Thursday, April 4, 2013

Home: A Guide to my Blog

My blog is simple, but it is not completely natural. I have learned odd habits reading and composing the story of the world from Twitter, so I will write several tips for you. My blog is based on Twitter.

Firstly as of this time in my blogging, it is in chronological order from the bottom up, so reading from the top may seem pointless, since the English language is read from the top to the bottom. My earlier daily World News Reports were more scrambled in the list of tweets, but they are still some what chronological. "Read from the bottom up" should make things most easily understood.

For a more live experience, you can follow me @WorldNewsRTLive on Twitter, and you can receive the Story of the World via mobile texts or tweets. I tweet a lot. Oftentimes I hit the limit that I can tweet, and I have to switch over to my blog's twitter @WorldNewsRT to complete my retweeting. If you follow both @WorldNewsRTLive and @WorldNewsRT on Twitter, you can theoretically keep up with my blog without reading the website.

I tweet to tell the story of the world, so I may seem to repeat the same subject over and over, but those repeated tweets have additional details. For example, if a dictator has been assassinated, the tweet may only have the name of the person while another tweet tells his role in the world. For example, he may be a Prime Minister.

Since I go through so many tweets, I do not read all the articles, usually not reading them at all. Learning the lingo of Twitter may be weird from incomplete sentences to bad grammar. There are a lot of little things to learn, and I can't name all the little things. The lingo can be learned with research and patience in following the world news.

I keep this blog to serve you, and there are several tools, which I have given in my blog. Some tools have just recently been added. A basic tool is the daily archive. The blog is set up in a way that a click on any day; although, some days may have a morning and a night report, all the day's posts will be loaded. Currently only one world news report is published a day.

Once every few days, a chapter is published with the all past shared news for you to be able to catch up simply. There is a chapter listing on the side of my blog and in the Table of Contents page. I assembled the blog chapters into a document that I may perhaps let the whole book be accessible, but it became too big and hard to manage, so I should start over in order for you to have a singular document of the world news over the couple years that I have recorded. I have recorded the fall of the Libyan, Egypt, Yemen, and Berlusconi regimes, and I am happy to share the story that I read from the live news from Twitter to you.

I write my blog chapters in an order that is read from the least recent day to most because it makes sense, but if you follow my advice I should put it in the opposite way, reading the least recent day of the chapter on the bottom. I should publish both ways for you guys. I will do that from now on.

My mother followed my Twitter's live feed via text messages, and she said that she enjoyed receiving them as if it is a story; however, her phone would be overwhelmed by the texts, not being able to catch up. There needs to a consistent habit to read the texts, if you want the complete story following my Twitter. The blog website is a companion tool. Habits will require regularly deleting the archived messages. Receiving texts can be unrealistic for smart phones, but it would be more realistic for feature phones that do not have internet capabilities. I repeat you do not have to have the internet to receive the world news live or tweets on phones. I use to tweet by a feature phone until recently, so I know how it is like to work with a heap of texts. There are several ways to follow my live blog via twitter on a smart phone, and I will not explain any of them.

One tool that I recently added is the live raw feed that I have to deal with. I retweet all the meaningful tweet in order to make my reports, but the retweets from the individual accounts are not listed in the feed. If you want to catch up on the world news and the daily report has not come out yet, you can just copy and paste the last phrase or so in the most recent tweet into the find in page bar. The mobile websites of twitter make it hard to find things, but this works well on computers to find where you should continue to read from just scroll down until you find the last tweet of my article; then, you can catch up.

I understand that waiting for my world news update might be frustrating because I am alive. I sleep, work, and study. If your time to read the news does not coincide well with my blog post, you can check my twitter as well as my RT team to catch up to whatever time that you want. I sift out a lot of tweets though, so I would follow @WorldNewsRTLive and @WorldNewsRT, if I did not have to make my blog myself. I have an edge over my competitors because my world news coverage is comprehensive, and it is live and hand picked to tell the story of the world on one simple daily post. My archived live blog can be used as a solid base of knowledge to catch up.

I do not want my blog to be your only source of news, so I added several other sources. A second update to my blog is a list of my competitors. There is a list of several of my competitors in 'my competitors' page. I have many widgets on the sidebar for you to have additional sources of news too. Composing this blog with the 23 twitter accounts that I try to follow as closely as I can is overwhelming, so I basically don't have any other additional sources of news.

A tool that has been in the blog nearly from the beginning is the search bar. I have found it as useful. If you have a topic, you can find hints of what is going on in the world concerning that subject, but the list of references is not comprehensive.

Another tool to keep up with the news is to follow me via email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, and so forth. I have a personal account @WorldNewsRT_me, if you don't want to receive an overwhelming amount of tweets.

My team are accounts that I have found have different perspectives from all over the world from Pakistan, India, Malaysia, to Iran and Indonesia. I don't recommend following just one news organization.

I can't think of any other tips at this time, so I am going to thank you in conclusion for your time. I only know a hand fill of people that follow me, but I have a rough estimate of how many people that actually follow me consistently. Thanks for your time and understanding my vision in my blog service.

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