Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Evening World #News Report of the 27th of March 2013

@MarketWatch 19m
Japan stocks open lower with banks, car shares weak; Nikkei Average down 0.3% 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 21m
Japan Nikkei Average opens down 0.3% at 12,457.13

 The Star @staronline 26m
Eritrean man gets nine years in prison for aiding Somalia's al Shabaab 

 RT @RT_com 1h
Day 50 of Gitmo strike: Red Cross on alert, attorneys fear protest turning deadly 

 Wall Street Journal @WSJ 1h
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says she's "very optimistic #DOMA will be struck down." 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 2h
#Egypt: three "criminals" wearing diving suits were arrested on the coast of Alexandria. #Internet 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 2h
#Egypt foils ‘criminal’ attempt to damage underwater #internet cable - 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 2h
Officials: Arms shipments rise to Syrian rebels: Mideast powers opposed to President Bashar Assad have dramati... 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 2h
Syria Kurds help Shiite, Sunni fighters negotiate: Activists: Syrian Kurds in the northern province of Aleppo ... 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 2h
Bulgaria says EU could still act against Hezbollah: Bulgaria will provide more evidence Hezbollah planned an a... 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 2h
Islamist leader threatens to oust Tunisian Prime Minister: The fugitive leader of a radical Islamist group thr... 

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 3h
Brotherhood preps for major protest against Moqattam attacks 

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 3h
NSF condemns activists prosecution, calls for Friday protests 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 3h
BREAKING: JPMorgan Chase outlook revised from negative to stable by S&P

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 3h
FLASH: Actress Ashley Judd has decided not to run against Senate Minority Leader McConnell

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 3h
BREAKING: #Cyprus's country ceiling cut by Moody's; euro exit risk cited

 Reuters US News @ReutersUS 3h
Arkansas governor vetoes voter ID bill 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 3h
Number of US #cancer survivors on the rise, expected to reach 18 million people in the next decade  #health

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 3h
Grand jury in Georgia indicts teens in death of 13-month-old boy, district attorney says - @CNN 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 3h
U.S. Senators on track to deliver immigration bill 

 Reuters US News @ReutersUS 3h
Major banks ask U.S. appeals court to intervene in FHFA lawsuits over Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac losses: court filing #breaking

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 3h
Nigerian agencies seek $11.5 billion oil spill payout from Shell 

 Emma Moody @EmmaMoodyWSJ 4h
Cyprus' bank assets are 716% of its GDP. Luxembourg's are 2174%. The U.S. is 91%. See others:  via @WSJ

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 4h
BREAKING: AMR judge approves US Airways merger

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 4h
Red Hat shares drop 11% after quarterly results

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 4h
Detained opposition figure refuses to pay LE50,000 bail 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 4h
#FSA targets the Syrian air force intelligence building in #Damascus: #Syria Live Network

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 4h
Dow industrials fall 33.56 points to to 14,526.09

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 4h
Surface-to-surface missile hits Khaldya in Homs: Syria Live Network

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 4h
In Italy, Talks on Forming Government Break Down 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 4h
Dow, S&P finish in the red; Nasdaq closes higher 

 Mark Gimein @markgimein 4h
If U.S. wages rose as fast as China's, our factories would now pay $50 an hour 

 Sue Chang @SueChangMW 4h
Apple slides 2% to close $452.08 while BlackBerry gains 0.7% to $14.57. $AAPL $BBRY

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 4h
At least 92 people, mostly in #Damascus, have been killed by Syrian regime forces today: Syrian Network #Syria #alarabiya

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 4h
Hollande's popularity at new low as he grapples with French economy: poll 

 Press TV @PressTV 4h

 Press TV @PressTV 4h

 Press TV @PressTV 4h
#Bahraini mourners shout slogans during the funeral of Jaffar Jassim al-Taweel in the village of #Sitra, south of 

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 The Associated Press @AP 4h
Hunters across the country begin boycotting Colorado over new gun laws:  -RAS

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 4h
Justice Minister sues paper for reporting coroner's resignation 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 4h
S&P 500 clears loss; less than 2 pts from record

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 4h
Police say bomb explodes near Acropolis in central Athens; no injuries reported - @AP 

 The Star @staronline 5h
Czech court throws out treason charges against ex-president Klaus 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 5h
Kenya Presidential Dispute Goes Before Supreme Court 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 5h
Internet slowed by cyber attack on spam blocker 

 Reuters US News @ReutersUS 5h
Canadian Pacific train derails, spills oil in Minnesota: media 

 RT @RT_com 5h
BREAKING: Bomb explodes near Acropolis in central Athens in Greece - details to follow 

 WSJ Corporate Intel @WSJCorpIntel 5h
Nissan CEO has a problem with his electric car: he spent $5 billion developing it, has sold less than 70,000 of them: 

 Reuters US News @ReutersUS 5h
Developing: Minnesota officials confirm oil spill from Canadian Pacific Railroad train, 20,000 to 30,000 gallons of oil leaked

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 5h
Iran slams Arab League over Syria opposition seat 

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 5h
20,000 gallons of crude oil spill as train derails in Otter Tail County, Minnesota, officials say - @AP 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 5h
Fiery Islamic preacher Abu Qatada has again fought off extradition to Jordan, but Britain to keep trying 

 Danny Kemp @dannyctkemp 5h
Cyprus finance minister officially issues capital controls, withdrawals limited to 300 euros a day @AFP

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 5h
U.S. stocks trim losses; Nasdaq turns positive

Yahoo! News: Sri Lankan mass grave dates back 25 years 

 Breaking Politics @breakingpol 6h
Former Florida GOP chairman Greer sentenced to 18 months in prison for stealing from state party - @SunSentinel 

 Reuters World @ReutersWorld 6h
Italy's Prime Minister Monti says he "can't wait" to leave office #breaking

 The Star @staronline 6h
Italy's Bersani struggles to overcome election stalemate 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 6h
Moody’s downgrades five Egyptian banks - 

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 6h
More: Transcript released of today's Supreme Court hearing on Defense of Marriage Act - @TPM 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 6h
Russia and South Africa plan OPEC-style cartel for platinum and palladium 

 Reuters US News @ReutersUS 6h
Ruling on Stockton eligibility for bankruptcy likely on Monday: judge 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 6h
Syrian refugees clash with police in Turkish camp: Syrian refugees throw rocks at Turkish military police who ... 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 6h
#Russia Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev switches to helicopter rather than car for daily commute to work 

 The Star @staronline 6h
U.N. aims to approve Congo "search and destroy" force 

 The Star @staronline 6h
Kosovo hopeful on deal with Serbia to end ethnic partition 

 The Star @staronline 6h
Communal violence kills at least 27 in central Nigeria 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 6h
BREAKING: Turkey's long-term ratings raised to BB+ from BB by S&P

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 7h
#VIDEO: Dismal life in #Syria village after 'Scud missiles' 
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 Agence France-Presse @AFP 7h
Pesticides short-circuit bee brains, scientists say 

 RT @RT_com 7h
Giving Syrian opposition seats at Arab League is ‘illegal, indefensible’ – Moscow 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 7h
Syrian regime accepts U.N. chemical weapons’ inspectors - 

Yahoo! News: Cyberattack on anti-spam group has ripple effects 

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 7h
Plague of locusts hits Madagascar  (Pic from @FAOnews)
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 Post World News @PostWorldNews 7h
Brazilian chief uses technology to help save his tribe, and curb deforestation. Read Juan Forero's report: 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 7h
U.S. charges two in $27 million insider-trading scheme | 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 7h
Opposition Salvation Front calls for protest against arrest of activists in front of Egypt's courthouse: correspondent

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 7h
Fed's Pianalto suggests 'QE' could be scaled back soon 

 Wall Street Journal @WSJ 7h
Report: There are about 125,000 same-sex couples raising about 220,000 children nationwide.  #scotus

 Reuters World @ReutersWorld 8h
Japan's military chief says F-35 is "best fighter" 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 8h
U.S. Supreme Court justices signal interest in striking down #DOMA as violating states' rights #breaking

 Bloomberg State/Muni @StatesAndCities 8h
#SanBernardino sues #California agencies to get tax money: 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 8h
U.S. Supreme Court concludes oral arguments for #DOMA: live coverage 

 SCOTUSblog @SCOTUSblog 8h
Final update: #scotus 80% likely to strike down #doma. J Kennedy suggests it violates states’ rights; 4 other Justices see as gay rights.

 Reuters US News @ReutersUS 8h
Five people die in mobile home fire in western Illinois #breaking

 Philip Golingai @PhilipGolingai 8h
It's official. Negeri Sembilan assembly has automatically expired. #N9dissolve

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 8h
#BREAKING: International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia jails two former Bosnian Serb officials for 22 years

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 8h
Justice Kennedy: #DOMA "at real risk of running in conflict” with the “essence” of state powers | 

 The Star @staronline 8h
Zimbabwean court frees PM Tsvangirai's aides on bail 

 WSJ Washington Wire @WSJwashington 8h
In #DOMA oral arguments, Roberts repeatedly expresses irritation at Obama administration . … via  @WSJ @evanperez

 SCOTUSblog @SCOTUSblog 8h
Update: J Kennedy asks two questions doubting #doma validity but nothing decisive and Chief Justice and Kagan have yet to speak.

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 9h
Three young Syrian refugees hurt when Turkish military police fired teargas. Live updates on Syria: 

 The Associated Press @AP 9h
BREAKING: Hundreds of records in investigation of Ariz. shooting spree that wounded Giffords made public:  -AB

 The Star @staronline 9h
Uzbek leader makes public appearance after health rumours 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 9h
Supreme Court conservative justices say they're troubled by Obama's refusal to defend marriage law. Live updates: 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 9h

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 9h
Turkish military police fire teargas at Syrian refugees protesting against living conditions in camp, many wounded: camp residents #breaking

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 9h
Amanda Knox case could force U.S. courts to enter uncharted legal territory over extradition 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 9h
Cyprus capital controls also include 3,000 euro limit on cash individuals take abroad. Controls remain in place for seven days. #breaking

 BN Politics @BNPolitics 9h
Supreme Court backs Comcast on $875 million antitrust suit in Philadelphia | @haaretzcom 9h
Five die in road accidents across #Israel in one day 

 Zee News @ZeeNews 9h
Militants fire at police party in J&K

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 9h
U.S. Supreme Court rules for Comcast in class-action case 

 RT @RT_com 9h
Siberian man spends 3 years digging 60-meter tunnel to steal oil from pipeline 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 9h
Peru central bank tightens deposit rules once more @haaretzcom 10h
#Israel treats 7 wounded #Syrians who approached #Golan border 

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 10h
"Foreign reserves shrank to about $13 billion, despite a $5 billion transfer from Qatar in January," writes Amr Adly 

 BBC News (UK) @BBCNews 10h
#BritishArmy troops start arriving in #Mali to help train soldiers there 

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 10h
"Only a mentally ill person" would want to run Italy now, says head of centre-left bloc Pier Luigi Bersani 

 Reuters World @ReutersWorld 10h
Syrian opposition opens first embassy, says world lets it down 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 10h
U.S. stock indexes hold losses after housing data

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 10h
US Supreme Court convenes for 2nd of 2 days of oral arguments on same-sex marriage - @Reuters; Follow latest here: 

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 10h
Tahrir Square closed again after briefly reopening 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 10h
BREAKING: U.S. February pending home sales fall 0.4% from January

 Zee News @ZeeNews 10h
#Kejriwal fasts for fifth day, health deteriorates

Yahoo! News: Insight: Hopes, suspicions over peace in Kurdish rebel hideout 

 Michelle Coffey @m_cof 10h
BlackBerry has surged 140% over past 6 mos, but nearly 45% of brokers covering the shares carry sell ratings  $BBRY

 The Star @staronline 10h
Four children killed in Afghan-coalition operation - police 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 10h
U.S. stocks open lower as Italy concerns drive euro to four-month low 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 10h
Cliffs Natural shares tumble 15%, down 53% in 2013

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 10h
Misr International University clashes leave dozens injured 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 10h
Stocks open lower after euro drops to 4-month low

 Businessweek @BW 10h
Oracle just unveiled the 'world's fastest chip' in a bid to boost hardware sales | 

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 10h
"Biggest cyber-attack in history" slows down internet 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 10h
#BreakingNews At least 52 killed by Syrian security forces mostly in Damascus and Homs: LCC

 Wall Street Journal @WSJ 11h
Supreme Court has scheduled 1 hour, 50 minutes for the #DOMA case. What to expect today:  #scotus

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 11h
Video: Clashes broke out between students and guards at #MIU, leaving dozens injured 

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 11h
#BRICS Fail to Launch Bank to Challenge West 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 11h

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 11h
Two Men Arrested for Allegedly Raping, Murdering Six-Year-Old in Aceh 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 11h
#‘Hacktivists’ prepare to ‘erase #Israel from the internet.’ 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 11h
Euro below $1.28 for first time since November 

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 11h
Berlin Wall section removed despite protests 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 11h
#Israel army arrests five #Hamas members: NGO 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 12h
Italy's Bersani rejected by Grillio party lawmakers after webcast | 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 12h
#BreakingNews: Abdallah will remain in his post as prosecutor general in accordance with the constitution: #Egypt prosecutor general office

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 12h
U.K. banks have a capital shortfall of $38 billion: Bank of England | 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 12h
Saudi prosecutor demands death penalty for Shi'ite cleric 

 RT @RT_com 12h
#Cyprus Cycle: 'Cash will continue to fly from peripheries to EU core'  @yanisvaroufakis
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 RT @RT_com 12h
WATCH LIVE: Putin speaks at #BRICS summit 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 13h
Italy 5-Star Movement refuses to back center-left government 

 The Associated Press @AP 12h
BREAKING: UK Home Secretary loses court battle to deport radical cleric Abu Qatada.

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 12h

 BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking 12h
Decision to block deportation of radical cleric Abu #Qatada to Jordan should not be lifted - UK Court of Appeal 

 The Associated Press @AP 12h
Cyprus prepares capital controls before banks reopen:  -AB

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 13h
From soldiers in the north to teens in the south, Indians throw water-filled balloons and paint powder to mark Holi: 

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 13h
Protesters close Tahrir Square again after police briefly reopen it to traffic for an hour

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 13h
Insulting the president could be punishable up to 5 years in prison 

Yahoo! News: South Korean prez stumbles in first month on job 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 13h
Triple-dip recession looming? Britain confirms economy shrank 0.3 percent in Q4: 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 13h
#Morocco house maid dies from burns 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 13h
#Afghan, #NATO forces kill more than 20 militants 

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 13h
Bangladesh Widens Crackdown On Atheist Bloggers 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 13h
After Cyprus, euro zone will slip into depression 

 Press TV @PressTV 13h
Some 500 Portuguese workers #protest in central #Lisbon against government’s privatization of their plant on March 
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 Press TV @PressTV 13h
Opponents of same-sex marriage hold signs in front of the US Supreme Court in #Washington on March 26, 2013. 
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 Agence France-Presse @AFP 13h
Saudi authorities behead Yemeni man, then crucify his body after he was convicted of murdering a Pakistani: 

 The Associated Press @AP 14h
Chinese navy conducts island landing exercises deep in disputed territory of South China Sea:  - VW @haaretzcom 13h
#Israel treats wounded Syrians who approached Golan border  #Syria

 Zee News @ZeeNews 14h
Suriyanelli rape case: Kerala court issues notice to P J Kurien - …

 The Star @staronline 14h
Police manhunt for 17 linked to 18 robberies, murder 

 The Star @staronline 14h
Every year, up to 5000 Russian soldiers die in service to their nation. One woman made it her mission to find out why …

 Human Rights Watch @hrw 14h
Algeria: Activists Barred from World Social Forum 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 14h
#PHOTOGRAPHY: A gay-marriage supporter dances in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington DC.
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 The Associated Press @AP 14h
Attacks in different parts of Iraq kill 5 people, wound 25, officials say:  - VW

 RT @RT_com 14h
Russian court acquits politician of humiliating former child inmates of Nazi concentration camps 

 Zee News @ZeeNews 14h

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 14h
#Khatib says won't rescind resignation but will continue opposition leadership duties for time being …

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 14h

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 14h
"Too late" for military intervention in #Syria, #Annan says, arming rebels will not end crisis …

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 14h

 The Associated Press @AP 14h
Supreme Court hears challenge to federal Defense of Marriage Act:  - VW

 The Star @staronline 14h
North Korea to cut all channels with South as "war may break out any time" 

 Human Rights Watch @hrw 14h
Somalia: Protect Displaced People at Risk 

 Press TV @PressTV 15h
49,000 killed in #Pakistan since 9/11 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 15h

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 15h
Apple appears in Shanghai court, accused by Chinese firm of copying software for the "Siri" assistant on iPhones: 

 Press TV @PressTV 15h
Cypriots #occupy Bank of #Cyprus HQ 

 The Associated Press @AP 15h
Strong earthquake sways buildings throughout Taiwan, kills 1, injures at least 19:  - VW

 Mike Smith @MikeSmith_AFP 15h
2/2 then tells AFP in an interview that the world must not turn back on polio eradication …

 Mike Smith @MikeSmith_AFP 15h

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 15h
#Hezbollah remains a key player regardless of the #government that emerges, political sources say #Lebanon

 Human Rights Watch @hrw 15h
Mali: Soldiers Torture Detainees in Léré 

 Asahi Shimbun AJW @AJWasahi 15h
N. Korea-linked temple wins bid to buy Chongryon building; politicians confused …

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 15h
#Swedish expert to lead chemical weapons probe in #Syria 

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 15h
#China says it fired flares, not weapons, at #Vietnam fishing boat 

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 15h
China Jails 20 in Restive Xinjiang Region for 'Inciting Secession' 

 Press TV @PressTV 16h
N #Korea warns of imminent #nuclear #war 

 The Star @staronline 16h
Man with key to Italy crisis has only weeks left in job 

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 15h
Activist Slams Hong Kong's Decision to Deny Permanent Residency for Migrant Domestic Workers 

 The Star @staronline 15h
Rapist dad has his sentence doubled by High Court 

 The Star @staronline 16h
'Freak tornado' leaves 12 dead in Philippines 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 16h
#BreakingNews: Rebel Free Syrian Army takes control of "Sirriyet Hawun" in the Quneitra district -- #Syria

Yahoo! News: Hundreds of Greek seamen unpaid for months 

Yahoo! News: Malaysia's Najib says economy at risk from weak election result 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 16h
U.S. asks Liechtenstein for data in Swiss banking probe 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 16h
One of Manila's largest landfills is the first in the country to have methane gas converted into power  #AFP

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 16h
Apple in Court in China Over Siri Claim 

 Press TV @PressTV 16h
'#Myanmar Muslims attacked efficiently' 

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 16h
Asian Markets Boosted as Dow Sets New Record 

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 16h
Myanmar Showcases Military Might as Unrest Spreads 

 The Associated Press @AP 16h
BREAKING: North Korea says it's cutting key military hotline with South Korea linking joint factory park.

 The Associated Press @AP 16h
Myanmar commander in chief says military to continue political role in democratic transition:  - VW

 The Star @staronline 17h
Suu Kyi makes symbolic debut at Myanmar army parade 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 17h
Looters take advantage of #Syria’s ongoing conflict 

 Phani Kumar @MktwKumar 17h
#Dollar heads north against euro and yen. #Euro-dollar pair "continues to look heavy," says one analyst

 The Star @staronline 17h
Petraeus apologises for affair, moves to mend image 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 17h
Iran condemns Arab League for handing seat to opposition 

Yahoo! News: Strong quake sways buildings in Taiwan, kills 1 

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 18h
A new law in #Brazil gives domestic servants equal rights to other workers for the first time 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 18h
Egypt's Mursi says parliamentary elections could start in October, new parliament to convene by end of year: state news agency #breaking

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 18h
Japan's Topix closes at 1,046.47, rising 0.2%

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 18h
Japan's Nikkei ends up 0.2% at 12,493.79

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 18h
#China and #Brazil sign $30bn (£20bn) currency swap deal as safeguard against any future global financial crisis 

 The Star @staronline 18h
Watch your tongue, North Korea warns South's new leader 

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 18h
Death Toll From Cililin Landslide Hits 12, Search for Victims Continues 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 18h
#UN chief proposes peacekeeping force for #Mali 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 18h
Foxconn plant in peanut field shows labor eroding China’s edge | 

 BBC Africa @BBCAfrica 18h
#Somali refugees raped in IDP camps in #Mogadishu stayed silent because of "shame and stigma", campaigner Fartuun Adan tells #BBCNewsday.

 Human Rights Watch @hrw 19h
#Somalia: State security forces and armed groups have raped, beaten, and otherwise abused displaced Somalis 

 Press TV @PressTV 19h
We take N #Korea’s threats seriously: US 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 19h
Supreme Court, in next gay marriage case, eyes federal law 

Yahoo! News: Strong quake sways buildings in Taiwan, injures 20 ”

 The Star @staronline 19h
Mob torches mosque in fresh Myanmar unrest: police 

 The Star @staronline 19h
Thailand set for peace talks with rebels 

 The Associated Press @AP 19h
Myanmar sets new curfews, other controls after religious violence edges toward Yangon:  - VW

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 19h
President Obama signs law ending 2013 budget fight, locks in $85 billion in budget cuts | 

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 19h
US Supreme Court to consider whether to strike down law denying benefits to #gay couples  #scotus

 The Associated Press @AP 20h
Dead Russian boy adopted by West Texas parents bruised all over, routinely hurt self, according to autopsy: 

 RT @RT_com 20h
Autopsy shows adopted Russian child suffered repeated bruises before death 

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 20h
Infrastructure Push Needs Local Business Participation: #Kadin 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 20h
"Only one in four Americans has an adequate savings account to cover six months of expenses." 

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 20h
Tainted Turtle Meat Kills at Least Three Kids, Poisons Hundreds in West Sumatra 

 RT @RT_com 20h
Russia seals energy, military cooperation deals with South Africa @haaretzcom 20h
Kidnappers release Israeli, Norwegian tourists in Sinai; say may visit #Egypt again
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 Human Rights Watch @hrw 19h
Burma: #Rohingya Muslims Face Humanitarian Crisis 

 The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe 20h
Gang Ties Underpin Sleman Jail Shooting 

 Wall Street Journal @WSJ 20h
"50 Shades" books were last year's biggest sellers in the U.S. More than 70 million copies were sold. 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 20h
Billionaire Modi urging Singapore to end a ban on young singles owning state-built homes | 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 20h
F-35 fighter transforming defense industry says retiring chief 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 20h
Malaysia’s using public humiliation in war on graft as prime minister seeks to get tough on corruption | 

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 21h
Rio Olympics stadium closed indefinitely due to roof problems  #Rio2016

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 21h
US immigrant 'wins $338 million lottery'  #AFP

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 21h
#INFOGRAPHIC: Who are the BRICS? 40% of the world's population  #AFP
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 New York Times World @nytimesworld 22h
World Briefing | Europe: Austria: Deadly Mile-Long Crash 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 22h
World Briefing | Europe: Russia: Adopted Teenager Returns 

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 22h
World Briefing | Asia: China: Vietnam Alleges Attack 

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 22h
A preliminary magnitude of 6.1 quake hits Central Taiwan: Central Weather Bureau #breaking

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 22h
Hang Seng Index rises 0.4% in opening minutes

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 22h
Shanghai Composite adds 0.2% in initial moves

 New York Times World @nytimesworld 23h
Loppersum Journal: More Earthquakes in Loppersum, the Netherlands 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 23h
Water quality in most U.S. rivers, streams required to support aquatic life is “poor," says EPA | 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 26 Mar
Nikkei Stock Average rises 0.1% to 12,481.71

 The Star @staronline 26 Mar
Kenya to hear petition challenging Kenyatta's vote win 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 26 Mar
#PHOTO: A Colombian police officer stands guard next to packages with 7.7 tons of seized marijuana, by @luisrobayo
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 The Star @staronline 26 Mar
Applause as opposition takes Syria seat at Arab summit 

 Jo Becker @jobeckerhrw 26 Mar
Good news. New Utah law eliminates life without parole for crimes committed before age 18. …

 RT @RT_com 26 Mar
BRICS plan new 50bn bank to rival World Bank and IMF 

 The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb 26 Mar
Nearly 50 inmates escape Libyan prison, 1 killed: A Libyan security official says nearly 50 inmates have fled ... 

 Randy Archibold @rcarchiboldNYT 26 Mar
Indigenous protester killed by masked assailants in #Panama over UN-condemned dam …

 Wall Street Journal @WSJ 26 Mar
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is starting a political advocacy group made up of top technology leaders. 

 Bloomberg Tech @BloombergTech 26 Mar
Oracle CEO Ellison unveils two computer systems at today's event 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 26 Mar
#Myanmar attacks staged with ‘brutal efficiency’: #UN envoy
 View photo
 Reuters US News @ReutersUS 26 Mar
Arizona gun store cancels assault rifle sale to Giffords' husband 

 RT America @RT_America 26 Mar
Rand Paul to filibuster gun control vote 

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 26 Mar
Gold suffering longest run without record high since 28-year drought | 

 Devin Banerjee @devinbanerjee 26 Mar
Supervalu, which sold five brands to Cerberus Capital for $3.3 billion, plans to cut 1,100 jobs -  $SVU

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 26 Mar
Audio clip: Justice Alito - "same-sex marriage is very new...newer than cell phones or the Internet." 

 Reuters World @ReutersWorld 26 Mar
Nigerian police say British businessman was kidnapped in Lagos #breaking

Yahoo! News: In Russia, teen complains of adoptive US parents 

 The Associated Press @AP 26 Mar
BREAKING: Documents: Bomb-making materials found in car of man suspected of killing Colo. prisons chief.

 Bloomberg Tech @BloombergTech 26 Mar
The number of people who pay to play games on Facebook is up 24% @haaretzcom 26 Mar
BREAKING: #Israeli kidnapped in Sinai last Thursday returns to Israel 

 Agence France-Presse @AFP 26 Mar
US unlocks $100,000 in aid as #Myanmar riots spread 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 26 Mar
U.S. stock rally pushes Dow to record close

 Breaking News @BreakingNews 26 Mar
South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson announces he will not seek re-election in 2014 - @politico 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 26 Mar
S&P closes less than 2 points from all-time closing high; Dow surges 112 points 

 BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 26 Mar
Crash in snow on Austrian motorway involving 100 vehicles kills at least one person 

 RT America @RT_America 26 Mar
Anonymous hacktivist’s mom faces $100k fine for hiding computer 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 26 Mar
Oil rises 4.2% over three sessions to end at 5-week high 

 MarketWatch @MarketWatch 26 Mar
S&P 500 less than 2 pts from all-time closing high

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 26 Mar
Egypt’s unemployment rate has risen to a record 13%, roughly 3.5 million people from a workforce of some 27 million 

 Wallace Witkowski @wmwitkowski 26 Mar
Less than 3 points away from a new closing high. $SPX

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 26 Mar
White House says no Patriot missiles in Syria 

 Egypt Independent @EgyIndependent 26 Mar
4,500 factories have been shut down since Jan 2011, with hundreds of thousands of workers laid off, shows study 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 26 Mar
Egyptian blogger accused of violence released  #alarabiya #Egypt

 Bloomberg News @BloombergNews 26 Mar
Congressman to propose legislation to return all U.S. airport screening to private companies | 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 26 Mar
Bahraini actress escapes death while filming execution scene  #Bahrain
 View photo
 Reuters Top News @Reuters 26 Mar
Italy's Monti says "astonished" by foreign minister resignation 

 Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng 26 Mar
#BreakingNews: Kuwaiti Emir invites Arab leaders to set the next Arab League summit in Kuwait

 Reuters Top News @Reuters 26 Mar
Rwanda grenade attack kills one, injures eight: police #breaking

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