Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Afternoon World #News Report of the 21st of March 2013

Yahoo! News: Georgian PM's allies curb presidential powers 

 The Star @staronline 30m
Central African Republic rebels resume fighting 

 Press TV @PressTV 33m

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 36m
FLASH: Rengan Rajaratnam, brother of jailed hedge-fund founder Raj Rajaratnam, charged with insider trading tied to Galleon

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 52m
US welcomes Kurdish rebels ceasefire call: The United States on Thursday welcomed a call from the jailed rebel... 

 Reuters US News @ReutersUS 54m
U.S. Department of Homeland Security plan calls for more scanning of private web traffic 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 52m
#UPDATE: Italy will send two marines on trial for murder in India back to the country 

 Zee News @ZeeNews 1h

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 1h
Oil falls $1.05 to settle at $92.45 a barrel

 The Associated Press @AP 1h
Pennsylvania couple seeks to force man who sexually abused their daughter to buy their house:  -BW

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 1h
#BreakingNews: At least 117 people killed by pro-regime forces today in #Syria: coordination committees.

 The Star @staronline 1h
Venezuelan police fire teargas at election clash 

 Zee News @ZeeNews 1h

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 1h
Cyprus bank-sector revamp to keep door open to further ECB aid: reports 

 Wall Street Journal @WSJ 1h
American Academy of Pediatrics announces support for same-sex marriage. @haaretzcom 1h
RT Peres: It is my privilege to present you with our country’s highest honor, the Medal of Distinction. #ObamaInIsrael via @usembassyta

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 1h
Syrian TV: At least 14 killed, more than 40 wounded in Damascus suicide bombing at mosque - @AP @haaretzcom 1h
MT Update: #Palestinians threw 2 firebomb at IDF soldiers near Beit Ummar. IDF forces are now searching the area. via @IDFSpokesperson @haaretzcom 1h
#Obama walked over to help Sara #Netanyahu into her seat, and the PM applauded the gentlemanly move.

 The Star @staronline 1h
Central African Republic rebels reject peace offer 

 The Associated Press @AP 1h
Egyptian villagers drag, beat to death car thief in new case of public vigilante violence:  -BW

 Polya Lesova @PolyaLesova 1h
The Dow industrials slump 111 points as headlines about the crisis-hit banks in Cyprus hit the wires.

 RT @RT_com 1h
MORE: Pro-regime cleric Sheikh Mohammed Said Ramadan al-Bouti & at least 15 people killed in Damascus mosque attack 

 Laura Mandaro @lauramandaro 1h
Euro falls to $1.2901 amid Cyprus bank talk $EURUSD

Yahoo! News: UN votes to probe NKorea suspected rights abuses 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 1h
Video: Police helicopters collide mid-air during a training exercise in Berlin @haaretzcom 1h
Secretary of State John Kerry seen chatting to Israeli finance minister Yair Lapid before state dinner for #Obama

 Tesa Arcilla @Tesa_RT 2h
RT “@Reuters: Cypriot central bank governor announces "resolution process" for Cyprus banking system #breaking”

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 1h
Cypriot central bank chief says bank overhaul bill in #Cyprus parliament

 Press TV @PressTV 1h
At least 20 people killed in an explosion inside a mosque in Damascu 

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 2h
Cyprus Popular Bank imposes 260 euro per day limit on ATM withdrawals - @Reuters 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 2h
Cypriot central bank governor announces "resolution process" for Cyprus banking system #breaking

 Post World News @PostWorldNews 2h
Obama pleads for renewed Mideast peace talks. 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 2h
U.S. stocks accelerate losses; Dow's off 100 points 

 RT @RT_com 2h
BREAKING: Top Sunni cleric killed in suicide attack on central Damascus mosque 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 2h
#BreakingNews: Sheikh Mohammed Said Ramadan al-Bouti killed in Damascus blast: State TV

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 2h
Syrian actress sparks Cairo melee with Assad ode: Syrian actress Ragda sparks a melee in a Cairo poetry conven... 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 2h
#BreakingNews: Suicide attack on central #Damascus mosque: Syrian TV

 Tesa Arcilla @Tesa_RT 2h
Outside parliament #Cyprus, emotions running high
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 RT @RT_com 2h
WATCH LIVE: Cypriots gather in front of parliament in Nicosia to protest EU bailout deal @haaretzcom 2h
Guests arriving at the state dinner for #Obama in Jerusalem.  #ObamainIsrael 

 RT @RT_com 3h
Hacker ‘Guccifer’ goes after George W. Bush and billionaire mogul with latest breaches 

Yahoo! News: Obama urges Israelis to compromise for peace 

 Zee News @ZeeNews 3h

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 3h
Butcher allegedly shoots FJP member selling reduced price meat 

 The Associated Press @AP 3h
'Syrian Electronic Army' hackers play havoc with BBC weather service twitter account:  -BW

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 3h
Backers of Assad regime in Syria reportedly hack BBC Twitter account 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 3h
#Cyprus central bank denies second largest lender to be shut down 

 Tesa Arcilla @Tesa_RT 3h
#Cyprus parliament protests
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 Agence France-Presse @AFP 3h
UPDATE on the setting of the Scottish independence vote for Sept 18, 2014: 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 3h
Ailing AstraZeneca to cut one in 10 jobs  $AZN

 The Associated Press @AP 3h
Driver pleads not guilty to manslaughter in NY crash that killed pregnant woman, husband, baby:  -BW

 The Star @staronline 3h
EU gives Cyprus bailout ultimatum, risks euro exit 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 4h
HP board increases dividend by 10 percent  $HPQ @haaretzcom 4h
#ObamainIsrael Man who heckled Obama during his speech was been detained by police, unclear what he said 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 4h
#BreakingNews: Activists: injuries at the #Damascus airport

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 4h
Lululemon says yoga pants defect undetectable until "bend-over test" | 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 4h
Palestinians had a right to self-determination: Obama @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama concludes speech in #Jerusalem. For full text click here: 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 4h
Continued settlement activity is counterproductive: Obama 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 4h
BMC Software trading again, now up 5.3% to $46.32 @haaretzcom 4h
LIVE BLOG: #ObamainIsrael: Your voices must be louder than the extremists  who would drown them out 

 Wall Street Journal @WSJ 4h
President Obama speaking in Israel: 'two states for two peoples.' Watch live here: 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 4h
Obama: I believe you have a "true partner" in President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. #Israel @haaretzcom 4h
LIVE UPDATES from #ObamainIsrael: "An independent Palestine must be viable– that real borders will have to be drawn 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 4h
Obama: “Peace is possible, I’m not saying it’s guaranteed.” “Two states for two people.” Arab world must normalize relations with Israel.

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 4h
Palestinians Seek U.S. statehood turnabout from President Obama during visit | 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 4h
3 Tibetans Sentenced in Immolation Cases @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama: expulsion and occupation cannot be the solution .  #ObamainIsrael 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 4h
Goldman Sachs wins sex-discrimination case on appeal | @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama: Negotiations will be necessary, but there is little secret about where they must lead – two states for two peoples. @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama: 'People deserve to be free in a land of their own,' and quotes MLK's final speech: I may not reach the promised land

Yahoo! News: Cyprus has 4 days to find bailout solution @haaretzcom 4h
Huge standing ovation for #Obama support for Palestinian statehood.

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 4h
#Cyprus asking Russia for $6.5 billion loan: Russian officials | @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama:Put yourself in the Palestinians' shoes – look at the world through their eyes @haaretzcom 4h
Obama: It is not fair that a Palestinian child cannot grow up in a state of her own. #ObamainIsrael

 Jeremy Bowen @BowenBBC 4h
#Obama The only way for Israel to stay democratic and Jewish is to realise an independent and viable Palestine. Big cheers from audience

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 4h
#Live - #Obama: Today’s #Israel is at crossroads @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama:   Obama draws a huge crowd response when he speaks of solving Iran issue peacefully

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 4h
House passes continuing resolution to avert government shutdown 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 4h

 Jeremy Bowen @BowenBBC 4h
'Assad must go, so #Syria 's future can begin.' #Obama

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 4h
#Live: #Obama: #Iran must not get a nuclear weapon, all options are on the table

Yahoo! News: Egypt's Brotherhood vows to defend HQ against protesters 

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 9h
April 6 Youth call for city councilor in Monufiya to step down 

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 9h
Friends of slain protester stage march in downtown Cairo 

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 9h
2 helicopters believed to have crashed near Berlin's Olympic Stadium during a federal police exercise, leaving at least 1 person dead - @AP

 Zee News @ZeeNews 9h
#Parliament passes anti-rape bill

 Dawn Media Group @dawn_com 9h
Deadly ambush on Indian administered Kashmir patrol: Indian police 
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 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 9h
Boko Haram Says Force Will Not Help Free French Hostages @haaretzcom 9h
#Obama and Abbas about to deliver joint statements

 Press TV @PressTV 9h

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 9h
Syrian rebels take towns near ceasefire line with Israel 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 9h
Italy's 5-Star Movement seeks mandate to govern @haaretzcom 9h
Palestinians presented #Obama with a picture of him together with Abraham Lincoln #ObamainIsrael 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 9h
Infectious disease experts warn people to avoid bats worldwide after the death of boy, 8, bitten in Australia: 

 The Star @staronline 9h
24 dead as tornado, hailstorms lash south China 

 Charles Onians @charlesonians 9h
Lesbian adoption row threatens to overshadow #Erdogan visit to #Netherlands … @afp

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 9h
Euro edges up a bit despite Cyprus concerns 

 RT @RT_com 9h
RT @PaulaSlier_RT: Around 250 people protest in Ramallah chanting anti-Obama slogans - 'occupation is a snake & Obama is its head' #news

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 9h
China "extremely concerned" about U.S.-Japan island talk 

 Human Rights Watch @hrw 10h
Cameroon: Rights Abuses in ‘Homosexuality’ Prosecutions 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 10h
Europe stocks fall as Cyprus woes continue 

 Jeremy Bowen @BowenBBC 10h
Poster at Palestinian protest camp Bab al Shams in Jerusalem.  Its message widely accepted by Palestinians #obama
 View photo @haaretzcom 10h
Ramallah-Al Bireh road closed for #Obama convoy before visit to youth center

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 10h
#Bangladesh in Mourning After President's Death 

 The Star @staronline 10h
Joy as Kurd rebel leader due to call Turkey truce 

 The Star @staronline 10h
Suicide car-bomber kills Malian soldier at Timbuktu airport 

Yahoo! News: NKorea suspected in cyberattack despite China link @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama: peace is necessary. Indeed, it is the only path to true security. @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama: I want you to know that I speak to you as a friend who is deeply concerned and committed to your future.

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 4h
Obama says easiest political path is for him to put Middle East peace process aside. Asks Israel to consider 3 points. 1) Peace is necessary @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama: as long as there is a U.S., you are not alone (speaks in Hebrew). @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama: Iran must know this time is not unlimited. I have made the position of the United States clear: Iran must not get a nuclear weapon.

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 4h
#Live – #Obama: #Israel is not going anywhere @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama: All of us have an interest in resolving the Iranian issue peacefully @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama: And I have made it clear to Bashar al-Assad and all who follow his orders: we will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 4h
#Syria rebels gain ground in #Golan which borders #Israel: watchdog 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 4h
Obama says a nuclear-armed Iran would "spark an arms race in a volatile region." Timeline on its nuclear program: @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama: The fact that Hizbollah’s ally – the Assad regime – has stockpiles of chemical weapons only heightens the urgency. @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama: every country that values justice should call Hizbollah what it truly is – a terrorist organization.

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 4h
Obama says Hamas must recognize Israel’s right to exist and calls Hezbollah a terrorist organization, allied with Syria’s Assad.

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 4h
President Obama heckled during speech to young Israelis in Jerusalem - laughs it off as "part of the lively debate" @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama:  Israel has a right to expect Hamas to renounce violence and recognize Israel’s right to exist. @haaretzcom 4h
Obama: Hezbollah truly is a terrorist organization #ObamainISrael @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama:  children, the same age as my own daughters, who went to bed at night fearful that a rocket would land in their bedroom . @haaretzcom 4h
#Obama: When I consider Israel’s security, I think about children like Osher Twito, who I met in Sderot .

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 4h
#LIVE: #Obama in new call for #Assad to go so #Syria's future can begin @haaretzcom 5h
#Obama: . I am proud that the security relationship between the United States and Israel has never been stronger. @haaretzcom 5h
Obama: We arranged for heckler in Jerusalem speech because it makes me feel at home #ObamainIsrael

 Chemi Shalev @ChemiShalev 5h
Obama gets rousing ovation for describing heckler as part of the lively debate and saying "it makes me feel at home." #obamainisrael

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 5h @haaretzcom 5h
#Obama: I’d like to focus on how we can work together to make progress in 3areas that will define our times: security, peace, and prosperity

 Breaking Politics @breakingpol 5h
House passes the House Republican budget, crafted by Paul Ryan, along party lines, 221-207 - @NBCNews @haaretzcom 5h
Apparently a heclker interrupted #Obama's speech. He said it makes him feel at home @haaretzcom 5h
Obama is trying to hear what some of the students in the public are screaming @haaretzcom 5h
#Obama:   So in Israel, we see values that we share, even as we recognize what makes us different.

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 5h
Obama says these are complicated times for the U.S. and Israel - “we face dangerous upheavals around the world.”

 RT @RT_com 5h
Panama becomes tax haven for German uber rich - report 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 5h
Ryan budget bill passes House @haaretzcom 5h
#Obama: Together, we share a commitment to security for our citizens and the stability of the Middle East and North Africa. @haaretzcom 5h
#Obama: Israel has built unbreakable bonds of friendship with the United States of America. @haaretzcom 5h
#Obama: Israel has established a thriving democracy – with a spirited civil society, proud political parties, a tireless free press

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 5h
#LIVE: Together we share focus in economic growth, a stake in the success of democracy: #Obama -- #Israel.

 crispian balmer @crispiandjb 5h
#Obama says America will do what it must to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, but says allies understand time left to resolve issue peacefully

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 5h
Coca-Cola cutting 750 U.S. jobs  $KO @haaretzcom 5h
#Obama:  Israel is rooted not just in history and tradition, but also in the idea that people deserve to be free in a land of their own. @haaretzcom 5h
#Obama: But it is also a story that holds within it the universal human experience, with all of its suffering and salvation.

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 5h
#BreakingNews: #Obama says now is the time for the #Arab world to take steps toward normalized relations with #Israel @haaretzcom 5h
Obama:  It is a story about finding freedom in your own land. For the Jewish people, this story is central to who you have become. @haaretzcom 5h
#Obama:   the story at the center of Passover that makes this time of year so powerful. #ObamainIsrael 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 5h
Court Says South Korean Dictator, Father of Current President, Violated Constitution 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 5h
Hezbollah Courier Guilty of Role in Cyprus Terror Plot 

 Businessweek @BW 5h
When it comes to Obamacare, small employers are totally clueless | @haaretzcom 5h
Obama: any drama between me and my friend Bibi over the years was just a plot to create material for Eretz Nehederet.

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 5h
#BREAKING: Erdogan says Turkey will end military operations if PKK does

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 5h
Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee votes to confirm Sally Jewell as Secretary of the Interior @haaretzcom 5h
Obama: Over the last two days, I have reaffirmed the bonds between our countries .   #ObamainIsrael @haaretzcom 5h
It is an honor to be here with you in Jerusalem.  #ObamainIsrael 

 Bradley Burston @bradleyburston 5h
#obamainisrael Atmosphere of crowd waiting for Obama speech more State Fair than state function. Whooping, Sousa marches, Kerry as pop star @haaretzcom 5h
Obama starts his speech, ahead of schedule  #ObamainIsrael 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 5h
#BreakingsNews: Heavy shelling in neighborhoods in Houla, Homs districts in Syria: activists

 Zee News @ZeeNews 5h
Hyderabad blasts: Kin of a victim gets govt job

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 5h
U.S. stock indexes retain losses amid data

 Zee News @ZeeNews 5h
Over 68 million Indians living in slums

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 5h

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 6h
Cyprus is asking Russia for a 5 billion euro loan to help bail out the nation: Russian officials | 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 6h
PMI gauge of U.S. manufacturing on rise in March 

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 6h
Spanish court rejects extradition request of businessman Hussein Salem 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 6h
Bloody Sectarian Clashes Are Reported in Central Myanmar 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 6h
March manufacturing sector PMI at 54.9 vs 54.3 in February: Markit #breaking

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 7h
Cyprus sets up investment fund as part of bailout package: 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 7h
Political leaders reach deal bringing euro zone one step closer to banking union 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 7h
Stock futures little changed after jobless claims

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 7h
Tougher Sex Crime Law in India After Gang Rape Protests 

 The Associated Press @AP 7h
MORE: Obama not giving up on stalled Mideast peace talks but says settlement activity not helping:  -BW

 PaulaSlier_RT @PaulaSlier_RT 7h
#Obama - "#Hamas prefers striking down #Israel rather than building up #Palestine"

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 6h
U.S. stocks open lower; technology leads decline

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 6h
#BreakingNews: #Abbas tells #Obama no talks without #settlements freeze, says Palestinian #presidency

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 6h
Iran's Khamenei says Iran will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground if Israel attacks it: state TV #breaking

 The Star @staronline 6h
Kuwait lengthens sentence of man who "insulted" emir - lawyer 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 6h
U.N. chief Ban ki-Moon says U.N. will investigate alleged chemical weapon use in Syria #breaking

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 6h
29 survivors so far in Nigeria boat sinking: 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 6h
Central African Republic rebels reject president's concessions 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 6h
Italy parties split as president seeks way out of stalemate 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 6h
Home prices up 0.6 percent in January: FHFA #breaking

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 7h
Iraqi doctors report "60% rise in birth defects" since 2003. BBC's @YaldaHakim reports: 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 7h
At least 50 killed by Syrian regime gunfire mostly in Damascus, Homs: activists

 Suzanne Woolley @WealthWatch 7h
S&P 500 rally toward record broadens among cos in the index  (its now up 130% from '09, so $10 trillion)

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 7h

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 7h
US initial unemployment claims rose 2,000 last week to 336,000; monthly average falls to 5-year low - @BloombergTV, @AP

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 7h
Jobless claims rise to 336,000 in latest week #breaking

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 7h
Lululemon Q4 profit bests expectations by a penny  See-through pants snafu will likely be felt in Q1 $LULU

 The Star @staronline 7h
Serb police arrest 11 over multi-million euro fraud @haaretzcom 7h
Obama Abbas news conference ends .  #ObamainIsrael @haaretzcom 7h
#Abbas:We hope the Israelis listen.We spoke about it with the President and we clarified this. #ObamainIsrael 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 7h
Mark Hurd approached about running Dell: report @haaretzcom 7h
Obama:I told Netanyahu that it has been US policy not to consider settlement activity constuctive.#ObamainIsrael 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 7h
#BreakingNews: Both sides may have areas of strong disagreement.. we have to push through those things to get to an agreement: #Obama

 Wyre Davies @WyreDavies 8h
#Obama promises that his gvt (in the shape of John Kerry) will put time & effort into 2-state solution even if current process doesn't work

 The Associated Press @AP 8h
MORE: Obama says Palestinians deserve viable independent state, end to occupation by Israel:  -BW

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 8h
#BreakingNews: We cannot give up because of the young Palestinians and young Israelis: #Obama -- #Palestine #Israel @haaretzcom 8h
#Obama: We seek an independent, viable Palestinian state alongside the state of Israel .  #ObamainIsrael @haaretzcom 8h
#Obama:Hamas cares more about enforcing its rigid dogmas than ensuring peace for Gaza's citizens.#ObamainIsrael 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 8h
#BreakingNews: Both sides and the #US must think anew: #Obama -- #Palestine #Israel @haaretzcom 8h
Obama:Palestinians deserve a state of their own.We salute your achievements and mourn your losses. #ObamainIsrael 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 8h
#BreakingNews: We cannot give up on the search for peace, no matter how hard it is: #Obama -- #Palestine #Israel

 BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking 8h
#Obama: "US is deeply committed to an independent and sovereign state of Palestine" 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 8h
#BreakingNews: Only way to achieve goal is through direct negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel: #Obama -- #Palestine #Israel

 The Associated Press @AP 8h
BREAKING: Obama says Palestinians deserve sovereign state, end to occupation and to daily indignities. @haaretzcom 8h
#Obama:The US is committed to the creation of a sovereign state of Palestine. #ObamainIsrael 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 8h
Obama says his visit to West Bank proves U.S. commitment for Palestinian state @haaretzcom 8h
Abbas: We are serious about reaching Palestinian reconciliation and ending the division.  #ObamainIsrael @haaretzcom 8h
Abbas: We discussed  the risks that the continuity of settlements for this land .  #ObamainIsrael @haaretzcom 8h
Abbas: Peace should not be reconicled with settlements, siege and the denial of refugee rights.  #ObamainIsrael 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 8h
Peace cannot be made through violence or illegal settlements: Palestinian leader @haaretzcom 8h
Abbas: We hope to exercise normal life over the free state of Palestine with Jrs as its capital. #ObamainIsrael 

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 8h
Live video: US President Obama and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas speak at press conference - @NBCNews 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 8h
Palestinian leader says peace is necessary and inevitable @haaretzcom 8h
#Abbas: The people of Palestine aspire to their rights, to freedom and independence.  #ObamainIsrael @haaretzcom 8h
#Abbas to #Obama: welcome to Palestine. You will meet here people who went through the Nakba.  #ObamainIsrael @haaretzcom 8h
#Obama Abbas news conference due any minute.  #ObamainIsrael 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 8h

 BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking 8h
Cyprus politicians rule out levy on bank deposits in new bailout deal, reports say

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 8h
Italy's Grillo says will only support 5-Star government 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 8h
Italy's Berlusconi demands coalition with center-left 

 Press TV @PressTV 8h @haaretzcom 8h
#Obama - Abbas meeting continuing for longer than planned.

 The Star @staronline 8h
Lufthansa cancels 670 flights due to strikes 

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 8h
EU: Egypt must improve reforms or face aid cuts 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 8h
The Boko Haram Nigerian Islamist group warns against force to free French family kidnapped in Cameroon: 

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 8h
Bridge collapse causes paralysis on Cairo-Alexandria road 

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 9h
Asian Markets Lifted by China Manufacturing 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 9h
Cypriots prefer euro-zone exit over EU tax: report 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 9h

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 10h
#US President Barack #Obama and #Palestine counterpart, Mahmud #Abbas, to hold at least 90 minutes of talks. @haaretzcom 10h
#Obama and Abbas begin their meeting in Ramallah .  #ObamainIsrael 

 Barak Ravid @BarakRavid 10h
Palestinian Authority posts a new video on youtube for Obama's visit saying the goal of talks isn't process but peace …
 View media
 RT @RT_com 10h
Struggling Cyprus could look to Iceland as example for recovery 

 Asahi Shimbun AJW @AJWasahi 10h
Fukushima blackout investigators examine dead rat …

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 10h
#US President Barack #Obama is in the West Bank for meetings with #Palestine leaders on #Mideast peace prospects.

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 10h @haaretzcom 10h
President Obama's Marine One chopper lands at Muqata in Ramallah #ObamainIsrael 

 lyse doucet @bbclysedoucet 10h
#Obama just landed #Ramallah

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 10h

 The Star @staronline 11h
Rapper Too Short nabbed for drugs  via 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 11h
#Israeli settlements at core of conflict, create major hurdle to renewing negotiations …

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 11h
Cyprus' finance minister says country does not seek additional loan, but investment in Cyprus' banking and natural gas sectors - @Reuters

 Zee News @ZeeNews 11h
Sensex rebounds 186 points; Bharti Airtel, ICICI Bank rise

 Tesa Arcilla @Tesa_RT 11h
Starting to see more lines at ATMs, and lots of reporters! #Cyprus
 View photo
 Reuters Top News @Reuters 11h
New curfew declared after 10 killed in central Myanmar riots @haaretzcom 11h
Schools in Ramallah closed due to Obama's visit .  #ObamainIsrael 

 The Associated Press @AP 11h
Republican-dominated House expected to pass budget plan promising slashing cuts, balance in 10 years:  - VW

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 11h
European Central Bank will guarantee assistance for Cyprus only through Monday unless aid program in place - @AP

 Rima S. Aboulmona @RimaSAboulmona 11h
Lebanese Army arrests one of two key suspects in Wednesday’ Tripoli shootout 

 Press TV @PressTV 11h

 RT @RT_com 11h
RT @LucyKafanov: Kurdish PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan declares ceasefire with Turkish government #news

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 11h
Syrian Military Council in Daraa claims defeating regime's forces in a town called Al-Nasriya

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 11h
Taiwanese fugitive who knew no English arrested by police curious about the word "Wanted" on his T-shirt: @haaretzcom 11h
#Obama spends the longest time with the disabled veterans, he is clearly moved by what he sees.  #ObamainIsrael @haaretzcom 11h
#Obama hugs one of the exhibitors who using a special walking device due to her disability.  #ObamainIsrael @haaretzcom 11h
#Obama talking to a Druze soldier who was wounded in action and left disabled.  #ObamainIsrael 

 The Associated Press @AP 12h
MORE: Death toll from bombing at Pakistani refugee camp rises to 12  - VW @haaretzcom 12h
#Obama walking to a technology exhibition,  especially set-up for his visit.  #ObamainIsrael 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 12h
#Syrian #actress attacked in #Egypt after reciting pro-#Assad poetry. 

 The Star @staronline 12h
Cyprus to decide on new plan aimed at securing bailout 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 12h
'Suspending #Israeli settlement activity is not a gesture towards #peace, it is a prerequisite' writes @daoudkuttab. 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 12h
#Turkey awaits ‘historic’ ceasefire call by Kurdish rebel leader … @haaretzcom 12h
#Obama looking at the longest,  8-meter long Dead Sea Scroll. #ObamainIsrael 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 12h
#Syrian opposition #PM ‘more #Texan than #Muslim Brotherhood.’ 

 The Associated Press @AP 12h
BREAKING: Police say death toll from bombing at Pakistani refugee camp rises to 10; 20 wounded

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 12h

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 12h @haaretzcom 12h
Israel Museum director Snyder briefing #Obama on the architecture of the Shrine of the Book.  #ObamainIsrael @haaretzcom 12h
#Netanyahu , wearing reading glasses, showing #Obama a section of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  #ObamainIsrael @haaretzcom 12h
#Obama tours the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition, accompanied by museum director James Snyder .   #ObamainIsrael 

 Zee News @ZeeNews 12h
New drug to combat malaria discovered

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 12h
Singles Caught Having Sex Face Jail Time Under Proposed Law in Indonesia 

 Dawn Media Group @dawn_com 12h
Blast at Jalozai camp; five killed 
 View media
 Wall Street Journal @WSJ 12h
In 2012, China accounted for just under $74 million of U.S. wine exports, up from $16 million in 2007: @haaretzcom 12h
#Obama's motorcade arrive at the Israel museum in Jerusalem. #ObamainIsrael

 Dawn Media Group @dawn_com 12h
Caretaker PM: Committee resumes session, defends process | Pakistan | http://DAWN.COM … via @dawn_com

 Dawn Media Group @dawn_com 12h
Karachi law and order: SC resumes hearing | Pakistan | http://DAWN.COM … via @dawn_com

 Egor Piskunov @episkunov_RT 12h
#EU officials in Moscow to discuss #Cyprus crisis as time running out for bailout solution

 Sanjoy Majumder @BBCSanjoyM 13h
#Bollywood star #SanjayDutt sentenced to 5 yrs in prison over 1993 #Mumbai bomb blasts.

 Sanjoy Majumder @BBCSanjoyM 13h
#Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt has 4 weeks to surrender.

 BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking 12h
Bollywood actor #SanjayDutt must return to jail over role in 1993 #Mumbai blasts - India's Supreme Court 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 13h
China Resources profit gains amid deals to boost growth | 

 The Associated Press @AP 13h
Pickup truck stolen by Oklahoma teen found at Texas home where failed robbery left 2 dead:  - VW

 The Star @staronline 13h
Lahad Datu: Another terrorist killed, soldier injured in shootout at Kg Tanjung Batu 

 The Star @staronline 13h
Explosion in VC's room causes fire at UMT, four firemen injured 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 13h
Pro-Sleiman ministerial sources downplay notion Cabinet will resign over split on how to proceed with #polls … #Lebanon

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 13h
US President #Obama due in West Bank for talks with Palestinian Authority President #Abbas 

 BBC India @BBCIndia 13h
In pictures: Lives in limbo on India-Bangladesh border 

 Human Rights Watch @hrw 13h
China: Alarming New Surveillance, Security in Tibet 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 13h
Japan's Nikkei Average ends 1.3% up at 12,635.69

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 13h
BREAKING: Gillard retains Labor leadership as Rudd declines to contest

 RT @RT_com 13h
MORE: Total of 4 rockets fired from Gaza, 2 land in Gaza, 1 in Sderot, another in Shaar Hanegev - via @PaulaSlier_RT 

 BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking 14h
Julia #Gillard to continue as #Australia PM after being unopposed in snap Labor leadership ballot  #spill #AusPol

 Dawn Media Group @dawn_com 14h
1) Rape in the line of ‘duty’ – 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 14h
#BreakingNews Two rockets from Gaza slam into southern Israel during U.S. President Barack Obama's visit: police @haaretzcom 14h
#Gaza rocket explodes in backyard of Sderot home, no casualties reported #Hamas

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 14h
Australia prime minister Julia Gillard wins leadership contest #breaking

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 14h
Two rockets from Gaza slam into southern Israel during Obama  visit: police #breaking @haaretzcom 14h
Second Gaza rocket explodes in open area near southern city of Sderot @haaretzcom 14h
Rocket sirens sound in Israel's southern city of Sderot

 The Star @staronline 14h
Four dead in Australia helicopter crash 

 BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking 14h
Ex-PM Kevin #Rudd says he won't run against current Australia PM Julia #Gillard in snap Labor leadership vote  #spill

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 14h
Google chairman Eric Schmidt will find a small but flourishing Internet community when he visits Myanmar this week 

 Zee News @ZeeNews 15h

 The Star @staronline 15h
YouTube passes billion user mark 

 Zee News @ZeeNews 15h

 Press TV @PressTV 5h

 BBC News US @BBCNewsUS 5h
Picture via @BBCMarkMardell: "Obama arrives at President's compound in Ramallah"
 View photo
 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 15h
North Korea Threatens US Bases in Japan, Guam 

 RT @RT_com 15h
Iraq still feels like a war zone. Checkpoints everywhere - @lucykafanov  Follow RT on Instagram!

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 15h
Background analysis: #Australia has brutal political culture, says @NickBryantOz  #AusPol #spill

 Zee News @ZeeNews 15h
Suspected militants opened fire on a BSF convoy in Srinagar; three jawans injured

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 16h
New School Curriculum 'Vulnerable to Corruption': Education Coalition 

 The Star @staronline 16h
Bangladesh president's body flown from Singapore 

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 16h
House Sacks Rogue PKB Lawmakers 

 Zee News @ZeeNews 16h
#ItalianMarines sought by #India are questioned

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 16h
Japan posts longest run of trade deficits in three decades | 

 BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking 16h
#Australia update: "You should go - let's have a new PM," opposition leader Tony Abbott tells Julia #Gillard  #spill

 Phani Kumar @MktwKumar 16h
#China economic policy makers turning a page

 Zee News @ZeeNews 16h

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 16h
Australia's ruling Labor Party to hold surprise leadership vote later Thursday 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 16h
Australian Labor Party leadership ballot called

 Wall Street Journal @WSJ 16h
Japan's new central bank governor's mission: reach the bank's target of 2% inflation "as soon as humanly possible." 

 RT America @RT_America 17h
Supreme Court approves $222k fine for 24 illegally downloaded songs: 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 16h
#BREAKING: Australian PM Gillard calls leadership ballot for later Thursday

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 16h
New Zealand grows at fastest pace in 3 years on Christchurch rebuilding | 

 Wall Street Journal @WSJ 17h
The White House is working to shift control of the CIA's lethal drone program to the military: 

 The Star @staronline 17h
North Korea's military threatens U.S. bases as "within target" @haaretzcom 17h
#Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir says he will quit in 2015, after more than 2 decades in power 

Yahoo! News: After Israeli backslapping, Obama faces Palestinian discontent 

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 17h
#Japan posts trade deficit for 8th consecutive month 

 The Star @staronline 17h
Police: Two dead, mosques destroyed in Myanmar unrest (Updates) 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 17h
S. Korean banks victim to biggest cyber attack in 2 years | 

 The Star @staronline 17h
Australia PM Gillard called to step aside, hold leadership vote 

 RT @RT_com 17h
VIDEO: Clashes as Obama visits #Israel, US flag burnt, Palestinians arrested   #ObamaInIsrael
 View media
 New York Times World @nytimesworld 17h
Abbas Shows Desire to Resume Israel Talks 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 17h
World Briefing | Europe: Northern Ireland: Judge Holds 2 Liable in Bombing by I.R.A. Splinter Group 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 17h
World Briefing | Asia: China: Leader Says He Wants to Ease Tensions Between Two Koreas 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 17h
World Briefing | The Americas: Canada: Possible Drug Use by Pilot Helped Cause Crash, Report Suggests 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 17h
China's manufacturing expands at faster pace, survey shows | 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 17h
#BREAKING: North Korea threatens US military bases in Japan: KCNA

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 17h
China anticipates a breakthrough in energy talks during President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow | 

 RT @RT_com 17h
BREAKING: North Korea threatens to target US airbases in Okinawa 

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 17h
US military releases names of 7 Marines killed in Nevada mortar explosion - @AP 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 17h
Syrian refugee crisis to get much worse if nation’s civil war continues through 2013: U.S. officials | 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 18h
BREAKING: China HSBC Flash Manufacturing PMI at 51.7 for March

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 18h
China March PMI up from Feb. final PMI at 50.4

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 18h
Los Angeles to become biggest U.S. city to abandon coal-fueled electricity | 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 18h
Hong Kong stocks fall; Tencent tumbles after earnings; Hang Seng Index down 0.2% 

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 18h
South Korea government: Malicious code in NongHyup bank system came from Chinese IP - @YonhapNews 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 18h
Afghan Villages Rise Up Against Taliban 

Yahoo! News: Serbia, Kosovo talks fail to reach deal 

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 18h
North Korea issues air raid warning; appears to be part of drill - Yonhap via @Reuters 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 18h
BREAKING: Japan's 10-Year Yield Falls to 0.58%, Lowest Since June 2003

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 19h
Boeing plans to conduct two 787 battery test flights, likely later this week: sources #breaking

 BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking 19h
Update: "Babies would be snatched away before mothers held them" - forced adoptions apology in #Australia  #AusPol

 The Star @staronline 19h

 BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking 19h
National apology issued by #Australia PM Julia Gillard to thousands of women forced to give up children for adoption in 1950s to 1970s

 Michael Kitchen @KitchenNews 19h
#Japan #stocks roar back from vacation, but #Kuroda news conference may move market later, for better or worse: 

 Michael Kitchen @KitchenNews 19h
Japan's trade deficit narrows, but exports fall 

 The Star @staronline 19h
#LahadDatu Eight Filipinos charged with terrorism and waging war against the King arrive at Tawau High Court under heavy police escort.

 The Star @staronline 19h

 JamaicaObserver @JamaicaObserver 19h
Cayman ex-premier charged in corruption probe 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 19h
Kurdish rebel to call ceasefire in Turkey's best peace hope 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 19h
Japan stocks rally ahead of central-bank chief's briefing; Nikkei Average up 1% 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 19h
Japan Nikkei Average opens 1% higher at 12,592.00

 Breaking Politics @breakingpol 19h
Canadian House of Commons approves transgender rights bill - @CdnPress 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 19h
Japan Feb. trade deficit narrows to ¥778 billion

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 19h
Japan manufacturers' sentiment up for fourth month: Reuters Tankan 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 19h
BREAKING: Japan's Feb. Exports Fall More-Than-Estimated 2.9% from Year Earlier

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 20h
Judge says Fort Hood shooting suspect cannot plead guilty; trial will proceed - @AP 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 20h
World Briefing | Africa: Zimbabwe Rights Lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa Denied Bail 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 20h
Japan's Nikkei Average futures up 1.7% on SGX

 BBC News US @BBCNewsUS 20h
VIDEO: President Barack #Obama starts three-day visit to Israel 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 20h
Asylum seekers file most claims in decade: UNHCR 

 The Star @staronline 20h
U.S. offers reward for capture of two U.S.-born alleged Islamic militants 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 21h
Analysis: Pope Francis must combat mistrust, anger of Irish Catholics after decades of abuse | 

 The Star @staronline 21h
Obama talks tough on Syria, counsels patience with Iran 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 21h
Palestinian Protesters Set Up Camp in West Bank 

 Wall Street Journal @WSJ 21h
Lululemon supplier CFO on yoga pants: "All the pants were manufactured according to the requirements." 

 The Star @staronline 21h
Sunk Nigerian boat was carrying trafficked migrants - survivors 

 BloombergNow @BloombergNow 21h
In wine market, a bubble still bursting 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 22h
California to rely on conservation amid extended nuclear outage 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 22h
#PHOTO: A drone is seen during a hearing on Capitol Hill about future of #drones  by Brendan Smialowski on @WSJphotos

 Benjamin Pimentel @benpimentel 22h
H-P's Whitman: “Despite what you may have read in the headlines, we’re on a solid financial foundation.” #hp

 Matthew Cowley @MattCowleyBR 22h
#Brazil World Cup 2014 Stadium Project in Trouble  via @WSJ

 Lotte Leicht @LotteLeicht1 22h
#UN Secr General is deeply disturbed by #Afghanistan "pervasive climate of impunity" for abuse of women and girls. 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 22h
#BREAKING: Mali sovereignty over 'most' of its territory to be restored within days: Hollande

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 22h
President Obama considering Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx for secretary of transportation: sources | 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 22h
'Rogue financier' Homm indicted in U.S. in $200 million fraud 

 The Star @staronline 22h
One killed in Lebanon's northern city of Tripoli 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 22h
H-P shares down after-hours. Live coverage of the shareholder meeting here:  $HPQ

 RT @RT_com 22h
Syrian govt, rebels urge UN investigation into ‘chemical attack’ 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 22h
Central African Republic frees prisoners but rebels reject olive branch 

 WSJ Greater New York @WSJNY 23h
Police have accused a Long Island middle school principal of having sex with a 16-year-old former student. 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 22h
BlackBerry shares jump after Morgan Stanley boosts rating BlackBerry to equivalent of buy | 

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 22h
Minister predicts $4.8 IMF loan to come ahead of polls 

 The Star @staronline 22h
Tribunal orders United Nations to pay $65,000 to whistleblower 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 22h
One dead, more than 20 wounded in Tripoli in violence fueled by war in Syria: security forces #breaking

 BloombergNews Africa @BNAfrica 22h
Ghana state pension fund taps growing middle class 

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 22h
Shura Council staff protest hiring of 90 FJP members 

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 22h
Unemployed youth stage vigil in Suez 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 23h
U.S. oil production will exceed imports in the fourth quarter for the first time since 1995 |  (correx phrasing)

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 23h
Senate OKs government funding through September 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 23h
After decades of civil war, fishing industry returns to Somalia 

 View media
 Agence France-Presse @AFP 23h
#UPDATE: ICC 'will not drop charges' against #Kenya's president-elect 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 23h
BREAKING: Senate passes stopgap bill to fund federal government through FY 2013 in 73-26 vote

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 23h
Guantanamo hunger strike stems from frustration: U.S. general 

 The Star @staronline 23h
Ex-fighters clash over security at another Libyan oil field 

 The Star @staronline 23h
Nuclear states divided on India joining export control group 

 The Star @staronline 23h
ICC prosecutor says Kenyatta case will go to trial 

 Breaking Politics @breakingpol 23h
US Senate approves bill to avert government shutdown next week; funds agencies, programs through Sept. 30 fiscal year-end - @Reuters

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 23h
Colorado prisons chief shot, killed at home: Colorado's top state prison official was shot and killed when he ... 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 23h
NASA denies report that Voyager left solar system: The US space agency on Wednesday denied a claim made in a s... 

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