Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Family Foundation Unit 2 revelation

On the 9th of May, I recorded impressions concerning the principles of scripture study and prayer. I noted to “set interview appointments with the Lord.” I see that this is important with prayer and scripture study, for they are both communing with God. We are counseled to pray morning and night recounting our day and holding ourselves accountable to our actions. I remember days when I would commune with my dad, and we would both lay on my twin bed to talk. This action of recounting our day and holding ourselves accountable is good for both genders as we spoke of today. I am learning in my Education psychology class that communication between boys and girls are approached differently, yet there needs to be universality in principles or interviews especially in the counsel of general conferences. I makes sense know how their needs to be a priesthood and a relief society session. Setting up an interview with God implementing the principles of recounting our day and holding ourselves accountable in not more appropriate for a specific gender. God the Father would love to hear the intense ponderings that girls have comforting and counseling them. The approach of a guy may be different than a girl, but a guy may recount their day, telling of their lives, goals, and plans for the following days.
Some of the principles concerning our communion with God in his written word that impressed me are plan and be deliberate, and search for patterns, study for time rather than set amount of literature, and take the scripture study seriously looking for revelations to apply in our actions and understanding. Often times quizzes test for understanding, but there are a higher order of thinking that schools seek to ingrain in our habits. According to Blooms taxonomy knowledge and facts to remember is the lowest of the six levels. Understanding, application, analyze, evaluation, and creation are the other five in ascending from the lowest to the highest understood order of mental processes. In planning of deliberate approaches to the word of God, your interview with him will answer your soul’s necessities by the spirit. Setting apart time to ponder, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create will be more affective in our lives than casually snacking on the bread of life without feasting and digesting it, letting it strengthen our souls. I recall that this time set apart to pondering what we learned does not have to be long.
When reading “Marriage is Essential to his Eternal Plan” by Elder Bednar, the fruits of marriage was impressed on my mind. I set aside two quotes “By being married living by faith to follow the will of God we realize the depths of happiness that God the Father desires for his children;” secondly, “I had loved before, but I knew not why. But now I loved—with a pureness—an intensity of elevated, exalted feeling, which would lift my soul from the transitory things of this grovelling sphere and expand it as the ocean. … In short, I could now love with the spirit and with the understanding also.” There is a purer live in marriage not only in the sanctity and sanctification of the Holy Spirit of Promise, but we live pure happiness in raising a family, obtaining a pure love for life, people, and kindred.

Learning the doctrine of family, gender, and alternative life styles has developed a greater understanding and conviction to be faithful to the true form of a family. Same-sex couples’ rights and the ‘human right’ of the liberal movement should abate. These movements are led by Satan as a dynamic attack against humanity, seeking to destroy the validity of man and wife. This is not only a political belief, but it is deep in the philosophy of man that everyone has the legal rights to love who they are attracted to and court to marry; therefore, these couples should be supported by the state for the equality and happiness of man. Legally, Satan is disqualifying the wisdom of religion making it illegal taking away the rights of people to worship, the freedom to and of religion, and the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution. We are far from this at this time, but Brother Butterfield, my teacher, mentioned a Catholic adoption agency or orphanage was shut down because they did not sustain the law to give children to Same-sex couples to raise the children, and they believe that this new culture is an adverse tradition to the progress of society. An example of the abating freedom of religion is that people may ask the bishops of my church to marry a same-sex couple. When we refuse, they may sue; then, we may withdraw from our right to marry the saints. There has been situations, when the government has tried to confiscate our property because the people of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do not believe the new liberal laws set by man. Approving Same-sex marriage is a step forward in the fight against the freedom of religion. Satan is using the natural man, the spirit of entitlement, and several other evil tendencies such as over tolerance to fight against the stalwart ways of God, believing that there is only one true way to happiness. Man love to take the philosophies of man to apply them in society to take a partial stature of God, but their philosophies are false, believing that by the will of man anything is possible. All things can be made fair by the institutions of man, trusting their own wisdom and forsaking the wisdom of God. We need to return to virtue, integrity, and chastity.

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