F-35 deal before spending cuts; program cost $400 billion to date | 

3 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
Spain’s Supreme Court overturns city’s ban on full-face #veils … #alarabiya #Spain #Islam

3 hrs Press TV @PressTV
#Saudi forces arrest over 300 protesters in #Buraidah …

3 hrs Press TV @PressTV
63 Rohingya #Muslims found adrift off Indonesia coast …

3 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: Honda Feb. U.S. sales fell 2%, est. up 0.7%

3 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
Protest at Mursi’s residence, after his son ‘insulted’ officer … #alarabiya #Egypt #Morsi

3 hrs Breaking News @BreakingNews
Facebook announces press event on March 7 to show off 'new look for News Feed' - @TechCrunch 
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3 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Apple supplier Corning sees at least three-year delay on "flexible glass" iPhone | 

3 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Hundreds of #Salafists protest in #Tunisia's #Sidi #Bouzid | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR …

3 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Exclusive: Glencore bartered with firm linked to #Iran nuclear program 

4 hrs The Star @staronline
Turkish PM's Zionism comments "objectionable" - Kerry 

4 hrs The Star @staronline
Chechen suspects released without charge in France 

4 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Putin, Obama discuss Syria by telephone: Kremlin: Russian leader Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Barack Obam... 

4 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Grand mufti denounces Beirut mosque incident: Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani condemns an incident ... 

4 hrs @haaretzcom
Tel Aviv protesters rally against secret deportations: 'expulsion of migrants to #Sudan is a death sentence'  #Israel

4 hrs Human Rights Watch @hrw
#PussyRiot 1 Year Behind Bars - #Russia authorities should immediately and unconditionally free 2 band members 

4 hrs Kenneth Roth @KenRoth
#Burma is becoming a success story but it isn't one yet. Clear-eyed pressure still needed. @HRW's Tom Malinowski. 

4 hrs BBC World Service @bbcworldservice
#Kenyan woman who survived gang rape after 2007 elections says she fears more violence after Monday's polls 

4 hrs RT America @RT_America
Incomes plummet to worst in 20 years: 

4 hrs Breaking News @BreakingNews
Michigan governor declares financial emergency in Detroit, will appoint emergency manager to take over - @freep 

4 hrs Tim Hanrahan @TimJHanrahan
Obama on his difficulties with the GOP: I am not a dictator, no secret sauce, I do not have horns, and I cannot perform a Jedi mind meld.

4 hrs Wallace Witkowski @wmwitkowski
Obama: "Jedi mind meld"?!?! Faux pas, Mr. President! Thou shalt not mix Star Wars/Star Trek metaphors! #jedimindmeld

4 hrs Sudeep Reddy @Reddy
Obama: "It may take a couple of weeks. It may take a couple of months" to find a deal on the budget cuts.

4 hrs Jon Wilson ‏@123mybusiness
Lebanon erects string of watchtowers on Syrian border 

4 hrs BBC News Magazine @BBCNewsMagazine
Drone operators experience post-traumatic stress at the same rate as combat pilots #thingIdidntknowlastweek 

5 hrs Sudeep Reddy @Reddy
Obama on sequestration: "Not everyone will feel the pain of these cuts right away. The pain, though, will be real."

5 hrs Sudeep Reddy @Reddy
Obama: We'll know that every piece of economic news in the coming months "could have been better" if not for the budget cuts.

4 hrs BN Politics @BNPolitics
Obama: "I recognize it's very hard for Republican leaders to be seen as making concessions to me." #sequester

4 hrs The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: Obama blames Republicans' refusal to close 'wasteful' loopholes for automatic budget cuts -BW

5 hrs The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: Obama calls government spending cuts taking effect today 'dumb' and 'arbitrary' -BW

5 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
MORE: Obama says cuts 'unnecessary' and blames Republicans

5 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Obama calls sequester 'inexcusable' and unnecessary 

5 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
#BREAKING: Obama warns 'dumb' budget cuts will cost jobs and hurt US economy

5 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
FLASH: Einhorn drops suit against Apple over shareholder vote

5 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Sequester meeting at White House ends without deal 

5 hrs The Star @staronline
Britain to release Rwanda aid, to bypass government 

5 hrs Reuters Politics @ReutersPolitics
House will move continuing resolution next week to fund government past March 27: Boehner

5 hrs The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: After White House talks, Boehner rules out tax hikes, says now is time to take on spending. -BW

5 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

5 hrs BN Politics @BNPolitics
Obama met with congressional leaders as no one predicted a breakthrough to avert $85 billion in spending cuts | 

5 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

5 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch
U.S. stocks erase losses to turn mostly higher

6 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
#VIDEO: New pope will face old problem of divided China Church: …

3 hrs  
Yahoo! News: Ukraine hints at compromise in gas talks with Russia 

6 hrs BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
US Pres @BarackObama meets with Congress leaders for last-ditch talks on looming automatic budget cuts  #sequester

6 hrs Press TV @PressTV

6 hrs Human Rights Watch @hrw
161 nations are party to the Mine Ban Treaty - Will the United States finally ban #landmines? 

6 hrs Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
Gunmen kill senior #journalist in #Balochistan | #Pakistan | http://DAWN.COM …

6 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
10) Supreme Court Aggravates Sentence of Suspended #Semarang Mayor 

6 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Bearded police officers protest in Abdeen, demand reinstatement 

6 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Deutsche Bank falls most in five months after Goldman Sachs cuts company to sell from hold | 

6 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

6 hrs Breaking News @BreakingNews
Dragon capsule separates from Falcon 9 rocket, will continue trip to International Space Station - @NASAKennedy 

6 hrs Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
Pakistani #Taliban welcome JUI-F #APC declaration for peace talks | #Pakistan | http://DAWN.COM …

6 hrs Asahi Shimbun AJW @AJWasahi
2 U.S. Navy sailors convicted in Okinawa rape …

6 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
US official says reports a leader of Al-Qaeda's North African wing killed "very credible": 

6 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Venezuela government mocks rumors over Chavez's death 

6 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
GM U.S. auto sales beat estimates, while Ford lags 

6 hrs Breaking News @BreakingNews
SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with Dragon capsule lifts off from Cape Canaveral, Florida - live video 

6 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

6 hrs The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: Spending on US construction projects fell 2.1 percent in January, biggest drop since July 2011 -BW

6 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: GM February total U.S. vehicle sales up 7.2%, est. up 4.9%

6 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: Toyota February total U.S. vehicle sales up 4.3%, est. up 8.5%

6 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Ex-president Musharraf to return to Pakistan before election 

6 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Bertelsmann, Europe’s largest media company, agrees to acquire BMG Rights from KKR | 

6 hrs Breaking News @BreakingNews
Official: Sinkhole is about 30 feet in diameter, 20 feet deep; open hole is taking up most of house - live video 

6 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

6 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Workplace bullying gets a higher profile as movement grows to limit worker abuse:  -RAS

6 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch
U.S. stocks move sharply lower at Friday's open as sequestration looks certain 

8 hrs Reuters Summits @Reuters_Summits
The Euro Zone Crisis is Back - Highlights from the @Reuters #Euro Zone Summit -  @LukeReuters @noahbarkin #EU

7 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Herbalife to add two board members chosen by Icahn | 

7 hrs Breaking News @BreakingNews
Live video: SpaceX's Dragon capsule attempts 2nd trip to International Space Station; launch at 10:10am ET - @NASA 

7 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Stocks open lower as government cuts set to start

7 hrs BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
Eight police officers arrested in South Africa over death of Mozambican taxi driver who was dragged behind police van, officials say

7 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: Ford's U.S. light-vehicle sales rise 9.3%, est. up 9.8%

7 hrs The Star @staronline
Libya plane crash in 2010 due to pilot error - report 

7 hrs The Star @staronline
Italian president rules out new vote as parties wrangle 

7 hrs The Associated Press @AP
One dead after driver opens fire on crowd outside rapper French Montana's tour bus in Philadelphia:  -BW

3 hrs  
Yahoo! News: Fighting between rebel factions in east Congo 

3 hrs  
Yahoo! News: China executes 4 foreigners over Mekong murders 

7 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

7 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

7 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Best Buy says it received no offer from founder, will continue to focus on turnaround | 

7 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

7 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Morsy meets Sinai tribal chiefs 

7 hrs Post World News @PostWorldNews
A flurry of fires in Bangladesh raise concerns over garment-worker safety. 

7 hrs BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Fresh protests erupt in #Bangladesh one day after an Islamic leader was sentenced to death, sparking violent clashes 

7 hrs RT @RT_com
US help might see Syrian rebels form alternate govt 

7 hrs The Star @staronline
Spain, France arrest three suspected Chechen militants 

7 hrs The Star @staronline
Mali locals say no doubt Qaeda commander Abou Zeid dead 

7 hrs The Star @staronline
Proof sought that key Al-Qaeda commander killed in Mali 

7 hrs The Star @staronline
Brazil's 2012 GDP worst in three years 

7 hrs BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
Fast food chain Taco Bell finds traces of #horsemeat in products on sale in UK, spokesman says

7 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

7 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Ethnic clashes erupt in Guinea capital 

7 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Best Buy rejected $1 billion minority stake offer by founder Schulze's three private equity partners: source #breaking

7 hrs The Star @staronline
Jobless man held for burglary 

7 hrs BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Air New Zealand pilot "fell asleep" during flight from London to Los Angeles, local media reports say 

7 hrs Press TV @PressTV

7 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

8 hrs The Associated Press @AP
MORE: US income plunges by the most in two decades following a one-time surge in December:  -BW

8 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Assir accuses #Hezbollah of distracting #Lebanese Army from main duty …

8 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Islamic Subject Teacher Arrested for Allegedly Molesting 13 Students 

8 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Best Buy talks end, source says; adjusted profit falls 

8 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Chrysler posts best February U.S. sales in five years 

8 hrs Rima S. Aboulmona @RimaSAboulmona

8 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: U.S. consumer spending rose 0.2% in January; incomes slumped 3.6%

8 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Michelle Obama says it was not a surprise her appearance at the Oscars provoked a national conversation:  -RAS

8 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

8 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Gang members paraded live on state TV in China before being executed: 

8 hrs BBC Africa @BBCAfrica
The President of Kenya is currently addressing the nation before Monday's election. #kenyadecides

8 hrs BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Update: Violent protests outside a hospital in #Delhi after reports a girl, 7, was sexually assaulted at a school 

8 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

8 hrs Press TV @PressTV
#Israeli tank-fire injures three #Palestinians in central #Gaza …

8 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Two bombers strike restaurant in Somali capital: police 

8 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Angry Scenes in China Amid Land Grab Protest 

8 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Oscar Pistorius in "confidential" talks to resolve lawsuit against woman who accused him of assault: 

8 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Thousands flee rebel clashes in eastern Congo 

8 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Army chief of staff: Budget uncertainty impacting training:  -BW

8 hrs The Star @staronline
SpaceX set for third mission to space station 

8 hrs The Star @staronline
Cops: Increase in child abuse cases 

8 hrs Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
LeJ involved in 80 pc of Pakistan's terror incidents, says Rehman Malik 

8 hrs The Star @staronline
Lahad Datu: Sulu Sultanate seeks ceasefire 

9 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

9 hrs RT @RT_com
Iran-Pakistan pipeline project to get under way next week 

9 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
At long last, US housing sector begins showing signs of a comeback, but recovery incomplete:  by @JohnBiers1

9 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Analysis: Chavez's cancer puts Venezuela on undeclared vote footing 

9 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

9 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Ending NKorea trip, ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman calls Kim 'awesome guy,' father and grandfather 'great leaders'  -RAS

9 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

4 hrs  
Yahoo! News: Nigeria's big city razes homes as poor left behind 

9 hrs BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
Police clash with protesters outside hospital in Delhi after reports that seven-year-old girl was sexually assaulted at school

9 hrs Rima S. Aboulmona @RimaSAboulmona
Unknown assailants toss a percussion grenade inside Beirut's Salim Salam tunnel. Stay tuned for details. 

9 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
UK-France "entente frugale" defense pact here to stay 

9 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
Cash-strapped #Egypt considers offering pyramids, other monuments for rent …

9 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

9 hrs The Associated Press @AP
President Obama still betting on a big fiscal deal as automatic cuts kick in, but odds weigh against him:  -RAS

9 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#Lion runs loose in #Mecca, police launch search operation …

9 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
#Eurozone Unemployment Hits Record, Inflation Falls 

9 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

10 hrs Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent
Sohag police officers block railways, demand arms 

9 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

10 hrs The Star @staronline
Kenya braces for repeat of election bloodshed 

10 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
State-rescued Lloyds bank posts £1.43 billion loss in 2012, but awards boss and staff bonuses: 

10 hrs Breaking News @BreakingNews
Man swallowed by bedroom sinkhole in Brandon, Florida, presumed dead, police say - @CNNbrk 

10 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
12 Filipino followers of self-proclaimed sultan die in shootout with Malaysian security forces after 17-day standoff: 

10 hrs RT @RT_com
UK police under fire for seducing activists, stealing dead infants’ names 

10 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

10 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

10 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: The Free Syrian Army strikes down regime's fighter jet near Jinan village in Hama suburb

10 hrs Press TV @PressTV
Members of a Thai #bomb squad inspect the site of a motorcycle bomb blast triggered by suspected separatist milita 
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10 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Official says U.S. Secretary of State Kerry to take Turkey's Erdogan to task for 'offensive' Zionist comment:  -RAS

10 hrs BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Opposition in Syria raises suspicions of #Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia group close to President Assad 

10 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Iran sees chance to improve ties with U.S.: minister 

10 hrs The Star @staronline
"Execution parade" of four behind Mekong murders angers Chinese 

10 hrs Rima S. Aboulmona @RimaSAboulmona
The #Lebanese #Army is hunting down the rest of the fraud perpetrators …

10 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Putin submits election law condemned by opponents 

4 hrs  
Yahoo! News: Netanyahu seeks more time to build new Israeli coalition 

4 hrs  
Yahoo! News: Former Syrian general: US, Russia can end war 

4 hrs  
Yahoo! News: Bahrain overturns acquittal of opposition figure 

10 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Britain heads for new recession as factories slump and mortgage lending slides 

10 hrs Breaking News @BreakingNews
More: Youth unemployment in Spain rises to 55.5% - Statement [pdf] 

10 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

11 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Miners weigh on FTSE 100 after China data 

11 hrs Breaking News @BreakingNews
Eurozone area unemployment rate rises to record high of 11.9%; EU unemployment rate at 10.8% - Statement [pdf] 

11 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to raise concern about comments directly with Turkish PM Erdogan: U.S. official #breaking

11 hrs Press TV @PressTV
Pro-gun demo held in New York City  #NYC

11 hrs Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
School blown up in Lakki Marwat 

11 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
US braces for $85 billion in budget cuts on doomsday Friday:  by @StCollinson

11 hrs The Star @staronline
Lahad Datu: PM confirms two commandos killed; regrets bloodshed 

11 hrs The Star @staronline
Police rescue kidnap victim within 24-hours 

11 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

11 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: Russian foreign ministry says decisions made at "friends of Syria" meeting encourage extremists to seek the govt's overthrow

11 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

11 hrs Press TV @PressTV
‘#Iran missiles ready to counter enemies’  #missile

11 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

11 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Yen strengthens against euro, U.S. dollar 

11 hrs Rima S. Aboulmona @RimaSAboulmona
#Lebanese #Army arrests #Syrian gang dealing fake gold bars. stay tuned for story. 

11 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Supreme Court Aggravates Sentence of Suspended Semarang Mayor 

11 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

12 hrs RT @RT_com
Lib Dems win key by-election as UKIP pushes Tories into 3rd place  @RTLondonBureau

12 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Eight police officers suspended in South Africa after man dragged behind patrol car and killed: 

12 hrs The Star @staronline
Man charged with committing oral sex and sodomising 14-year-old boy 

12 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

12 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Bahrain court jails woman activist for three months: agency 

12 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Bomb in Thai south wounds six day after landmark deal 

12 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Fishermen Rescue 63 Rohingya Asylum Seekers Off #Indonesia 

13 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Authorities arrest at least one in #infant death case | News , Local News | THE DAILY STAR …

13 hrs Wall Street Journal @WSJ
U.S. student-loan debt increased 11% last year to $966 billion and is up 51% since 2008: 

13 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Two car bombs at cattle market kill five in southern Iraq 

13 hrs BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
South Africa suspends police officers after death of Mozambican taxi driver who was tied to police car and dragged through streets

13 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

13 hrs BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
"Kurdish people were oppressed for years. Now they're free to let this energy out": Why El Clasico's more than a game 

13 hrs BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
Anger in China after state TV broadcasts live footage of foreign death row prisoners being taken to execution site 

13 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Bangkok election could herald new chapter in turbulent Thai politics 

13 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Thailand Is a 'Bottomless Pit' for Ivory Laundering: NGOs 

13 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Police say 7 kids who have been missing since Saturday from their Fresno home found safe with their father:  -RAS

13 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
Kim Dotcom suffers legal setback  #AFP

13 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Lloyds Banking posts loss on loan insurance, swaps compensation | 

13 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Cooperation on #Syrian #refugees critical: #Jordan | News , Local News | THE DAILY STAR … #Lebanon

14 hrs The Star @staronline
Italy's centre-left rules out grand coalition - paper 

14 hrs The Star @staronline

14 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Four Children Found Dead in Car in Batam 

14 hrs New York Times World @nytimesworld
New South Korean Leader Tries to Coax North to Behave 

14 hrs Press TV @PressTV
#Iran hopeful about future of P5+1 talks 

14 hrs Rima S. Aboulmona @RimaSAboulmona
#Lebanese police arrest #Palestinian man for allegedly spying for #Israel. Story upcoming. 

14 hrs Dawn Media Group @dawn_com
Karachi unrest case: SC rejects policeofficers' petition requesting reinstatement 

14 hrs Asahi Shimbun AJW @AJWasahi
Record cesium level found in Fukushima fish …

14 hrs Press TV @PressTV
Palestinian hunger strikers hospitalized  #Palestine

14 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Qortbawi vetoes several #judicial appointments | News , Local News | THE DAILY STAR … #Lebnaon

14 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

14 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
US Sailors Jailed for 9, 10 years Over Okinawa Rape: Report 

15 hrs BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
VIDEO: "In all of my 77 years I've never seen anything like this" - 5.5m of snow covers parts of northern Japan 

15 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
#Mikati says agreed with #Sleiman to sign decree calling on #voters to participate in upcoming #Lebanese #elections …

15 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Japan's Nikkei Average ends 0.4% up at 11,606.38

15 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Megaupload founder suffers procedural setback in U.S. extradition bid 

15 hrs The Star @staronline
Hisham: Deadline for Sulu gunmen to leave over 

16 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
South Korea's president Park Geun-Hye offers "more flexible" engagement if Pyongyang chooses path of trust-building 

16 hrs Breaking News @BreakingNews
Violence erupts at Malaysia standoff; armed group says 10 members killed - @Reuters 

16 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Jodi Arias weeps in Arizona death penalty case as testimony turns to killing of lover:  -RAS

16 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
SpaceX cleared for cargo run to space station 

16 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

16 hrs Press TV @PressTV
‘Clashes in DR #Congo kill 36’ 

16 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Bangladesh police say death toll in rioting over death sentence for Islamic leader reaches 42:  -RAS

16 hrs The Star @staronline

16 hrs Press TV @PressTV
#Bomb blast kills 10 in NE #Afghanistan 

16 hrs Human Rights Watch @hrw
Russia: Free Pussy Riot Members 

16 hrs The Star @staronline
PM: Armed group in Lahad Datu should leave before authorities act 

16 hrs The Star @staronline
China moves ahead with North Korea trade zone despite nuclear test 

16 hrs @haaretzcom
#Israel's jobless rate takes surprise dip 

16 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Australian towns awarded $21 million in S&P ratings case | 

17 hrs BBC Africa @BBCAfrica
The office of #Kenya's president releases an advert reminding everyone of the consequences of a troubled election.
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17 hrs New York Times World @nytimesworld
Malaysia Said to Open Fire on Armed Filipinos 

17 hrs New York Times World @nytimesworld
World Briefing | Europe: Ireland: Suspect in Terrorism Case Faces Extradition to U.S. 

17 hrs BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
At least 11 workers die of carbon monoxide poisoning following fire in China mine, state media says 

17 hrs The Star @staronline
Sulu Sultan's brother says shots fired at them 

17 hrs Breaking News @BreakingNews
US wins court appeal in battle to extradite Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom from New Zealand - @AP 

17 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Headmaster Demands Oral Sex in Exchange for Diploma, Student Says 

17 hrs New York Times World @nytimesworld
World Briefing | Africa: Mali: A Top Insurgent Commander Is Reported to Have Been Killed 

17 hrs New York Times World @nytimesworld
World Briefing | Asia: China: German Journalists Say They Were Assaulted for Filming 

12 hrs  
Yahoo! News: UK deputy PM's party wins closely-watched election 

18 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Yingluck seeks Bangkok win as opposition weakens | 

18 hrs Zee News @ZeeNews

18 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Driver Charged in Bus Crash That Killed 17 People 

18 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Foreigners Fire Shots in a Taxi in Kuta, Bali 

18 hrs The Star @staronline

18 hrs Wall Street Journal @WSJ
Shares of Facebook, Zynga and Groupon tanked after rocky debuts. But LinkedIn's stock has soared.  $FB $LNKD

19 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Indonesian Inflation Forecast to Continue Rising 

19 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Police looking for 7 missing children taken from their in Fresno, Calif., home Saturday:  -CC

19 hrs Bloomberg Markets @BloombergMrkts
Japan is now biggest U.S. debt holder |  via @BloombergNews

19 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
China Congress offers Xi-Li partnership chance to unveil policy | 

19 hrs New York Times World @nytimesworld
Syrian Civilians Take Reins in Test of Self-Government 

19 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Singapore avoids stimulus as finance minister acts to curb bubble risk | 

19 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
School board candidates in country's second-largest school system ignore abuse cases | 

19 hrs The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Pygmy Elephants Under Threat From Development in Indonesia 

19 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch
China manufacturing expans slightly in Feb: HSBC

20 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
China manufacturing expans at weaker pace as new leaders prepare to take over | 

20 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Shanghai Composite eases 0.2% in initial moves

20 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Hong Kong stocks slip with mainland China banks weak; Hang Seng Index down 0.3% 

20 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch

20 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BOJ may add stimulus as early as April under new governor Kuroda | 

20 hrs RT @RT_com
Netanyahu calls out Erdogan on 'dark, libelous' characterization of Zionism …

20 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch
China official factory index below-forecast 50.1

20 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
U.S. agency says average cost of immigrant detention $119 per day 

20 hrs The Associated Press @AP
1st woman to try out at an NFL combine this weekend:  -CC

20 hrs Asahi Shimbun AJW @AJWasahi
China holds key to breaking impasse over North Korea's nuclear test …

20 hrs The Star @staronline

20 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Striking workers fan flames of chaos in Egypt as labor disruption shocks economy | 

20 hrs The Star @staronline

21 hrs The Associated Press @AP
Man charged with murder of openly gay mayoral candidate in Mississippi:  -CC

21 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Van Rompuy tells Britain: leaving EU "not free" 

21 hrs MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Japan stocks pull back after previous day's rally; Nikkei Average down 0.7% 

21 hrs Wall Street Journal @WSJ
Apple required executives to hold triple their salary in company stock.  $AAPL

21 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Shell says solar power may expan into world’s biggest source of energy in next 50 years | 

21 hrs RT @RT_com
At least 5 dead, 3 missing after restaurant ship with 150 aboard sinks in Iraq …

22 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Obama to name Edith Ramirez as FTC chief 

22 hrs @haaretzcom
#Israel's security forces brace for #Palestinian protests 

22 hrs The Star @staronline
Cardinals begin long process of picking new pope 

22 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Journalist Bob Woodward caught in crossfire with White House 

22 hrs The Associated Press @AP
"Girls Gone Wild" files for bankruptcy:  -CC

23 hrs The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: Army judge accepts soldier's guilty pleas on 10 WikiLeaks counts; more charges to be tried

23 hrs The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb
Syria prolongs passports, meeting opposition talk demand: Syria extended passport terms on Thursday for its na... 

23 hrs BBC News US @BBCNewsUS
US Congress to adjourn for weekend without passing deal to avert #sequester budget cuts 

23 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: MetroPCS holder Paulson to oppose T-Mobile deal in current form

23 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
BREAKING: Lockheed Martin awarded $333.7 million contract for eighth batch of the F-35 fighter jet

23 hrs RT @RT_com
China claims Asia is home to more billionaires than N. America …

23 hrs Agence France-Presse @AFP
#VIDEO: Hollande, Putin play up common approach on #Syria  #France #Russia

24 hrs Bloomberg West @BloombergWest
#Groupon's Andrew Mason in departure letter: "I was fired today." #tech

24 hrs Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews: FSA controls Ya’rabya border crossing with Iraq: Sham Network

24 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
GM said to target up to 20% growth for Chevy's plug-in hybrid Volt brand | 

24 hrs The Star @staronline
Iran nuclear talks constructive, Western diplomat says 

24 hrs The Star @staronline
Iran steps up arrests, torture, executions of dissidents - U.N. 

24 hrs Businessweek @BW
Bill McKibben is waging war against the Keystone XL pipeline |  #longreads

24 hrs Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
Groupon shares surge 13% in aftermarket trading after CEO Andrew Mason leaves daily-deals company | 

24 hrs RT America @RT_America
Bradley Manning testimony: 'These cables were the perfect example of a need for more open state diplomacy' 

24 hrs The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: Police: Suspect arrested in Los Angeles in Las Vegas shooting and fiery crash that killed 3

24 hrs Mia Lamar @mia_lamar
Andrew Mason replaced at $GRPN - Shares jump 10% after hours

24 hrs The Star @staronline
Israel, Turkey row over Zionism deepens rift between ex-allies 

24 hrs The Star @staronline
Guinea activist dies after election clashes - opposition 

24 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Groupon board appoints Eric Lefkofsky, Ted Leonsis to replace Andrew Mason as CEO #breaking

24 hrs Reuters Top News @Reuters
Facebook Inc to acquire Atlas from Microsoft Corporation -  $FB $MSFT

Feb 28 MarketWatch @MarketWatch  shares climb 5.8% after Q4 report

Feb 28 MarketWatch @MarketWatch
Gap shares 3.3% higher after Q4 results

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