Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Nightly World #News Report of the 14th May 2013

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 6m
Brazil has become the third and largest Latin American country to give a de facto green light to same-sex marriage.http://yhoo.it/16deWjK 

 BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld 53m
Boeing resumes deliveries of 787 http://bbc.in/14lDRgz 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 1h
SingTel's fourth-quarter profit falls 33% on stake sales, taxes | http://bloom.bg/129LkO6 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 1h
Hon Hai profit misses estimates on slowing Apple orders | http://bloom.bg/11CM5nJ 

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 1h
Hong Kong stocks rebound on banking, property sectors; Hang Seng Index up 0.6% http://on.mktw.net/18JzWh3 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 1h
Gillard targets voters with spending pledges in Australia budget | http://bloom.bg/10WAhFl 

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 1h
World Briefing | Asia: Myanmar: Under Siege at Home, Refugees Are Feared Lost at Sea http://nyti.ms/12yVVCG 

 BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld 1h
Obama: probe into claims tax agency targeted US conservative groups uncovered "inexcusable" behaviour http://bbc.in/14lwlCc 

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 1h
Rising revenues to shrink deficit rapidly through 2015: CBO http://reut.rs/19qfdfF 

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 1h
World Briefing | Africa: Kenya: Deputy President Promises to Cooperate With International Court http://nyti.ms/18Jwvqo 

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 1h
World Briefing | Africa: South Africa: Mine Strikes Resume http://nyti.ms/18Jwyma 

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 1h
Exclusive: Sanctions delay North Korea's atom bomb work, U.N. report says http://reut.rs/YUqtl7 

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 2h
U.S. Special Operations Step Up in Afghanistan http://nyti.ms/18JtsP6 

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 2h
Presidential Candidates in Iran Are Threatened http://nyti.ms/12ySr34 

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 2h
World Briefing | Europe: Britain: Charges in Bribery Case http://nyti.ms/18Jqnyu 

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 2h
Special Report-In Myanmar, apartheid tactics against minority Muslims http://reut.rs/YUjWXK 

 BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld 2h
Unique Texas German dialect at risk of disappearing http://bbc.in/17s4Zib 

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 2h
Japan's Nikkei rises 1.4% as yen weakens; automobile, banking shares higher http://on.mktw.net/129McSG 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 2h
BREAKING: Nikkei 225 Rises Above 15,000, First Time Since Jan. 2008

 BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld 3h
Afghan forces prepares for return to full control of security for first time since 1992 http://bbc.in/14lk2Wv 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 3h
World’s biggest copper producer says two were killed, 31 are believed to be trapped after mine collapse | http://bloom.bg/15KBw3u 

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 3h
US on track to cut deficit by 40% in 2013: http://bit.ly/180ovA4 

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 3h
Detainee’s Release in Doubt, Lawyers Seek Order by Judge http://nyti.ms/18Jm6LC 

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 3h
Six Retailers Join Bangladesh Factory Pact http://nyti.ms/12yHvm1 

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 3h
Dalai Lama, on 9th visit to Madison, Wisconsin, calls for children to have a secular education in "universal values": http://bit.ly/103qJgd 

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 3h
BlackBerry s BBM to iPhone and Android http://on.mktw.net/12xIEdy  $BBRY

  New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 3h
U.S., Iran and Russia Unite to Save Olympic Wrestling http://nyti.ms/18JhRj3 

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 3h
Greek Civil Servants Walk Out Over Ban on Teachers’ Strike http://nyti.ms/12yDoWY 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 3h
China XD in talks to buy GE’s joint venture with Xignux for as much as $1 billion | http://bloom.bg/10EDlad 

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 3h
Walmart to inspect all #Bangladesh factories: http://bit.ly/180kTyf 

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 4h
Yuan's 'too big to fail' dilemma http://on.mktw.net/16xdusc 

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 4h
Mexican volcano rumbles, but residents shrug it off http://bit.ly/17rEWaR 

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 5h
#Saudi Arabia has detected six new cases of the deadly #coronavirus http://ara.tv/65v5a 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 5h
Abortion doctor convicted of killing three infants during illegal procedures sentenced to life in prison | http://bloom.bg/16xYZo6 

 Reuters Politics ‏@ReutersPolitics 5h
IRS watchdog says a top IRS official changed Tea Party criteria when she first discovered it; lower level workers changed it back #breaking

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 5h
The Dow has now closed up every single Tuesday since Jan. 18 http://on.mktw.net/13iQfLI 

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 5h
Cleveland women held captive have long-term injuries: sources http://reut.rs/YU1ZZ6 

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 5h
Stock jump makes Tesla more valuable than Fiat http://bit.ly/14l21b2 

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 5h
Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif Offers Truce and Flowers to Rival http://nyti.ms/18J2gzS 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 5h
Men charged with defrauding an investor of $6.7 million in Facebook IPO scam | http://bloom.bg/1038mrQ 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 5h
Unknown hacking group believed to be based in Iran has started cyber attacks inside the U.S. | http://bloom.bg/10ocBOd 

 Reuters US News ‏@ReutersUS 6h
Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell sentenced to life in prison for murdering babies #breaking

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 6h
Google’s proposals to settle EU antitrust probe should be rejected: U.K. company | http://bloom.bg/12xUS5X 

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 6h
Attacks against Lebanese #Alawites deepen fears http://ara.tv/8bw83  #Lebanon #Syria

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 6h
#Saudi ministry: Six new SARS-like cases detected http://ara.tv/65v5a  #alarabiya #SARS #Corona #Virus

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 6h
Report: #Syrian rebel defends video of eating regime soldier heart as revenge http://ara.tv/vbs7m 

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 6h
World Briefing | Asia: Suspicious Substance Disrupts U.S. Consulate in China http://nyti.ms/12yhlzO 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 6h
Rutgers lacrosse coach reinstated after investigation into allegations of verbal abuse | http://bloom.bg/16bYa4M 

 BloombergNews Africa ‏@BNAfrica 6h
#Oil demand in #Africa will climb at a faster pace than most of world in next 5 yrs according to @IEA http://bloom.bg/17pQziH 

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 6h
Palestinians visit their former village to mark the ‘Nakba’ http://ara.tv/zquct  #alarabiya #Nakba #Palestine #1948

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 6h
Dow, S&P 500 rally to break more records http://on.mktw.net/18IVnPf 

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 6h
Deadly Benghazi blast caused by fisherman's explosives http://reut.rs/19p8OBp 

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 7h
Russia vows to expel 'US CIA agent' from Moscow http://bit.ly/1802ZeZ 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 6h
BREAKING: Wal-Mart to raise inspection standards on factories in Bangladesh

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 6h
U.S. budget deficit to shrink to $642 billion, smallest shortfall in five years: CBO | http://bloom.bg/1803jKw 

 flavia.krausejackson ‏@flaviajackson 7h
Iran-Based Hackers Traced to Cyber Attack on U.S. Company http://bloom.bg/14kMI1Y  via @BloombergNews

 Reuters US News ‏@ReutersUS 7h
Navy makes aviation history with carrier drone launch http://reut.rs/YTQwJg 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 7h
Croatia trading bombs for café culture as EU entry nears | http://bloom.bg/13ZgKZA 

 Haaretz.com ‏@haaretzcom 7h
Turkey's #Erdogan to push #Obama for action on Syria after bombings http://htz.li/10W23Su 

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 7h
Just ahead of the close, $AAPL is about half the price of $GOOG http://on.mktw.net/14kOaBn 

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 7h
US Navy successfully launches X-47B drone off the deck of an aircraft carrier http://bit.ly/129hetT 

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 7h
Gunmen attack Baghdad liquor stores, 12 killed http://reut.rs/12yax58 

 BN Politics ‏@BNPolitics 7h
Senate panel overwhelmingly rejects a proposal to limit the flow of immigrants to the U.S. | http://bloom.bg/10Fut4n 

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 7h
#PHOTO: A US Seahawk helicopter drops a diver in the water in the Arabian Sea during a drill to destroy mines pic.twitter.com/2PjD6dCV4s

 View photo
 Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com 7h
PPP to form coalition govt with MQM in Sindh, says Zardari | Pakistan | http://DAWN.COM  http://dawn.com/2013/05/15/ppp-to-form-coalition-govt-with-mqm-in-sindh-says-zardari …

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 7h
U.S. ‘appalled’ by Syrian rebel gruesome video http://ara.tv/vbs7m  #Syria

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 7h
Commentary: It looks as if China is being backed into a corner in this new currency war http://on.mktw.net/18IlJke 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 7h
Shell says it was targeted by antitrust officials in investigation into plotting to manipulate prices | http://bloom.bg/12snsGU 

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 7h
News leak put Americans 'at risk,' US says http://bit.ly/1034A1B  by @rleverafp

 Scott Bixby ‏@ScottBix 7h
A Mayan temple in Belize was bulldozed to make gravel http://bloom.bg/14kx8U2  It was 2,300 years old.

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 7h
Brazil judicial panel clears way for gay marriage http://f24.my/13iF8mb 

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 7h
Microsoft feeling 'very good' about future of Windows 8 http://on.mktw.net/12xLRdd  $MSFT

 Reuters Politics ‏@ReutersPolitics 8h
Subpoenas for AP phone records were "limited" and did not ask for content of calls: deputy attorney general #breaking

 Reuters Politics ‏@ReutersPolitics 8h
Deputy attorney general, in letter to AP, says will not return phone records as AP requested #breaking

 BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking 8h
"#Nigeria is facing a rebellion by insurgents" - President Goodluck Jonathan sends more troops to 3 states in north http://bbc.in/17qVe3O 

 Reuters World ‏@ReutersWorld 9h
International Criminal Court examines Gaza flotilla raid http://reut.rs/19oDhzs 

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 8h
CBO slashes estimate of deficit by $200 billion to $642 billion, lowest deficit since 2008 http://on.mktw.net/10VTFCy 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 8h
Spanish supermarket billionaires created 4,000 jobs as economy crumbled | http://bloom.bg/YSrcTQ 

 BBC Africa ‏@BBCAfrica 8h
#Nigeria's president has declared a state of emergency in three northern states: Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, citing insecurity.

 Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ 8h
Breaking: Congressional Budget Office says 2013 budget deficit estimated at $642 billion. http://wsj.com 

 Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com 8h
Obama wishes to meet Nawaz soon | Pakistan | http://DAWN.COM  http://dawn.com/2013/05/14/obama-wishes-to-meet-nawaz-soon …

 Reuters Politics ‏@ReutersPolitics 8h
Holder says he has called for an internal investigation over IRS activity, coordinating with FBI - live remarks http://reut.rs/PoliticsLIVE 

 BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking 8h
US Attorney General Eric Holder says he was not involved when Associated Press reporters' phone records were obtained by Justice Department

 Reuters Politics ‏@ReutersPolitics 8h
Holder says Justice Department correct to investigate "serious" national security information leaks - live remarks http://reut.rs/PoliticsLIVE 

 Reuters World ‏@ReutersWorld 9h
North American retailers work on separate Bangladesh plan http://reut.rs/YTDPhu 

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 9h
Investigation into India’s coal mining industry finds widespread plunder, corruption   http://reut.rs/167PJHx 

 Jessica Marmor Shaw ‏@jessmarmor 9h
Top Microsoft exec: “the whole idea with Windows 8 was to go beyond the PC" and move to mobile computing broadly http://on.mktw.net/18Iuz1B 

 Reuters Politics ‏@ReutersPolitics 9h
Justice Department official says decision to seek AP records made by deputy attorney general; Holder recused himself #breaking

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 9h
Despite the tragedy in Bangladesh, most consumers are unlikely to match their buying decisions to their beliefs http://on.mktw.net/10wanbI 

 Daniel Sandford ‏@BBCDanielS 9h
US State Dept spokesman "We can confirm that an officer at our US Embassy in Moscow was briefly detained and was released."

 BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld 9h
German court tells @Google it must ensure search terms generated by auto-complete are not offensive or defamatory http://bbc.in/14kvFgB 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 9h
Standard & Poor’s 500 Index headed for eighth record high in past nine sessions | http://bloom.bg/10F4ee6 

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 9h
Watch live: Atty. Gen. Eric Holder's press conference http://on.mktw.net/128ZZsL 

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 9h
Petrobras bonds yielding 4.353%; $11 billion offering is largest ever from emerging market http://on.mktw.net/18ItS8z 

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 9h
Germany cancels 'Euro Hawk' drone programme http://f24.my/YTAmj0  #drones

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 9h
Netflix gambles on original series. A look at six of its shows: http://on.mktw.net/13vmZoE  $NFLX

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 Reuters Politics ‏@ReutersPolitics 9h
NOW LIVE: Daily White House press briefing http://reut.rs/PoliticsLIVE 

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 9h
VIDEO: First Kurdish fighters from Turkey arrive in Iraq http://youtu.be/vbyjOr7qH90 

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Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 9h
New #Syrian #opposition group formed http://ara.tv/perqj 

 BBC Africa ‏@BBCAfrica 10h
53 people have been killed and 13 villages burnt in central #Benue state, local MP Sule Audu  told the BBC. http://bbc.in/18Is13r 

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 10h
Dow looks to extend its Tuesday streak to 18 http://on.mktw.net/14kfGPo  $DJIA

 Michael Mainville ‏@mikemainville 10h
Prosecutor urges jail for faulty breast implants, full @AFP story at http://f24.my/11BKmPE 

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 10h
French capital's image hurt by #PSG fan violence http://bit.ly/12sdA04 

 BN Politics ‏@BNPolitics 10h
The Pentagon will furlough as many as 650,000 civilian employees in response to federal budget cuts | http://bloom.bg/YTnBFg 

 Zee News ‏@ZeeNews 10h
Girls in 60 govt schools get martial arts training

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 10h
Prosecutors reject Costa Concordia captain's plea bargain on manslaughter charge http://reut.rs/18Itk2d 

 Reuters US News ‏@ReutersUS 10h
U.S. agency mulls lower blood alcohol limit for drivers http://reut.rs/YTptO0 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 10h
BREAKING: Greece raised to B- from CCC by Fitch; outlook stable

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 10h
Tesla’s Straubel keeps electric motors whirring as stock surges 57% | http://bloom.bg/19o2x99 

 The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb 11h
#U.S. condemns #Hezbollah's involvement in #Syria | News , Politics | THE DAILY STAR http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Politics/2013/May-14/217051-sleiman-meets-white-house-adviser.ashx …

 Haaretz.com ‏@haaretzcom 11h
#Israel's military intel chief accompanied Netanyahu to Putin meet, gave fresh intel on #Syria http://htz.li/102LI2I 

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 11h
#Libya ministers: #Benghazi blast possible accident http://ara.tv/md6wn 

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 11h
#Kuwait cabinet offers to resign over grillings  http://ara.tv/c4uqc 

 BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking 11h
Three reported dead and 100 feared trapped after building under construction collapses in north-eastern Rwanda - government sources

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 11h
Germany's DAX closes at all-time high (again) http://on.mktw.net/13vqxHD 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 11h
Garment makers shut 300 plants outside Bangladesh's capital due to labor unrest | http://bloom.bg/127Avfa 

 Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com 11h
#Nawaz makes peace with 'bedridden' #Imran | #Pakistan | http://DAWN.COM  http://dawn.com/2013/05/14/nawaz-to-reach-out-bedridden-imran/ …

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 11h
Dollar hits ¥102 http://on.mktw.net/14kcZxl 

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 11h
#Jordan to host ‘Friends Of #Syria’ next week, ministry says http://ara.tv/76npu  #alarabiya

 BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking 11h
Nato lowers from 4 to 3 the US death toll in roadside bombing in Afghanistan's Kandahar province http://bbc.in/17q2htF 

 The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb 11h
#Erdogan rejects joint probe with #Damascus on #Turkey blasts | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2013/May-14/217055-syria-ready-for-joint-inquiry-with-turkey-on-attacks-minister.ashx …

 Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com 11h
#Nawaz reaches Shaukat Khanum Hospital to meet bedridden #Imran | Latest-News | http://dawn.com/2013/05/14/nawaz-to-reach-out-bedridden-imran/ … #Pakistan #PTI

 The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb 11h
#Rivals in last-minute talks ahead of #House session | News , Politics | THE DAILY STAR http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Politics/2013/May-14/217056-rivals-in-last-minute-contacts-ahead-of-house-session.ashx …

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 11h
Japanese Aide Visits North Korea http://nyti.ms/18Ij3TH 

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 11h
The Australian dollar is tumbling even as the S&P 500 goes from all-time high to all-time high. This is unusual: http://on.mktw.net/13vki6r 

 Businessweek ‏@BW 11h
Americans can't stop shopping -- even if they should | http://buswk.co/10nDdPq 

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 12h
'#Israel will not take it upon itself to topple Bashar al-Assad,' writes columnist Hazem al-Amin. http://english.alarabiya.net/en/views/news/middle-east/2013/05/14/Syria-the-state-of-resistance.html …

 Zee News ‏@ZeeNews 12h
Locked in the cockpit, Indian pilot lands under emergency conditions

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 12h
B. of A. surges 2.5% to pace Dow rise; financials are best-performing S&P sector http://on.mktw.net/128DmEX 

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 12h
'At last, #Jordan’s MPs are politicians,' writes columnist @RaedAlOmari2 http://english.alarabiya.net/en/views/news/middle-east/2013/05/14/At-last-Jordan-s-MPs-are-politicians.html …

 BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking 12h
Turkey's PM confirms release of remaining four Turkish hostages held by Taliban in Afghanistan http://bbc.in/17pPurd 

 The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb 12h
#Russia urges consensus among #Lebanese rivals | News , Politics | THE DAILY STAR http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Politics/2013/May-14/217071-russia-urges-consensus-among-lebanese-rivals.ashx …

 BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking 12h
US diplomat Ryan Fogle detained in Moscow for alleged spying to be expelled - Russian foreign ministry http://bbc.in/14k2Q3P 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 12h
IBM taps China's engineers to develop Linux software | http://bloom.bg/15HOwXz 

 The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb 12h
#Four rockets from #Syria hit outskirts of #Al-Qaa | News , Local News | THE DAILY STAR http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Local-News/2013/May-14/217067-four-rockets-from-syria-hit-outskirts-of-al-qaa.ashx …

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 12h
Indonesian Police Kill Suspect in Attempted Bomb Attack http://nyti.ms/12xoPD3 

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 12h
Russia Detains American, Saying He Is C.I.A. Agent http://nyti.ms/18Id55q 

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 12h
Syria Gives Russia List of Envoys to Peace Talks http://nyti.ms/12xoNv9 

 The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb 12h
#ArabLeague says #Syria seat not given to #opposition | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2013/May-14/217069-arab-league-says-syria-seat-not-given-to-opposition.ashx …

 Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com 12h
Nawaz to reach out “bedridden” Imran | Pakistan | http://DAWN.COM  http://dawn.com/2013/05/14/nawaz-to-reach-out-bedridden-imran …

 Reuters World ‏@ReutersWorld 12h
Death toll from #Syria conflict at least 94,000; monitoring group says, possibly as high as 120,000

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 12h
Cicada invasion imminent in the US, with millions of the large bugs poised to emerge after 17-year wait

 Fulya Özerkan ‏@FulyaOzerkan 13h

 BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking 13h
Roadside bomb kills four soldiers serving with Nato-led forces in Afghanistan's Kandahar province

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 13h
BlackBerry launches Q5 phone targeting emerging markets http://on.mktw.net/18I8gJb 

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 13h
Sony opens up 12% on Dan Loeb news http://on.mktw.net/13v2GrB  $SNE

 Zee News ‏@ZeeNews 13h
Bangalore blast probe: Explosives recovered in Coimbatore 

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 13h
Kenyan protesters release piglets outside parliament, calling lawmakers 'greedy pigs'

 MarketsTicker ‏@MarketsTicker 13h
U.S. stocks start higher, consumer shares lead

 Sue Chang ‏@SueChangMW 13h
BlackBerry is Tuesday's stock to watch as its annual conference kicks off in Orlando, Fla. http://on.mktw.net/13YmBhH  $BBRY

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 13h
Aquino Allies Lead in Philippines Voting http://nyti.ms/18I5W4Y 

 Haaretz.com ‏@haaretzcom 13h
#Syria developments suggest #Assad may go out quietly after all, writes Jack Khoury http://htz.li/10vV2YJ 

 Michael Mainville ‏@mikemainville 14h
France warns Syria conference will be 'very difficult' http://bit.ly/16a4idJ  @AFP

 The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb 13h
#Putin, #Netanyahu hold crunch talks on #Syria conflict | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2013/May-14/217050-putin-israels-netanyahu-meet-on-syria.ashx …

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 13h
U.K. stocks on track for 9th straight day of gains http://on.mktw.net/13hyyMH 

  MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 14h
U.S. import prices fall 0.5% in April, mainly because of lower oil costs http://on.mktw.net/10V0JPI 

 Reuters World ‏@ReutersWorld 14h
"Friends of Syria" nations to meet in Amman next week to support US-Russian sponsored peace conference: Jordanian officials #breaking

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 14h
At least 33 missing after tunnel collapse at Freeport Indonesia mine http://reut.rs/19ngAvF 

 Zee News ‏@ZeeNews 14h
Daughter raped by father in Rajasthan

 Robert Powell ‏@RJPIII 14h
5% to 8% of boomers/GenX ers could "run" out of $ in #retirement if low interest rates continue http://blogs.marketwatch.com/encore/2013/05/13/the-savers-hit-hardest-by-low-rates/ … via @MarketWatch

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 14h
Leonardo DiCaprio urges wealthy art collectors to bid at environmental charity auction, they spend $38.8 million

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 14h
Kerry sees Syria peace negotiations taking place in early June http://reut.rs/10vP0qX 

 BBC News Graphics ‏@BBCNewsGraphics 14h
MAP: Projected path of #Cyclone #Mahasen, which is threatening #Bangladesh and #Burma http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-22520600 … pic.twitter.com/xKMHraT8Vl

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 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 14h
South Africa platinum miners go on strike after union leader shot dead

 Reuters Business ‏@ReutersBiz 15h
Small business optimism rises to six-month high http://reut.rs/YSVoyl 

 Reuters World ‏@ReutersWorld 14h
U.S. embassy employee detained in Russia on accusations of trying to recruit Russian intelligence officer to work for CIA #developing

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 14h
#BreakingNews: #Kuwaiti ministers present their resignations to the prime minister, an Al Arabiya correspondent reports. #Kuwait

 BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking 15h
Means for changing appearance found on alleged US spy arrested in Moscow for "trying to recruit agent" - reports http://bbc.in/17p7P7B 

 Steve Rosenberg ‏@BBCSteveR 15h
FSB says it found "special equipment, large sum of money, written instructions, means for changing appearance" when it detained "CIA agent"

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 15h
#BreakingNews: #Syria ready for joint inquiry with #Turkey on attacks: minister

 Zee News ‏@ZeeNews 15h
#AnnaHazare asks people to vote conscientiously

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 15h
South Korea proposes talks with the North over industrial park

 BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking 16h
Security services in Moscow detain suspected #CIA agent, Russian news reports say

 Rima S. Aboulmona ‏@RimaSAboulmona 16h
#Lebanon's #Ibrahim headed to #Syria to negotiate a #hostage swap http://www.dailystar.com.lb 

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 16h
Kenyan police fire teargas at protesters angry at MPs' pay demands http://reut.rs/19mSwsM 

 Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com 16h
Pakistan trade deficit to $16.518 bln in July-April FY12/13 | Business | http://DAWN.COM  http://dawn.com/2013/05/14/pakistan-trade-deficit-to-16-518-bln-in-july-april-fy1213/ … via @dawn_com

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 16h
Euro zone factory output jumps on energy, German strength http://reut.rs/19mO7WC 

 BBC Africa ‏@BBCAfrica 16h
Workers at Lonmin's platinum operations in South Africa have gone on a wildcat strike. http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/business-22521020 …

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 17h
First Kurdish fighters from #Turkey arrive in #Iraq  http://ara.tv/c86cr 

 Zee News ‏@ZeeNews 17h
Cyclonic storm Mahasen: Rain, thundershower likely in Odisha

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 17h
Rights group, opposition condemn horrific video purportedly showing Syrian rebel eating regime soldier's heart

 The Daily Star ‏@DailyStarLeb 17h
2M #Egyptians sign #petition to oust #Mursi | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2013/May-14/217044-2m-egyptians-sign-petition-to-oust-mursi.ashx …

 BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld 18h
Sudanese women choosing slim "style" over traditional custom for bigger brides http://bbc.in/18HaNmX 

 Mark Easton ‏@BBCMarkEaston 18h
Comparing household income internationally, the UK has dropped from 5th place in 2005 to 12th in 2011, says #ONS.

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 18h
Europe stocks wobble ahead of German ZEW data http://on.mktw.net/YSxrHp 

 Zee News ‏@ZeeNews 18h
Rohtak violence: DC orders to get Satlok Ashram vacated, tension prevails

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 18h
Agony for relatives as Bangladesh army ends its search of collapsed factory

 Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com 18h
Agreement surfaces barring women from polling in Lower Dir 

 John Saeki ‏@JohnSaeki 18h
#infographic Rohingya boat capsizes as cyclone heads to Myanmar-Bangladesh border #afp http://bit.ly/YSCvvq  http://twitpic.com/cqgcd4 

 View photo
 BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld 19h
Amazon deforestation could reduce amount of electricity its rivers can produce, scientists say http://bbc.in/17ozsOa  pic.twitter.com/ASqFldOoAl

 View photo

 Dawn Media Group ‏@dawn_com 19h
After election debacle, Wattoo resigns as PPP’s central Punjab president | Pakistan | http://DAWN.COM  http://dawn.com/2013/05/14/after-elections-debacle-manzoor-wattoo-resigns-as-ppps-central-punjab-president/ …

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 19h
Boat carrying 100 Rohingya Muslims capsizes off Myanmar http://reut.rs/YSyeYX 

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 19h
#BreakingNews: #Syria says it wants details on conference proposed by #Russia and the #US before deciding on participation

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 19h
Hedge fund manager calls for Sony breakup: report http://on.mktw.net/YSukPK 

 Zee News ‏@ZeeNews 19h
Inflation falls to 3-1/2-year low of 4.89% in April

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 20h
Cameron to publish EU vote bill in bid to defuse party revolt http://reut.rs/YStYZt 

 Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 20h
Japan distances itself from Osaka mayor's comment that WWII 'comfort women' served a 'necessary' role http://bit.ly/16wgm8B 

 Haaretz.com ‏@haaretzcom 20h
#Sydney's #Muslim, #Jewish communities to share burial space in local cemetery http://htz.li/19mc9Bb 

 Bloomberg News ‏@BloombergNews 20h
Aquino poised to win senate as Philippines counts votes | http://bloom.bg/15HTp2L 

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 21h
#Putin, #Netanyahu to meet in latest flurry of diplomacy on #Syria http://ara.tv/vzvc4 

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 21h
#Turkey bombers must face justice, warns U.N. Security Council  http://ara.tv/ne6ym  #Syria

 Al Arabiya English ‏@AlArabiya_Eng 21h
#BreakingNews: First #Kurdish fighters from #Turkey arrive in Iraq: AFP

 New York Times World ‏@nytimesworld 21h
After Citizen Protests, Israel Approves Austerity Budget http://nyti.ms/YSor4Q 

 BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking 21h
Angelina Jolie says doctors estimated she had 87% risk of breast cancer & she "decided to be proactive" http://bbc.in/14iZPRm 

 BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking 21h
Angelina Jolie reveals in @NYTimes Op-Ed that she has undergone preventive double mastectomy to reduce risk of cancer

 Zee News ‏@ZeeNews 21h
Gujarat govt to withhold death appeal against Maya Kodnani, Babu Bajrangi

 Carla Mozee ‏@MWMozee 21h
#Oil higher as #dollar weakens. Market will look for IEA outlook and API supply report later: http://on.mktw.net/ZWGSRh  via @MarketWatch

 Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters 22h
Pakistan's Sharif seeks to ease mistrust with India http://reut.rs/YSm0iL 

 MarketWatch ‏@MarketWatch 22h
Dollar dips vs. yen; euro higher ahead of data http://on.mktw.net/YSiPaU 

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