Thursday, May 30, 2013

Entertainment critic: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead

Today I have been running in a volunteer that I served with on my mission all day long, so we decided to go see the production "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead." I have written critically of the BYUI theater department to my family and friends from my last experience, watching "The Poor of New York." Half way into the play my friend and I look at each other, wondering if we were bored, and we could not make it through the entire play. I have several arguments against the production. I don't think that it is the actors this time, but it is the play. I want this article to make clear that we can make better entertainment than a writer a few centuries ago. We need a new renaissance. This is my goal, and I have expressed it. I will now make my arguments.
1.) Entertainment should have integrity. Too many shows display no integrity at all.
2.) The audience of the play needed to obsessed with literature to enjoy the production.
3.) They were telling the same joke over and over. Playing with words is a shallow sense of humor with little appeal.
& I can probably think of more.
In the play, no one had any integrity. The second to last movie of Harry Potter was the same way. People barely hang on to morals, and there is no enlightenment. I watched Macbeth, and it was the same way. I likened the enlightenment of the production to having Satan be the instructor. He cares nothing for you, but he cares to destroy your life. There is no basis for trust. I should published my critic of my last play that I watched. I totally ripped it apart. We need to raise our standard of professionalism and integrity.
I could not enjoy it because I needed to be part of the play's audience to enjoy it. They fiddled around with words a lot as if they had no lives, but we needed to enjoy their nonsense like they were the center of the universe. I hope that Shakespeare did not write this, but it was written by someone obsessed with him because the nature of the author is shown in his work.
Their ideas had no merit to them. They rant on the about death, mocking it for minutes at the time. Playing with little things is not that funny. How can you enjoy someone that you can't trust? Everyone was mocking life as if life itself has no merit. I say that "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead" has little merit in itself other than fiddling around with words.
I want to raise the call for a higher of standard for professionalism in entertainment with morals and integrity. Some thing that we can relate to; not a bunch of people with no merit, trying to share their "wisdom" of what; nothing. Shakespeare is old. Our entertainment, passion, professions, and skill need to build on the centuries of learning. We need make a new renaissance of today. This is my goal.

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