Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Building Brains Properly

This link will download the video of this study. It is called "Building Brains: The Sooner the Better," a ABC Nightline production from April 1997

"Nothing is more demanding than parenting."

What are the major points of the video?

The major points of the video is that parents need to learn parenting skills. Secondly good parenting skill blessing new born children saves the community later grief in special education needs, prison and crime, and family abuse.

What questions did the video spark?

Why don't people figure this out without socialist legislation?

Parent coach were hired, teaching them  how to play and other skills.

Why are we increasingly adapting impersonal behaviors?

Why do people neglect children?
Why is this video so old? We should keep this endorsement of family as an active powerful campaign.

List the research studies referenced in the video and classify them if you can.

  • Neglect slows the development of of brains.
  • Most child abuse victims are by parents that do not have the temperance of parenting wisdom.
  • Brains are developing an increasing deeper. Abuse begets hostility. Cortisol is the stress hormone watched, and seen that an increased stress remains high for extended periods of time. A calm and positive pregnant mother is most important.
  • A program, blessing the community with a
  • 30% reduction of child abuse, taught parenting skills and does not replace parenting, requiring 8000 dollars per family a year.
  • A new born child brain grows 10000x a 50 year old
  • Parenting basic needs are intuition and love.
  • Early intervention decreases learning disabilities.

               From the video, 6 child needs are explained

  1. Developing attention abilities.
  2. Fall in love
  3. Learning logic
  4. Problem solvers: pop up toys versus looking for the toy that they want to play with, perhaps have them communicate the food that he wants to eat.
  5. Debates and story play 

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